XVX Womier S-K80 75% RGB Mechanical Keyboard

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XVX Womier S-K80 75% RGB Mechanical Keyboard
XVX Womier S-K80 75% RGB Mechanical Keyboard

XVX Womier S-K80 75% RGB Mechanical Keyboard Price History

Price History for XVX M84 Mechanical Keyboard,Wired/Wireless 2.4G USB Hot Swappable 75% Layout TKL-Gaming Keyboard...


Current Price $60.99 July 18, 2024
Highest Price $65.99 July 5, 2024
Lowest Price $60.99 July 18, 2024
Since July 5, 2024

Last price changes

$60.99 July 18, 2024
$65.99 July 5, 2024

XVX Womier S-K80 75% RGB Mechanical Keyboard Description


The Womier S-K80 75% RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a game-changer for both gamers and typists alike. Combining a sleek design with advanced features, this keyboard is designed to elevate your computing experience to the next level.

Vibrant Color Multimedia Screen

One of the standout features of the Womier S-K80 is its vibrant color multimedia screen. Located in the upper right corner, this DIY display screen allows users to visualize custom GIF images, monitor caps lock status, connection mode, WIN/MAC system, backlit brightness/speed, RGB mode/color, volume, language, and more. The screen is angled at an 11° oblique angle, making it more in line with visual habits for ease of use.

Black Theme Style and Gasket Mounted Design

The Womier S-K80 adopts a black theme style with classic cherry profile art theme keycaps. Its 75% gasket-mounted design ensures maximum comfort during long gaming sessions. The keyboard includes an EVA positioning plate and bottom filling, which provide a soft and responsive feel. The gasket mount design enhances stability and reduces typing noise, offering an immersive gaming experience.

Premium Hot-Swappable Custom Keyboard

This mechanical keyboard features pre-lubed linear switches with south-facing transparent light diffusers for a comfortable keystroke feeling and a clean typing sound right out of the box. The hot-swappable PCB is compatible with both 3Pin and 5Pin switches, giving users the flexibility to customize their typing experience.

Pro Software Customization

The Womier S-K80 allows for extensive customization through its pro software. Users can fully customize the RGB backlight mode, create macros, and set GIF images for display. The ‘Music Syncing’ mode is a unique feature that enables rhythmic lighting patterns based on music being played, adding an extra layer of enjoyment.

Ultimate RGB Backlighting

With 19 lighting effects and 9 lighting colors, the Womier S-K80 provides a visually stunning RGB backlighting experience. Users can adjust the brightness and flow rate of the keyboard’s lights, making it an excellent choice for both Mac and Windows systems. The detachable TYPE-C connection adds flexibility, allowing you to connect various devices with ease.

Product Specifications

  • Package Dimensions: 14.68 x 6.73 x 2.32 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.85 pounds
  • Manufacturer: XVX
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Date First Available: January 1, 2023

In conclusion, the Womier S-K80 75% RGB Mechanical Keyboard offers a blend of functionality, customization, and aesthetics. Whether you’re a serious gamer or someone who spends a lot of time typing, this keyboard is designed to meet all your needs and preferences.


XVX Womier S-K80 75% RGB Mechanical Keyboard Specification

Specification: XVX Womier S-K80 75% RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Package Dimensions

14.68 x 6.73 x 2.32 inches

Item Weight

1.85 pounds



Country of Origin


Date First Available

January 1, 2023

XVX Womier S-K80 75% RGB Mechanical Keyboard Videos

XVX Womier S-K80 75% RGB Mechanical Keyboard Reviews (11)

11 reviews for XVX Womier S-K80 75% RGB Mechanical Keyboard

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Jonathan Jorgensson

    I was a bit skeptical of this keyboard at first as there were no reviews for this model and for everything it offered for the price it seemed too good, that there had to be some shortcuts, however this keyboard has surprised me in every way and I’m glad I took the chance on this.
    Not only does the keyboard sound, feel and look amazing but the build quality is top notch too. While the housing is plastic so it’s a bit lighter than other mechanical keyboards it still feels sturdy and I imagine it’s how they can easily get the artwork on there which is phenomenal in quality. Even with this base they still managed to make it sound great, the switches and stabs feel like they’re properly lubed with good enough dampening too with no pinging noise from what I can tell. And best of all the switches are hot swappable with either 5 or 3 pin switches!!
    The software for this keyboard is some of the best I’ve used as well. It offers the typical RGB customization for multiple effects (including audio spectrum), options to upload gifs to the little screen, and probably my favorite section that lets you customize literally any key you want; to do whatever you want: from media controls to making it do macros, to being a different key entirely. I was able to bind fn+shift to be print screen which is great since I use that key all the time.
    As for the screen.. it’s alright really. The viewing angles aren’t great but being able to have a little gif playing on your keyboard is kinda neat.
    My only personal gripe is the positioning of the arrow keys but it has grown on me a little.
    Overall this has been hands down the best keyboard I’ve had and I would easily recommend this keyboard if it suits your style.

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  2. Carlos Gustavo Salomon Martinez

    Me sorprendio la calidad de las teclas y la pantalla donde se puede poner un GIF, pense que se veria mas pixeleado pero no fue asi. Fascinado con el producto!

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  3. Jonathan Jorgensson

    This keyboard sounds so good and feels so good probably one of the best keyboards I’ve ever bought. This keyboard has a cool display that you can change and it’s so cute if you want to buy this as a gift for someone it would be great. 👍

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  4. Michael

    The media could not be loaded.

     Buen material (las keycaps doradas yo se las puse) y que tenga software para editar tanto los colores, personalización de teclas y también para poner lo que sea en la pantalla está genial

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  5. Steven

    Ok so my delivery driver was late cause it was like 2 meters of snow but I got it a day after, and when I got it that day it was to good! Like I had some trouble understanding how to change the facets and the effects where crazy there were Rgb special color choosing and the value for money is the best part, it look cool and came with a key switch thing which was cool. If u need help switching the Rgb effects etc just press, FN which is on the bottom right like next to the space bar. And yeah press the arrow button as well like the pointer thingy know what I mean or just search it online idc what u do but buy this, this is insane value! Don’t report me!༼⁰o⁰;༽꒳ᵒ꒳ᵎᵎᵎ

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  6. Kason

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     If you are interested in transitioning from an old school to mechanical keyboard, want something with an absolutely sick looking design, is simple to use, and doesn’t have insanely loud key press noises, this is definitely a top option! I have had this unboxed for barely 30 minutes and am already in love with it. It was super easy to plug-n-play and use the built in functions immediately.

    I have used old style, full-length keyboards for decades and was extremely hesitant to try out a mechanical keyboard, especially because of the noise I had heard from seeing video reviews and how unsure I was if I could deal with the loss of full buttonology. One major reason I looked into one of this type/size was that I realized one of the main reasons I have issues with soreness and pain in my left shoulder, neck, and upper arm is due to how I would position my left hand and tilt the keyboard in order to use the traditional movement keys WASX on a full sized keyboard for gaming. With this one, my arm is now in a natural resting position at 90 degrees against my side, negating the angular stress on all those muscle groups, and when I want to do some typing while gaming, I don’t have to stretch across the board to my left as much with my right hand to get to home keys.

    Additionally, one big assumption killer was that, even though the size is cut down by a ton from a full-sized keyboard, the muscle memory transition to the slightly more compacted keys took hardly any time at all when typing with home keys. I type about 100 WPM, so I assumed I’d have a super difficult time with this aspect of the transition, but the spacing of keys doesn’t have a huge difference of feel. The other big plus is that the noise level isn’t huge on key press when gaming, and is not bothersome when typing; it’s not that high pitched clickity clack you might get from many other types, rather a dull, thud-like sound.

    Now add in the amazing painted design (especially if you like Japanese wood block print/art), and the colored light functions, which mind you are accessible by using the keyboard and the built in mini screen aka not requiring you to download software, as well as the pre-programmed FN + functions that replace the buttons you lost from a full sized keyboard, and this thing is just a dream.

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND to one and all, especially old folks like me that are afraid to make that leap into transitioning to a mechanical style board.

    P.S.: If you’re looking for actual dimensions of the keyboard itself, which are not on this Amazon page nor on the company’s item page, they are approximately as follows: 12.75″x5.75″x1.375″-0.875″ (the last number is the height, without the height extenders being used, at the top of the keyboard vs. at the bottom. it slopes upward towards the back)

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  7. Eli


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  8. Buy it

    estaba en busca de un teclado 75% y este me llamo la atención, casi no suena algo que agradezco la unica pera que le pondría es que las teclas en las letras no pasa la luz fuera de eso es muy buen teclado y tiene una pantallita a la cual puedes ponerle un gift xd

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  9. Safaa alzeheri

    Comfortable to use for long gaming sessions. The RGB lights are gorgeous and really customizable right from the keyboard without the software being needed.

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  10. Kason

    I really enjoy this keyboard. It is gasket mounted and comes with cherry profile keycaps. This makes for a really comfortable feel. Between the added flexibility from the gasket mount, and the ergonomics of the cherry profile it is a very comfortable typing and gaming experience. Now for the switches, they were alright. I personally don’t like linears, some of you might. They are good for what they are though. They are pre-lubed white Outemu switches. They sound pretty good for someone who likes linears, I just don’t. So I switched to Akko cream blue v3 pros. Mainly because my favorite switches are tactile, and those switches sound amazing. They have a creamy sound with a nice tactile bump, as well as some nice thock from the actual keyboard itself. I don’t know if you are planning on buying it for the retail price of $100, but if you are I’d say its a good choice. I got it for $60, so it was discounted, and I tell you what for that price this is a really good keyboard. I also forgot to mention I changed the keycaps on my keyboard so the ones in the picture aren’t the ones that come with it. The ones that come with it are very nice though. Once again it was just a preference for me to have keycaps with shine through. The keycaps that come with it are of good quality and sound good as well. Overall this is a really good keyboard. Only thing I want is for it to be easier to get on the inside of this thing to be able to mod it and personalize it further than just switches and keycaps.

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  11. Michael

    Loved this keyboard. The customizability, the comfort, how it sounds, the colors, and strobing that you can customize. The little LED screen that was home to a dancing toothless GIF. I loved it. It just wasn’t strong enough to handle the siege rage. 10/10 would buy it again.

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