Airhead Hot Dog Towable | 1 3 Rider Tube

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Airhead Hot Dog Towable | 1 3 Rider Tube

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Airhead Hot Dog Towable | 1 3 Rider Tube Description

Bringing Fun for a Day of Excitement

The Airhead Hot Dog is the perfect towable for one to three riders seeking an adrenaline rush from boating water sports, such as wake-boarding, skiing, and tubing. Constructed with high-grade materials such as a sturdy industrial strength cover with double-stitched nylon, the Hot Dog stands up to the roughest of rides! Seats, with neoprene pads, have comfortable backrests to help ensure a cushioned ride during any water activity! Complete with a Boston valve for fast inflation and deflation, the Airhead Hot Dog is ready for a day of adventure!

An Enjoyable Ride for Maximum Fun

Designed to go through big wakes, this inflatable is great for towing behind bigger boats, as it can withstand even the most powerful tows! With a full 14 feet long when inflated, the three-rider maximum ensures that up to three passengers, at a time, can ride the tube for a wild and fun-filled experience! The low profile, aircraft-grade handles provide a secure hold for added rider safety and control.

Rugged Construction for Durable Performance

Constructed with a strong cover of 840-denier nylon and coated with durable PVC for resistance versus abrasion, the Airhead Hot Dog is built for extreme fun, with superior performance! Featuring rugged repairable air chambers, with RF welded seams to ensure maximum durability, come rain or shine, the Hot Dog tube is ready for a day of excitement! Additionally, heavy-duty Kwik-Connect tow points provide quick and easy rope connections.

Easy to Store and Transport

The Hot Dog’s exclusive Airtight system guarantees no air loss, making it easy to store and be ready for the next adventure! The roomy deck becomes a seating area for up to three riders comfortably, and packed with a size of 48” x 62”, transporting the tube from home to the beaching is simple! The heavy gauge full nylon cover with zipper allows the unit to be compactly stored for future use.

– Roomy deck accommodating up to three riders
– Durable PVC coated 840-denier nylon cover
– Industrial quality Full nylon cover with double stitched seams
– Neoprene seat pads
– Backrests for comfortable seating
– Heavy duty kwik-connect
– RF welded seams
– Secure low profile aircraft grade handles
– Airhead Airtight system
– Quick to inflate and deflate Boston Valve
– Dimensions: 48″ x 62″

Airhead Hot Dog Towable | 1 3 Rider Tube Specification

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎19.8 x 15 x 7.1 inches

Package Weight

‎8.46 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎20 x 7 x 15 inches

Item Weight

‎23 Grams

Brand Name


Warranty Description

‎1 Year Warranty

Model Name

‎Hot Dog 3 Person Towable Tube




‎Three 30-gauge vinyl air chambers fully encased by double stitched 840-denier nylon cover

Suggested Users


Number of Items




Part Number



‎1-3 Rider

Included Components

‎Towable Tube

Outer Material



‎1-3 Riders

Sport Type


Skill Level


Airhead Hot Dog Towable | 1 3 Rider Tube Videos

Airhead Hot Dog Towable | 1 3 Rider Tube Reviews (13)

13 reviews

4.4 out of 5
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  1. J. Minatel

    Muy buena calidad de producto

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  2. Linda

    Kids love it. Seems to be very well made.

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  3. John R

    Made for a fund houseboating weekend on the lake. What a challenge putting 3 adults on the hot dog. We grew up with a pull behind banana so this was a durable match as adults

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  4. Peter

    Perfect for young children. Stable in the water as long as you dont put too much air in it. We have a pontoon boat and this is great for casual tubing, cant say as to how it would work behind a ski boat. Adults can use it but your knees hurt after a short period of time.

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  5. Eric J

    Our teenage daughter helped me choose this, looking for a tube that would be challenging to ride and provide frequent fall offs. She saw the video and it looked like it would be fun.
    Unfortunately, I think one design drawback really limits it. The towpoint is too low and far back under the center. Why does that matter? It means that the tow rope is always dragging in the water which makes it hard for the boat to move the tube from side to side and almost impossible to get the tube out of the wake where the real challenging ride is. Yes, we could all one of those inflatable rope supports or do something really NOT recommended like towing a tube from a wake tower. But, we’ve never needed one of those options for any of the 5 previous tubes all of which have been able to get easily out of the wake.
    Another disappointment is that of the 3 fill points (center and 2 sides) only the center is a quick release valve. The two sides are slow and hard to fill (you have to squeeze them or angle the pump nozzle like filling a cheap pool float). Would good valves on all 3 spots really have hurt on this?
    Another drawback, older teen males found in really uncomfortable to ride. Their hips are just not flexible for this riding position. And although the packaging states a max weight of 510 lbs, 2 teen riders totaling just over 300 pounds really wanted to buckle and slow this tube down.
    It’s probably a better tube for smaller kids and slow easy rides. While the video from the manufacturer makes it look a little more thrilling, I can now see looking back at their videos that they are towing from the tower, a real no-no for most boaters.

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  6. Evelyn Coral

    Sorry, the lake is not ready for using and therefore the float is still in the box. We live in Canada and need to wait until the end of June.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Product is solid quality, Its a smaller version of the normal hot dogs we are all familiar with in the Caribbean but its great for 3 kids and 1-2 adults (3 person version. It tracks very smooth and straight behind the boat, its does not really allow for going outside the wake so its safe for younger kids to ride or older adults who are risk adverse, if they all lean too hard they will surely all fall off :), so you can plan the fun. It does a good job bouncing once you get it to hit some wakes from other boats or overlapping your own wake. It’s then and long nature stores well unlike some of other massive tubes we have. Driven behind our boat with 115hp, 3 kids or 2 adults with no issues.

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  8. Eric J

    The media could not be loaded.

     Well worth the price. I had the grand children on it. They really enjoyed it it. Then I decided to stand up and surf on it. Its so much fun.

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  9. Matthew

    The product worked as advertised. 3 riders, depending on their size, might find it uncomfortable. Buyer beware- This tube does not come with a tow rope, so you will need to purchase one prior to using.

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  10. Jeff W

    Bought this inflatable the end of May for this summer’s boating season. We have used it all season and this is what I have experienced:

    – Hot dog uses a heavy durable outer shell to hold the three bladders. Overall, this is a very well-built, quality inflatable.
    – Though only the center section has a boston valve, the pinch valves on the two outer sections use the same size connector as the fill valve on the boston valve (so if you are using an electric pump to inflate the bladders, you don’t need to change the end on your pump). This made filling all three sections quick and easy.
    – The handles are well padded and comfortable to hang on to. The neoprene seats are also very comfortable.
    – The boston valve in the center has a high quality velcro cover. The outer ring of the valve is hard plastic and helps keep the bladder from “bubbling” out of the our shell.

    – the first 3-4 times using this inflatable, it held air all day without needing to be re-inflated. Now, every time we inflate this, after using it for 10 minutes, we need to add air to it. Usually once we add air to it the second time, it is good to go for the rest of the day. This is inconvenient being that there is not electricity or an air station by the boat landing on the lake we frequent.
    – The valve area of the two outer sections is poorly designed. As I stated these are pinch valves, which does not pose a problem, however, once the bladder is fully inflated, the bladder has a tendency to “bubble” out of the outer cover’s opening. If the side valves followed the same design as the center valve, this would not be an issue. This is probably the reason for needing to re-inflate the hot dog after a few minutes of use. The bladder is stretching out of the outer cover’s holes.
    – the two outer section bladders no longer are aligned properly within the outer cover. I am not able to reach very far inside the cover to straighten them out due to the small hole where the pinch valves are. I also attribute this to the fact the two outer bladders have stretched because of the poor side valve cover designs.
    – prolonged use will cause your knees to burn (like a rug burn). Where you kneel on this inflatable there is no padding, so you are kneeling directly on the cover which is made from woven nylon. It would have been nice to see them stitch the same neoprene used for the seats on the outer edges to protect your knees. This would make the hot dog extremely comfortable to ride, but without it, your knees will burn after a while.

    Other thoughts:
    – this inflatable is very fun to ride. It is not a wild ride as getting outside of the wake rarely happens.
    – This inflatable offers a smooth ride even in rougher water. We own several other inflatables that are wild, especially on rough waters, so this is a great addition to our collection.
    – it is a little tough to get back on this in open water. This is not exactly a con, but this does sit higher in the water so it may be difficult for larger adults to get back on it. After a few times, once you figure out how to get back on it, this is not an issue.

    We have had a blast using this all summer and it has held up very well. We look forward to using through the end of this season, and many more seasons to come. This inflatable would be almost perfect if it didn’t have the bladder “bubbling” and stretching issues on the two side sections as having to re-inflate this twice is very inconvenient. Also, if they added some pads for your knees that would be a HUGE plus.

    I gave this rating 4 stars because aside from the few flaws, this is a very good inflatable and is very well built. Kids and adults alike have really enjoyed riding it. I anticipate that this will be durable enough to be used for many more seasons.

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  11. Nancy Moore

    I read a lot of reviews about the two side tube’s having funky inflation valves. Now all the valves are what I think are called Boston valves. Great and unique towable.

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  12. G. or J. Steele

    Product arrived I was a little worried because box appeared old and was beaten up and had a lot of tape on it. Pumped it up holds air consistently and rides and pulls behind the boat really well. Riders are very stable on the Hot Dog. We have really enjoyed this tube!

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  13. Amazon Customer

    This product was used once and it had a slow leak. Try to just add silicone to repair it but still leaks. Tried contacting their support and they don’t even want to exchange product. I was not even asking for reimbursement, will never buy from them anymore. Really bad service that could have been easily fixed….

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