Samsung Washer and Dryer Combo Set, Expert Review!

We all want one thing from our washer and dryer: dependability. The confidence that your machines will work when needed and do a good job is quite valuable. The Samsung washer and dryer combo provides this benefit, as well as many others. There are numerous brands and models to select from for washers and dryers, but Samsung should be your first pick. Samsung appliances will not disappoint you with their intelligent, user-friendly features, stunning looks, and exceptional reliability.

Want to learn why you should buy a Samsung washer and dryer? Please continue reading to find out why Samsung is such a great brand and the features and benefits of its washers and dryers. In addition, for buying inspiration, we’ve included some of the top Samsung washer and dryer set on the market today.

Samsung: The Brand

As one of the world’s largest producers of electronics and appliances, you can be confident that Samsung understands technology. Samsung has been in business since 1938 and is recognized for its ingenuity and wide range of products. While not a luxury brand, Samsung distinguishes itself by producing cheap appliances that people from all walks of life can buy and enjoy. With faultless designs and longer-than-average shelf lives, Samsung is a top-tier brand that lives up to the hype.

Samsung Washer And Dryer Combo Review

Samsung’s technology is among the best on the market, and its washers and dryers are no exception. Their products are inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on functionality and design. Instead, Samsung repeatedly proved that their appliances are anything but typical.


Aside from practicality, Samsung offers powerful washing features such as top-loading washers with an ActiveWave Agitator, specifically designed to reduce vibration and improve performance. Some front loader machines have an innovative washer feature called OptiWash, which detects the amount of soil in the water and adjusts the cycle accordingly. A clean washer also means a healthy you; thus, several Samsung washer models have Self Clean+ and front-loading options with CleanGuard antimicrobial technology to prevent mold and mildew growth.

When it comes to drying your clothes, Samsung takes no chances. All Samsung dryers include the Steam Sanitize+ function, designed to help eliminate germs, bacteria, pollen, and dust mites. Multi-Steam is also available to help with wrinkle removal, static electricity removal, and odor removal.


Samsung manufactures a range of washer and dryer designs, giving you additional options when deciding which Samsung washer dryer combo is ideal for you. Samsung provides top-load and front-load washing machines and different front-load dryer models. They provide a variety of colors and finishes, so each washer/dryer model has a distinct appearance. Whether you want a classic, old-school style or something a little more modern, Samsung offers with its impressive designs.


When it comes to features, Samsung washers and dryers do not disappoint. As one of the top brands in innovation, Samsung incorporates a wealth of innovative technologies into its designs, allowing for some fantastic features. Most of their appliances include Wi-Fi, allowing you to control your devices anywhere in your home or while running errands. Their Sensor Dry feature detects moisture in your clothing and regulates the time and temperature of your dry cycle so that your clothes are properly dry.

A lovely Machine

Perhaps you never imagined a washer-dryer combo could be so aesthetically pleasing. The controls are on nice touchscreens that even a non-techie could understand and use. When stacked on top of one another, the single dial in between the machines controls both – a lifesaver for folks who aren’t particularly tall, allowing you to switch between the dryer and washer settings at the touch of a button. (If two machines are positioned next to each other, each has its touchscreen and dial.) The dial controls the many settings for each device, and the touchscreen allows you to tailor your wash or dry cycle (temperature, spin speed, etc.).

Each of these devices has an astounding capacity. The washer has over 5 cubic feet of storage space, while the dryer has over 7. Then there’s the cleverly designed foldable lint filter, which you can remove from the machine and open up away from your clothing to avoid accidentally flinging lint back into the machine, and a shoe rack that keeps shoes in the bottom of the dryer tub rather than throwing them around. Finally, there’s that beautiful little song that plays after a wash and dry cycle is over.

Environments That Encourage Good Laundry Habits

The design of this machine helps reinforce good laundry habits. Because of the preset settings for towels, Detergents, sheets, activewear, and more, you understand why it’s necessary not to put every dirty cloth you own into the laundry at once for the first time in your life.

There are 14 different wash settings on the washer: Normal, AI Optiwash Bedding, Towels, Small Load, Delicates, Heavy Duty, Super Speed (which is just a normal cycle but faster), Steam Whites (a super hot wash with steam), Steam Sanitize (a deep clean with steam), Steam Normal (for everyday items), Activewear, Rinse + Spin, and Self Clean (which cleans the machine for you).

To change the settings for a wash cycle, whether for towels or sheets, spin the dial until the new preset setting appears on the screen. You can modify variables like temperature, spin speed, and soil level for that selected setting by tapping the touchscreen.

On the dryer, there are 14 settings: Normal, AI Optimal Dry, Bedding, Small Load, Super Speed (which dries in just 30 minutes), Towels, Time Dry (which allows you to input a custom time), Delicates, Heavy Duty, Wrinkle Away, Steam Refresh (which helps rid of odors), Activewear, Steam Sanitize, and Perm Press. The touchscreen also allows you to change the temperature, time, and dryness level for most settings.

Using these parameters had a significant impact. The dryer knew how to spin correctly, so my sheets didn’t get all twisted up, and items like bras and underwear were handled carefully.

Samsung Washer And Dryer Review

Tips For Choosing The Best Samsung Washer And Dryer Set

A few crucial factors are to consider when deciding on the best washer-dryer set.


The first step in determining the optimum combination (stacked, side by side, all-in-one, etc.) is to choose the best washer and dryer setup for your area. If you can’t find a pre-packaged combination that you want, don’t be afraid to mix and match washer and dryer models.

Front Load vs. Top Load

Front-loading machines feature controls in the front and load from the show. Because it tumbles the garments during cleaning, this washer consumes less water and provides gentle cleaning. Furthermore, front-load washers take a little longer than top-load but extract water more effectively.

Top-loading machines feature controls in the back and load from the top. These washers use an agitator or impeller to wash clothes and typically feature a setting that allows you to fill the wash basket with extra water.


Choose the proper width and height for your room to limit your options. Regular machine widths are 27-30″ for small space models and 24″ for standard machines. When placing top-load washers, especially behind cabinets, ensure you have enough area to access the lid readily.

Consider the size of your laundry loads and the possible size needs for your washer and dryer. Is your current capacity sufficient to meet your requirements? Washer capacity ranges from 2.0 cu ft for small loads to 6.0 cu ft for heavy loads. Large capacity dryers and washers should be matched, with the dryer’s cubic footage around 1.5 times that of the washer’s capacity.

Electric vs. Gas Dryers

Electric dryers are commonly found in laundry rooms. Look for a 240-volt, four-pronged electrical outlet. Electric dryers are often less expensive than gas dryers and do not require a separate gas line, albeit they dry slightly slower.

Gas dryers use a standard 110/115-volt outlet for power and a gas hookup for heat. Less electricity use translates into cheaper overall operating costs, but remember that gas dryers typically cost around $100 more than electric dryers.


Consider what you like and dislike about your current washer when deciding which features to include in a new one. Consider some of the more recent inventions, such as water faucets built directly into the washer or dispensers that carry large quantities of fabric softener and detergent and distribute them automatically. Most dryer feature enhancements address concerns such as wrinkling and over- and under-drying. Examine the features and settings on your washer to see if you can find a dryer that matches them and has similar settings, making the usage of both appliances easier.

When looking for a Samsung washer and dryer set, remember that Samsung is the best brand for everything you may want. Samsung will not disappoint you with its great features, styles, and dependability. No other brand is as long-lasting and reliable as Samsung.

Washer Dryer Combo Pros And Cons


  • The washing performance is comparable to that of an equivalent stand-alone appliance.
  • The footprint of two separate appliances is cut in half.
  • You can wash and dry your clothing without unloading wet clothes to place them in the dryer.
  • You can use it as a regular washer while having the piece of mind of a dryer for emergencies.
  • The purchase and operating costs are comparable to a separate front-loading washer and condenser dryer.


  • You can only dry half as much as you can wash.
  • You must wait for the machine to complete washing and drying before adding another load. So, completing many loads of laundry will take longer than using a solo washer and dryer at the same time.
  • They can take an enormous quantity of water to dry. In 2017, this Samsung washer and dryer combo received a Shonky award for its low water consumption.
  • Heat-pump combinations are energy efficient and do not require water to dry but are intricate and costly.
  • Some combinations are too large to fit beneath a bench, so double-check their proportions if they must fit in a specific location.
  • Historically, they were the least reliable laundry equipment, though reliability has improved in recent years to match that of freestanding washing machines.
  • More sophisticated machinery pieces – as with most things that combine functions, there is a greater chance of something going wrong.
  • Drying periods are incredibly long.

Washer Dryer Combo Pros And Cons | Samsung washer and dryer

The Difference Between Samsung Models From Other Brands

Everything is done for the user’s convenience and to entice a possible buyer, including a fashionable design, many programs, and varied degrees of drum loading. A sophisticated technique conducts all modes independently and with high quality; several accelerated processes require less time than identical models from other manufacturers.

Water is held in the cells due to the unique design of the drum, whose shape resembles the facets of precious stones, forming an additional layer of protection against mechanical harm on the metal case during solid rotation. Technologists ensure that your items are more likely to go out of style than to change look.

Ceramic heaters are not frightened of deposits since the surface is resistant to scale, regardless of the hardness of the water used, which is essential in any region. The unique technology of voltage surge protection in the network safely protects the electronic equipment of products.

Bottom Line

What you may have liked best about this machine is that the more you use it, the more laundry problems you discover it solves. The controls are simple to use and understand. The app eliminates the need to return to the machine to see when it is ready. You don’t have to bother adding Tide Pods or measuring out detergent because the perfect amount is automatically blasted into the machine.

When removed, the lint catcher keeps lint away from the garments. When you’re in a hurry, the SuperSpeed mode can complete a whole load of laundry in an hour. This makes the Samsung Washer and Dryer combo exciting for years.


What makes Samsung such an excellent appliance brand?

Yes, Samsung is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality, dependable items. Samsung appliances are differentiated by their cutting-edge technology, developed using novel production techniques.

Samsung’s dependability is demonstrated by its continuous ranking first in customer satisfaction by the J.D. Power Awards. Furthermore, Samsung is one of the most well-known brands in the United States.

How long should a Samsung washer and dryer combo last?

Samsung laundry equipment may last up to 14 years with reasonable care and maintenance, which is outstanding for large appliances.

Are Samsung appliances trustworthy?

Regarding dependability and durability, Samsung appliances are consistently ranked very high. They are intended to last more than a decade, as evidenced by how well and long they perform. Furthermore, its appliances are simple to use and reasonably priced, making Samsung one of the most dependable companies today.


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