Anykit 3.9mm Digital Otoscope

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Anykit 3.9mm Digital Otoscope Description

High-Definition Otoscope Camera For Easy Diagnosis

This Anykit Digital Otoscope with 4.5 Inches Screen is the perfect tool for anyone looking to diagnose symptoms quickly and easily. Its 3.9mm Ear Camera with 6 LED Lights brings a clear, high-definition image that can easily be viewed on the 4.5 Inch monitor. This otoscope allows you to quickly identify any issues in the ear canal without the need for costly trip to the doctor or other medical professionals. With this otoscope, you can quickly and accurately diagnose medical issues, such as ear infections, impacted wax, ear mites, foreign objects, and more.

Lightweight and Portable Design

This digital otoscope is light and compact, making it the perfect device for carrying anywhere you go. It also comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that offers a runtime of up to two hours and can be recharged without hassle. In addition, its 4.5 Inch HD screen allows you to easily view live images from the ear canal and take HD photos of the images as well.

Variety of Accessories Included

With the Anykit Otoscope, you’ll be able to see more accurately thanks to its variety of accessories. This otoscope includes interchangeable earwax cleaning kits, mouthpieces, and different size ear speculas to make sure you get the best possible image. With this and more, you can quickly diagnose and manage any medical issue you come across.

Ideal for Both Home and Professional Use

This otoscope can be used by both professional medical personnel as well as at home. It does not require any particular training or complex operation to use, making it ideal for both. Whether you’re a doctor, medical assistant, family member, or caretaker, this otoscope can help you diagnose and manage any medical issues you may be having quickly and accurately.

Key Features:

-3.9 mm Ear Camera with 6 LED Lights
-4.5 Inch HD Screen for Displaying Live Image
-Rechargeable Lithium Battery with Runtime of up to two Hours
-Interchangeable Earwax Cleaning Kit
-Different Size Ear Speculas
-Mouthpieces for Taking HD Images
-Suitable for Home and Professional Use

Anykit 3.9mm Digital Otoscope Specification

Package Dimensions

8.03 x 3.9 x 2.4 inches

Item Weight

12.3 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 28, 2019



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Anykit 3.9mm Digital Otoscope Reviews (12)

12 reviews

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    I enjoyed this otoscope while it worked. After about a year in it got really finicky with the picture going in and out. This persisted until the video/picture just stopped working entirely. The light still works but the video feed connection isn’t there anymore.

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  2. hermione1355

    Excellent, super fast delivery

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  3. Greeneyeddi

    i bought this unit to see the health of my ears, but I found out that your ear canal is not straight, it curves inwade, meaning that you can’t see around the curve, it needs to be flexible. The unit is made very well and I will probaly find a great use for it doing some thing else.

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  4. Dustin Fulton

    My son used this himself and was able to see very clearly into his ear. Price is great as well.

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  5. Rocka

    The scope is awesome, not perfect but still awesome.

    First the good. The quality is quite amazing. The photo is from my phone off the screen. But the screen is even more clear, clearer than I would have imagined. There are 3 black tips like you’d expect to have that you put on the camera tip. This allows you to pretty much just shove that bad boy in to at least an adult ear with zero fear of going too far. As far as it goes in my ear at least was the perfect spot for checking out the eardrum or the blockage. In my case some cotton from qtips I guess. There are also some surgical type tips that you can use to scrape or pull out obstructions. These are great I was just unable to be successful with them because mine required a Dr and special water flush. But I could see how it would be easy to be successful with other stuff. The battery seems to last forever as I was using it for over an hour and battery never hit halfway. The light is super bright and the camera adjusts well. Just be sure to not point the light too much at the sidewalk or the canal will be too dark. There is quite a lot of finesse to the thing especially when you have such a sore ear!

    The greatest part was when I went to the Dr and showed them the scope with the photos. They were super impressed. Invited a couple other nurses and Drs in to see for themselves. They were most impressed with the quality and ease of use. I could I overhear one explaining all the features to another in the hallway, “it’s got a separate screen from the camera so everyone can see…”. Lol. Didn’t think I would be impressing any Drs with my Amazon purchase lol. As I was filling out my insurance work on my phone waiting for the Dr after the nurse part, I just had the camera shoved in my ear and the screen on the table so when the Dr came in I could show them right away. Yup, just a patient sitting there on their phone with a cord coming out their ear, promise this wasn’t what I got stuck in there and why I was there in the first place! Hahaha.

    Now the bad. The camera wasn’t perfectly up and down with the handheld flat edges on the side. Almost. But it was enough to cause some extra difficulty. I assume each could be slightly different. It’s hard enough knowing which way to move your fingers and probe by looking at the screen, a little like doing a maze through a mirror. But this is no fault of the camera. If someone else was doing it, it would be way easier because the operator can orient the camera or screen easily to be inline with one another. That’s it though, the bad is just a slight few degree rotation of the camera to the “grip”. The only other issue maybe would be the tools to scrape require the black cone tip to be removed. This can cause irritation if not handled carefully and allow you to go too far too easily. Just move slow and make sure you can see what you are doing and feel free to take lots of photos.

    Cheers, happy exploring!

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  6. Rocka

    While trying to convince a disabled friend he needed a doctor we had the idea to order this little gem. Wow did it work great! He lives in a remote area but seeing the images convinced him it was worth the trip to get help. The camera also allows him to see the top of his head and the bottoms of his heels, two places difficult to see well that need frequent care. So easy to use. No ap or phone required. love it. Image is of his healthy ear, the other image would have needed some type of warning. Let’s just say the images are very clear.

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  7. Laurie

    Picture quality is great and works like a charm. I use it many times daily with patient care. Also let’s the patients see what you can which allows them to do a little Q&A too build better rapport. I will say that the camera does fog up fairly often especially after ear lavages which is to be expected but a little gauze takes care of the problem. The attachments for removing earwax are less than desirable as visability does get diminished greatly. Overall amazing tool for at home use and clinic/hospital settings!

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  8. Laurie

    My ears have been killing me. I’ve been to the ER, Urgent Care and my doctor and everyone just keeps telling me it’s an infection and putting me on antibiotics. Scared to death of being put on a fourth round and having them not work yet again… I decided to buy this device so that I could have a look. This allowed me to see what is going on and gave me the peace of mind to know that indeed there is a problem and make the necessary arrangements to see a specialist. It’s a hard pill to swallow having to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket and something like this can give you and/or your primary doctor a general idea on how to proceed. I am going to bring the camera to my appointment tomorrow and hopefully the doc will have some answers for me. My ears feel like they are going to explode and my eustacheon tubes have not been opening. This is a picture of the picture it took of my eardrum with the device. Amazing quality. Even better in person. Worth every penny! Just buy it. It’s such a good tool to have around.

    Update: I was able to see the specialist and I brought the camera part of this device with and it really helped! Now I’ve gotten on the right meds and things are looking up! 🙂

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  9. Johnno

    This is a good product because it can see my sons ear wax which is very helpful since it builds up a lot. It’s very easy to use and it’s super high quality.

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  10. Aimee

    The product is fine – works well and is easy to operate. The only minus point is the length of the camera cord and the lack of instructions.

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  11. Paul C.

    The unit works fine. It takes a while to get use to looking at the video and scraping the wax from your ear.

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  12. Amazon Customer

    A family member recently had an ear infection and we were having difficulty seeing inside the ear. This device came to the rescue! Not only could we clearly see inside the ear, we were even able to snap a photo to show the doctor! This is a great little gizmo and definitely worth the price IMHO. The light is nice and bright and the viewing screen is big enough to clearly see what you are looking at. Hoping this lasts a long time as we love it!

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