Apple EarPods 3.5mm Plug

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Apple EarPods 3.5mm Plug Price History


Current Price $18.79 May 20, 2024
Highest Price $18.79 December 1, 2023
Lowest Price $18.79 December 1, 2023
Since December 1, 2023

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$18.79 December 1, 2023

Apple EarPods 3.5mm Plug Description

Your Ultimate Guide to Apple EarPods Headphones

The Stylish Audio Accessory

If you’re an Apple fan, then you’re already familiar with the sleek, stylish designs of their peripheral products, like the Apple EarPods Headphones. This wired 3.5mm plug set of earbuds offer premium sound quality along with the iconic Apple design everyone knows and loves. Whether listening to your favorite tunes at the gym or listening to a podcast during your morning commute, these comfortable earbuds are the perfect audio accessory for any lifestyle.

Powerful and Lightweight Performance

The Apple EarPods headphones offer a powerful performance with an incredibly lightweight feel. Their engineered audio system provides crisp, high-quality sound with a full frequency range of sound. You’ll be able to experience every note and tone as it was meant to be heard. Whether listening to your favorite songs, podcasts, audio books, or video game action sequences, you’ll be in for a treat!

Comfort Meets Design: Introducing the Apple EarPods

The Apple EarPods provide a comfortable experience for extended listening periods. Featuring uniquely designed earbuds created to fit the shape of your ear, each individual earbud is equipped with a soft rubber finish to provide secure and comfortable all-day wear. No more worrying about your headphones falling out or becoming uncomfortable after a few hours of use. The Apple EarPods will keep you comfortable and focused on your audio experience all day long!

Noise Isolation, Superior Quality and Performance

The Apple EarPods feature a noise-isolation design to eliminate background noise and put the spotlight on your audio. Whether your music and audio is stored locally on your phone or streaming from your favorite apps, you’ll never have to worry about any audio spillover or low audio. Choose the Apple EarPods and experience superior sound quality.

Headphones by Apple – Reliability You Can Count On

When you choose the Apple EarPods headset, you can always count on Apple’s reliable construction and design. The EarPods offer durability and protection from any contaminants or particles, allowing you to preserve your set of EarPods for a long time. Plus, the set is equipped with a 3.5mm plug, making it universally compatible with almost any device.

It’s a Convenient Choice For a Stylish Audio Accessory

The Apple EarPods direct control system simplifies your listening experience with convenient, easy access control buttons. This allows you to easily switch source audio, reject phone calls, play and pause music, and adjust the volume. It’s a great way to to manage your audio and keep your hands-free. The EarPods also feature an internal microphone for phone calls and virtual assistants, further increasing their convenience factor.

Compatible With All Devices

The Apple EarPods are not just for Apple devices. These headphones feature a 3.5mm audio plug, making them universally compatible with all types of devices, such as laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and of course, iPhone and Android. Whether you’re rocking out to your favorite tunes on your laptop while traveling or blasting through the latest season of your top podcast on your iPhone, the Apple EarPods has you covered.

Let Your Music Sound Great – Buy Your Apple EarPods Today

Give yourself the gift of quality audio with the Apple EarPods. Boasting a stylish design, superior sound performance, comfort, and convenience, these headphones really do have it all. Plus, they come at an unbeatable price point, making them the perfect gift for yourself or any audio lover in your life. Grab your set of Apple EarPods and take your audio experiences to the next level.

Shop Around For the Best Price

When it’s time to purchase your Apple EarPods, make sure to shop around and explore the different prices that different retailers offer. With our convenient price-comparison feature, you can easily find the best price of the market for the Apple EarPods. So don’t settle for any price – find the best price and make the Apple EarPods yours today!


  • High Quality Music Performance
  • Lightweight Design for Comfort
  • Noise-Isolating Design for Enhanced Quality
  • Built-in Microphone for Call Functionality
  • Maintains Clarity at All Volume Settings
  • Easily Accessible Control Buttons
  • Ultra-Durable Construction
  • Universally Compatible With All Devices
  • Affordable Price Point

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the Apple EarPods Universal?

    Yes, the Apple EarPods are universally compatible with all audio devices, including Apple and Android phones.

  • Do the Apple EarPods have a built-in microphone?

    Yes, the Apple EarPods feature a built-in microphone, enabling them to be used for phone calls and virtual assistant interactions.

  • Do the Apple EarPods have control buttons?

    Yes, the Apple EarPods feature internal control buttons. This allows users to easily switch audio sources, adjust the volume, reject phone calls, play and pause music, and more.

  • Are the Apple EarPods comfortable?

    Yes, the Apple EarPods feature a design specifically made for the shape of your ears. They are equipped with soft rubber for comfortable all-day wear.

  • Are Apple EarPods durable?

    Yes, the Apple EarPods are designed with durable construction and protective coating to offer long-lasting comfort and performance.

  • Do the Apple EarPods offer sound isolation?

    Yes, the Apple EarPods feature sound-isolating technology to eliminate background noise and ensure quality sound.

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Apple EarPods 3.5mm Plug Reviews (13)

13 reviews

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Barry Engel

    It actually works better than I expected when plugged into the roku universal remote with headphone jacks. I sleep well while my wife watches tv. Perfect!!

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  2. Josue Naranjo

    Los ocupo más para las juntas eternas en la oficina, porque con los inalámbricos se les acababa la pila y tenía que escuchar las juntas con altavoz y no es muy amables para mis compañeros de alrededor

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  3. Carlos

    Los hebidsdo durante un par de años, funcionan de maravilla

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  4. C141/C17 Load

    I’ve never been a fan of Apple products until I purchased these EarPods. Having used a variety of other products I was blown away with the sound quality, dynamic range and comfort that I am experiencing. I activated the “spatial sound” feature with Windows Sonic and was even more impressed. Hopefully they last for a reasonable period of time which is a concern having read other reviews. I’ll update this review in 3 months regarding longevity.

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  5. mbzayas

    No la pienses y compra inmediatamente estos audífonos si son los que necesitas.

    Después de años de experimentar con audífonos más “barátos” de supermercados, de tiendas de autoservicio, de tiendas de importación, etc., no sé por qué nunca había comprado estos audífonos antes, me hubiera ahorrado un dineral.

    Realmente brindan un muy buen sonido y una buena comodidad; es inclusive preferible usar éstos a otros de diadema (headset). Prácticamente son mi opción predilecta en el día a día por el buen audio y que no son bluetooth.

    El micrófono es decente, nada del otro mundo, para una que otra llamada por teléfono o videollamada, funciona con normalidad.

    Importante detalle a considerar:
    Los controles no siempre funcionan en dispositivos que NO sean Apple, ahí para que lo tomes en cuenta si los usas en otra marca u otro tipo de aparatos. Con dispositivos que SÍ son Apple (iPhone y Mac, por ejemplo) todo funciona sorprendentemente al 100.

    Claro que sí, el cable no se ve que tenga la mayor resistencia en el mundo, así que un uso rudo frecuente (jalarlo, masticarlo, enrollarlo, aplastarlo) pudiera no llegar a soportarlo.

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  6. elida goncalves

    Vendido como autêntico porém é uma réplica que saiu bem cara.

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  7. Jen

    If you are too lazy to read my essay then I will give a quick rundown:

    REAL Product – They are real apple earbuds, durable and people are lying
    Fit / Comfort – They will fit small ears amazingly and feel like nothing is there, big ears not so much
    Sound – Low end and mid is great. Nothing special, high end slightly lacking but its barely noticable
    Durability – Lasted me for 1.5 years so far, tough and will survive water (swimming, washing machine)
    Damage – None. They were perfect and still are right out the box
    Mic – Dont get for a mic. Its in the speakers themselves and are too quiet, but they are in 2 channels ig
    Tangling – They do get tangled but they are easy to untangle
    Overall – 9.5/10, get if you have small or average ears, they feel like nothing is in your ear

    Im writing this to discourage the negative reviews that I see way too much about these things. They are REAL apple made products. They did not come used, broken, or anything. I bought these as I wanted some actual good earbuds that would last. I have used the samsung ones for about 2 years when I broke them, so I tried apple. I found some laying around in school (ik its gross) washed em, and they worked great. Sound quality is actually very good for earbuds, however I havent used any super expensive headphones that would blow me away and make these sound terrible in comparison. The low end or “bass” is very important to me and thankfully it is pretty loud, nothing outstanding or anything though. The High end is kindof lacking but not much, still sounds great. Mid sound is loudest, not overwhelming though, pretty good. Anyway, I lost those, so I ordered them, on Amazon. They came early, unused, undamaged, and they sound great. No complaints and they have lasted me for nearly a year. Now an issue you might have with these buds if at all are 2 things: Fit and Comfort. These will not fit everybody’s ears, escpecially big ones. However, they fit in mine perfectly and within a minute I forget I even have anything in my ear, but thats just me. 2 is comfort, which some people have issues with. I think these are incredibly comfortable with the non-silicon tips. They dont hurt, but maybe thats just me. I hate the silicon tips, but some people dont. Either way, you can get used to them. Other things to mention; you can drown these in water or leave them in the wash accidentally and they will work fine. As long as their not in deep water for like over an hour, they should still work. also, Tangling is not a big problem with these. They definetly do get tangled, but they are very easy to ungtangle unlike other buds. Lastly, Microphone. I would not recomment these if you need them to have a good mic. I was surprised to test these and find out the Volume controller that has a mic label on it isnt actually a mic, the phones themselves are. And they are weird. They are wayyyyy too quiet and each but has its own channel, so you can talk into say the left bud and whoever is recieving your mic signal will hear only out the left headphone. You also have to have it so close to your mouth that you are pretty much making out with it. Besides that, they are amazing. Some people with love them, others will hate. If you have small ears, I recomment these. They come in a nice little box too. They will feel like nothing is there. 9.5/10 earbuds in my opinion. Best earbuds I have ever used. GET THEM

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  8. Amazon Customer

    my favorite item, I’m using it for my Macbook and it lasts forever.

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  9. FW Hoffman

    I already have one set of these Apple EarPods and like them a lot. The sound quality is very good. I wanted a second pair so I have one set to use upstairs at night watching shows on IPad.

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  10. Teaira justice

    These fit better than I expected they would. I love them. Nice quality, durable. I would buy again

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  11. A k

    I brought these for my Laptop so I can do all my calls using this and don’t have call in from my phone. Loved the quality and packaging of it. It’s easy to carry while on work trip and have to do conference calls.

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  12. ernest

    Buen sonido, gran calidad de construcción a la vista y el tacto. Recomendables, el empaque me gusto es de cartón y parece un pequeño cajón donde jalas y ves tus audífonos.

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  13. Harpia

    My mom has Dialysis treatment 3x a week for 3.5 hours each visit. They have screens for patients to watch tv and earphone port.y mom was using some cheaply made earphones where an ear phone would bust every now and then. I got tired of her replacing her cheap earphones with another cheap pair.

    I bought her these ones back in December and she hasn’t had an issue! Im not surprised with it being an apple product. She watches her TV in peace. My sister also bought her an iPhone eith the lightning port. So I also bought the earphone jack to lightning port adapter so my mom could listen to audio on her phone, talk on the phone, etc. She says they ear pieces fit well, the audio is great and the mic sounds good when she calls me using the ear buds.

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