BANGSON Portable Washing Machine 17.6 lbs

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BANGSON Portable Washing Machine 17.6 lbs Description

Laundry Without Hassles

The BANGSON Portable Washing Machine 17.6 lbs Washer(11Lbs) and Spinner(6.6Lbs) is the perfect solution for cleaning small loads and doing your laundry without the need for going to a Laundromat. This compact machine packs all the power of a full-sized washer in an easily transportable, convenient package. Whether you’re off to college, live in an RV, or simply don’t have space for a traditional washer-dryer, the BANGSON Portable Washing Machine has got you covered.

Revolutionary Wash-Dry Cycle

This cutting-edge washer-dryer includes both a washer and a spinner to make preparing laundry hassle-free. It can perform both the wash and spin dry cycle at the same time, meaning no need to manually move and dry your clothes. This unit also comes with a timer so you can start the machine and come back to clean, dry, and odor-free clothing.

Efficient & Compact Design

The BANGSON Portable Washing Machine is designed to make your life easier. The 17.6 lbs washer (11Lbs) and spinner (6.6Lbs) are extremely lightweight and compact, meaning you can take your laundry on the go without a problem. They’re easy to store away when you’re done and won’t take up a lot of space. Plus, the included drainage hose and power cord make for easy setup and use in any location.

Durable & Reliable

Made with stainless steel drums, the BANGSON Portable Washing Machine is designed to withstand rigorous use and provide long-lasting performance. The cycle timer, drainage hose, and water inlet valve are all built with durable plastic and stainless steel for maximum durability and reliability. This unit can stand up to heavy use and will easily handle all your washing needs.


– Revolutionary wash-dry cycle
– Compact and efficient design
– Lightweight, portable and easy to move
– Stainless steel drums provides longevity
– Cycle timer, drainage hose, and water inlet valve are all made with durable plastic and stainless steel
– 17.6 lb capacity washer and 6.6 lb capacity spinner
– Quiet operation
– Easy assembly

BANGSON Portable Washing Machine 17.6 lbs Specification

Brand Name


Item Weight

‎28 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎25.6 x 14.2 x 28.8 inches


‎17.6 Pounds

Max Spin Speed

‎1700 RPM

Part Number


Special Features

‎Portable, Lightweight


‎Black & White

Control Console


Standard Cycles


Access Location

‎Top Load


‎120 Volts

Material Type

‎ABS, Polypropylene

Included Components

‎Inlet Hos, Power Cord, Drain Hose

Batteries Required


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BANGSON Portable Washing Machine 17.6 lbs Reviews (6)

6 reviews

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Nadine

    The media could not be loaded.

     It’s a great product, the hose to connect to a sink doesn’t fit and is cheap, would have to get a new one at lows or Home Depot. I just stick it under the shower head to fill it but has held up for a month and a half and very good product for every day clothes. I even washed my sheets they fit! Sweats, jeans, shirts, towels great for small house holds. Also I haven’t noted an increase on my water or electricity bill since I’ve been using it!

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  2. Trice

    Love this, washes good. And the spinner works way better than I thought it would. It shakes when you start the spinner so I just hold it still for 5 seconds so it’s not so loud.
    Just had to make-shift my own way to fill the washer up. I attached the hose to an old spray bottle then cut the bottom off and i used rope to make a hanger to go over the shower head. Was a quick and easy fix, not pretty but effective.
    I plug it in and put it in my tub, have no issues with the water reaching the plug when it drains.
    I just have to lift the washer slightly too drain all the way.
    Im disabled and It’s light weight enough to move in and out of the tub for me.

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  3. Bryanna fleshman

    So. We live in a small apartment and the back half of our apt, all outlets are out still. Anyways I’ve been having to do a family of 4s worth of clothes by hand for the past 2 years. The place we live doesn’t have a working laundry and the laundry mat is so frickin expensive here! So my hubby got us this with taxes and honestly, I’m cryin. Y’all it’s life changing if you’re coming from somewhere having to hand wash EVERYTHING. I have a 3 yr old and a 9 month old for ref. Omg when I drained it the water was gross! Which I was happy with bc I’m like yes clean clothes! (After rinsing obvi) it’s so easy to figure out it doesn’t matter that the damn instructions don’t even make sense!

    The only downside I had/have:
    -made to sit in a tub to drain or else water gets stuck in tube and can’t properly drain out. If not using tub and need to drain, elevate and use gravity! Let it drain into a plastic bin and then dump!
    -the putting water in every time kind of is annoying, but I’ll take it tbh just get a big bucket and use it for filling! Super quick!

    Otherwise I’m so happy. Literally $100 and all I have to do is set my clothes on a rack in front of a fan and they’re dry overnight.

    It used to take me 3 days sometimes. For one load.

    If you want them super dry before hanging, I’d go for 3 spins. But considering it doesn’t take that long, it’s pretty ok.

    I’m just praying it lasts us until we can move again. I know we won’t have the extra money any time within the year at least so hope it makes it a year!

    I am only washing clothes twice a day. I give it a long break in between bc I know it’s a tiny machine made for smaller families, but gotta do what I gotta do lol

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  4. Debra

    Okay so at first I had problems with this wash/dryer because the dryer wouldn’t dry the clothes it would just add more bubbles. Than I realized it’s because all of the water wouldn’t drain. Eventually I made something to put the washer/dryer on it to help drain the rest of the water. The washer works well and holds a good load of clothes. But the dryer only drys your clothes enough to where it rings out the water so it’ll be damped. Therefore you’d have to let it air dry and it usually takes me a day or two. But overall this is a good alternative if you don’t have the money or space at the moment. You just have to be patient with drying the clothes. The dryer is also very small but in my Opinion can carry a lot. I can fit a blanket in dryer and it’s a big blanket not a little throw over.

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  5. Becca

    Overall, this machine will blow your mind. Easy to set up, Easy to use, it HAS to be one of THE BEST purchases I have ever made!! Right now I have it sitting on my covered porch. How I hooked it up to water was simple. I bought a hose, a butterfly valve and 2 hose replacement ends. I cut 2 pieces of hose long enough to fit both nipples on wash and spin side and hooked them to the butterfly valve. I have water cut off at the butterfly valve and no leaks.

    I bought this in March of 2023. It is a 17 lb washer. 11 to wash and 6 to spin dry. Convenient for me as I live alone with 4 furbabies in a 5th wheel trailer. The first time I washed my clothes, I was in shock! It pulled out so much dirt that had been left from the laundry mat washers. I had to wash and spin 2 times for them to come clean! I mean this machine is AAAAAMAZING! I have never felt my clothes so clean before! I use less laundry soap, less water and my electric bill has not jumped up any. It has a cycle time from 35 to 1 minute for washing. The drain is fast. The spin is just mind blowing, timed spin from 5 to 1 minute. They are damp dry. I hang out for about 40 minutes and they are done (towels and jeans take longer) If you don’t get the clothes spread evenly in the spin it will shake out of balance so just make it all flat and even to get the best spin. I’m telling ya, This is worth getting!

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  6. Trice

    My apartment has the space inside and out for a washer and dryer, but I wanted a small machine that fits in the bathroom. It’s perfect because it washers clean and wrings everything dry. I love the spinning. Works better than a top loader to me. I do not have to keep clothes drying long at all.
    I gave it 4 stars because my fright forwarder did not know where to send it since they only put my first name on the box.

    Make sure to get an additional hose to connect to the hose it come with. The original hose is short. I used silicone and connected mine, but there are other options on Amazon.

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