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Blink Video Doorbell Description

Welcome To The Blink Two-way Audio HD Video Doorbell

Are you ready to connect to your home from anywhere you may be? The Blink Video Doorbell offers safety and easier access to your property through its two-way audio and HD video features, making sure no unwanted visitors get to your doorstep.
Keep an eye on your home with this high-quality and highly reliable video doorbell from Blink. This doorbell allows you to have full control of your front door, as it connects with any compatible device through its mobile app. There’s no need for additional internet service, as the Blink Video Doorbell runs independently from any wireless network.

See, Hear, and Record with Blink’s Two-Way Audio HD Video

The Blink Doorbell camera transmits crystal-clear video up to 720p HD quality — streaming live directly to your mobile device with its two-way audio. Using a motion sensor, it will alert you when someone comes near your home, enabling you to recognize an intruder. Additionally, the Blink Doorbell camera also has an infrared night vision feature to help ensure you can see what’s happening outside your property, and even inside your home, no matter the time of day.

A Reliable and Powerful Battery for a Worry-Free Doorbell

The Blink Video Doorbell uses two AA batteries with a lifespan of up to two years, making it a reliable doorbell with minimal maintenance needed. These batteries will last a long time, even when the doorbell is being used on a regular basis.

View Live Videos From Anywhere

The Blink Video Doorbell has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, on which you can monitor your home anywhere, anytime. With its two-way audio feature, you can have short conversations with visitors, as well as receiving live footage and other notifications.

Minimize False Alarms with Advanced Motion Detection Technology

This video doorbell utilizes its advanced motion detection technology to reduce false alarms. This helps ensure that you will only be alerted when there is an intended motion detected outside the door; no need to worry about false alarms from small animals or moving trees from wind.

Install Your Doorbell with Ease

The Blink Video Doorbell easily attaches to any compatible doorbell, making installation a breeze. It comes with a wide variety of connectors, making it easy to fit the doorbell onto any existing doorbell button setups.

An Easy Installation and Setup Process

The installation of the Blink Video Doorbell is effortless and user-friendly — even for those with no technical experience. All that is needed is to download the Blink Mobile App for either Android or iOS, scan the QR code, and follow the instructions.

Simple Solution to Home Security

With state-of-the-art features like two-way audio and HD video, the Blink Video Doorbell is the perfect companion for your home security. With its strong and reliable battery, it will last you for years to come. With its user-friendly setup and installation process, the quality experience you receive from the Blink Video Doorbell will become a welcome part of your home security solutions.

Get the Best Price with Blink Video Doorbell

The Blink Video Doorbell is available at different prices from different sellers. At our website you have the opportunity to compare the prices and find the best deal that fits your budget.


  • Two-way audio HD video
  • 720p HD quality video streaming
  • Motion sensor alerts
  • Infrared night vision
  • Long lasting two-AA battery
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Easy installation and setup
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Variety of connectors to fit any doorbell button

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Blink Video Doorbell?

    The Blink Video Doorbell is a user-friendly home security system that utilizes advanced camera features like two-way audio and HD video to keep your family safe. It also has a motion sensor and infrared night vision mode.

  • How does the motion sensor work?

    The Blink Video Doorbell motion sensor will alert you when there is an intended motion detected outside the door. This will help to reduce false alarms, ensuring you are only alerted when there is a legitimate intruder.

  • What devices does the Blink Video Doorbell work with?

    The Blink Video Doorbell is compatible with iOS and Android devices. With its user-friendly mobile app, you can monitor your home no matter where you are in the world.

  • How long do the batteries last?

    The Blink Video Doorbell utilizes two AA batteries with a lifespan of up to two years. This ensures that your doorbell will stay powered for a long period of time, even with regular use.

  • What type of video quality does the Blink Video Doorbell offer?

    The Blink Video Doorbell offers a crystal-clear video quality up to 720p HD. This helps to ensure the best quality for both live video and recordings.

  • Where can I find the best price for the Blink Video Doorbell?

    At our website you can compare the prices of different sellers and find the best deal for the Blink Video Doorbell.

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  1. team W

    I am a long-time user of Blink, meaning I am in the “grandfathered” set of customers with free, limited cloud storage for video. Overall, I think if you are already a Blink customer, this is a good addition to your system.

    Install: I needed one of those “wedges” that turns the camera to face out and using that, the install was pretty simple. I agree with the people that noted that the back plate it comes with (which you still use when installing the wedge) is a little cheap and janky. But the wedge is more sturdy and the resulting install is probably a little bit more solid and better than if I had just mounted the flat plate to the wall.
    You do need a good sized piece of flat wood to screw everything into. This is not going to mount well to raw siding, curved trim pieces around doors etc. You’d have to attach a small board to the surface of anything like that and then mount it to that board.

    Power vs. batteries: I have one of those wired doorbells that is old-school, with the metal strikers that hit little chimes, not a digital doorbell. This apparently matters because you need more power and a slightly larger transformer to drive one of those doorbells. In turn, that means the transformer has enough power to power the blink doorbell. If you have a digital doorbell you may (or may not) need to rely on the battery for the cameras. It all depends on how big the transformer for your existing, wired doorbell is. During the setup it asks you what kind of doorbell you have, and has a fairly sophisticated set of settings to make sure that when it sends a signal to the physical doorbell it is sending the correct amount of power to strike the chimes correctly.

    Set-up: Very easy and painless, almost exactly the same as setting up a regular blink camera. Put in the batteries, scan the QR code, it finds the camera, links it to your existing system/sync module and you are ready to go.

    Motion Sensor: If you are already pretty familiar with Blink cameras, you know they can come with one of two kinds of sensors to detect motion. Camera based sensors that just detect changes in the picture and more traditional sensors that only detect actual, physical movement. The cheaper Blink mini only has a camera based sensor, while the more expensive units only detect actual physical movement with a dedicated motion sensor. Both kinds of sensors can be triggered falsely by something like blowing leaves, but the camera-based sensors cannot distinguish changes in shadows and light from actual movement and so they have much higher rates of false detection. Unfortunately, the blink doorbell appears to only have the cheaper detector that can be fooled by changes in light. It does, however, have a more sophisticated, narrower grid of zones you can exclude from movement than the older Blink mini. How much this matters to you is going to depend on where you plan to stick the camera – if you point your doorbell camera directly at a busy road and don’t lock out the parts of the image that covers the road, you will get constant alerts from every car that goes by, or every person walking on the sidewalk, etc. So think carefully about where the camera will sit and whether you want one of those wedges to tilt the direction of the thing to keep the camera aimed only at places where you actually want it to detect motion.

    Video quality: Very good, with a wide angle, almost fish-eye lens, so you get very good broad coverage of the area you are pointing the camera at. There is also a microphone that records sound while you are recording video and it seems to work ok as well. In theory you can use the thing to have a two-way conversation with whoever is at the door, but I haven’t tried that yet. I am, overall, very happy with the camera quality for the price here.

    Sound Chime/notifications: When you push the doorbell, a chime inside the module itself goes off. It is reasonably loud and lets the person ringing the doorbell know they definitely rang it. The light on the button also lights up briefly to confirm the chime was pressed. Would you, sitting inside the house, hear the chime the doorbell makes outside? Probably, if you are in a small, quiet house. Would you hear it down in the basement of a large house with the TV or music on? Absolutely not. So if you are not hooking this up to an existing doorbell with a properly loud internal chime, then you will want to have it hooked up to your Alexa. I don’t use Alexa so didn’t test that feature. You do get a notification on your phone, when somebody rings the bell, but I think most people will want either a hard wired connection or an Alexa connected to this thing to make sure they always hear the doorbell.

    What don’t I like?

    I wish it had the same motion detection sensors as the larger blink cameras. I would have paid more to get that. Because it uses the camera to sense motion there are places where it really won’t give good results. So think very carefully about where you will place this, how often the wind will blow trees and create moving shadows within the motion detection zone, etc.

    It is annoying that even when the device is hard-wired, the light around the doorbell button isn’t constantly lit. Just as if it were only running on batteries, it only lights up when you press the button. Not a huge deal in my installation, but if you don’t have a porch light on, your doorbell will not be obvious to visitors. It is particularly odd that they put a red LED into the thing which apparently has no purpose other than in the initial setup. The design would be much better if the lighted ring around the button was always lit and then it flashed or turned red when you pressed it. It appears all of the hardware necessary to do that is in the device, but it is not programmed that way. I get that when the device isn’t hardwired you don’t want the button lit, but when it is powered it really should be lit in the dark.

    For $50, this thing is ok. If you get it on sale, then it is a good deal, at least if you are an existing Blink customer.

    I am surprised that they killed off the little bit of free cloud storage for new customers. That can’t cost very much to provide these days and it was the key differentiator between Blink and some of these other companies that provide more elaborate, high-priced options. Blink’s claim to fame is that it works well enough and is cheap. But if you have to pay a bunch of money for cloud storage no matter what, I would probably look at the more expensive options vs. Blink. It stops being a compelling value once you start having to pay for video storage.

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  2. Yoda

    I got this video doorbell system to supplement my existing security cams. I already have a relatively robust 4k external security network cams, but the network was missing a reliable front door video doorbell that wasn’t solely motion dependent. Now, with this Blink video doorbell that is activated both by motion & physically pressing the doorbell, it will always send an alert & record when someone is at the front door unlike before when it was a hit or miss that was based solely on motion activation. The video quality, HD 1080, is decent for a doorbell but compared to my 4k cams, it’s not even close. The difference is huge. The image quality of a 4k cam is so much better, both day & night. The night video quality of the Blink system is so grainy it’s almost useless. Good thing I have 4k cams as backups. The two-way audio works well.

    Installation nightmare…
    Installation was a fiasco of this relatively easy installation. I made a mockery of the installation primarily due to the fact that there are no written paper instructions. One has to follow the app for the installation that’s primarily picture based. The problem for me was I inadvertently used the wrong side of the corner wedge mount. Both front & back of the corner wedge look almost identical if you don’t pay close attention. I rushed the installation as darkness was approaching…
    It wasn’t until the next day, when I realized the camera wasn’t flushed with the corner wedge. I kept saying, why there aren’t any predrilled screw holes on the wedge? Duh, it’s because I flipped it & didn’t dawn on me until the next morning…a Homer Simpson dumb moment! 🤔So much easier & faster the second time because I didn’t have to apply so much force as previously in order attach the backplate to the corner wedge. This fiasco would have never occurred if there were paper instructions instead of following mainly pictures on the app for the installation. Other apps that use this method do a much better job. For instance, instructions to install the Chamberlain myQ garage system, which I recently installed is app based. It does a better job because the instructions are well written & reinforced with embedded videos. To mitigate this potential issue, I suggest they place a sticker on the wedge that says “this side, front or back only. ” This system is wired to my digital door chime, however, I had to upgrade to a compatible transformer (16V, 10 VA) from Home/Depot, which I installed myself.

    No subscription…
    I brought the complete kit, which includes the sync module 2 & corner mount. It was on sale on Amazon for under $60.00 & plus free shipping. It’s a great deal. I accidentally brought an extra corner wedge mount not realizing it’s already included in the kit. I chose the Blink system over Ring because I’m subscription phobic. I just don’t like the idea of paying for a questionable service in perpetuity. Blink gives the impression that subscription is required & highly recommended for optimal performance & features when in reality it’s not necessary for the most part if you have the sync module2 because it’s only has been a couple days since installation & I’m already being bombarded with subscription reminder notifications. Seemingly, Blink purposely sells the hardware very cheap compared to Ring , hoping they will recoup the costs via a subscription revenue stream. It’s akin to this old marketing ploy, e.g., the razor & blade; give the consumer the razor for free or at a nominal price & charge a premium for the blades.
    I like the fact that my doorbell is located on the sidewall instead on the front wall or door, which allows a greater view angle of the outside with the aid of the corner wedge mount. This allows me to see part of my driveway. This wouldn’t be possible with a front door/wall mount. The motion sensor reaches far. It goes way beyond 25ft. It was picking up cars that are 50+ ft way. I had to decrease the sensitivity. False alarms appear to be low with this device because most activations thus far have been per real objects. Overall, it’s a nifty gizmo that has properly filled a gap in my security system at a reasonable cost. Thus far, I’m content with this purchase despite the initial brief frustration with the installation.

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