Bone Conduction Earphone

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Current Price $39.99 June 11, 2024
Highest Price $39.99 December 19, 2023
Lowest Price $39.99 December 19, 2023
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$39.99 December 19, 2023

Bone Conduction Earphone Description

Introducing the Bone Conduction Headphone

Listen to your favorite tunes and make phone calls with a unique cutting-edge twist with the Bone Conduction Headphone. With its innovative bone conduction design, this Bluetooth IP56 waterproof Earphone allows you to stay alert while still staying connected. Experience the unique quality of sound delivered through bones instead of airwaves! Whether you’re working out, commuting, hiking, or just relaxin’, this is the perfect headphone to keep you connected with the world while having the experience of a lifetime.

Premium Wireless Earphones with Bluetooth IP56 Waterproof Technology

The Bone Conduction Headphone is equipped with the latest Bluetooth IP56 waterproof technology to provide you with a secure and stable connection. This technology enables you to make sure that your sound quality remains excellent and your streaming stays uninterrupted under any conditions. This earphone is also designed with a safe-listening mode to protect your hearing and reduce sound volume when necessary, so you can enjoy continuous sound on the go without putting too much strain on your ears.

Experience The Sound Without Sacrificing Comfort

Enjoy your music in peace and comfort with this Bone Conduction Headphone. Its comfortable fit and lightweight construction not only guarantee an effortless listening experience but also reliable stability. With its sophisticated design, this earphone is the perfect accessory for anyone who values both modern convenience and stylish appeal.

The Latest Features For a Superior Sound

Let your music shine with the feature-packed Bone Conduction Headphone. This earphone features active noise cancellation, superior call technology, and sound customization. All the sound components you need to enjoy your favorite tunes are packed into this one headset.

Stay Connected without Disturbing Others

The best part about this Bone Conduction Headphone is how it can help you stay connected without disturbing your friends or family. Say goodbye to annoying wires and tangled cords for good; with this earphone, you can share music, make phone calls, access Siri or Google Assistant, and more all without needing to remove the headset.

A Truly Wireless Experience

Thanks to its Bluetooth IP56 waterproof technology, this Bone Conduction Headphone gives you total convenience and control with its efficient wireless charging. Built-in sensors and microphones ensure an unforgettable streaming experience, no matter where you place your earphones.

In-Ear Monitoring Mode

For those who take their music seriously, the Bone Conduction Headphone comes with an in-ear monitoring mode. This mode filters ambient noise so you can focus on making sure everything sounds right. With the help of the headphones’ built-in microphone, you can ensure that your recordings are perfect.

Bone Induction Transducers for High Quality Audio

The Bone Conduction Headphone is fitted with two advanced bone induction transducers which provide clear, rich sound. These transducers deliver outstanding audio that is far superior to a normal headphone. Its low-frequency resonance provides optimal sound balance so you can enjoy your music in full.

The Best Price for Bone Conduction Headphone

Tired of overpaying for superior sound? Look no further than the Bone Conduction Headphone. With its unbeatable price tag, this earphone offers premium quality without burning a hole in your pocket. Get the best value for your money when you purchase this fantastic piece of sound technology.

FAQs: Bone Conduction Headphone

  • Q: What is Bone Conduction Technology?
    A: Bone conduction technology is a method of transmitting sound waves directly to the human inner ear through the bones of the skull. This method is used in the Bone Conduction Headphone in order to provide superior sound quality and clarity without having to use traditional headphones.
  • Q: What are the features of the Bone Conduction Headphone?
    A: The Bone Conduction Headphone features Bluetooth IP56 waterproof technology, active noise cancellation, superior call technology, sound customization, advanced bone induction transducers, in-ear monitoring mode, and wireless charging.
  • Q: Is the Bone Conduction Headphone comfortable to use?
    A: Yes, the headphone features a comfortable and lightweight construction, making it perfect for extended wear. It also comes with a safe-listening mode which can help to protect your hearing.
  • Q: How many color options are available?
    A: The Bone Conduction Headphone is available in various color options including black, white, blue, green, and pink.
  • Q: Where can I find the best price for the Bone Conduction Headphone?
    A: You can find the best price for the Bone Conduction Headphone on this website. We have listed several sellers so you can compare prices and get the best deal for this valuable piece of sound technology.
  • Q: Are there any benefits to using Bone Conduction technology?
    A: Yes, there are many benefits to using Bone Conduction technology. Bone conduction delivers clear, rich sound without the need for traditional headphones. It also helps to filter out ambient noise and improve sound clarity. Additionally, it enables users to stay connected while keeping their ears open to their surroundings.


  • Bluetooth IP56 Waterproof Technology
  • Safe-Listening Mode
  • Comfortable and Lightweight Design
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Superior Call Technology
  • Sound Customization
  • Advanced Bone Induction Transducers
  • In-Ear Monitoring Mode
  • Wireless Charging
  • Multiple Color Options
  • Unbeatable Price Tag

Bone Conduction Earphone Specification

Package Dimensions

6.14 x 5 x 2.17 inches

Item Weight

30 Grams

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

February 12, 2022



Charging Time

2 Hours

Bone Conduction Earphone Reviews (8)

8 reviews

3.9 out of 5
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  1. aJayM

    There is a lot going for this headset. The main thing that sets it apart from others is that it has its own storage so MP3 file can be played by itself without needing a phone or Bluetooth. You can also listen to audio while swimming, though not diving.
    Nice thing about bone conduction is being able to hear music while also being able to hear the outside. Of course the downside is that there is no noise filtering, so it is not for use while mowing lawn or anything noisy. Also, the sound quality from bone is not quite as good for low frequency music.

    I use it mainly to listen to audio books and there is a big problem for that as there is no way to go back a few seconds. In other words there is no way to repeat what you missed. It really needs a way to go back several seconds when paused/unpaused.

    The other issue is the speed of storage. It is very very slow to copy files. What should take seconds take minutes. Loading it full can take hours, though you wouldn’t be doing it too often.
    Note that it did not work on USB 3. I had to use USB 2. Did not try USB 1, but it seems like that is the speed it is using.

    It remembers the last file and position you played, so it will resume from that point.

    In Bluetooth mode it works just like any other headset.

    Note that it does not have magnetic charging as listed. It has a charging connector that attaches magnetically using physical contacts. The magnet is not that strong and comes off too easily and I often find that it has disconnected before charging or file transfer is complete.

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  2. Jose A Valley

    Not something I would wear to ofthen just because I had a little problem keeping them on when doing things around the house. Adequate and price is great. You get what you pay for… well sometimes.

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  3. Kathy

    Love this headset with two exceptions.
    The good:
    1. The sound is clear and still allows me to hear sounds around me. Its microphone transmits clearly, according to the people I’ve called.
    2. It has great range on the Bluetooth.
    3. It’s easy to use, works with my Motorola Phone, and answers calls with a button on the headset. I love it.
    Two draw backs, for me at least:
    1: It doesn’t fit my head as well as I would like. The band doesn’t fit snugly against my neck. It sticks out behind me so that when I lean back, the headset pushes forward off my head.
    2: The Bluetooth is not backward compatible. When I tried to connect it to my laptop, my Bluetooth 4.0 adapter cannot see it. I had to order $18 Asus dongles to use it with my PCs.

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  4. Vincent A

    I have been using shokz bone conduction headphones several hours each day for the past 4 years. They offer very good sound quality and comfort. Three pairs of aeroplex headsets and all died from the rattle of death where the transducer literally shakes itself apart. I purchased the newer open run models and now have been thru 3 in the past 6mos due to charging issues. So, I purchased these rather impulsively as they were only $60 and had mostly positive reviews. Build quality is what you would expect from this much lower price point. Lots of parts that appear to be glued together which means I would avoid excessive moisture with these. Magnetic charger attachment is fairly weak as compared to the shokz products. Pairing was quick and simple. Voice prompts were very muddled and hard to understand. Quite surprising was that spoken content streamed from my mobile device was perfectly intelligible. Using these devices at max volume did not produce irritation where they come in contact with the skin. These headphones probably only reach about 80% of the level of my shokz headphones.
    I did not test the onboard mp3 feature.

    Overall I think they are worth the money based on a couple days worth of use. I will be curious to see how long they last.

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  5. Frog

    These headphones worked great for 4 months. Then they stopped charging. Can no longer be used.

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  6. Darin

    Wife very happy with Mother’s Day gift

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  7. amber7879

    * Update*
    I was sent another set. Not exactly the same one but similar. They are working just fine. The customer service is great!

    Not a terrible option for a generic after shokz. Sound not as good and I have to have them maxed out when on my cardio equipment in order to hear it. It will no longer charge after only 3 months.

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  8. Julia M.

    The buttons were faulty, it would not got to the MP3 setting all the time. I did contact the seller, they responded quickly and they had me try a few things, which I did. Nothing worked, so they told me I needed to send them back to Amazon to get a refund. Guess I will try another brand. I do like the style.

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