Corsair iCUE H150i Elite LCD XT Liquid CPU Cooler

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Corsair iCUE H150i Elite LCD XT Liquid CPU Cooler
Corsair iCUE H150i Elite LCD XT Liquid CPU Cooler

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Corsair iCUE H150i Elite LCD XT Liquid CPU Cooler Description

Intelligent Monitor & Seamless Synchronization

The Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Liquid CPU Cooler is designed with an advanced IPS LCD screen that allows you to monitor your PC’s performance and adjust settings in real-time. Plus, with iCUE software, you can synchronize your lighting and cooling profiles across your system without any hassle. Take control of your system’s performance and stay ahead of the competition with this powerful cooler!

Extreme Performance & Reliable Cooling

This advanced cooler is designed with an ultra-powerful pump, three 120mm AF120 RGB fans, and a copper cold plate to ensure reliable and efficient cooling. The RGB fans have a special design that maximizes airflow and reduces noise while supplying efficient cooling for your system. With the H150i Elite, you can push your gaming setup and system performance to the next level and stay ahead in even the most intense games and applications!

Unparalleled Design & Aesthetic

This cooler looks as good as it performs with its sleek and stylish aesthetic. It features an RGB infinity mirror that will draw attention to your setup from all angles. With its individually addressable RGB LEDs, the cooler can display 7 different colors at once and create thousands of uniquely dazzling lighting effects. With its advanced design, the H150i Elite will keep your gaming system looking amazing while keeping temperatures in check.

Easy Installation & Universal Compatibility

The Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Liquid CPU Cooler is designed with an industry-standard mounting bracket for a secure installation and easy setup. And its universal compatibility ensures that the cooler can fit any compatible desktop PC with an Intel or AMD socket. Plus, the included fan and pump control module allows you to monitor, adjust, and customize your system’s performance with ease.

– Infinite RGB Lighting Customization
– Ultra-Powerful Pump & Copper Cold Plate
– High Airflow & Reduced Noise RGB Fans
– Schedule & Monitor Performance in Real-Time
– Intel & AMD Socket Compatibility
– Easy to Install Design & Mounting

Corsair iCUE H150i Elite LCD XT Liquid CPU Cooler Specification





Item model number


Item Weight

‎2.6 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎15.63 x 4.72 x 1.06 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎15.63 x 4.72 x 1.06 inches





Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎February 15, 2023

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Corsair iCUE H150i Elite LCD XT Liquid CPU Cooler Reviews (9)

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  1. Arturo

    Very happy except I cannot get the display on the CPU to show anything other than the Liquid Temp. Everything else is possible through iCue except for that, which is disappointing.

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  2. D. S

    If you enjoy showcasing your “PC Master Race” hardware, then this is a must have item for your build!
    And I have to say it looks great! And while it does do a decent job of keeping that CPU heater in my PC under control, it does have a few minor peeves that have cropped up for me that I wish would be addressed by Corsair.
    Most of the problems are with the iQUE software that runs it. If you mount this any other way the the “Right” way, the display will be sideways or upside down. At the time of this writing, Corsair’s iCUE software does not allow you to rotate whatever is on the display. The only slight fix is if you rotate your personal GIF’s in an image editing program so that they orient properly on the screen if you mistakenly mounted it sideways or upside down.
    I believe that most of these issues can be fixed with updates to the iCUE software,
    such as adding a “ROTATE Display 90” increments option in iCUE, but that is up to Corsair.
    But I would not hold my breath. It can take a lot of complaining to get companies to address such issues since they tend to have a “sounds like a YOU problem” mentality. I still like how it looks inside my build.

    Here are my Yay’s and Nay’s and a Wish List for the H150I Elite LCD:
    Keeps the i9-13900 heat monster under control.
    Comes with a 6 fan/RGB hub ad screen controller.
    3 RGB Fans included!
    Full color high resolution LCD Screen that supports animated GIF’s!
    Screen can be easily removed without detaching the pump from the motherboard for easy replacement.

    Mess of cables (6) coming out of the 3 fans!
    No current way to rotate the LCD screen if you mount the pump the wrong way.
    Can only display Fahrenheit in software mode and not hardware mode.
    No way to refill it ever leaks or loses fluid over time.

    Wish List:
    Include “Clutter free” aRGB fans like the Lian Li Uni Fan.
    Ability to display C and F temps on the LCD at the same time in both Hardware/Software modes.
    Ability to auto change GIF’s images based on Temperature.
    Ability to auto change GIF’s on the date and/or time.

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  3. Mark Jackson

    This AIO cpu cooler is awesome for the newer, power-hungry cpus that like to run hot. This will keep them well regulated. Though it comes with 3x120mm fans, I recommend placing 3 more 120mm fans on the opposite side of the radiator in a push/pull configuration for optimal cooling.

    With that said, I think the iCUE software is clunky and a bit buggy. The software has to be running to modify the rgb, and must continue running in the background if you want to keep the selected profiles on display. If you close out of the program and exit its functions, the rgb reverts back to default settings. However, if you have the program up and running, and you have other iCUE hardware (RAM, case fans, extra radiator fans, etc.), you can synchronize all devices to display a theme. It makes your build pop with color.

    Another caveat is that the lcd display must be physically rotated to ensure the temp and other numerical data displays right-side up, so mounting position is essential, which might not always be achievable due to proximity of RAM. While you can upload a GIF or other custom images to the display, and you can rotate the display screen for these images through the software, you cannot rotate the display screen for selected numerical data (cpu package temp, liquid coolant temp, cpu core Temps, etc.). The fact that this issue exists is highly frustrating, and this should be addressed with a software update.

    If not for the clunky software issues, I would give this AIO 5 stars. But until these issues are addressed, I can only give a maximum of 4 stars.

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  4. Cliente de Kindle

    es super silencioso, mantiene buenas temperaturas y es adecuado a todos los modelos, solo verifiquen que sea nuevo porque amazon mx me mandó uno usado al principio, el cual estaba rallado de la base y no traia todos sus accesorios, hablando a Servicio a cliente me hicieron el reemplazo. El software icue es facil de usar pero actualizar los firmware puede ser problematico si tienes mas software de RGB en la PC

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  5. Gustavius

    La calidad de los materiales se siente muy premium, los ventiladores hacen muy poco ruido (probada en una I9 9900K) y mantiene la temperatura de la PC bastante baja, sin mencionar que la pantalla es un detalle bastante genial que hace lucir bastante bien al ordenador. 10 de 10

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  6. Mr. G

    Powerful cooling keeps my Ryzen 9 5900xt super cool but the pretty LCD Screen only shows ! screen of death. I am going to put some black Gorilla tape over that screen. Corsair please give us a fix for that annoying screen of death, thank you

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  7. Mark Jackson

    This got the full five stars save installation. That depends on your computer case, space, orientation, processor and experience. Existing systems, you’re more than likely pulling out your motherboard. That said, Corsair provides you more than enough hardware for installation. Intel LGA 1700 hardware comes standard, as does older Intel, AMD and Thread Ripper. Corsair even includes the hardware in the box do do a push/pull radiator setup (which I did). So no trips to the hardware store looking for extra screws etc.

    Required connections: One pin (either pump or cpu fan) on motherboard used as a ‘tach’ wire to show the motherboard there is a cooler installed. On the motherboard USB connection (requires two but cooler comes with a USB splitter cable meaning you need only occupy one USB motherboard connection. Finally a SATA power connector, all three of which connections are present in most all even semi-modern computers.

    The Pump and three fans are run by an included commander module which can operate RGB and RPMs of up to six fans. Three fans are included with the kit for the radiator. These are magnetic levitation fans, meaning no bearings. This means no bearings, less noise, better RPM slew and quieter. IE the fan is 100 percent indepenant from the fan chassis. Corsair’s free software ICUE is a must to control the RGB and the screen on the waterblock.

    The screen is very clear, supports .gif(s) and .jpeg(s). I have mine set to monitor CPU and GPU temp but all of this is easily changed should you like to set up lighting/performance profiles in the software.

    NOTE: The software seems a bit resource heavy and is a little tricky for beginners, but you’re not going to blow anything up. Running the ICUE software is not required for this pump and fans to throttle/operate (as the motherboard can control them) but HIGLY recommended. I’d call it a MUST. If not, you’re just wasting money. I include that because in the event the software fails, or something else goes wrong, the cooler will still function properly.

    NOTE: I found cable length for all connections to be more than long enough for a nice clean look in what I’d call a large mid-tower case (Corsair 5000D).

    Thermal paste is included pre-applied on the water block, and my previous experiences with Corsair’s factory paste are good. This stuff I rubbed off and used Thermal Grizzly instead. Not a required step, but some of the best compound out there.

    So to the primary point, HOW WELL DOES IT COOL? Well it’s not the best out there, but HARDLY the worst. It’s in the bounds of a top tier cooler with only a few being better, and those that are, are not by much (a degree or 2) and around the same price with far less features.

    Results may vary (everyone’s case cooling is different), but with an overclocked Intel I7, 13700k I am running near ambient room temperature at idle (27-30C) and under Prime 95 (pretty much the hardest stress test you can give a CPU around 86C after 15-20 minutes. Those temperatures, to keep it simple, are VERY good temperatures to see on a chip that is know to run on the hotter side of things even without an overclock.

    It’s a quiet cooler with a lot of features, and easy to install, again depending on your case and experience. If you do not have experience building computers I would NOT recommend trying to install this yourself, but then, I’d say the same for any other cooler. Have someone that knows what they’re doing help you, better yet help and teach you.

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  8. Arturo

    Excelente producto no como las porquería de msi

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  9. Arturo

    La caja y todo llego en buen estado lo malo que el conector usb tiene falso contacto, por el momento no me han dado una respuesta

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