Ecozy Nugget Ice Maker

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Ecozy Nugget Ice Maker

Original price was: $299.99.Current price is: $254.99.

Ecozy Nugget Ice Maker Price History


Current Price $299.99 June 11, 2024
Highest Price $299.99 December 19, 2023
Lowest Price $189.98 December 15, 2023
Since December 15, 2023

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$299.99 January 2, 2024
$189.98 January 1, 2024
$299.99 December 29, 2023
$189.98 December 26, 2023
$299.99 December 19, 2023

Ecozy Nugget Ice Maker Description

Portable, Electric Nugget Ice Maker

Ecozy’s Nugget Ice Maker Countertop makes delicious, chewable pellet ice in just 5 minutes. Perfectly portable and electric, you can take this party-ready appliance wherever you go. Its compact size and stylish design makes it perfect for any kitchen countertop, RV, office, dorm room, or man cave. To ensure maximum convenience, it also stores in small spaces without taking up too much room.

Makes 33 Pounds of Ice Daily

With a powerful compressor, Ecozy’s Nugget Ice Maker Countertop is able to produce up to 33 pounds of ice a day without any hassles. Its uniquely designed ice buckets are able to store enough ice for any occasion, big or small. Simply control the amount of ice with the easy-to-use dispenser and enjoy a nice, cold treat whenever you want!

Narrows of Chewable Pellet Ice

Make your favorite drinks and craft cocktails with Ecozy’s Nugget Ice Maker Countertop that creates the perfect size. Each piece of ice is uniform in size and shape to help your beverages stay icy cold longer. You’ll be able to indulge in your favorite soda, iced tea, smoothies, or other chilled treats with every sip.

Versatile Unit Works in Any Situation

Be it a party or a hot summer day, Ecozy’s Nugget Ice Maker Countertop is able to handle any situation. It’s easy to clean and maintain with its front facing self-cleaning cycle and large rear drain. Plus, its stainless steel exterior ensures durability and reliability, so you can trust that you’ll get that same amazing experience every time.

• Produces up to 33 pounds of ice per day
• 5 Minute Timer
• Portable and lightweight design
• Wide removable ice basket
• Durable stainless steel housing
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Chewable pellet ice
• Compressor cooling system
• Automatic self-cleaning cycle
• Large rear drain
• Compact size for easy storage

Ecozy Nugget Ice Maker Specification

Product Dimensions

11.3 x 8.66 x 12.68 inches, 22.62 Pounds

Date First Available

May 1, 2023



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Ecozy Nugget Ice Maker Reviews (13)

13 reviews

4.7 out of 5
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  1. SMB

    I love smoothies and frozen drinks while sitting in the sun, and while my fridge does an admirable job of ice cubes, the “crushed ice” it dispenses are just large cubes chopped into smaller chunks, way too big to drink. Browsing through Amazon I came across this Ecozy Nugget ice maker, and decided to give it a try; my margaritas and mojitos, as well as some pineapple-mango smoothies were waiting! This ice maker is heavy, but takes up a reasonably small amount of space in the kitchen or bar area. Loading up with water, it can create small pellets of ice in a few minutes, certainly enough for on-demand drinks for one or two people, and given an hour or so, for a small group. It’s well made and self-cleaning with a load of water, although I do still wipe it out when it’s empty. This isn’t a fridge, and ice left in the unit will melt over time, so use a storage bag to put not-needed crushed ice in the freezer for longer term use. The only downside I experienced was the noise the unit makes when running: it sounds like a car with squeaky brakes! Still, a small issue compared to an on-demand supply of small ice pellets for my drink!

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  2. Erin

    *update 6/19/23- customer service reached out and sent us a new machine. The new machine is working great and not loud at all. Tina from customer service reached out to us multiple times to make sure everything was working properly. Very happy with the machine and customer service, updated review to 5 stars.

    The machine does it’s job and produces a nice amount of pellet ice.
    However every night at the same time it emits a loud screeching noise.

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  3. harley

    use for our rv. makes ice fast and we always end up taking some home with us because it’s so fast! I recommend this to all my rv family!

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  4. Kim H

    Fonctionne très bien, prend peu de place et silencieuse

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  5. Marco Rogel

    We love ice maker , I have an old fridge and I hate ice trays so I purchased this after a recommendation. And love love love it make ice fast and I’ll have a gallon bag of ice in a short time. In 6 minutes you get enough for a glass of iv tea . Highly recommend!!

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  6. Nathalie Tremblay

    My husband loved this for Christmas
    Is quiet and perfect for our little household

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  7. chandiego

    The media could not be loaded.

     Great little icemaker! My refrigerator’s built in icemaker stopped working, so I use this to make ice and then dump it into the icemaker bin for storage and dispensing. This works great for me, and at the price point, was a much better solution than repairing the refrigerator unit.

    The unit really does make ice very quickly. The noise level is loud enough that I notice it but quiet enough that it’s not too annoying. I only run it long enough to get the ice to fill my bin, then power it off.

    Color is really nice, unit doesn’t take up too much space, and I get ice fast! The plug is the flat style that protrudes down and not out from the wall… a nice plus to help keep the cord area tidy. All in all I’m very pleased and recommend this unit!

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  8. chandiego

    perfect l like very good

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  9. lori

    Works great. Does what it’s supposed to do. Love that it has a cleaning cycle. Only complaint is that the Large setting makes cubes that are quite small. I actually had to double check that it wasn’t on the wrong setting.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    It makes ice quickly. It’s just me so I can make ice as I need it. I love the small cubes. They fit in my sports bottle well.

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  11. Paul scott

    Just as advertised! Makes ice fast and a little over 34 Lbs a day!

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  12. vine fisher

    This is a fairly decent icemaker that appears to be well made and seems well designed with respect to its physical construction. It’s fairly fast at making ice and it’s moderately loud. In comparison to most other similarly sized icemakers, this particular ice maker does not have an ice basket is I actually prefer simply because it makes more sense for me and it’s a lot more convenient to access the precious ice. The use of a basket also makes it slightly easier to clean in my opinion but that’s a personal preference I suppose.

    ≡ Physical build
    The physical build quality is decent and similar to most others that I’ve come across including those from other brand name ones. It has the typical top-loading design (btw, I prefer the side-loading design though) with transparent lid that the vast majority of these ice makers do so there isn’t any fancy here. It is slightly but noticeably smaller/shorter and more compact than most others that I’ve come across so that’s nice; however, the real and practical amount of space saved is, well, negligible because the difference is simply NOT significant enough for it to matter unless there is a perfectly narrow place on the countertop where nothing else would fit except this one. In either case, smaller is better given the limited countertop space we have.

    ≡ Features
    It has the typical features as the vast majority of other similarly styled (and somewhat portable) icemakers have and there really isn’t anything spectacular about this particular unit (or most others even). The most important one is probably the type or style of ice it makes and instead of the more common and typical bullet ice, this one makes little nugget or rectangular chunks that are easily crushed and somewhat chewable as claimed.

    While I do appreciate chewable ice nuggets and admitted I love to chew on ’em ices, these are a little too small and therefore melt a bit too fast in some cases. I wish there are 2 settings for this ice maker where I can choose the size of these ice nuggets because I don’t always need or want these little nuggets and sometimes I do want slightly larger chunks that would stay icy just a bit longer.

    It also has a self-cleaning function (press/hold POWER button for 3 sec) which I’m not entirely sure how it works because it’s not clearly documented but it’s there should you have the need for it. In addition, it has light indicators to remind you when the ice is full and when more water is needed. Again, these are just typical features that most, if not all, of these icemakers have and that’s that.

    ≡ Performance
    It does make about 12 pieces or so (some were broken) of ice nuggets in around 12-13min (10 min claimed) which is about 55-60 pieces in an hour which isn’t bad. With that being said, this is (again) more or less the typical performance of most other icemakers (e.g. some models of Frigidaire and Danby that I’ve come across) although it IS slightly slower than some other ice makers that come out in the last year or so.

    Interestingly, it actually took about 20min less to make the 2nd batch of ice (until it’s full with the LED comes on) and 45min LONGER for the 3rd batch. I have no idea what’s going on since I wasn’t there monitoring the process and counting how many were made each time but suffice to say that this is NOT something I wanna see; inconsistent results is never (or at least seldom) a good thing when we’re talking about electronics. Your guess is as good as mine as to why this happens.

    ✘ I should also point out there this is NOT a freezer and will NOT keep the ice bullets frozen once they are made. They will BEGIN to MELT immediately after they made which is why I believe the non-transparent cover/lid of this particular style is better (however little). The melted ice (i.e. water) will be recycled and fed back to the icemaker to make more ice and so on.

    ≡ Note
    Although how the ice can be removed from the icemaker is not strictly a performance related feature, I feel it is part of the overall experience which I do appreciate and very much prefer a side-loading basket rather than a top-loading one.

    Most of these icemakers (including this one) aren’t necessarily small and they often have certain height (i.e. not short/flat) and I find it cumbersome having to open the lid at the TOP of the icemaker and use the scoop to get the ice out. The scoop works in a horizontal motion whereas the ice is stored stacked vertically and those 2 don’t necessarily work well with each other if you know what I mean. Anyway, I just wanna mention it again that this would be a much more attractive ice maker for me if the basket can be removed horizontally from the side rather than vertically from the top.

    It would also help (however insignificantly) that the lid is somewhat opaque because I don’t necessarily need to see the ice and that could’ve helped so they will last longer before complexly melted. LEDs exist to indicate whether it’s full and/or water is needed and there is really no need for me to visually see the ice, is there?

    Btw, it’s moderately loud as most others are especially when it’s making ice (i.e. when the compressor is actively working) so don’t expect this to be a quiet machine because none of icemakers is.

    ≡ Value
    All things considered, this is a fairly decent [portable] icemaker that’s reasonably well made and for the most part works as expected without issues. It’s reasonably priced at $280 for what it provides, its physical build quality, and overall performance.

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  13. irene k

    I bought this for my work office. We had one before but it stopped working so I got this to replace it. I like that it doesn’t take up a lot of space but still produces enough ice that our office of 10 always has ice when needed. It isn’t the most quiet but neither was our last one so I am not sure if they make them super quiet. We love the self cleaning option since we have to go to a complete different office to wash it. Overall I would say it was a great purchase.

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