EGO Power PH1420 56 Volt Power Head

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EGO Power PH1420 56 Volt Power Head Description

High Torque Motor

The EGO Power PH1420 56-Volt Lithium-ion Power Head is powered by a 56-Volt Lithium-ion battery and a brushless motor that provides high torque and power to make short work of any job. With up to 140 watt hours of power, the Power Head easily transfers that power to the cutting head for all your yard work needs. The brushless motor has variable speed settings that can easily be adjusted while on the go. With 0-440 RPM, the Power Head is capable of tackling the toughest shrubs, bushes and branches with ease. It also features a rotating handle with multiple angles, making precision cuts even more effortless.

Advanced Safety Features

The EGO Power PH1420 56-Volt Lithium-ion Power Head includes a number of safety features that ensure your protection and that of your surroundings. For one, the Power Head features a low- kickback safety system that reduces the risk of a hazardous kickback when fed twigs, branches or other debris. Additionally, the Power Head is constructed of a durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that’s resistant to impact and corrosion and contains an energy saving battery that automatically shuts off if the head overheats.

Lightweight Design and Compact Storage

The EGO Power PH1420 56-Volt Lithium-ion Power Head is designed to weigh just 29 pounds, making it perfect for both extended and overhead use. Its lightweight body is easy to maneuver around the yard and offers minimal fatigue. Ergonomically designed for comfortable handling, the Power Head has a loop handle that feels great in the palm of your hand. In addition, the Power Head is designed for compact storage and installation in any utility space or garage.

Robust Performance and Durability

The EGO Power PH1420 56-Volt Lithium-ion Power Head is designed to provide years of reliable service and performance. It features a hard-workers-rated construction with a two-part 56-Volt Lithium-ion battery and tough motor for extended use. The Power Head is also designed with double discharge ports that help extend the life of the battery and a water-resistant material that provides added protection against humidity and light rain. Plus, the Power Head is designed to run up to 10 hours on a single charge for consistently dependable performance.

Features of EGO Power PH1420 56-Volt Lithium-ion Power Head

The EGO Power PH1420 56-Volt Lithium-ion Power Head is an advanced power head for home use, offering a powerful and efficient way to tackle any yard work job. Here are some of the features of this product:

• High Torque Motor – Powered by a 56-Volt Lithium-ion battery and a brushless motor, providing powerful torque and up to 140 watt hours of power.

• Advanced Safety Features – Features a low- kickback safety system and an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction for added protection.

• Lightweight Design – At just 29 pounds, it’s easy to move around the yard and offers minimal fatigue.

• Robust Performance and Durability – With up to 10-hour runtime, double discharge ports, and water-resistant material, this is a power head built to last.

• Handle – Ergonomically designed handle with loop design and multiple angles for precision in cutting.

EGO Power PH1420 56 Volt Power Head Specification

Product Dimensions

41.14 x 7.48 x 5.51 inches

Item Weight

9.48 pounds

Item model number


EGO Power PH1420 56 Volt Power Head Reviews (10)

10 reviews

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Tina Ludwick

    I bought the power head, trimmer, and edger for about $650 all in, but it didn’t come with a battery. My bad, I didn’t read the description of the power head closely enough. $650 is alot for a trimmer and edger that has no power source. The total cost for these two tools is actually $1100. Had I done the math I would not have purchased. That said, it works well. It’s a bit heavier than a corded trimmer, obviously, but I found if I switched arms every few minutes I had no difficulty trimming my entire yard. And the battery allows me to easily trim the long grasses growing in the alley against my fence.

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  2. Byawire

    The pole 10″ pole trimmer is a beast! I’ve now replaced all of my yard tools with EGO products, and this one did not disappoint. I just used it for the first time, and as is usual, it chewed through everything effortlessly.
    There is one little issue though. Do not leave the Allen/Screw Driver for adjusting the chain attached to the trimmer. The holster for it can move around and end up close to the trimming head, and if it does, I guarantee when you’re pushing and pulling up in the branches it will get hooked on something and disappear the first time you use it. Ask me how I know.
    Just a warning to everyone, none of the EGO products are lightweight tools. Unlike all the mostly plastic ones, these have a lot of metal, and are built to take some abuse, and when you add the extension bar, they can be a handful.

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  3. C. Okamuro

    Received Mt tiller attached to and had to use it to get a couple row planted today. I have to say I am very impressed. It had greT power, dug into the soil over 4 inches. I have used orhe brand tiller that was gas. I am here to tell you this tiller surpass the gas handle held tiller. I highly recommend this tiller attachment. My main reason to purchase this tiller attachment is do in between rolls. I have no doubt it will provide excellent tilling

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  4. Robin

    Easy to manoeuvre along concrete due to metal guide. great cut edge. Needs smallest battery 2.5ah as 5ah is to heavy on it for me. smaller battery last well anyway. Great Product.

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  5. C. Okamuro

    It’s hard to write a review that’s just for the PSA1000, since it’s really an accessory for the PH1400. If you want to read my review of the PH1400, you can find it on the PH1400’s product page.

    I have a Black and Decker pole saw (with extension), because I moved to an acre with a lot of trees, but thought that the pruning was just going to be light-duty, and infrequent. I also had an investment in 20 and 40V B&D batteries and equipment, so it seemed like a logical way to go.

    My experience with EGO equipment started with the purchase of a lawn mower kit (with battery and charger). Since then I’ve purchased a blower, a PH1400, an EP7500, and this item. The cost of the batteries is prohibitive enough that I pretty much use my 5Ah battery for everything. This purchase may change that.

    So, the experience with my Black and Decker pole saw was less than stellar. It was lightweight, and while each carbon fiber pole segment was rigid, the pole attachment mechanism was awful so the thing would articulate at each joint. The construction of it was such that the only thing passing through the poles was power, as the motor is located in the saw segment.

    The PSA1000 definitely gives a different experience. First off, the packaging is much more substantial. The item arrived with no damage. I was happy to see that the chain was already mounted at proper tension. The shaft appears to be extruded aluminum, with a cast aluminum support. Also included is a sleeve for the chain bar.

    For use, I tried this product connected directly to a PH1400, and also connected to an EP7500 (which was connected to a PH1400). I guess I’ll start with the things I like:
    1.) I like the chain oiler. Not every pole saw has one, but every saw needs to be properly lubricated. The cap is a good news/bad news proposition in that it has a retaining device (a plastic ring) that keeps the cap attached when unscrewed (presumably to keep you from misplacing it). This design makes is easy for contaminants to make it onto the cap as it dangles – that’s not good, and the device is likely to get dirty with use. It’s not the end of the world, but you’ll want to keep a rag handy. The capacity of the oiler reservoir is excellent.
    2.) The cutting power is great. I would imagine that the battery options affect operational duration of the device, and not the cutting force. With the 5Ah battery, this tool felt like it was just as usable as any gas-powered pole saw I’d ever used.
    3.) Overall rigidity makes the PSA1000 easy to use, with or without an EP7500.

    Things I don’t like:
    1.) Weight. Some of this is my fault, using the 5Ah battery. Really the design choice to use the PH1400 as the base of a whole family of tools (trimmer, edger, pole saw) makes sense from a modularity perspective, but it results in a pole saw that weighs significantly more than it needs to. Locating the motor in the PH1400, instead of the PSA1000, requires the extra weight and efficiency losses of the mechanical spline drive. Also, when using this with the EP7500, it would have been nice to have the motor weight at the PSA1000 end. That’s my experience, YMMV.
    2.) The cast ground stand doesn’t keep the PSA1000 level when set on the ground not attached to the PH1400. This probably sounds stupid, but this would be convenient for filling the oiler without having the full apparatus assembled.
    3.) The spline caps are not great, and the engagement markings are not good enough. This probably requires some explanation, because I’m sure some owners would disagree with me on this. With what these products (and especially their batteries) cost, they are NOT throwaway devices. The caps and stickers are fine when you first get your gear, but what about 5 years from now? The caps are what you’d get to protect an item from shipping damage. It can easily be torn, lost, or just gradually not fit properly from material property changes over time. Something more substantial would have been nice. The stickers indicate the engagement point and directional key for shaft attachment. It’s fine, but it’s a sticker… it would have been better to just etch it on the aluminum.

    In the end, I wish that EGO has just made a dedicated pole saw. I don’t feel the PH1400 platform was a great choice for this particular application. However, without that option, this (even with its flaws) is a good performer. My EGO reviews tend to sound fairly similar… they’re good products if the battery cost doesn’t make you flinch. The PSA1000 is no exception. Recommended.

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  6. Zelda Craig

    Excellent, facile d’utilisation, a sauver ma vie en réduisant le travail de 50 fois le temps requis

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  7. EmyDeAlmeida

    Convenient for reaching high tree branches

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  8. Rick

    It is light to carry. That helps on a job like the one that is needed with such a tool.

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  9. A-Zeitlin

    I purchased this about a month ago and have edged at least 50 trees with lots of rocks, and an enormous flower bed full of ivy and old stumps. This has been worth it for the job it has already done, and it still runs great. On the medium-sized Ego battery it runs nearly forever. I’m in decent shape and my arms get tired before the battery runs out. I’m used to the blower or mower running out of battery within 15 – 20 minutes, but this tiller runs for seemingly several hours before I have to switch to another. I’m not sure I’ve ever used the mower battery (about 6 pounds) with this and ran out of battery. Due to the weight, I use the medium-sized batteries and change after more than an hour of work. This will bring up rocks easily. I am super surprised at how well it works in tough soil and the fact that it isn’t using a lot of the battery is a mystery. I’ve owned 2 gas tillers, one that had counter-rotating tines that was a walk-behind mammoth machine, and I prefer this battery handheld one over that. Of course it doesn’t get as deep as the trench-depth Husqvarna, but it blows away the other gas-powered walk-in-front machine I got from Lowes or Home Depot last year that lasted only 1 season. I’d give this more stars if I could. Definitely one of the best products I’ve bought recently. For perspective, I’m working in an area requiring about 250 bags of mulch. If you have time and stamina and want the convenience of electric and handheld, then this is perfect. I won’t be going back to gas.

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  10. PlanMan

    Like all my Ego tools this one feels solid and well made.

    However, I wouldn’t consider this a sole hedge trimming solution. I would suggest you have a lighter and more maneuverable second trimmer in addition to this one as needed.

    Pros: for extended reach needs this tool is excellent. I have those issues. Run time is excellent, the cutting force is outstanding.
    Cons: heavy and difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. This head on this is cast aluminum I believe and with the blade is ungainly and after using for any more than 20 mintues you will need to be fit to keep going. It is unbalanced as well. The heavy head/blade end required my heaviest battery, a 7.5 Ah on the opposite end to counter balance the tool. This added to the overall weight substantially and gave me quite a workout reaching overhead for tall branches.

    I’m going to try using the Ego commercial backpack rig I have to see what effect that has. And will update.

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