FIOGOHUMI 12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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FIOGOHUMI 12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner Description

Stay Cool and Comfy with the Fiogohumi 12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The Fiogohumi 12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner is the perfect way to keep cool and comfortable during the hottest times of year. With its powerful 12000BTU motor and its soft-start technology, the Fiogohumi is a reliable and efficient way to maintain your preferred climate anywhere you go. This easy-to-use and easily-transportable unit requires no tools for setup and comes in a durable plastic and steel construction so it can withstand the bumps and bruises of daily life.

The Sleek Design Makes Transport A Breeze

When you need to take the Fiogohumi 12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner on the go, you don’t need to worry about lugging around a bulky unit. This stylish machine folds up into a convenient and lightweight package that is simple to transport. Its weight of 46 pounds, allows it to be moved to any spot in your home or office, so you know your environment will always be pleasant and comfortable.

Control the Environment with the Easy to Use Digital Interface

The Fiogohumi 12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner puts you in control of your environment. With its easy-to-use digital interface, you can precisely control the temperature setting and the fan speed and oscillation of the unit. The intuitive display also allows you to select the “Sleep” setting, which will maintain a comfortable and soothing climate while you sleep.

Bring the Chilly Breeze Inside

For those hot and sticky days when you don’t want to spend much time outdoors, the Fiogohumi 12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner can bring the chill to you. With its three fan speeds and eight way adjustable louvers, the Fiogohumi can help you beat the heat indoors. The 24-hour timer also allows you to preset the time that the air conditioner will switch on or off, so you don’t need to worry about getting up to adjust the settings in the middle of the night.


• 12000BTU powerful motor
• Soft-start technology
• Durable plastic and steel construction
• Easy-to-use digital interface
• Sleep setting
• 3 fan speeds
• 8 way adjustable louvers
• 24-hour timer
• 46 pound weight

FIOGOHUMI 12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner Specification

Brand Name


Model Info


Item Weight

‎52 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎13.1 x 12.7 x 27.1 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎350 Cubic Feet

Annual Energy Consumption

‎756 Kilowatt Hours Per Year


‎53 dB

Installation Type


Part Number


Special Features

‎Easy to use&move, effortless installation, portable, fast cooling, powerful cooling, lower noise




‎115 Volts


‎1080 watts

Included Components

‎portable air conditioner

Batteries Required


Floor Area

‎350 Square Feet

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FIOGOHUMI 12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner Reviews (6)

6 reviews

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  1. Ally Mitchell

    It’s very powerful. The air blows far away and it’s very cold. I have another one same class, but different brand (approx same price) and I wanted try this BIWCDEN to see the difference. Well, even if both are rated for 10000 by the label (see picture), this one performs really like a 12000 btu since the flow of air is much more compared to the other one. Also the air is colder, like advertised (since it uses the refrigerant R32).
    The only disadvantage are that the BIWCDEN doesn’t have the continuous drainage when you use it as air conditioner. It’s allowed only when it works as dehumidifier. Also when it reach the set temperature it doesn’t stop, but continue to blow air at room temperature till you turn it physically off. This can be a waste of energy cause the blower itself uses around 170 watts. The total consumption when it works as air conditioner is between 800 and 900 watts.
    It also has an interesting feature in order to save power, every now and then when the coil is frozen, it turn off the compressor and uses only the blower to defrost the coil and in the meantime still blowing cold air, which happens with the consumption of only 170 watts.
    About the noise, it’s little bit louder then the other one I already have, but the benefit of having such much more powerful air conditioner, totally overcome this little inconvenience

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  2. Amazon Customer

    This air conditioner is not 12000 BTU but 10000 BTU and arrived with a broken wheel. Not sure if it works yet as it just arrived. Not happy about the false description.

    I decided to order a replacement as Amazon could not send me a wheel to replace the broken one. The new air conditioner works well. Seems powerful enough even though it has less BTUs than advertised.

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  3. Amy J

    I purchased this AC after our old one broke down during the year before the last. Our family
    was desperate for an AC after experiencing a summer without one. We stumbled across this
    AC as we were browsing through options on Amazon, and decided to give it a shot.
    – It is not a window type AC, therefore a safer option when I put it in my children’s room. I
    do not have to worry about my children getting hurt, even without window guards.
    – It was relatively easy to install. It took me
    under an hour to fully get it up running.
    – It was easy to operate as it came with a remote control which was easy to use and very
    – The unit is compact, weighing roughly 60 lbs, making it easy to relocate after one room
    is finished cooling. It is also easy to disconnect and move around the house due to its
    weight and size.
    – It takes a few hours for the machine to get going and warm up, after that it runs very
    efficiently; only having to run for a minute or two for the room to cool down, after that it
    can be turned off. I put it in my children’s 180 square feet bedroom, and it cooled easily
    and quickly; I then moved it to our 350 square feet living room, and it also cooled with no
    – Our house usually hovers between 87-89 degrees, with the AC running it drops to
    around 65-67 degrees.
    – The noise level is very quiet, we run it in our children’s room during the night and it does
    not disturb their sleep at all.
    – Energy required to run this AC is minimal, our electric bills did not have any significant
    increase even though we use it daily.
    Overall, our family is extremely satisfied with this purchase.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    I recently purchased the “12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner” for my two-car garage, and I must say it has been an excellent investment. This portable AC unit is specifically designed for cooling rooms up to 350 sq.ft., and it has performed admirably in my garage space.

    One of the standout features is the built-in dehumidifier, which effectively removes excess moisture from the air, making the garage more comfortable during hot and humid days. The fan mode is also a great option for days when cooling isn’t necessary but some airflow is still desired.

    The 24-hour timer has been a convenient addition, allowing me to program the unit to turn on or off at specific times, ensuring a comfortable environment whenever I’m working in the garage. The included remote control adds extra convenience, allowing me to adjust settings from across the space without interruption.

    The window mount kit was easy to install, and it securely holds the exhaust hose in place, ensuring efficient air circulation and preventing any air leaks. The unit’s portability is a significant advantage, as I can easily move it around the garage as needed.

    In terms of performance, this portable air conditioner has exceeded my expectations. It cools down my two-car garage quickly and effectively, providing a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for my projects. The noise level is also relatively low, allowing for undisturbed concentration and work.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the “12000BTU Portable Air Conditioner” for my two-car garage. It combines powerful cooling capabilities, a built-in dehumidifier, convenient features like the timer and remote control, and easy portability. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient air conditioning solution for your garage or similar space, I highly recommend this product.

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  5. Amy J

    The hose didn’t fit my window and was pretty short. I have a small window. It was louder than expected but it was super cold. if the hose would’ve fit I would have kept it. Cause being cold beats the noise.

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  6. Jerry G

    It was a pretty good AC unit. The good is that it can be put in more locations and creates a smaller opening in the window for a smaller physical security risk for break ins, which was a problem in the location I used it. The bad is what you get with any portable unit. The the exhaust hose is inside the house, which will be warm and raise the temp some inside. A regular window unit, the part of the AC where the warm air would be is outside your house. For the price, it is a pretty good bang for your buck. If you want the best cooling when security and portability are not a concern, I would get a window unit. If security and portability is something you need, this unit isn’t bad.

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