FunWater Inflatable Ultra Light

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Highest Price $209.95 December 19, 2023
Lowest Price $209.95 December 19, 2023
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$209.95 December 19, 2023

FunWater Inflatable Ultra Light Description

Overall Design

The FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light SUP is a versatile, portable stand up paddle board constructed from drop-stitched type of PVC material that is designed for every skill level. It can accommodate riders ranging from beginner to experienced, and its lightweight 17.6lbs design makes it easy to transport and store. With its included accessories like the drift fin, adjustable aluminum paddle, and high-pressure double action pump, this SUP is truly ready to take you on an adventure.

Rock-Solid Stability

This board features a rigid 6” thick build with non-slip traction that delivers rock-solid stability to help riders maintain balance while paddling. The wide design makes it perfect for all-around leisure cruising, yoga, fishing, or even taking a leisurely paddle with friends and family.

Simple Setup

The FunWater SUP board is remarkably easy to set up, allowing riders to assemble and get paddling in minutes. The included Dual Action Hand Pump can inflate it up to 15 PSI with ease and get back out to the water faster than ever before. Plus, the board is designed to pack away quickly into the included easy carry backpack, for convenient and hassle-free storage and transport.


• 6” Thick Durable PVC construction
• 17.6 lbs Lightweight Design
• Integrated Cargo D-rings for gear
• Non-Slip EVA Traction Pad
• Up to 300 lbs Weight Capacity
• 5 removable fins configuration
• Adjustable aluminum paddle
• High Pressure Hand Pump with Double Action
• Travel Backpack
• Easy storage & transport
• 1-year replacement warranty

FunWater Inflatable Ultra Light Specification

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

‎35 x 15 x 8.5 inches

Package Weight

‎11.75 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎126 x 33 x 6 inches

Item Weight

‎17.6 pounds

Brand Name








Part Number


Sport Type

‎SUP Paddling

Skill Level


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  1. MCS

    I got this on Amazon prime day and took it out for the first time today.
    Just to set the scene I am a 5.5 130lb athletic woman. I got the board out and got the pump connected easily. I then started inflating the board. When it got to 10psi I was tired. The last 5psi to get it to the 12-15 range were rough. I used help from my family because I could… I could have struggled through it. So maybe inflate it before you head to the water or try an electric pump. Or just get a good workout in but plan for the time.
    Once on the water it was super. Fins came on easy, paddle worked (I have to figure out how to adjust it to my height I didn’t look in my excitement to be out there). At one point I had one of my kids pulling his kayak while sitting on my board because #kids.
    Finally, it was easy to deflate. I did use everyone’s help so it was easy, not sure how it will be alone. Again I will probably just put it in the car and deflate at home. The mud has stained the white a bit- I rinsed it with water not sure if soap would fix it.
    I had a great first ride and hope it lasts so I have many more. Plan to come back and update this after a few months

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  2. Rachel S. Reid

    I have wanted a board for a long time, but don’t have the storage for or ability to transport a solid board. I asked around and then read a lot of reviews before making a purchase, and kept coming back to this particular SUP, based on ratings for setup, quality, etc. So far, so good! All parts were present and accounted for when I opened box to assemble. Backpack (ample space for folder SUP after deflation), SUP, paddle, dry bag w/lanyard for your phone, pump, as well as ankle strap and fins, and patch kit: all there.

    The fins went on easily. Some reviewers that said that part was difficult may have been trying to put them on backwards, as that was an issue I had at first. Then there is the pump: not the greatest quality, but gets the job done. It does take as long as it says, possibly longer, to register any PSI, and getting to the desired 12 is a little tough, even for a person who is in decent shape. It also took 10+minutes to inflate. If electric pump isn’t an option for you, then use manual inflation time as your pre-paddle workout!

    Also, don’t skip the part of the directions that says to inflate and leave it to sit for 24 hours. After reading other reviews, I feel like that’s probably crucial to avoid any potential snafus before getting out on the water.

    Advice for possible add-ons: a dry bag to bungee/clip on, to carry your snacks and loose items; a small cooler to load onto the front (secure it with bungees to the d-clips); electric pump if you have any inkling that a pre-paddle workout for your arms is not worth the time.

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  3. Jeff

    Product is very fun. The fins are more difficult to put on than the other model I got a Christmas and there are no strings on the clips as in the other definite value for $$

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  4. Momofboyz

    This is my first paddle board so I cant compare to well to others. I will say that it is NOT easy to inflate, takes alot of strength and time. I inflated it when I got to my location because it is pretty big and would not fit in my car. The meter does not start to register PSI until it gets to 6, the instruction Manual says this. That made it a bit harder because it feels like you are pumping and nothing is registering but you just have to keep going. My paddle arrived damaged, it does not click in place – not sure who to report that to, I need to get it replaced. The board feels sturdy, and keep afloat for the 2 hours + I used it.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Great so far. Blows up easily. Remember that the gauge doesn’t read until there is some good pressure so don’t worry if it’s not reading right away.
    Would have given 5 stars but the fins did not go in easy to start and the directions weren’t very detailed and helpful. Once they are in a few times I think it will be much easier but first time is finicky.

    Lots of fun and seems really good quality for the price.

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  6. Rachel S. Reid

    I recently met up with some friends who were here on vacation staying in a lakeside cabin. We wanted to go kayaking, but I don’t have racks on my car right now, so I couldn’t take mine with me and ended up having to spend $$ on rentals for a few hours over the course of the weekend. A couple of them had SUP’s and one just used hers to sit on and paddle around the lake, and I thought that would be a perfect alternative, so I ordered this one the next day!

    I got to try it out lastnight (which was the first time I’ve EVER been on a paddleboard), and it is perfect! It is VERY stable and VERY fun! I both sat and kneeled on it (I even went to the kneeling position in the middle of the lake with wind and choppy waves and felt completely stable moving around on it), It seems to be of good quality, it’s very pretty and for the money was a perfect choice for me! I love the versatility… I can sit, kneel or stand. Can’t do that in my kayak.

    A few things:
    – This thing SMELLS when you first open it and for a little while after. If strong smells bother you, I’d suggest opening it outside.

    -The design (I got the pink) is super cute! Way more so than the pictures show!

    -The clips for the fins were just randomly laying throughout the box. I actually found one by chance wedged under a box flap, so be careful! I didn’t know what they were until I went to put the fins on lastnight and saw the channels for the clips. Thank goodness I keep EVERYTHING until I know it’s going to work. The fins were also a little difficult to get on… hopefully this gets easier with time, or maybe putting them on before inflating will help.

    -When you let the air out, it goes hard and fast! Don’t put your face right over it! This thing made my fan spin in my living room and it wasn’t even under it!

    -The inflation valve has a stem in it, like a lot of valves. What I didn’t know is that if you turn it, it opens and closes the valve to keep the air in or let it out. I found this out the hard way when I took my pump off and my board immediately flattened and I had to start all over again (oops!)

    – The paddle seems very sturdy and made of good material. It doesn’t feel cheep in your hands and is easy to hold on to. We’ll see how it holds up since many reviews say it’s not great.

    -The pump… There is a lot of discussion about this in the reviews. It takes A LOT of pumps to get this thing inflated to the proper PSI. You will be pumping a LOT before it even starts to register on the gauge. Keep going. It’ll get there. It’s not broken, it does work. Just keep pumping. I did buy an adapter so I could use my battery operated compressor. I pumped it by hand until the gauge started registering and then set my compressor to the proper PSI and let it go the rest of the way. It also made getting ready easy, because I could get the rest of my stuff together while it was finishing inflating.

    – The bag… It’s quite big. I can fit everything that came in it with lots of room to spare. I could throw towels, clothes and more in with it. It’s a good size. I do wish it had pockets along the side (inside) or elastic to hold the paddle and pump so they don’t bang together, but overall it does it’s job. It is also a backpack style bag for easier carrying. I haven’t used this feature yet, but I can see it coming in handy when you need to walk a little ways to get to the water.

    Overall it’s super fun to use and a great buy. Next time I am going to take my kayak paddle with me for sitting. But overall I would 100% recommend.

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  7. Jeff

    This is my first SUP & decided to try an inflatable one after my cousin recommended them. It’s exactly what I thought it would be. So far, I’m having a great time on it. The only issue is that the pumps gauge does NOT work. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting and it still doesn’t work, so I have no idea if it’s at the recommended PSI or not. Other than that, I would definitely recommend and purchase again.

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  8. Amy B.

    I have been wanting a paddle board and finally ordered one. I couldn’t wait for it to come and it can pretty quick, 2 days. I opened it and checked it all out. The pump doesn’t read the psi. The gauge didn’t move at all so I wasn’t sure where to pump it up too. It says between 12-15psi but hard to tell that when it’s broke. Everything else is great. Board looks great. Feels like a fairly good quality. Came with all other pieces it was suppose too. Can’t wait to try it on the water. Hopefully the company answers my email and sends me a new pump.
    I would have gave it 5 stars had the pump worked. Everything else impressed me for the price point.

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  9. Angela

    A lot sturdier than I expected for an inflatable – it was my first time using one. So far so good although I suspect that this board had been returned by a previous customer. Clues include the fact that the clips that hold the fins in place were just floating in the box and not bagged like the other accessories and the fact that there was some hand writing on the bottom of the board.
    Back to the fin clipis for a moment. Yeah . . . those were a bugger to get out and two of the three snapped right away. I had to push the remnants out with my car key otherwise the fins would have been stuck.
    Another thing to note is the gauge on the pump only starts moving once the board is partially filled. And you need to PUMP a LOT to get it to the correct psi. Worth doing though so don’t scrimp on getting that air in there. It deflated easily though and went back into the carry case fairly well.
    This review is after a single use – hopefully it stands up (heh heh) to the test of time.

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  10. Amazon Customer

    This is a big board! It’s longer than my kayak that’s for sure but I was able to get it in the car and strap the tailgate down. Very light and easy to use. I enjoy sitting and kneeling and using my kayak paddle. Going out today with friends to do the stand up. The psi gauge didn’t work. I had an idea about possible static electricity from the wrapping keeping it stuck. I am going to try using a magnet near the gauge and wiping it with alcohol . Fins all fit in just fine and this is a durable board. Great board worth the money!

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