INFURTURE Headphones BN701A

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INFURTURE Headphones BN701A Price History


Current Price $29.99 June 18, 2024
Highest Price $29.99 December 27, 2023
Lowest Price $17.30 December 25, 2023
Since December 25, 2023

Last price changes

$29.99 December 27, 2023
$17.30 December 25, 2023

INFURTURE Headphones BN701A Description

Superior Comfort with Ergonomic Design

The INFURTURE Active Noise Cancelling Headphones have been designed for ultimate comfort. They are ergonomically designed, using soft earcups, a lightweight headband, and soft leather padding for a comfortable fit that doesn’t cause fatigue or discomfort over long periods of time. With adjustable hinges and a stretchable headband, these headphones can fit most any head size or shape.

Impressive Noise Cancelling Technology

The INFURTURE active noise cancelling technology is one of the best available on the market. These headphones are capable of reducing 85 percent more noise from your environment than other models. The active noise cancelling system has three levels of attenuation to choose from (low, medium, and high), allowing you to customize your ANC experience to suit your preferences or environment. Additionally, the headphones have a special ANC button that lets users turn the feature on and off with a single press.

Rich Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Quality

The INFURTURE headphones feature 40mm drivers and a frequency response of 20-25 kHz. This creates rich, clear sound with a powerful low end and excellent high notes. The noise-cancelling technology also helps enhance the sound quality, providing you with a studio-like experience wherever you are. Additionally, these headphones have a unique built-in equalizer that allows you to customize your listening experience.

Excellent Battery Performance & Portable Design

The INFURTURE active noise cancelling headphones feature a lightweight, portable design for easy travel. It runs on a rechargeable battery and provides up to 20 hours of playtime. It also has a quick-charge feature, letting you get up to three hours of playback from a 10-minute charge. The headphones are also equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack and a USB-C charging port.

– Ergonomically designed earcups and headband for a comfortable fit
– Three-level active noise cancelling system
– Hi-Fi stereo sound quality with 40mm drivers
– Quick-charge feature for up to three hours of playback from 10 minutes
– 20-hour battery life
– 3.5mm audio jack and a USB-C charging port

INFURTURE Headphones BN701A Specification

Package Dimensions

6.02 x 5.2 x 3.35 inches

Item Weight

0.45 Pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

August 1, 2022



Country of Origin


Charging Time

5 Hours

Number Of Items


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INFURTURE Headphones BN701A Reviews (12)

12 reviews

4.3 out of 5
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  1. ZuSu (£цэ!#)

    Since I live in an apartment, I use over ear Bluetooth noise canceling headphones to watch TV or listen to music on a daily basis. I have a Sony 1000-XM2 that I love an MPow M5 and Soundcore Q20. The Sonys are my gold standard for sound quality, but both the MPOW and Soundcore were exceptional as well.

    The MPow M5 finally started to physically break after 4+ years of years of near daily use, so I purchased these to replace them.

    I selected these because they were the among the highest rated and most purchased over ear noise canceling blue tooth headphones under $40.

    I received my headphones in about a couple days. The box contained the headphones, a carrying bag, and cables. The build quality of the headset feels good, but not premium. The construction is mostly mat plastic with metal hinges and of course a metal leaf spring in the headband. ANC is controlled with a sliding switch behind the left ear while on/off, volume, skipping, pausing and pairing are controlled with three plastic push-buttons behind the right ear.

    When you press the buttons you hear/ feel a mechanical click that I am guessing is designed to be hepatic feedback and less intrusive than audible beeps in the headphones. Primary function of the buttons are volume and on/off. Holding the volume buttons for a couple of seconds will allow you to skip forward or back. The center (on/off) button, also allows you to pause and when held for about five seconds will put the headphones in pairing mode. As the noise canceling is on a separate slider, you’ll need to remember to turn this off when you power down the headset or you might drain the battery. All controls seem to me to be very intuitive and standard.

    Sound quality is really good for the price. These is some punch in the bass but it isn’t overpowering. Mids and highs are clear. At the highest volumes the sound gets a tad muddy, but why would you crank the volume if you have noise cancelation? The sound quality is very good overall and exceptional at the price, on par with MPOW but maybe not quite as good as Soundcore Q20s. I imagine these are best suited for TV, movies, rock and blues music. Though if you like boomy bass or just super heavy bass, you might find the headphones weak in that regard.

    Noise canceling operates as a single mode without a bypass/ ambient sound feature which is expected at this price point. Noise canceling is at least reasonably good for this price point. Low frequency noise can’t be heard, but, mid-to-high frequencies are not affected much. The sonic profile does change slightly with noise canceling on. It’s hard for me to tell exactly what happens, but I think the mids drop slightly and I get an even more v-shaped sonic profile. In any case, it is a pleasing effect. Overall, noise canceling is what one can expect at this price point. If you need more mid to high frequency noise reduction, I’d recommend just getting a pair of Sony MX’s.

    Range is good. I can go anywhere in my apartment or even outside nearby with no loss of sound quality. Again, at this price point, I think this is expectedly good.

    The headphones have a “C” profile that sits a bit off the side of my head. I have a small to medium sized head, and I find these very comfortable, perhaps the most comfortable pair that I have every tried. The headset feels reasonable light and my ears don’t get hot with extended use.

    Overall I give this set extremely high marks for sound quality and comfort which are the two most important aspects of such headphones. Build quality, noise cancellation are expectedly good, and I see no major detractions, so I am giving this set five stars

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  2. BA3R

    I was pleasantly surprised… Pulling them out of the leathery feeling bag, you immediately notice the light weight of the headphones. First impressions wearing them, the ear pads, weight and top pad are shockingly comfortable.
    The sound quality of the headphones favors the lower bass and mid frequencies but was actually better than expected! Pairing was easy by just holding down the power button.
    The active noise cancellation doesn’t really do much but that’s not why I got them. The buttons are tactile and easy enough to understand.
    Havnt tested out the fast charging yet as they came almost fully charged which was a nice surprise as well.
    If anything goes horribly wrong I’ll update this review but first impressions these headphones will be my new every day Gym Headphones.
    Nice product at a great price.

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  3. Bernardino Monticelli

    The media could not be loaded.

     Después de mucho investigar sobre los INFURTURE H1 me he decidido por ellos. Buscaba unos auriculares con un presupuesto ajustado y que ofreciesen lo máximo (dentro de las posibilidades). La relación calidad / precio es imbatible, no hay otros auriculares que ofrezcan tanto por este precio.

    Los tengo conectados al móvil y al ordenador a la vez y van perfectos. El móvil siempre tendrá prioridad por si recibes una llamada. También los he conectado a una Samsung Q80 y a un tocadiscos BT. Sin duda el bluetooth 5.0 de los H1 es muy bueno y funciona de maravilla.

    He leído algunos comentarios que dicen que no les gusta el micro e incluso que los han llegado a devolver por ese motivo. A mi me parece que funciona bien y que cumple. Al fin y al cabo son unos auriculares, no estas comprando un micrófono. A mi me sirve.

    Las almohadillas son muy cómodas, pasó varias horas al día con ellos puestos y la comodidad es absoluta. Tengo gafas y no molestan lo más mínimo ni con el paso de las horas.

    El sonido es una delicia, con fuerza y calidez. He leído que hay quien dice que se escucha muy grave y no se distinguen los instrumentos. Yo puedo escuchar música clásica hasta Iron Maiden y el sonido me parece muy bueno, incluso me sorprende lo bien que se escucha.

    La cancelación de ruido, no es silencio absoluto. Los he probado en varias situaciones y en todas estoy muy contento. Vivo en una avenida principal de la ciudad, con un parque donde los niños juegan al fútbol y el tráfico es constante, pues con los H1 y la cancelación de ruido activada, no escucho el ruido del parque, no escucho el motor de los coches, y en general diría que todo se silencia hasta un 80% que ya es mucho. Muy sorprendido en este aspecto y muy contento.

    También puedes usarlos con cable conectándoles el jack incluido en la caja. La duración de la batería es tremenda alrededor de las 40 horas y una carga de 10 minutos te da una autonomía de unas 2 horas.

    En definitiva una compra más que recomendable.


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  4. Emma E.

    I bought these to hook to my Vizio Tv so I could hear dialogue. They would not hook up to the TV so I was told to buy a blue tooth plug in, but my Tv did not have a hook up for it. I tried my newer Vizio and it did not have a way to install them either. They hooked up immediately to my iPhone, but that was not their purpose so I returned them, thanks to Amazon unbeatable return policy. These are soft and comfortable and had excellent sound quality, so I still gave them 4 stars. It’s Vizio that let me down.

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  5. BA3R

    I’m impressed. For the price I expected worse but the head phones are legit. They crackle sometimes but I think it’s because I walk away from my phone. I bought the insurance just in case. Love the pink rose gold color. The noise canceling is legit. I didn’t know it would work till i was in a noisey vehicle and and I flipped the switch boom, I forgot I was even in a vehicle. They have a the best battery life! Don’t hesitate, they are worth it

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  6. C. Heng

    My Mpow headphones decided to stop connecting, so it was time for another cheap pair of noise cancelling headphones. These are EXACTLY the same, except for the color and the logo, which is a good thing. The only thing that bothered me about them is when noise canceling is on, there is some very minor electronic buzz, and it’s in my Mpow and these Infurture set too. But you only really hear it when it’s silent, so not really an issue. What I love, however, is the amazing battery life, and very soft, comfortable ear pads, and these are a very lovely shade of navy. The logo is fine, nothing distracting or weird, and not very prominent on the cups. I picked mine up with a coupon, so the low price and my need for a pair I can leave at work are just what I was looking for. Also, the sound quality is great, especially at this price point. Obviously, it won’t compete with much more expensive headphones in the $150+ range, but it doesn’t have to for me. Just get it.

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  7. Bernardino Monticelli

    Je trouve que pour le prix la qualité n’est pas incroyable, le son peu aller vraiment fort mais les autres entendent,
    il n’y a pas vraiment de « bass boosted » on dirait qu’on écoute normalement sans basses supérieures. Les coussins sont assez biens pour le prix, ils englobent toute l’oreille (pratique pour piercings)!
    A la moitié de la « barre de son » (quand on augmente ou baisse le son » les personnes extérieures commencent à entendre le son du casque.
    Le mode « ANC » est assez bien il enlève tout les PETITS bruits extérieurs (mais n’enlève pas les sons en général).
    Je dis que le prix n’est pas incroyable car je pense que pour un peu moins cher à action on a le même produit. Et ayant acheté un VSONUS à 48,99€ (sur Amazon) il y a qualité prix, que ce soit pour les coussins, l’extension du casque, le son, le mode ANC…

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  8. Chan

    Ero molto indeciso tra 3 e 4 stelle perché il prezzo pieno é uno sproposito, ma spesso le trovi in offerta a metà prezzo e quindi non so se recensirle per i 30€ che le ho pagate io o per i 60€ di prezzo pieno. Alla fine vado per le 4 stelle perchè ha la porta Type-C e perchè effettivamente i padiglioni sono morbidi e non plasticosi, ma ci sono un po’ di “ma” di cui tenere conto prima dell’acquisto:

    – Il suono non é malvagio per film e musica, ma é sempre sbilanciato sui bassi
    – La cancellazione del suono praticamente dimezza la durata della batteria
    – La cancellazione del suono un po’ funziona, ma distorce l’audio quindi non la userai mai
    – Per questa fascia di prezzo (60€ prezzo di listino) c’è di meglio, anche di marche più blasonate

    – Comodo, adatto a bambini di 12 anni come ai capoccioni adulti come me
    – Padiglioni morbidi, molto bene il confort
    – Leggere, le porti e le usi ovunque senza problemi
    – Si collegano velocemente e bene con tutto quello che ho provato: TV, PC, FireStick, smartphone.
    – Si carica con un cavo USB Type-C
    – Fuzniona anche con cavetto Jack 3.5 mm
    – Confezione ricca (cavetto jack e USB-C to USB-A, sacchettina di buona fattura, istruzioni)

    E’ l’ennesima cuffia che sosta troppo perchè ha la cancellazione del rumore che poi non funziona bene e non la userai mai. Non potevano farla direttamente senza a metà prezzo ed era tutto più semplice?

    Non é un prodotto per audiofili, ma va benissimo per film, musica (pop magari), gioco senza troppe pretese. Non ho riscontrato infatti lag in nessun caso, buoni i materiali costruttivi e buona la resa in generale. Audio sbilanciato sui bassi, ma buono. Unica nota storta il prezzo, ma si trovano in sconto.

    Se in offerta intorno ai 30€ prendetele pure senza riserve, dimenticate il tasto della cancellazione dei rumori e buon ascolto. A prezzo pieno direi di no, costano troppo.

    Spero di essere stato utile, buoni acquisti.

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  9. Radical Hick

    i bought these headphones back in November, about 7 months ago, and they’ve lasted very well. the audio is good, the noise canceling is good enough, and i’m honestly surprised at how well they’ve held up considering how cheap the purchase was, and the fact i wear them nearly everyday for hours at a time with the charge lasting. i bought them originally for both good audio and a way to deal with noise overstimulation, and i would highly recommend for anyone looking for the same reasons at a decent price. whenever my headphones fail on me, i’ll be buying the same ones again.

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  10. KAH

    sound quality is good as measured against the price paid. battery life is good.

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  11. Agustín Aniorte

    For the price, these headphones are great. The sound quality is decent and they sit very comfortably. The ANC is not brilliant, as you would expect at this pricepoint, but it does certainly make a difference when I’m on public transport: it filters noise out well enough that I can listen to podcasts more easily on my commute, and it helps me to control my anxiety when the metro is busy. I can still hear outside noises but they’re not as distracting or overwhelming. The battery life is decent. The main disappointment I have with the product is the noise leakage: it’s fairly bad. I would like to listen to music while I’m working in the office, but I can’t do that with these headphones because of the noise leakage. For podcasts on the commute: great. For music in an open plan office: bad.

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  12. Balie Eaton

    I’m sure the noise cancellation isn’t as good as that of high-end earphones. But I can’t afford high-end ones, and these are pretty good, and at this price point, quite a deal.

    I use headphones almost exclusively for listening to recorded books and podcasts, so I can’t comment on how good they are for music. They suit my needs quite well and they are comfortable on my head. The other noise-cancelling headphones I tried were very heavy and uncomfortable.

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