JBL Quantum ONE Headset with Wired

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JBL Quantum ONE Headset with Wired Price History

Price History for JBL Quantum ONE Over-Ear USB Gaming Headset (Black)


Current Price $199.95 June 20, 2024
Highest Price $199.95 January 5, 2024
Lowest Price $199.95 January 5, 2024
Since January 5, 2024

Last price changes

$199.95 January 5, 2024

JBL Quantum ONE Headset with Wired Description

An Over-Ear Headset for Optimal Performance Gaming

The JBL Quantum ONE is designed to take your gaming performance to the next level. This wired headset features an over-ear design and active noise cancelling to reduce background noise, inspire more immersive and uninterrupted gaming sessions. Thanks to the superior sound quality and included mid and high audio tuning sliders, the Quantum ONE provides you with a customised sound profile that brings out every detail of the action unfolding and immerses you in the virtual reality of the game.

High-Quality Audio Components and Sleep Design

The JBL Quantum ONE is equipped with hi-res capable 50mm drivers and 7.1 surround sound support, so you can experience true cinematic audio clarity during gaming sessions or movies and feel every explosion and individual element of the soundtrack. It also features low-latency, low distortion and deep bass for impeccable audio performance. The lightweight design features padding over the ear cups and reduces fatigue for longer gaming sessions.

Active Noise Cancelling & Microphone

The active noise canceling feature on the Quantum ONE allows you to focus on the gameplay and blocks out unwanted background noise. The integrated echo-cancelling microphone ensures your voice comes out crystal clear for livestreams or online chats and filters out background noise. The microphone also has a detachable unidirectional design that you can remove if you don’t need it.

Compatibility and Audio Visualizers

The JBL Quantum ONE is compatible with PC, Mac, and Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. With the RGB lighting system, the headphone reacts dynamically to your gaming experience with audio visualizers, giving you a multi-sensory gaming experience.

Product Features

  • Over-ear design with active noise cancelling for immersive gaming experience.
  • Hi-res capable 50mm drivers and 7.1 surround sound support, for cinematic audio experience.
  • Lightweight design with comfy padding over the earcups and adjustable slider.
  • Echo-cancelling detachable unidirectional microphone for clear voice chat.
  • RGB lighting system with audio visualizers and compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox, and PS4.
  • Comes with mid and high audio tuning sliders.</li

JBL Quantum ONE Headset with Wired Specification

Specification: JBL Quantum ONE Headset with Wired

Product Dimensions

9.06 x 4.33 x 9.65 inches

Item Weight

369 Grams

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

May 4, 2020



Country of Origin


Charging Time

4 Hours


1.0 Count

Number Of Items


JBL Quantum ONE Headset with Wired Videos

JBL Quantum ONE Headset with Wired Reviews (10)

10 reviews for JBL Quantum ONE Headset with Wired

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Sparky

    The app stops windows 11 from sleeping, have to close the app every time i leave the pc, very very annoying.

    The noise cancellation is good, but ive had cheaper headphones with better.

    The sound is good. Ive found that windows 11 keeps resetting my speaker config, turning off the surround setting, this makes the headphones sound very tinny and off in the spatial config.

    The spatial sound is really good, i love it games, its a fantastic directional sound! Only issue is that music quality gets butchered, games with epic sound tracks the music sounds tinny and distant.

    No splitter for the headphone/mic cord. Ive never had a pc that used only one jack for both, you will have to buy a splitter if you plan on using the 3.5mm on a pc. Pretty sad when these sell for 300 bucks and dont come with a splitter.

    Cord is very stiff and annoying, headphones are 100% plastic.

    I have no idea why there is lights on headphones, I cant see it and if i could Im sure I would say you look like a fool!

    I got these on sale for 150 and at that price I recommend them, at 300 it would be a pass.

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  2. MG

    Use case: Livestreaming
    Microphone: more than sufficient for yelling at friends/opponents during gaming, but not recommended for broadcasting
    ANC – You can hear that it’s happening, but my experience with this headset is that it is not super effective. It might drop noise db by ballpark 5-10. I’d rate the ANC quality about the same as a good pair of On-Ear call center headsets with ANC.
    Sound Quality – my experience with it is good sound quality experience, if a bit high on the mids
    Overall: It has a lot fun bells and whistles, so if you like that in your headphones, this one will not disappoint.

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  3. pm.suammuag

    it’s very good

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  4. Ricardo Mendes

    Excelente produto! material de primeira, super confortável, ampla faixa de frequências ajustáveis por meio de aplicativo, APENAS NO WINDOWS, tudo funciona perfeitamente bem. As únicas ressalvas ficam por conta da INEXISTÊNCIA de bluetooth e da INCOMPATIBILIDADE com o MAC da APPLE. Para quem não esquenta com fios o equipamento é de excelente qualidade e entrega alta qualidade aos mais exigentes ouvidos.

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  5. Leonardo

    Faz pouco mais de um ano que tenho o fone, sempre tive muito cuidado com ele, venho aqui pra fazer uma review do desempenho nesse tempo.

    Qualidade de som: é boa, mas eu esperava mais, muito mais. Literalmente qualquer fone da razer, pela metade do preço, tem mais volume e melhor grave.

    Conforto: é muito confortável, não tenho o que reclamar nisso. Uso óculos e nunca senti incômodo usando o fone.

    Durabilidade: péssima. A espuma do microfone sai com facilidade, tem que ficar colocando toda hora. A costura do protetor de couro no arco superior se desfez e a espuma está exposta. O couro das espumas laterais também está se desfazendo por completo. É normal que esse tipo de coisa aconteça com fones, mas em 5 anos, não em 1.

    Software e usabilidade: uma porcaria! O software tem poucas funcionalidades. O negócio de configurar um 7.1 que acompanha o movimento da cabeça é bacana mas é inútil e prejudica a qualidade de áudio. O software é todo bugado e vira-e-mexe você precisa reiniciar o pc pro fone voltar a funcionar.

    Resumo: é um bom fone de até 400 reais. Por 1000-1500 reais tem coisa MUITO melhor no mercado.

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  6. Samuel Fernandes

    Qualidade de som,isolamento acustico fantástico,melhor fone que ja tivr

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  7. Felipe Rodrigues

    Excelente, amei.

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  8. Tyler

    Alright, when it comes to the JBL Quantum One Headset, it was my first choice. I could not justify the original price ,as i do not game enough, until there was a $100 price drop and then i snagged them. I did wait through a few shipping delays, (to be expected as i ordered them in the beginning of December.) but then they arrived. I ripped the box open to find a very hardy and very nice quality box. I’m a sucker for a nice box and the unboxing experience was rather premium. Anyway, onto the headset. First impressions:
    Very nice weight- Very weighty headset.
    Memory foam cushions- Very comfortable memory foam that forms to my head, but has enough rebound to not sink into my head.
    Very solid woven cords- I have abused these cords on accident and I have yet to see a single sign of fraying from them
    Very nice materials all around- Very premium plastics and metals to obtain a finish fit for the value.
    Little to no material squeaking- Materials fit together nicely and mesh well together, unlike my Razer headsets of the past.
    Very Sturdy- Doesn’t bend in ways that seem precarious to fit around my unfathomably Brobdingnagian cranium.
    Very Comfortable- I have worn it for hours and haven’t noticed any fatigue from my ears or my head.
    Amazing Audio Quality for Gaming in General
    Music quality is far above average as well. It has a very even tone all around and doesn’t overly accentuate highs or lows. I honestly prefer them to my first generation AirPod Pros. Bass is a little lacking, but that is generally adjustable on most platforms to your liking.
    The microphone only picks up sound from you. It auto isolates your voice and doesn’t pick up my ear shatteringly loud bass coming from the subwoofer directly next to my desk.
    As for the quality and volume of the microphone, it’s nothing short of fantastic. My teammates and buddies can hear everything clear as day, even if there is background sound.
    I consistently get compliments from randoms on my audio quality from people asking if i play on PC and have a dedicated standalone microphone.
    Outstanding Directional Sound.
    Noise Isolation and fit is Astounding.

    I really love this headset but i must bash it for JBL to improve.

    Noise Cancellation is Sub-Par comparably to headphones of the same or similar values.
    The ambient sound in ANC is quite nice, but not when gaming.
    Its incompatibility with MacOS has become a bit of an issue as I wanted to experience the full headset, but I am limited to what is immediately out of the box. This, though, is not an issue as I originally intended for the use to be on my XBOX full time.

    Overall, I would wait for a price drop until buying as you can be just fine with a $70 headset instead of something at such a premium value.

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  9. Raphael Silva de Oliveira

    The media could not be loaded.

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  10. Cole Klosterman

    Overall, these are absolutely fantastic. I’m a musician so sound quality matters a lot to me, and as far as I can tell, these are probably the best gaming headphones I’ve seen in that department. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 stars however, is because of the little dongle audio controllers that’s attached to the usb cable. If you leave it exactly in the middle (which is where I like mine), to have the exactly same audio levels for in game audio, and voice chat, you will find it slightly moving to one side or the other, annoyingly going back and forth on the audio levels. It got so annoying I eventually just duct taped it to the middle position so it wouldn’t move anymore. It worked and I’ve had it duct taped like that for over a year, but still it shouldn’t be something I’m forced to do in the first place. But again, overall I highly recommend these, especially if you listen to music a lot on your PC.

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