KitchenAid 3 Piece Pasta Roller &amp

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KitchenAid 3 Piece Pasta Roller &amp Price History

Price History for Kenome Pasta Roller Attachments Set for All KitchenAid Stand Mixer, Noodles Maker Attachment,...


Current Price $55.99 June 22, 2024
Highest Price $79.99 March 26, 2024
Lowest Price $55.99 December 29, 2023
Since December 29, 2023

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$55.99 April 3, 2024
$79.99 March 26, 2024
$55.99 December 29, 2023

KitchenAid 3 Piece Pasta Roller &amp Description

Quick & Easy Dough Prep

This KitchenAid 3-Piece Pasta Roller & Cutter Set Attachment makes it easier than ever to create fresh, homemade pasta in any shape and size. It effortlessly attaches to any KitchenAid Stand Mixer, so you can have warm, delicious pasta dishes in just minutes. This set includes a pasta roller, fettuccine cutter, and spaghetti cutter. Get creative and impress your family and friends with a variety of shapes and sizes of pasta that are sure to please.

Durable & Reliable

You can trust this KitchenAid attachment to provide you with long-lasting, reliable performance. It is made with top quality materials and crafted for lasting durability. The pasta roller is constructed with nickel-plated steel and long-lasting rollers and cutters that hold up, even when working with the toughest doughs.

Healthy & Nutritious

In addition to making it easy to create delicious meals in a matter of minutes, this KitchenAid attachment also helps keep you and your family healthy. With fresh, homemade pasta, you can control the quality and amount of ingredients used. The 3-Piece Attachment Set allows you to create healthy meals filled with vegetables and proteins for a nutritious meal that everyone will love.

Effortless Cleanup

Cleaning up after your homemade meal has never been easier. The attachments are fully dishwasher safe and easy to take apart for quick cleaning. The pieces are also easy to store and each of the attachments comes with a convenient storage case for a space-saving storage solution.

• Easily attaches to any KitchenAid Stand Mixer
• Includes pasta roller, fettuccine cutter, and spaghetti cutter
• Durable and reliable, made with nickel-plated steel
• Help to make healthy meals with fresh, homemade pasta
• Easy to clean and stores conveniently
• Dishwasher safe

KitchenAid 3 Piece Pasta Roller &amp Specification

Specification: KitchenAid 3 Piece Pasta Roller &amp




Silver (Stainless Steel)



Item Weight

2.86 pounds

Item Dimensions LxWxH

9.7 x 3.8 x 2.2 inches

Blade Material

Stainless Steel

Included Components

(1) Spaghetti Cutter, (1) Pasta Roller, (1) Cleaning Brush, (1) Fettuccine Cutter

Number of settings


Operation Mode


Is Dishwasher Safe


Is Electric


Product Dimensions

9.7 x 3.8 x 2.2 inches



Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Care instructions

Hand Wash

Assembly required


Number of pieces


Warranty Description

1 Year

Batteries required



Made in USA or Imported

KitchenAid 3 Piece Pasta Roller &amp Videos

KitchenAid 3 Piece Pasta Roller &amp Reviews (11)

11 reviews for KitchenAid 3 Piece Pasta Roller &amp

4.7 out of 5
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  1. José Marcius Froes guidi

    This KitchenAid attachment set is the real deal with authentic quality finishing. They work very well with our tilt mixer. The fit to the mixer is perfect. This is important as some knock-offs don’t fit well to the mixer and may cause damage to parts. The pasta roller does its work effortlessly and gives the perfect sheet of the desired thickness. The cutter is sharp and gives very even and clean cut strings of pasta that don’t stick together. Lastly, can’t say enough about the quality of the set. So glad to have paid slightly more for a quality set that really works instead of settling for less expensive versions.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Much better than rolling pasta with a hand crank. Quality is as expected.

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  3. Noelle R.

    The media could not be loaded.

     What’s better than pasta for dinner? Fresh pasta for dinner! Well worth the time and effort. This thing is a beast. We accidentally made enough pasta for a small army when all was said and done. Delicious and has a completely different texture to it.

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  4. BoneHead

    I can only speak to my personal experience with these machines. Maybe this will be helpful to someone wondering what they are getting themselves into before they buy.

    the fit and finish of these pasta machines is very impressive to me. for the price I think people should expect a certain level of quality but the way things are made today, a higher price or a name brand doesn’t always mean quality like it used to. I was in the market for machines to fit my new mixer and I saw these were on offer for a deal. I am glad I did. full price for these would be putting me to other options that are readily available. even the sale price was a bit higher than the others, but I went ahead and bought the name.

    as far as use goes, I am a learner at pasta. I am not that good *yet* but I am getting the hang of it. I have not used the spaghetti attachment yet, only the fettucini and the roller. I need to do similar pastas as I experiment until I find the dough formula that gives the best flavor and texture. I have made some pretty good noodles but I still have a few issues and part of those issues are machine related.

    the roller is fine. no issues. no problem with clean up. no problems at all. pat out the dough. flour it. roll it. flour it. roll it again. flour it. keep going until you get the sheet size you need. right? perfect. no sticking at all.

    CUTTING on the other hand, is where I am having problems. I don’t think its a machine issue as much as I don’t know how well enough yet and the learning curve is pretty steep. no matter how great the dough feels, the sheets feel, the amount of flour I keep them dusted with… the noodles will inevitably stick and bunch up making a clump that i need to manipulate and pull to get them to go through. I am certain that I am doing it wrong. even watching several youtube videos of other people doing it… it very well COULD be the machine but I am inclined to blame myself first. I just had a pasta rack delivered in hopes that I roll out the sheets and hang them up to let them dry a bit before trying to cut. if it doesn’t work I’ll need to try something else. its frustrating to need to start over and re sheet the dough then cut it again. lol especially when every one else can tap it with a magic wand and make the sparkles go, then present perfect pasta.

    along with this issue, I believe that I have a bit of dry pasta inside the cutter machine that rattles around when I shake it. I am not sure how to get it out. when I search “cleaning” I get “repair” videos that show disassembly and that’s not what I want unless that’s the only way. I dont want to get into a can of worms with either disassembly or a warranty claim because I cant make my pasta not stick to the rolling cutters. : /

    I’m going to win this thing. I just need practice. Maybe if you read what I am going through, you can have a similar experience and know that you are not alone in this thing. I’m in this well over 600 bucks because virus distancing and honestly, its better to make fresh food out of real ingredients than buying premade processed everything. Its good to know things and I plan to come out on the other side of this with a ton of new skills.

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  5. Lucy Lan

    Ok so this thing is fantastic. Very few errors when it comes to pasta pressing and cutting.
    The only issue I have with it is, its difficult to clean. They give you a brush to clean the roller but thats it. You cant submerge this in hot water to clean all the pasta off, you just gotta wait for it to dry and fall off. Apparently, you can dissemble these and clean them but Ive yet to figure it out. lots of old dry pasta clinking around on the inside

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  6. Jason

    muito boa a qualidade e muito eficiente

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  7. Outwest

    Item seems to be really well made and worked ok the first time we used it, except the fettuccine seemed to be a bit of a mess on the edges. On closer inspection, and issue came up: the “new” product sold was not new.

    I ordered this through amazon and amazon was the seller. The “new” item that arrived had broken plastic guides on the underside of the fettucine maker, bent plastic parts on the bottom of the spaghetti maker, and even the roller looked like it had been used. The three parts did not come in any protective plastic. I returned these, and reordered another. The second box came with the roller and cutters in plastic protective bags, with none of the plastic underside guides bent or pins misaligned.

    So, if you are ordering, there are plastic parts on the underside of each of the roller and two cutters, but they act primarily as guides for the dough afterwards. THESE SHOULD BE STRAIGHT, NOT BENT, AND DEFINITELY NOT CRACKED.

    Moral of the story: for 200 bucks, check your “new” item

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  8. Stephanie

    We’ve been using this for a few months now and love this product. It’s pretty easy to use and very sturdy. The cutter produces very clean edges (not like some other cutters I’ve had before). We’ve been having fresh noodles/spaghetti a lot more cause now it’s so easy to make.

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  9. dnouveau

    As expected for any KitchenAid parts.. fantastic addition to my KitchenAid

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  10. Noelle R.

    I’ve been using this pasta roller and cutter to make noodles for both past and chowmein. And honestly it’s not too difficult and does not take as much time as one might think. The all metal construction is much nicer than the cheap plastic models and cleaning fairly simple.

    All metal construction

    Pricier than other options

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  11. Alex

    The amount of time this saves makes it 100% worth it.

    Amazon has several different pasta ROLLING sets available (they also have presses, which make “shaped” noodles like rigatoni, macaroni, etc).

    Differences in the sets:
    The least expensive comes with only the sheet roller, which is the most vital. You use the sheet roller to get your dough to the right thinness, and any other attachments are only for cutting.

    There’s another set which comes only with capellini (essentially angel hair) and lasagna CUTTERS (again, roller is vital), and then this set which comes with the roller, a spaghetti cutter, and a linguine cutter.

    If you’re on a tighter budget, I would say to save for this specific set. It comes with the roller (which you need to use any of the KitchenAid cutting attachments) and two cutting attachments, and overall is more cost effective than buying the roller, then the other attachments later. The most time consuming part of making pasta is the rolling, and even if you’re in great shape all of that rolling will kill your upper back after a while. THICK pasta is 3mm thick—essentially the same as a cotton bed sheet. And honestly, having the machine do the cutting for you is just so much prettier and more uniform than anything you can do by hand.

    The nuts and bolts:
    For your first pass-through, you set the dial to setting 1. From there, you go to setting 3. The booklet has a handy chart to tell you what setting different types of pasta need. For ravioli, it recommends setting 4. It may seem convoluted to roll each piece of dough three times at different thicknesses, but this actually kneads the dough and gives you a better pasta. For what it’s worth, by the end of my batch I was rolling at 1 and then rolling at 4 and it worked just fine. If you’re making an ultra thin pasta that requires setting 2, for example, I DEFINITELY wouldn’t skip these in-between thicknesses.

    I threw together a quick egg and semolina dough to make mushroom ravioli and try this puppy out. I rolled the dough into thick cylinders and then smooshed them down to maybe a third-inch thickness to watch the magic happen.

    And oh, this is what Harry must have felt like when he first saw Hogwarts. I was RIVETED. It works so quickly, and so smoothly. It took roughly 10 seconds to do what would have taken me 5-10 minutes to do by hand. Each time I changed the thickness dial, I was more entertained. It’s the simple things in life.

    When I ran out of filling, I used my extra dough to try out the spaghetti attachment. The most time consuming part of the process was just switching out the roller attachment for the spaghetti attachment, after I got my dough to the right thinness. The cuts themselves are all uniform and beautiful, easy. I was drying the spaghetti instead of cooking it, and found that the way it cuts had a lot of them sticking together. However, if I’d been boiling it straight away there would’ve been no problem. It gets the job done.

    Clean up is simple. You’re not supposed to submerge in water, so I just used a pastry brush to poke about the mechanism and make sure no flour was stuck in there. Wipe clean with a towel and it’s ready for storage.

    The only odd thing is that they give the same booklet for this set as one that comes with all 5 of the different cutting attachments, which apparently comes with a cleaning brush. I had other brushes I can use for cleaning, but if somebody wasn’t aware of the guide being for a different set, they’d get confused over the brush thing. The booklet still has all of the information for the attachments this set includes, so it works.

    I’ll be trying out the linguine roller sometime next week, and I’ll update my review with any random nuances if things come up.

    Tl;dr—buy this. Become the Italian Nonna you know you are in your heart.

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