Kndko Nugget/Crushed Ice Maker 33lbs/Day 1036647271

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Kndko Nugget/Crushed Ice Maker 33lbs/Day 1036647271
Kndko Nugget/Crushed Ice Maker 33lbs/Day 1036647271

Kndko Nugget/Crushed Ice Maker 33lbs/Day 1036647271 Price History


Current Price $239.99 June 11, 2024
Highest Price $239.99 December 25, 2023
Lowest Price $239.99 December 25, 2023
Since December 25, 2023

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$239.99 December 25, 2023

Kndko Nugget/Crushed Ice Maker 33lbs/Day 1036647271 Description

Small Enough to Fit Your Countertop

This Kndko Nugget Ice Maker is designed with small kitchen counters in mind. It’s easy-to-clean, space-saving design fits nicely on even the smallest of countertops. Perfect for both small apartments and larger homes, this ice maker has a stylish exterior that looks great anywhere. Additionally, the lightweight design makes it easily transportable for no-fuss entertaining.

Extra-Large 33 lbs Capacity

This Kndko Nugget Ice Maker comes with an extra-large 33-pound capacity, so you’ll always have plenty of crushed ice on hand for parties and everyday use. It produces up to 33 lbs of soft, chewable nugget ice in 24 hours, with no need to purchase expensive ice bags. With this ice maker, you can serve up as much cold, refreshing ice as your guests desire.

Easy Digital Controls

This Kndko Nugget Ice Maker is easy to operate with fully digital controls. Simply press the button to start and stop, and the LED display will show the current tank-level and available ice from time to time to remind you to add more water. With its user-friendly interface, the ice maker is both efficient and straightforward for all ages to operate.

Self-Cleaning Function

This Kndko Nugget Ice Maker features an automatic self-cleaning function for maximum efficiency and convenience. With just a few taps of the power button, the unit can flush itself clean for a fast and hassle-free clean-up every time. This handy feature allows the user to spend less time on manual scrubbing and more time enjoying their nugget ice.

Features of the Kndko Nugget Ice Maker with Crushed Ice 33lbs/Day:

• Easy-to-clean, slim, and portable design
• Extra-large 33 lbs capacity
• Fully digital control panel
• Self-cleaning flush button
• Produces up to 33 lbs of soft, chewable nugget ice in 24 hours
• Easy-to-use LED display
• No need to purchase expensive ice bags

Kndko Nugget/Crushed Ice Maker 33lbs/Day 1036647271 Specification

Product Dimensions

11.22 x 8.67 x 12.6 inches, 22.05 Pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

May 21, 2023



Kndko Nugget/Crushed Ice Maker 33lbs/Day 1036647271 Videos

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  1. Sill

    The media could not be loaded.

     It makes clear ice. As for all the bad reviews saying it leaves the ice in blocks. Well people that is how it was made. Its not a flaw. So all the bad reviews about that are ignorant people. This ice machine works great ice comes out great. I got a bunch of ice bags that i fill up and keep in the freezer. Use them as they get low i turn it back on and start making more. My only wish is that the hopper was lil bigger but then people would just complain its to big. (Thats what she said)
    Everyone says it wont work with the 5gal jugs. Their kind of right. I got mine to work just fine with it. First you have to take the top hatch off and flip it around. As gor the jug youll have one dedicated jug that you just refill when it gets low. The jug i use is from walmart you have to take off the lid for it completely. Take the foam insert out of the cap cut an x in it so itll fit down the jug holder the machine comes with and itll be tight but you can get the jug on it just fine as you can see in my video. If you want it to fit and come off easier use a heat gun or blow dryer or like i did my torch lighter. And slowly heat the mouth of the jug up. Enough it warm NOT MELTING HOT just form able warm and while its warm put the jug holer on it you should feel it go all the way to the bottom then pull it off let it cool check fit ment. If need be do it again. Me i used vaseline put a light coating in the holder part so while forming it i knew it would slide in and off easier. Clean it when done and now you have 5gal of water on it. Just when putting it on have to do it in one motion water can only come out so fast and it only fills the machin up to the full line even with 5gal. As long as the holer part isn’t loose where air gets in it its perfect. Been running mine like this for two months with no issues. For refilling it you can buy gal of water and fill your jug or go buy them from walmart open them and fill yours with it. If you save the cap you can take it to the water jug fillers they have and fill it directly that will be your choice how to fill it. But that is how i got mine to accept a 5gal jug of water. Which is supper nice not having to fill the machine all the time and you have a visual of your water level. Im really happy to have this ice maker i live the ice it makes. I love pouring soda from the fridge over the ice and not lose all the carbonation from normal ice impurities.
    Definitely recommend this ice maker especially with 5gal ontop of it.

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  2. Tim R

    This is a nice unit. It has a large capacity tank so I don’t have to refill it as often. I use tap water that I have run through a Big Berkey and this makes some nice ice. Very clear and you can choose cube size. It falls into the collection basket in nice stacks of ice. It makes it pretty darn quick too. Comes with a reusable mini ice bag. The stacks fit nicely inside it. It makes up to 45 lbs of ice in one day. Great buy.

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  3. J. Fuller

    We use a lot of ice in my house and when we have family and friends over, we run out quickly. Our refrigerator ice maker has also become tempermentaly, all fridge ice makers are! So sometimes it just stops for a day or two and I have to fiddle with the basket or even unthaw it. So we got this one to cover those instances. The ice maker seems pretty well built and does not make a lot of noise. I have it in my garage office and it does not interfere with phone calls or on-line meetings. It makes ice way faster than my fridge ice maker. It makes enough ice for a tall glass about every 9-10 min. I have used it quite a bit over the last few months and have been very pleased with it. The ice comes out in a sheet, very interesting design and partially breaks up when it falls. I usually use the handle part of a table knife to give the clumps a little tap and they break up easily. Looking forward to having this throughout the summer. It does not draw very much power and I am also looking forward to taking it when we go camping. It can easily be run by the campers inverter.

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  4. deausa

    Received the unit 6/22/2023. Read the manual provided, added water, turned it on. The refrigeration unit did not come on. Checked LCD panel and all icons indicated the unit was making ice. Left unit on overnight. Refrigeration unit, compressor or motor, did not come on. Thus, DOA. Sent message to vendor via Amazon’s messaging platform asking for any suggestions. The adventure begins…

    6/24: Unit working now. The volume of ice it’s producing is suprising. Vendor contacted me within 12 hours. Unit reset before I made a short troubleshooting video. No complaints now. Sigh!

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  5. BARB

    I wondered how these ice makers work, so here’s a quick explanation for others:

    There is a grid of aluminum squares that gets ice cold. The machine pumps water across it like a waterfall and ice forms in layers. I’m not sure how it determines when the ice is large enough to toss into the bucket, but it does! The “bucket” is not solid, it has slots at the bottom to allow water to drain down into the base of the machine – the same place where the waterfall ends – and gets sucked up again in the waterfall process. You can time how long you want it run.

    I did an experiment to see how well the ice performed. I poured in two 16 oz bottles of water, then made one batch and put it in a 16 oz solo cup. I filled the entire thing with no room for more. I poured in juice and sat to enjoy it while the machine kept running. Each time it made a batch of ice – about 10 mins – I hopped up and put it in a gallon freezer bag in my freezer. It made 5 more batches from the two bottles of water – a total of 6 batches, or 6 full 16 oz cups. When it finished in about an hour, I still had 1/4 cup of liquid in my cup, and the ice cubes had melted to about 1/3 their size. The juice did not seem overly diluted – about what I’d expect from the ice from a refrigerator unit.

    So, I’d say this is totally worth it – as long as it “knows” when the ice is finished. I don’t know if that is just a timer, or if it is triggered when the get a certain size, but I’d say any vulnerability is in that mechanism, as that is the new technology.

    I’m hoping this will last – that’s always the issue in our world, as the current business process of “make it to brake it” doesn’t support longevity. That way they can sell us 2 year insurance plans, and we sill buy something in 4 or 5 years anyway. No wonder there is stuff in landfills…

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