LG 86QNED85UQA 86 Inch TV

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LG 86QNED85UQA 86 Inch TV Price History


Current Price $2,196.99 June 11, 2024
Highest Price $2,496.99 January 5, 2024
Lowest Price $1,996.99 January 29, 2024
Since January 5, 2024

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$2,196.99 June 5, 2024
$1,996.99 May 21, 2024
$2,149.00 May 15, 2024
$2,168.89 April 30, 2024
$2,149.00 April 23, 2024

LG 86QNED85UQA 86 Inch TV Description

Sleek Design & Premium Quality

This LG 86QNED85UQA 86-inch Class QNED Mini-LED Smart TV is designed to create a superior and higher-end TV experience. The glossy black edges, the beautiful curved design and the slim profile are designed to offer maximum portability and connectivity for optimal viewing pleasure. This LG TV is built with a robust and durable material that won’t crack or corrode over time. The slim design and high-quality components create a much more immersive viewing experience.

AI-Powered 4K TV

This intelligent and AI-powered TV packs a lot of technology for its size. Its super-clear 4K picture uses Real Color Accuracy and AI Picture Pro technology for a bright, vivid, and colorful picture. Advanced AI upscaling turns regular content into crisp 4K resolution with improved brightness and contrast. This LG TV also understands what you’re watching thanks to AI Sound Pro, which can automatically adjust the sound based on what you’re watching and listening to.

Smart Features for the Smart Home

This LG TV is designed perfectly for a smart home. Thanks to Smart Cast, you can cast movies, shows, and videos to the screen with just a tap of the touchscreen. With Google Home and Alexa compatibility, you can control your TV with your voice. This TV also supports 3rd party apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video for streaming your favorite shows and movies. You can even connect your set top box to the TV and enjoy cable or satellite TV. With a sleek and intuitive Magic Remote, you can smoothly navigate intuitive menus with just a flick of your wrist.

Built-in Surround Sound

This TV features a built-in subwoofer to boost the sound quality of movies, shows, and videos. With support for Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual:X technology, you can enjoy premium surround sound quality from the comfort of your home. This TV is equipped with built-in speakers for a richer and clearer sound. The LG Sound Sync enhancement delivers crisp and clear sound regardless of the volume level.

– Curved Design & Slim Bezel
– AI Picture Pro Technology & Upscaling
– 3rd Party App Support
– Google Home & Alexa Compatible
– LG Sound Sync Enhancement
– Magic Remote Technology
– Dolby Audio & DTS Virtual:X
– Built-In Subwoofer

LG 86QNED85UQA 86 Inch TV Specification

Brand Name


Item Weight

‎126.8 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎75.8 x 14.1 x 45.9 inches

Item model number


Output Wattage

‎40 Watts

Color Name


Special Features

‎MiniLED, Billion Rich Colors, Color Consistency, Color Volume, Bluetooth Surround Ready, NVIDIA GEFORCE NOW

Speaker Type


Standing screen display size

‎85.6 Inches


‎100 Volts

LG 86QNED85UQA 86 Inch TV Videos

LG 86QNED85UQA 86 Inch TV Reviews (3)

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  1. MG

    I’ve purchased a few 55″ 4K LG/Samsung TVs in the past few years (and not because they were junk) and I have to say this particular one displays a level of detail like none of the others preceding it. They were all 4K TVs, but immediately after turning this on, it was clear this one represents a whole different level. It immediately made me wonder if my prior purchases were actually “1K, 2K, or 3K TVs” because the level of crisp detail was glaringly obvious – I now feel like I actually have a 4K TV… based on all the hype, THIS is what I was actually expecting… when I bought the first one. At this point, the colors/settings are all tweaked to my liking, which made it even better, but straight out of the box, I just had to watch a bit of something…

    I connected it to WiFi in a room where there had been no TV previously, launched NetFlix and started watching “The Old Guard”. (If the word immortals sparks your interest, that is a HIGHLY recommended movie.) About 45 minutes in, during the airplane scene, there was a chrome buckle on some webbing on the right side and I noticed the words on the buckle itself were quite easily read… huh… don’t remember seeing that… pause… over to each of the other 55″ TVs I go, launch, resume, rewind a bit, play… the words on the buckle appear to be there, yet I can’t read them… huh… all 3 TVs, same… back to this TV… yep, they’re definitely there (legible words). Ok, what’s the difference? Quick run through of the settings on the 4 TVs reveals what I thought… the settings are basically identical. Ok, so what’s the difference? The 3 TVs where I couldn’t read the words are all Internet connected via wired Gigabit Ethernet; this new TV is simply connected via wifi, so you would expect the source signal to be lower quality, yet the picture displays such crisp, phenomenal detail. So, what’s the difference? Must simply be this TV. The Mini-LED may have something to do with that.

    My opinion is the QNED85 class of the LG TVs is currently the “sweet spot”… very high quality for the kind of money you won’t wish you had invested instead.

    And if you’re like me and stopped buying Sony, then stopped buying Samsung, then this one might be ticket for you.

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  2. Emily

    Prior to this, I had a basic 65″ LG 4K Smart TV from 2018 that I’d originally thought was the greatest thing I’d ever seen. And it was beautiful and clear, but of course the blacks were never actually black because the light was always on and bleeding through. Last year, the wifi entirely failed and even the ethernet connection started acting funky this year. Some of the apps started getting laggy and didn’t want to work at all on the older version/style of webOS on this TV (I couldn’t even watch HBOMax on it, I always had to switch to my Xbox’s app). Thus, I started thinking of upgrading and a big bonus from work gave me the ability to do so without worrying much about cost.

    I’m SO glad I got this TV.

    The apps all work smoothly and there’s no hiccups with wired or wireless internet. There are SO MANY customization options for picture and sound and you can set them separately for different inputs or apply it across all of them if you find a set up you like. I mean, you can change between modes, brightness settings, AI settings, clarity settings, white and black balances, and even into things like sharpness and noise reduction. Too many options for me to even remember. My main changes have been turning Energy Saving off, Auto Dynamic Contrast to High and LED Local Dimming to High.

    My favorite things are (of course) the picture and the sound. The picture is GORGEOUS and the deep blacks are incredibly impressive. There’ve been times I’ve caught myself staring at the edges of the screen where a shadow or the black bar on the movie would seamlessly blend into the black bezel to the point where I genuinely couldn’t see where the screen ended and the bezel began. It was the first thing I started texting my friend about after I set up the TV! And when the screen is black, it’s BLACK. Not dark grey. Not bleeding in around the edges. Solid black.

    Now, because of how dimming zones work, there are cases where you might have something bright next to/inside something black, and you will see a bit of a halo around it. The size of this halo will depend upon your TV settings and how large/small the item is. I’ve attached some photos with examples. On the first, you can see a large halo around the big white box on the screen (which was visible in real life, but not even as drastic as it appeared on camera), but nothing around the magic mouse’s cursor at the top of the screen, and the surrounding black screen that takes up most of the screen is still black. In the second, you can see where the darkness at the top of the screen all goes to solid black and the black bar totally disappears, while on the bottom you can still see it due to that edge of the picture being brighter.

    Another picture-related thing that has really impressed me is how the screen captures reflective/shiny things like bits of metal or sequins or glass. I was watching a TV show where a character was constantly wearing clothes with chrome studs or holographic sequins, and the way they glittered and caught light was so REAL. In lower quality images, those kind of reflections will get crushed into just looking like a white spot, but no detail was lost in these reflections on this TV.

    And for those worried about angles, my couch is off to the side instead of directly in front of the TV and I’ve noticed no difference in the picture. Even right next to the side of the TV and staring straight across it, the image and colors never fade or look any different.

    Then for the sound part I mentioned, it also has a lot of customization options just like the picture and you get to choose between different sound modes and different outputs. Mine’s currently on the AI Sound Pro mode and I have it set to output to Optical Out Device + TV Speaker. I had used my LG soundbar with my previous TV and carried it over to this one, and I’d never seen the option to use both before. I love it! It can sound a little strange if you don’t balance the volumes correctly, but I’ve found keeping the soundbar volume 2 clicks higher than the TV speakers works really well. I find having the extra speakers give a lot of the sound effects a more nuanced sound. The deeper sounds really come through my soundbar/subwoofer, while the lighter ones come through the TV. There’s this added feeling of sounds moving around without having a better sound set up, thanks to the extra set of speakers beyond my soundbar. Without the soundbar, the built in speakers are great for a TV. They’re just not as “deep.”

    If I had to nitpick and complain about something, it would probably only be the scroll wheel/select button the Magic Remote. It could be that I’m just not used to it yet (my previous LG TV did not come with a Magic Remote) or that my nails having grown out a bit at the moment are getting in the way, but it’s not always the most comfortable to click. I often end up trying to press it and I’ll press the ring around it at the same time. That or I’m trying to press it to select something and the wheel scrolls and switches to cursor mode instead. I would’ve preferred the scrolling and selecting being two separate buttons, but honestly it’s not a deal breaker and it doesn’t behave weirdly often enough that I want to replace it with something else. It’s actually a really cool innovation to be able to scroll or use it like a mouse on your TV!

    All in all, I really love the TV and I’m incredibly impressed (if you couldn’t already tell from the lengthy review). If you want to upgrade and you want to upgrade like I did, then I highly recommend it!

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  3. Emily

    Purchased the 86 inch QNED85. Was coming from a 4 year old Sony XBR of the same size. Wanted local dimming, wider color and Dolby vision support. Definitely get into your “calibrated” modes asap. Cinema, isf. The contrast on this is superb, as well as color volume. Make sure to choose local dimming in high for anything other than nighttime movies. Local dimming at medium blooms less for night movie watching but prioritizes bright white less than high, and is more natural. If lifting this, find several friends. It is more than a 2 person lift if wall mounting….trust me. The entire back is a sheet of steel. Build quality is best I have ever seen from LG. Also, support the bottom of the screen if you set it on a hard floor. There is a chin in the center with a power button etc that will deform if supporting the weight of the screen for very long. Still finding what this thing is capable of. Dynamic range of the image…huge! Cheers.

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