Meta Quest 3 128GB Mixed Reality Headset

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Meta Quest 3 128GB Mixed Reality Headset Price History

Price History for Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality 128GB Headset


Current Price $394.99 July 17, 2024
Highest Price $394.99 July 8, 2024
Lowest Price $394.99 July 8, 2024
Since July 8, 2024

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$394.99 July 8, 2024

Meta Quest 3 128GB Mixed Reality Headset Description

Meta, the company known for pushing the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality, has once again redefined immersive technology with the release of the Meta Quest 3 128GB Mixed Reality Headset. Officially launched on October 10, 2023, this cutting-edge device promises to transform your home into a captivating playground by seamlessly blending virtual elements into your actual surroundings.

Powerful Performance

The Meta Quest 3 is touted as the most powerful Quest yet, boasting more than double the graphic processing power of its predecessor, the Quest 2. Powered by the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2, users can expect next-level performance that elevates their mixed reality experiences to new heights.

Immersive Visual and Audio Experience

This breakthrough headset features a 4K+ Infinite Display, offering a nearly 30% increase in resolution compared to the Quest 2. The enhanced visuals are complemented by rich 3D audio, which includes improved sound clarity, bass performance, and a 40% louder volume range, ensuring users are completely enveloped in their virtual environments.

Intuitive Interaction

The Meta Quest 3 introduces the Touch Plus controllers, designed for fine-tuned precision and realistic sensations. These controllers facilitate more intuitive interactions, allowing users to reach out and touch virtual worlds with remarkable accuracy. For those who prefer to navigate without controllers, the Direct Touch feature tracks hand gestures, enabling seamless, controller-free exploration.

Vast Library of Apps

With access to a library of over 500 immersive apps, the Meta Quest 3 offers a rich selection of content spanning gaming, fitness, wellness, entertainment, social experiences, and more. Users can easily find and enjoy their favorite activities, making the headset a versatile companion for various interests.

Extended Usage and Comfort

The Meta Quest 3 delivers an average of up to 2.2 hours of usage on a single charge, with the option to extend battery life further using the Battery Saver mode. The included 18W power adapter ensures the headset is quickly and fully charged, ready for your next adventure. The redesigned, slimmer profile and added customization options make for a comfortable fit, allowing users to play what they love for longer periods.

Product Specifications

  • Release date: October 10, 2023
  • Product Dimensions: 4.72 x 4.72 x 4.72 inches
  • Item Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Meta
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Batteries: 1 A battery required (included)
  • Date First Available: September 26, 2023
  • Item model number: NIUJF55

In conclusion, the Meta Quest 3 128GB Mixed Reality Headset represents a significant leap forward in the world of mixed reality technology. With its powerful performance, immersive visuals and audio, intuitive interactions, extensive app library, and enhanced comfort, this headset is set to redefine the way we experience virtual and augmented realities.

Meta Quest 3 128GB Mixed Reality Headset Specification

Specification: Meta Quest 3 128GB Mixed Reality Headset

Release date

October 10, 2023

Product Dimensions

14.11 ounces, 4.72 x 4.72 x 4.72 inches

Type of item


Item model number


Item Weight

14.1 ounces



Country of Origin



1 A batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 26, 2023

Meta Quest 3 128GB Mixed Reality Headset Videos

Meta Quest 3 128GB Mixed Reality Headset Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Meta Quest 3 128GB Mixed Reality Headset

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  1. Damien Alexander

    I’ll get straight to the points.
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

    *The Good*

    Excellent visuals. The graphics are awesome and the VR is so cool. The MR (Mixed Reality) is really cool too. With mixed reality you can setup a DnD table overtop of your own table.

    Large library of Games and Apps. Everything from Classic zombie games in full VR to MR and Zen apps to chill and relax you. Even have Duck hunt VR. Yes, someone made duck hunt in VR.

    The sound and video quality are really good good. Watching movies, anime and TV shows is really fun. It’s like being in a theater without the sticky floors and the “aww snap! Nuh uh and oh hell naw!” Lol.

    Easy to setup and use. Easy to change the head strap if you want a comfier or cushion type one.

    Adding a compatible battery power bank is easy and suggested.

    *The bad*

    Quick battery drain. This is my only real issue. The battery drains pretty quick and even faster when using MR.
    But that can be offset by using a compatible battery power bank or a 20ft USB C cable.

    *The Ugly*

    I can’t say much here. The price for many is pricey ands if you want to play games with your family, they each have to have their own head set. That can get very expensive.
    Unlike a console, you can’t plug in a second controller and just go. Only you can see what’s on your screen. This is definitely more of a solo system or making online friends type system. But if you can afford it, I suggest getting two for a family.

    *Bonus – The Awesome*

    Emulation 😁
    Installing Retro Arch is easy and with 512GBs of room, you can install lots of classic games and play them. I know you can do that on a PC or buy a retro pie, but it looks so cool right on front of you and looking like it’s a movie screen.
    With the help of SideQuest, you can install CX file explorer and then Retro Arch and copy your classic games from you PC to the Quest.

    And lastly for anyone asking or maybe those who don’t have the extra cash after putting out the funds for this device.

    I can’t recommend pirating, but a quick Google search for Meta and the opposite of mother can help you with that problem.

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    El producto llegó a tiempo, aunque en mi caso eso fueron 9 días en total, ojo porque el tiempo estimado de entrega cambia una vez que te confirman la compra por ser un producto vendido por Amazon Estados Unidos. Sin embargo vale la pena.
    Yo lo compré ligeramente más barato por una promoción, te recomiendo que busques el mejor precio ya que este producto comprado directamente en EEUU ronda los 8k MXN para 128gb y 10k para 512gb.
    En cuanto a la entrega todo bien, el producto llega en una caja normal de amazon con apenas dos bolsas de aire para proteger la caja de los quest3, sin embargo en mi caso llegó perfecto, la caja no tenía abolladuras, golpes ni nada por el estilo.
    El producto es el esperado, funciona perfecto, la batería dura realmente muy poco pero eso es algo normal en estos dispositivos. Ahora, si los compras porque esperas aprovechar al máximo el passthrough y esperas la calidad de los AppleVision Pro, te comento que te desepcionará, las cámaras son terribles, la calidad del passthrough es mala mala mala, sin embargo la experiencia de realidad mixta aún así vale mucho la pena. Te recomiendo revisar reseñas profesionales para saber si es el dispositivo adecuado para ti.
    Recomiendo el producto y la compra, amazon es bastante confiable. Habrá que esperar a que nada falle y no tenga que usar la garantía o la devolución. Por ahora llevo un par de días con el dispositivo y estoy contento.

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  3. Elis Antonio

    Bought this for my boyfriend and his reaction was worth 5 stars alone. He uses it every day and only issue we’ve had is that the tracking drifts sometimes but we work at sea and it seems to work perfectly when we’re docked. Bonus: It’s hilarious to watch him play, especially the boxing games, it’s giving “whyyyy I oughtta” 1920s boxer vibes and I’m thoroughly entertained.

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  4. Elis Antonio

    My previous VR device was the original Oculus Rift. You had to use a few USB ports on your PC and setup a zone in one area that the two infrared sensors could see. The motion tracking wasn’t always great, and the headset fogged up quickly. I recently upgraded to the Quest 3 after all these years and wow, VR has come a long way.

    The passthrough allows me to go anywhere in my house and setup a massive boundary at any time. It’s not very clear, but it’s very useable. The videos you see posted of recordings from the headset are much more clear than the physical use of it. Performance wise, it’s incredible. I generally play games directly from the headset and they work flawlessly. The battery life isn’t great, it lasts a couple hours or so depending on what you’re doing, but to be honest I can only use it for max that long as my forehead starts to hurt. Both of these issues can be fixed with a 3rd party battery strap, however I have yet to set mine up. The lenses never fog up, regardless of how strenuous the game I’m playing might be. The audio is very cool, it comes from tiny speakers in the strap of the headset that are funneled towards your ears. The quality is actually quite good and it doesn’t disturb anyone around you much at all.

    As for gaming via Steamlink. I’ve only tried it via wireless as of now, and have a very good router, but it does seem to work well. I have had a couple instances while playing HL Alyx that the quality drops and the movement glitches but generally it’s been very playable.

    Overall, it’s a very worthy upgrade if you are a few generations back, no doubt. Looking back on it, the Quest 2 might have been more than enough for me, but truly the upgraded lenses and the passthrough feature has been excellent and frankly I use it more than I thought I would. Excellent device.

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  5. JC

    O passthrough não é tão perfeito quanto pode se observar em vídeos online, pois a qualidade de gravação é melhor que a original. A imagem na verdade fica um pouco granular, e você vai ter dificuldades de, por exemplo, ler textos pequenos, ou ler a tela do seu computador/celular. Entretanto, você esquece disso ao focar no conteúdo virtual, e a qualidade é suficiente para descer uma escada e pegar uma bebida, por exemplo, sem nenhuma latência.

    Estou utilizando tanto para jogos, quanto como um desktop virtual, com o Immersed para ver as telas do meu PC, e é bem útil. Também é muito bom usar o Bigscreen para assistir filmes, especialmente com amigos que também tenham um VR. Sobre os jogos, é interessante que existem várias opções que rodam direto no VR, sem precisar de um PC.

    Para uso prolongado, recomendo comprar um strap de terceiros, pois o padrão fica desconfortável, colocando muita pressão na sua face. A Aliexpress vende uns bons e baratos. Também recomendo um cabo link que carrega na tomada e transmite dados ao mesmo tempo.

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  6. Damien Alexander

    So, I started with the original Oculus Developer Kit 1, then on to 2, then the consumer Rift, Rift S, Quest 2, and temporarily had a Quest Pro (a great piece of tech, but too expensive..returned in 1 week). We’ve come a long way with Quest 3….

    – The clarity of the new “pancake” lenses are a marvel after dealing for years with the now primitive, Fresnel lenses. No more having to reposition the flipping headset around, over and over just to find that one tiny spot of clarity while their outer area remains blurry. These flat pancake lenses are just super clear all around, from edge to edge.

    – The resolution bump from the Q2 is another nice welcome. The blacks are not jet black like you would find on an OLED screen (like the PlayStation VR2), but that would bring the cost up. When you’re playing games or experiences, you won’t even be thinking about it. Would you rather have fresnel lenses like PS2VR? I don’t think so. In addition to these new features, the fieild of view has widened on Quest 3, another upgrade that makes a difference.
    – The sound is beefier and louder. No more tin can alley like the Q2, and the fantastic spatial sound adds more to the immersion. I went back and played some older games, finding sounds that I’ve never quite heard on Quest 2, which really surprised me. The haptics are also very much improved over the Q2, though not as potent as I would have liked. The Pro controllers are more advanced in this department, as is the PSVR2.

    – The controller wrap around rings over the hands are a thing of the past, and good riddance. These controllers feel great, and track without a hitch. I’m super glad that they are sticking to regular AAA batteries for the controllers. They last a sick amount of time, as opposed to the Quest Pro controllers which are rechargeable. Some people prefer that style, but I prefer having to simply replace batteries and continue playing, rather than waiting for yet another device to recharge Plus, I remember getting overheating warnings with the Pro Controllers, and they never felt warm. If you didn’t put the controllers down for a bit, the warning would not go away. There’s a number of complaints about this odd issue in the Oculus forums. Not sure if they fixed this by now, but I do remember the Oculus mods being dumbfounded by this ordeal.

    The Mixed Reality / Passthrough
    As someone who’s been around the tech industry for over 35 years, this is a new level of entertainment. Mixed Reality puts virtual objects right in your real space. Imagine sitting on your couch, viewing your entire room, while watching a spaceship break through your ceiling and land on your couch. Following that, you’ll view in amazement as alien fuzzballs start breaking apart the walls to your surroundings, trying to get in, while revealing a complete alien landscape as you race to catch those critters with the supplied blaster as they pop in and land on your floor, and furniture! You have to see it to believe it. You’re still in your room, but now all the walls have been blown out. This all works convincingly thanks to the new room scanning feature, which is something right out of the Matrix. You simply walk and look around your room(s) as it automatically detects walls and obstacles during setup.
    How about playing a dungeon crawling board game ON YOUR ACTUAL TABLE, or break into a sweat as zombies smash through your doorways, and climb in from the windows. If that’s too much, then why not set up a giant TV screen that would dwarf the real TV in your room. Dozens of games and apps already have been updated to support mixed reality, so there’s already many things to try out. Every day seems to bring more.

    The beauty of Mixed Reality is that you’re not fully engulfed in Virtual Reality. You’re still seeing all of your real world, but the virtual stuff comes to you! This is a wonderful way to introduce newcomers to VR who may not feel comfortable completely cut off from their surroundings. So, now you can exercise with a virtual trainer, box against a computer opponent in your own living room, or explore your house which can be haunted with ghosts. All this can be done without worrying about kicking your dog, watching if your baby wanders away or smashing your skull into a real TV set. One other advantage, it cuts down the possibility of motion sickness which can be a problem for certain people. The one big complaint about mixed reality – the passthrough is kind of fuzzy, so your real world has kind of a grainy film over it, and when combined with the stunning virtual objects, there’s a stark difference. Good lighting helps the situation, but ultimately, it becomes a non-issue because once your play area is combined with the virtual world, you won’t even be much concerned about the quality; your room becomes the backdrop as your eyes are mainly focused on the virtual parts, leaving the whole mix to be quite convincing, and for this price point, to have this feature? Are you kidding me? It’s amazing!

    Of course, you can alway play in total virtual reality, because that’s still the popular choice for hardcore VR enthusiasts. Speaking of which, I’ve seen many comments on various forums where VR veterans were knocking mixed reality, saying things like “who wants this? I don’t need mixed reality, I will only play in complete Virtual”. After a few days, I already saw a change of heart. Now it’s, “oh wow, I never thought I’d get into this, now I want more!”. Yeah, mixed reality is here to stay and grow.

    The comfort
    Well, here’s where I personally find a negative. The default strap provided with the Meta Quest 3 is similar to the strap on the Quest 2, however, this has a bit more stability, with its adjustable Y-shaped back. It’s one of those things, you try on, and think – oh, this isn’t bad at all, only to find shortly after, either your forehead, cheeks or both feel a bit too much pressure. It’s not as bad as the Quest 2, as the Quest 3, doesn’t protrude as much, due to its new design, but it’s no way good for long play sessions. I simply purchased a 3rd Party Elite-style strap on Amazon.. so mission accomplished there as it’s a very comfortable, halo-style ($37.00) which is the way to go.

    Battery life
    …is still short – around two hours, though some complained it’s even shorter. I tend to use an ultra-long C cable plugged into an Anker power supply and I can go all day, and only take it off if I’m playing something like Beat Saber, or anything else that requires a lot of crazy hand movements.

    Like its predecessor, the Q3 will work with your PC Oculus and Steam VR games, providing you have a powerful PC. With the new resolution, wider FOV and lenses, PCVR games look better than ever!

    Overall – I absolutely love the Quest 3, even my spouse who had no interest in VR was amazed by the mixed reality and now wants one as well.

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  7. Miguel P.

    Óculos perfeito

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