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RELAXYO Bone Conduction BoneTime Description

The RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones: Making Your Music Listening Experience Complete

Stay Connected with Bone Conduction Audio

Listen to crystal-clear music and conversations with this pair of RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones. This unique headphones uses a revolutionary bone conduction audio technology that delivers sound through your cheekbones. Reaching your inner ears directly, you can continue to enjoy music while staying alert to your surroundings. The RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones will be your dependable companion for work, travel, and leisure alike.

Effortless Bluetooth Pairing With Your Devices

The RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones makes it easy to connect with your compatible devices. Use the advanced Bluetooth version 5.3 to pair it quickly and effortlessly with compatible audio gadgets like smartphones and tablets. With Bluetooth’s dual-channel technology, you get to enjoy audio quality of the highest quality, without worrying about a distorted sound.

Modern Design for Maximum Comfort and Stability

RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones comes with a modern, trendy design for a style that matches your daily look. But it does not just offer aesthetic benefits. RELAXYO is designed with maximum comfort and stability in mind. Its lightweight design offers a non-invasive and comfortable fit, providing you with the ability to listen for hours on end without any pain or discomfort. And its adjustable and reliable strap will keep your wireless headphones securely in place, even throughout the course of vigorous activities like running and exercise.

Noise Cancellation Technology for the Ultimate Listening Experience

RELAXYO takes your music listening experience to the next level. These headphones come with a noise cancellation technology that minimizes background noises. Enjoy a more immersive audio experience that is free from distractions and ambiance chatter. Its built-in microphone will make sure you can take phone calls with perfect clarity.

Rechargeable Battery Powerline

The RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones also comes with a rechargeable power source. Enjoy hours of music playback time with its long-lasting battery. You can easily recharge it via any compatible device, so you never have to worry about your music cutting off toward the middle of your favorite tunes.

Simplified Controls For Easy Use

RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones also come with simplified controls for a professional user experience. Switch within various modes to fit your preferences with just one press of a button. Easily adjust music playback and call settings from the control’s integrated touch system.

Spectacular Audio Without the Bulk

RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones offers services of the highest standard without weighing you down. Its low-profile design offers exceptional sound quality without the extra bulk, allowing you to move around freely and without any extra weight. Get the same high sound levels as full-sized headphones without any compromise.

Awesome Design and Features at a Reasonable Price

Don’t miss out on the RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones to get the best of music on the go. With its advanced features, revolutionary design, and reasonable price, say goodbye to conventional headsets. Enjoy a modern music experience today!

FAQs: RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones

  • What does BT stand for?

    BT stands for Bluetooth. It is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data between fixed and mobile devices. Bluetooth 5.3 is an advanced Bluetooth version that allows users to pair their devices quickly and easily.

  • How does the noise cancellation technology work?

    The RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones come with a noise-cancellation feature that minimizes external noise. This feature will help block out ambient noise, limiting distractions for a more immersive listening experience.

  • How long will the battery last?

    The RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones offer long-lasting battery life. Enjoy hours of playback time without having to recharge.

  • What does bone conduction audio technology mean?

    Bone conduction audio technology is a modern sound transmission method that uses the bones of your face and skull to deliver sound straight to your inner ear. The RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones will provide you with a clear and natural audio experience with this type of technology.

  • What are the main features of the RELAXYO Wireless headphones?

    The main features of the RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones include wireless Bluetooth connection, noise cancellation, top-quality audio, adjustable straps, touch control, rechargeable battery, and lightweight design.

Key Features of the RELAXYO Wireless Bone Conduction BT 5.3 Headphones

  • Revolutionary Bone Conduction Audio
  • Effortless Bluetooth 5.3 Pairing
  • Modern Design For Maximum Comfort & Stability
  • Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Rechargeable Battery Powerline
  • Simplified Controls for Easy Use
  • Spectacular Audio Without the Bulk
  • Awesome Design & Features at a Reasonable Price

RELAXYO Bone Conduction BoneTime Specification

Package Dimensions

5.31 x 4.41 x 1.77 inches

Item Weight

4 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

May 11, 2023



Number Of Items


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8 reviews

4.1 out of 5
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  1. Swimminbird

    Picture is size reference alongside Fire TV stick. Left ear gets hot around the 3 hour mark. These handled sweat well while working out but they flop around behind my head which frequently distorts the sound. Very awkward fit but I wore them often around my neck when not in use and never had to worry about losing them. I have a pretty wide head and these still left room to put my hair up and rest the Touchbone on it. One thing that REALLY put me off about them was how they’d vibrate across the Vagus nerve near my temple. They didn’t really bone conduct, more just vibrated continuously against the inner flap of my ear. Tried to do some meetings with them but anyone with a lower voice made them vibrate so hard I couldn’t get to the volume fast enough. Speaking of volume, the controls were solid to the fingertips but clunky to use. I never could get the volume adjustment to work correctly and resorted to using the controls on side of my phone. Often, while trying to change to the next track, I would accidentally hold it too long and it would shutdown. Or I’d hit the button and it’d think I was trying to make a call. Another issue I had was that the mic either didn’t work or doesn’t exist. I looked for a possible firmware update but didn’t find one for these ears. All I know is that everyone on calls said they could BARELY hear me. There were some other things that were annoying but I’m not sure if it was because of the Touchbone OS or my archaic Android phone. I was definitely impressed with the battery size. I could easily wear them all day with constant use and get a solid 8 hours out of them. They also didn’t take very long to charge compared to many. It drove me a bit crazy how the headphones would hold onto my phone like a bad ex when trying to turn them off or disconnect. If I was getting a call and had them on, I’d have to unlock my phone and disconnect my bluetooth manually before accepting the call. Otherwise it would go to the Touchbones and 5 minutes of “hang on a sec, gotta dc my ears” would ensue because no one could hear me properly and the Touchbones would keep hijacking the call. It was not pretty. It would be great if they would actually SHUT OFF reliably and in a somewhat decent way. It felt like I always had to fight with them to change any settings at all. So I could only use these for working out or listening to podcasts. My favorite thing about them was the way the OS anounced triumphantly that it was connected. That cute voice made me smile every time. Sidenote: Next Halloween be SG1 or Secret Service and wear these around your neck because they look a lot like military tech.
    I also didn’t like that it has a charger that is a weird size. It looked so similar to many of the chargers I have, but all were slightly off so I had to mark the cord of this one so I NEVER lose it because if I do, the Touchbones are toast.

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  2. Strange

    these odd little things have good bass for what they are. and good sound quality!!! higher recommend!!!

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    These headphones sound great and work as advertised. You don’t need to stick any speakers in your ears with these headphones. The sound travels through the side of your head as advertised.
    It is easy to charge with a usb C charger.
    This only thing I don’t like issl that the frame that goes over the ear is hard and not adjustable. So for me, after wearing the headphones for about 1.5 to 2 hours, it starts to get a little uncomfortable on the ear. But with that said, I do have big ears as an adult.
    They’re not as light as some of the more expensive headphones, but they are worth the price.
    I do really like then over all and I recommend them, especially if you’re on a budget.

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  4. Swimminbird

    I have had these for sometime now and can offer that these work great! I’ve always had trouble finding ear buds that fit properly, stay in place, etc. But with the bone conducting kind…it’s no longer an issue. Plus, as I was taking a walk in my neighborhood I heard a voice saying that the battery was low and to re-charge. I had enough time to finish my walk without running out of power or continuing to tell me to re-charge all the way home. Great experience with this product!

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  5. Michelle V.

    The charging port! Yes! Thank you! The previous set I had that was recently retired by my Collie pup, had the dumbest concept design for a charging port. It’s was magnetic. It’s was on the inside ear piece and it was LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO USE.

    Fast forward to now:

    I need a cheap and quick replacement. You guys were running a deal and I had decided why not.

    Technically price wise both units original prices were $49(originally $69) then your product $30 (originally $49)

    Not only is the charge port perfect imo but it has held a charge for an entire week. I’m humbly impressed.

    The sound quality is good. Not the loudest but it makes up for it in the mic. I do a lot of social media content and it does have good sound pick up for what it is.

    The set was a little tight but has given way in the week that I have them.

    Overall very good product.

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  6. Jennifer

    ….theyre not adjustable. I knew this when buying them, but geez, theyre so big on my head. Otherwise, the audio is crystal clear.

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  7. kyo m.

    Has a bit of a vibration and shows no way to turn off. No way to adjust fit so it sticks out behind my head and sometimes gets tangled in my hair.

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  8. EliNoodleSoup

    For about 10 hours a day I work around heavy machinery, construction equipment, power tools, and such. So, I bought these to be able to play music but still be aware of loud noises like trucks or falls. They work great. Super loud, but your surroundings arent muted, and you can even use them with earplugs inserted. I like to do this when using loud equipment such as an air compressor or a large saw. Since they don’t obstruct my ears, I tend to just leave them in all day while playing a relaxing soundtrack. They could be a little more comfortable, and I kinda wish the charging port cover hadn’t ripped out so easily but hey it was only $30

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