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Price history
Price history for Shokz OpenMove Bone Conduction Open-Ear Lifestyle/Sport Headphones, Pink, S661-ST-PK-US
Latest updates:
  • $79.95 - December 27, 2023
  • $64.95 - November 30, 2023
  • $54.95 - November 24, 2023
Since: November 24, 2023
  • Highest Price: $79.95 - December 27, 2023
  • Lowest Price: $54.95 - November 24, 2023
Last Amazon price update was: May 17, 2024 16:37
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SHOKZ OpenMove Price comparison

SHOKZ OpenMove Price History


Current Price $79.95 May 17, 2024
Highest Price $79.95 December 27, 2023
Lowest Price $54.95 November 20, 2023
Since November 20, 2023

Last price changes

$79.95 December 27, 2023
$64.95 November 29, 2023
$54.95 November 20, 2023

SHOKZ OpenMove Description

SHOKZ OpenMove Open Ear Bluetooth Sport Headphones – Get All The Music Without Interference

Tired of compromising comfort for quality? Wish you could have a pair of headphones with plenty of bass, while also allowing a level of freedom from control? Then the SHOKZ OpenMove open ear Bluetooth sport headphones are the perfect device for you. The SHOKZ OpenMove technology facilitates superior sound from tiny, discrete speakers, so you can enjoy the music without the bulk of full headphones. And, the Bluetooth technology lets you leave your phone behind, listening to music on the go break and free.

Advanced Speaker Design for Superior Quality

The SHOKZ OpenMove WiFi open ear headphones integrate the latest open ear speaker design, providing a space between the ear and the device. This allows the user to hear their music at a comfortable level with no outside interference from their environment. Closed ear headphones can cause a buildup of ambient noise, ultimately making you raise the volume and causing hearing loss and, over time, stress to your ears. By combining new open ear speaker design and an ergonomic construction, SHOKZ has made it so you can enjoy superior sound in a setup that is overall far more comfortable.

Stay Connected with Wireless Bluetooth Technology

The latest Bluetooth technology allows you to be effortlessly connected to your music, movie or favorite game. The SHOKZ OpenMove open ear Bluetooth sport headphones also support dual device synchronization that allows you to use two devices simultaneously. This support extends beyond your phone to tablets, laptops, desktops and other Bluetooth connections. You can enjoy wireless audio without worrying about a tangled mess of cables.

Lightweight and Ergonomic Design for Comfort and Portability

The SHOKZ OpenMove open ear Bluetooth sport headphones are the perfect combination of lightness and ergonomic design. Constructed of durable material and weighing just 149 grams, the SHOKZ headphones are 40% lighter than conventional headphones. Furthermore, it is designed with a comfortable and perfect fit that stays in place and is adjustable. The overall design of the SHOKZ OpenMove headphones maximizes ease of use while minimizing weight and bulk.

Innovative Controls and Versatile Compatibility

The headphones incorporate a multi-functional button on the left wireless speaker. This multi-functional button functions as play/pause, skip and volume control and control radio reception via phone connection. The headphones also work with all Bluetooth enabled smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc, and comes with a micro-USB to 3.5mm audio cable.

Unparalleled Battery Life

The SHOKZ headset comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery that provides up to eight hours of life on a single charge. This is more than twice the battery life of most headsets in the market. Additionally, the battery is rechargeable via USB. Your SHOKZ OpenMove Bluetooth sport headphones provide you with superior sound quality while ensuring long-lasting durability and longevity.

Protective and Durable Structure

The SHOKZ OpenMove headphones feature a stylish, modern design that comes with a protective and durable outer casing. It is built with a high-quality ABS and PC materials with an anti-scratch finish to ensure the product is immune to rust and corrosion. The advanced 4.1 Bluetooth technology and superior design ensures the SHOKZ deliver superior sound and an amazing listening experience.

Multi-Functional for All Types and Levels of Listening

The SHOKZ OpenMove headphones are perfect for whatever kind of listening you’re doing. Whether you’re using it for working out, hiking, biking, studying or lounging, these headphones deliver superb sound quality. They also come with no cords and are designed for sports, so you can be sure that you’re getting a good sweat without worrying about hitting too many buttons.

Easy Setup and Good Battery Status Indicator Keep You Going

The SHOKZ OpenMove headphones are easy to set up and connect with your favorite device. The built-in battery meter and LED indicators clearly show the current battery status and connection status. This allows you to stay aware of your battery life, so you never need to guess when it’s time to charge.

Price Point and Availability

The SHOKZ OpenMove open ear Bluetooth sport headphones are available at an affordable price point that rivals and beats most similar competitors. With their superb sound, strong battery life and comfortable design, these headphones are a great value. The SHOKZ OpenMove headphones are available from several retailers and online at shopping websites. You can also find special deals and discounts online.


  • Advanced speaker design for superior sound quality
  • Bluetooth technology for wireless integration
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for comfort and portability
  • Innovative controls and versatile compatibility
  • Unparalleled 8-hour battery life
  • Protective and durable structure
  • Multi-functional for all types and levels of listening
  • Easy setup and good battery status indicator
  • Affordable price point with deals and discounts available

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are SHOKZ OpenMove Headphones comfortable?

    Yes, the SHOKZ OpenMove open ear Bluetooth sport headphones feature an ergonomic design with adjustable neckband that fits comfortably around your head without slipping.
  • How long does the battery last?

    The SHOKZ OpenMove headphones feature a built-in rechargeable battery that provides up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge.
  • Does the SHOKZ OpenMove work with all types of devices?
    Yes, it works with all Bluetooth enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc. and comes with a micro-USB to 3.5mm audio cable.
  • Is the sound quality good?
    Yes, the SHOKZ OpenMove headphones are of superior sound quality with the latest open ear speaker design, providing a space between the ear and the device.
  • Do the headphones come with a warranty?
    Yes, SHOKZ provides a 1-year warranty on the SHOKZ OpenMove headphones for any manufacturing or servicing defects.
  • How do I connect the SHOKZ OpenMove headphones?
    Connecting the SHOKZ OpenMove headphones is easy. Turn on the headphones by holding the power button for 3 seconds, and then turn on Bluetooth on your device. Once the SHOKZ OpenMove appears in the Bluetooth options available,tap to pair and select “yes” when asked to confirm.

SHOKZ OpenMove Specification

Product Dimensions

4.8 x 3.94 x 1.81 inches

Item Weight

29 Grams

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

August 31, 2021


Shokz Limited Corporation

Country of Origin


Charging Time

120 minutes


1 Count

Number Of Items


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SHOKZ OpenMove Reviews (9)

9 reviews

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Cliente Amazon

    Cercavo una soluzione per le mie escursioni in bicicletta e questa è la soluzione! Attenzione che ho avuto problemi col collegamento perchè sbagliavo ed accendevo prima le cuffie e dopo l’apparecchio a cui collegarlo invece bisogna fare il contrario: aprire il bluetooth dello telefono o del lettore mp3 e poi accendere le cuffie ed il gioco è fatto! Il suono è buono e l’udito dell’ambietnte esterno resta garantito!
    Il suono è chiaro e cristallino, a confronto di cuffie tradizionali è più carente sui bassi, che credo sia normalissimo per apparecchi di questo tipo.
    Il prezzo è altino, considerando che ci sono apparecchi molto simili a prezzi molto più contenuti, ma non so se hanno la stessa resa.

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  2. Niva Seawright

    Je fais très vite de l’eczéma dans les oreilles, donc c’est le casque idéal.
    Par contre, lorsque l’on est en conversation téléphonique dehors et qu’il y a du vent, notre interlocuteur ne m’entend pas.
    Si vous écoutez de la musique les basses sont inexistantes.
    Cela reste un très bon produit que je recommande

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  3. Niva Seawright

    I haven’t used any bone-conducting headphones before, so this is not a comparison, I don’t know how they rate next to other similar products or others in the Shokz range.

    My verdict: I recommend these headphones. I am glad I got mine.

    • Overall good quality, and accurate to the product description.
    • Decent audio quality (surprisingly). Feels like you’ve got background music for your life.
    • If you don’t have sensitive ears, they’re pretty unnoticeable.
    • They come with a protective carry pouch, and stickers for customisation.
    • Great for calls or music when you need to use earplugs (or any similar in-ear loud noise relief), or when you need to pay attention to your surroundings.

    • The jump between volume notches is massive (a common problem in Bluetooth audio devices).
    • It’s hard to hear at max volume in noisy environments (though earplugs mitigate this).
    • By contrast, the built-in voice/beep is startling & loud.
    • If you have sensitive ears, the way they sit behind your ear + on your face gets uncomfortable over time.

    My thoughts:

    I worried that these were just an overpriced speaker that sits outside your ear, but they’re not like that. It’s genuinely hard to hear unless it is on you, and when it is on you, it’s surprisingly clear. Bone conduction is pretty cool!

    It sounds like having background music akin to a movie or game, where it’s there but you can still very clearly hear everything else around you. Really great for anyone who wants music but needs to remain social/pay attention/listen for potential danger in their surroundings.

    They greet you when you turn them on/pair them/turn them off, and beep when you press any of the buttons. These built-in sounds are REALLY loud compared to my music, oof. I pull them away from my ears a bit before I press buttons. They also suffer from the sadly common Bluetooth audio device problem where the volume jump between notches is massive, and in some situations it can be either too high or too low. Even at max volume, because it’s just vibrating sound against your face, it’s really hard to hear in noisy places like shopping centres or heavy traffic.

    However, you can mitigate that using earplugs or similar. I went to a store yesterday and wore these with my Loops Engage (HIGHLY recommend for people with audio processing issues), and it was amazing; the Loops dulled the noisy background environment, and I could hear my music clearly AND converse with my wife without issue. It was an experience that I just cannot get with other earphones or headphones.

    They don’t slip, slide, or fall. The band at the back can’t be adjusted – for everyday use they sit well, but they’re a little annoying if you’re looking up/down a lot, and difficult to keep in place if you’re lying down or using a head rest. For people with smaller heads, you’ll probably want the (more expensive) version with the smaller band. They’re light enough, and if you don’t have sensitive ears, you can just set-and-forget them.

    People who use eating aids or similar things that need to loop over behind your ears will find them obstructive at best, incompatible at worst. They’re fine for anything else though, like glasses, hats, and masks.

    I have quite sensitive ears and can’t wear earbuds, headphones, masks with ear loops, etc. for more than a couple of hours some days. Some things I noticed:

    – By design (so they don’t fall off), the buds put a gentle pressure on the parts of your head that they’re resting on. It’s not immediately noticeable, but when you wear them for a while it feels like a lot.

    – They’re designed for wear with glasses/masks/etc., but keep in mind that anything that touches them puts pressure on them, which means more pressure on your ear/face.

    – The placement of the main body right behind the ear gets uncomfortable in a similar way to masks with thick/tight ear loops. I find that I’m adjusting it constantly.

    – However, wearing masks with these is WAY more tolerable than wearing masks with over-ear headphones.

    – Being out-of-ear is really great for the parts of my head/ears that get super painful with regular earphones or headphones! My ears also don’t get hot at all.

    I haven’t had enough time with the call/mic features to really comment but they seem decent to me. The mic pics my voice up and as long as I’m in an area where I can hear the Shokz well enough, I can hear the other person well enough. I may update this review if this changes.

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  4. Isabelle Boutin

    Son unos auriculares de conducción ósea que te permiten escuchar música sin tapar tus oídos, lo que te hace más consciente de tu entorno y más seguro al hacer deporte.

    • Ventajas: Son cómodos, no se caen, tienen buena calidad de sonido, tienen una batería de larga duración (6 horas), tienen un micrófono incorporado para llamadas y asistentes de voz, y son fáciles de usar y emparejar.

    • Desventajas: No aíslan el ruido exterior, pueden ser incómodos para algunas personas con gafas o casco y un precio elevado en comparación con otros auriculares inalámbricos.

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  5. ♡~Kayla Lee~☆

    These headphones are great for the multitasker. Since the nodules sit on the outside of your ear and uses bone conduction technologies, it allows you to listen to music/shows but still have better cognizance of your surroundings since you can still hear what is going on around you. If you are looking for noise cancellation, these do not do a very good job but for what I use it for, I still want good sound quality and be able to hear whats going on around me, so the low noise cancellation is perfect. If I do want to drown out sound, I can use my studio headphones. Louder volumes can cause stronger vibrations which can tickle. My only gripes about it are that I hadnt even had it a year and strip that runs along the side where the call button is connected to snapped in several places just from use over time. You can put on a new sticker strip but its only a temporary patch and the battery life does not seem to last as long as it claims. I’ll generally be able to get about 5 hours of continuous play watching a show or listening to music before I get the notice that the battery is low.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Good in terms of sound quality. May improve
    1. The position of control buttons. Too close to ears and need to move every time to adjust volume even
    2. The size of the rim may be made adjustable

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  7. Zach

    I was hesitant to buy these at first because I sometimes have loud machinery nearby. I had previously used headsets that had gummy earplugs in them and that helped dampen the noise of the lour machines and protected my ears. That made them beneficial even if there wasn’t any music/podcast playing.

    My friend. I told my friend that I couldn’t use these because of the loud machines around me. Because he uses them near airplanes, I asked how in the world he could use them. He told me that he just uses normal ear plugs when necessary and that stops the ambient noise while the bone conduction can still do its thing (and sometimes even better due to something that the earplugs do to my ears).

    So, these are great. They don’t have any noise cancellation features but they do become part of you and you don’t notice that they are even there. This model also has an easy button on the side that I can push if my hands are dirty or I am only able to use my shoulder at the moment. It is the answer and play/pause button.

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  8. Mav44

    This review is for SHOKZ OpenMove. I would only consider this one as it uses a standard USB-C charging cable. All the other SHOKZ models have proprietary cables and I hate having to travel and keep up with another cable.

    Uses Standard USB-C charging cable
    Easy to toss on, no fitting down into the ear
    Good for hearing noise around you, cars, bikes, voices, dogs, etc
    Controls are placed well and learning curve is fast
    Good battery life, 6 plus hours
    Very easy to pair with phone

    Audio quality is “ok” sounds a little muffled
    People around you can clearly hear what you are listening to at a medium volume
    Bass and loud music create vibration on the side of your head and can take a bit to get used to
    Outside noise can compete with what you are listening to, especially at lower volumes

    Conclusion – I have owned almost every sport headphone and I would probably buy this one again if lost. Very easy to throw on and use and most of the the time it is more like background music to my activity. I will also purchase an in ear option as well for when I want crisp audio or in a quiet environment and don’t want to share what I am listening to.

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  9. Lavender Tiger

    I have been using bone conduction headphones for a year or so. I, like a lot of people, do not like having something in my ear. My previous pair of bone conduction headphones are from a random manufacturer on Amazon with good reviews and what I hoped would be a bright color. The color wasn’t so bright, but my satisfaction with the headphones was pretty high. I tend to not listen to music on my headphones, but rather books or have telephone conversations. I hoped that a higher end pair would help me hear spoken word better over the traffic noises I often experience when walking my dogs or walking to work in the various cities I travel to frequently.

    I have only had these a few days and haven’t had the opportunity to try walking through city streets listening to audiobooks, but the traffic where I walk on the edges of my suburban neighborhood already indicate I will be able to hear much more with these than my old pair.

    I chose OpenMove over OpenRun or any other Shokz product because of the method of charging rather than the lower cost. I actually kind of wanted the OpenRun line, but the magnetic charging cable turned me off. My OpenMove have a USB-C charging port and its growing universality sold me.

    I can wear these for hours if I choose. I wore them the first day I set them up until the partial (80 percent) charge I gave them ran out. Between a four hour phone call and listening to stories as I did things around the house or walked the dogs I never had the headache feeling I would get from my old pair.

    The worst thing about these is they are a bit too large for my head. I know Shokz makes ‘mini’ versions in the higher end lines. I hope they choose to make them in OpenMove eventually. I would happily give these to a friend with a bigger head and buy myself a new pair that moves around less on my neck. Regardless of them moving around when I lean back against something or just from other activity, the bits beside my ears still enable me to hear whatever I am trying to listen to. They feel like they want to pop out from over my ears which is mostly just slightly annoying.

    Overall, I am ecstatic with this purchase and will recommend them to friends and family.

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