TOMLOV 1000X Error Coin Microscope

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Since December 22, 2023

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$49.99 May 20, 2024
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TOMLOV 1000X Error Coin Microscope Description

Compact and Durable

This TOMLOV 1000X Error Coin Microscope features a 4.3″ LCD screen, compact and durable design for portability and convenience. The inner and outer body is built with premium metal materials, making it sturdy and long-lasting. The microscope can fit into your pocket, giving you the ability to bring it anywhere and anytime you wish. With a 1000X power, it is perfect for viewing the finest details of your coins or other items that need inspection. Additionally, features like the USB port, LED illuminator, 10X eyepiece and digital control knobs allows you to manipulate the zoom, brightness and focus of the image.

View Details with Clarity

The great magnification of the microscope allows you to view coins in exquisite details and with sharp clarity. You would be able to spot any blemishes, letters, fine lines and scratches on the coins, helping you grade and collect them properly. With the 4.3″ LCD, the view captured by the microscope can be seen clearly, making it easier to enhance your collection. With an adjustable metal stand, you can position the coins how you want for viewing, while the digital control knobs allows you to manipulate the zoom, brightness and focus of the image.

High Resolution Photos & Videos

TOMLOV 1000X Error Coin Microscope also has the ability to capture high resolution photos and videos of your coins directly onto the 4.3″ LCD. This feature is extremely useful for collection enthusiasts as it allows them to store and share their collections with others. With the highest resolution in mind, the microscope also allows you to adjust the shutter speed, exposure and white balance in order to ensure the quality of the photos and videos.

Multiple Connectivity Solutions

TOMLOV 1000X Error Coin Microscope comes with multiple connectivity solutions, making it compatible with most computers, tablets and mobile phones. With the connectivity solutions, you are able to share your photos and videos directly onto social media for others to enjoy. Additionally, you can also view your collections from your devices, allowing for further manipulation and analysis of the coins.

– Compact and durable design
– 1000X power magnification
– 4.3″ LCD screen
– USB port, LED illuminator and digital control knobs
– Adjustable metal stand
– Ability to capture high resolution photos and videos of coins
– Compatible with computers, tablets and mobile phones
– Share photos and videos directly onto social media

TOMLOV 1000X Error Coin Microscope Specification

Product Dimensions

9.61 x 7.87 x 3.35 inches

Item Weight

1.7 pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

December 12, 2020



Country of Origin


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TOMLOV 1000X Error Coin Microscope Reviews (13)

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  1. dsk

    I bought this for viewing and photographing coins. For the price this is a well made and good scope – I was, in fact, surprised at how well made it really was! It did have some shortcomings that made it not work for me. Your needs may be different so take my review with a grain of salt. 🙂

    * The lowest magnification is 50X. I did not think about what this really meant before I bought the scope. I was not able to get a coin fully in frame. At the lowest magnification I could probably get about 1/3 of the coin in frame. A very small coin may make it. Since I wanted to photograph the whole coin this was a showstopper for me.

    * It has two different kinds of lights. The microscope LED light and the two flood lights which is good but…

    I found that on shiny coins the scope lights would make bright spots on the coin in a circle. In other words, the light is not diffused. You can dim and turn off the scope light but it still happens unless you turn it so far down you can’t see the coin.

    The flood lamps seem to be diffused and I didn’t see the “spots” but the flood lamps do not have a brightness control. When they are on, they are very bright and while you don’t see bright spots, you do see some serious reflections that wash out the coin somewhat. Moving the lamps doesn’t seem to help too much as you can’t get that sweet spot between illumination and harsh light.

    * The rest of the scope was great. As I said, very well made and sturdy. If you are not using it for shiny objects and don’t mind not being able to get the whole object into frame, it is the scope for you. The sharpness at high magnification is fantastic.

    I hope this has helped!

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  2. Majoros Istvan

    Lo uso per la pulizia di monete,votive,spille trovati con il metal detector,per questa funzione direi che va bene,ottime le 2 luci di supporto direzionabili, buona qualità dell’immagine,vale i soldi spesi

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  3. Commander Dave

    I found it to work as expected. Great! My eyesight isn’t great to view coins. I just slip a coin on the platform and view it easily, I love it!

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  4. dsk

    I will preference my review with my qualifications. I have dual degrees in biology and chemistry. I’m also an amateur astronomer, maintaining many telescopes in an astronomy club. I’ve built telescopes and I own a lab grade, true 1000x microscope. I know a bit about optics.

    First, the claim of any of these digital microscopes of reaching 1000x is marketing nonsense. I own a microscope, and have used others in the lab at 1000x. The multi-lens, Plano objective, required to reach (and resolve an image) at 1000x requires oil immersion with a special oil. My advise to people is usually, when you see a microscope or telescope that advertises high magnification, don’t buy.

    I needed a simple magnification system for jewelry, to see inclusions and hallmarks, without spending a lot. My microscope isn’t the right type for this. I chose the Tomlov because of the gooseneck lamps and many good reviews.

    I’m blown away. First, the maximum usable magnification is possibly around 150-200x (I’ll measure and do the math to add to the review). That’s the magnification I need and most likely more than enough for 99.9% of people.

    I was very surprised at the quality of the images. There’s no vignetting. The image was clear and flat across the entire screen. It was steady, well-lit. I appreciated being able to adjust the brightness of the objective led’s and gooseneck led’s separately. The base is metal and stabilizes the scope.

    The microscope is intuitive. I never looked at the instructions. I screwed the scope into the base, tightened down the retainer, plugged in the usb, and, put my old mine cut (OMC) diamond under it. The colors were true and I could see through it. The whole image was as clear as a bell. I can move the gooseneck lamps to illuminate different angles, which enables me to see jewelry hallmarks, which tell me assay information, like year made, metal purity, city of assay. These marks are tough to see in a loupe and even tougher to photograph. I photographed them easily on my windows computer.

    You simply plug the provided data micro USB cable, into the microscope head and computer, then use the camera app on the computer. If you plug the dual cable into a 5v USB recharger and then into the base, I’ll power both sets of lights. If it doesn’t work, switch to the other mini plug on the dual cable. To use without the computer just use the dual mini USB cable, plugged into the scope and base, then into a 5v USB outlet (or charge).

    The rack and pinion height adjustment is adequate, but needs frequent tightening. The focus adjustment works smoothly. The height and focus stay put after adjustment. The optics easily magnified the inclusions in a sapphire ring that were impossible to see with a 30x lighted loupe. I’ll post photos tomorrow.

    The scope was less than $50. It has features that match many stereo microscopes costing $200. It’s not perfect, but at this price I would have been happy if it it did half as much. It was a pleasant surprise and deserves a 5 stars.

    I’ve updated the review with several photos. The scope is hooked up to the computer. I’ve imaged my 1/2 carat OMC diamond. I took photos at the least magnification, mid magnification, and the highest I could use with good magnification. That circle you see on the highest magnification is through the stone, showing the bottom point (called a cutlet). Over 100 years ago they flattened those points. This diamond has a small cutlet that I’m sure is around 1/4mm. The ring is 18k gold.

    The second set of photos are of a sapphire and diamond ring. I went from least magnified to as much as I could to photograph inclusions in one very small area of the sapphire. All real, natural sapphires (ie. mined and not lab grown) will have inclusions. The photo shows these inclusions, which are too small to really resolve, but for my purposes, is more than enough. It shows that this sapphire is indeed a natural sapphire. The hallmarks are English. They tell me that this ring is 18k gold, that it was assayed in Birmingham, England in 1992.

    If you want a scope to do more than this, than you’ll have to invest in a true geological stereo microscope. A good one will cost anywhere from $500-4000.

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  5. Holly Harrelson

    Fa davvero il suo dovere. Un po’ macchinoso registrare il video, sarebbe stato meglio fare le foto. La luminosità lascia un po’ a desiderare nonostante le due luci aggiuntive posteriori. Ho ovviato al problema mettendo un foglio di carta bianco sul piattino porta oggetti. Nel complesso però è un ottimo prodotto ad un prezzo ridotto, utile soprattutto se si devono identificare insetti (anche molto piccoli) e si ha necessità di osservare determinate parti del corpo.

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  6. Vtrap745

    I bought this product to look through coins for error coins. I am impressed by how clear the image is; I can take photos and videos with it. I can connect and view the pictures through my laptop; I have a Samsung Chrome OS. I haven’t had time to figure it out, but I am satisfied with this product.

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  7. Michael Vassallo

    For the price its pretty good. Its good for someone just starting looking for coin errors. I do wish it could magnify more and not lose quality when you do magnify as much as it will go. But other then that its pretty good. So far its helped me find some cool errors on coins.

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  8. Micahel

    Absolutely perfect! It is unbelievably great and shocking quality for the price. I can zoom in way further than I needed and crystal clear image. Also really helpful features that I didn’t know about like taking real time photos and videos that is dated for you so if you were to be selling an item you can show them when the image was captured

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  9. Michael Vassallo

    I never knew that there were so many different errors on coins. Because I bought this machine I have discovered some amazing errors. I live it.

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  10. Casandra

    Magnifying coins very dependable and satisfying

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  11. Casandra


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  12. Jimmy Larner

    Bought this for my 7 year old niece – also bought a pack of prepared slides to look at but she was fascinated with putting anything under it. Very good resolution. I’m a science teacher and tempted by one for school as you can put quite large objects under it and attach to smart board.

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  13. Psiedoll

    Es ersetzt auf keinen Fall ein Mikroskop, aber für Kinder oder für die Montage von kleinen feinen Sachen ist super.

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