VITURE Pro XR/AR Glasses with HD Display

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VITURE Pro XR/AR Glasses with HD Display Price comparison

VITURE Pro XR/AR Glasses with HD Display Price History

Price History for Pro XR/AR Glasses — 135" 120Hz Full HD UltraClarity Display, HARMAN Sound, Myopia Adjustments,...


Current Price - July 22, 2024
Highest Price $459.00 July 15, 2024
Lowest Price $459.00 July 15, 2024
Since July 15, 2024

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$459.00 July 15, 2024

VITURE Pro XR/AR Glasses with HD Display Description

Welcome to the future of visual technology! The Pro XR/AR Glasses by VITURE are here to revolutionize your viewing experience. With a plethora of cutting-edge features, these glasses are set to become a game-changer in the world of augmented and virtual reality.

Bigger, Better, & Brighter – Experience A Display Like No Other!

Imagine unlocking a private 135” screen, with the vividness of Full HD UltraClarity at a remarkable refresh rate of 120Hz. The Pro XR/AR Glasses boast a peak brightness of 4000 nits, ensuring your visuals are not just seen but truly felt. With perceived brightness higher than 1000 nits, these glasses outshine competitors, providing a fully engrossing visual immersion that is unparalleled in its class. This is 15” bigger than the VITURE One and twice the refresh rate, making it 120% brighter.

UltraClarity With No Blurry Edges

Say goodbye to blurry edges! The Pro XR/AR Glasses offer edge-to-edge clarity, making even the smallest text readable on its giant display. Equipped with anti-glare, anti-ghost, and anti-motion sickness features, these glasses ensure your viewing experience is seamless and comfortable, no matter the content.

Myopia Adjustments on the Latest Micro-OLED Panel for UltraClarity

Are you nearsighted? No problem! The latest Micro-OLED panel comes with built-in myopia adjustments, tailored to provide sharper focus and enhanced comfort. With the VITURE Pro XR Glasses, your viewing experience will be crystal clear, even if you usually struggle with traditional screens.

Next-Gen Tech: Enhanced Electrochromic Film

VITURE brings you the world’s first XR Glasses with electrochromic film, allowing you to block almost 100% of external light with just a touch of a button. Forget about lens shades; enjoy an immersive XR experience like never before! This feature ensures that your visual immersion remains uninterrupted, even in brightly lit environments.

UltraFreedom: Absolute Privacy, Everywhere

Stay fully immersed and truly incognito with the Pro XR/AR Glasses. Thanks to the stunning stereo soundscape engineered in partnership with HARMAN, you can enjoy complete and effortless privacy. The glasses ensure no visible content on the outer lenses and no sound-bleed disturbance, keeping your viewing experience personal and undisturbed.

SGS A+ Highest Eye-Care Certified

The Pro XR/AR Glasses not only offer the highest brightness option in the market but are also certified A+ by SGS, the most premium performance certification. This means they cause less eye strain compared to your phone or traditional screens like computer monitors, allowing for extended use without discomfort.

Mark your calendars! The Pro XR/AR Glasses will be available from May 8, 2024, and are manufactured by the renowned VITURE. Prepare to elevate your visual experience to the next level with these groundbreaking glasses!

VITURE Pro XR/AR Glasses with HD Display Specification

Specification: VITURE Pro XR/AR Glasses with HD Display

Date First Available

May 8, 2024



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VITURE Pro XR/AR Glasses with HD Display Reviews (3)

3 reviews for VITURE Pro XR/AR Glasses with HD Display

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  1. vrgamerdude

    As someone who’s been a long-time fan of VITURE, I was eager to get my hands on the new VITURE Pro XR Glasses, and man lemme tell ya, they did not disappoint! Having owned the original VITURE One’s, I was already used to some great experience but these new Pro glasses take it to a whole new level.

    First off, the clarity and resolution of the new Sony screens is mind-blowing. Everything is super sharp and vibrant, making it feel like you’re in the midst of the action whether you’re gaming or just watching a movie. And those Harman Kardon speakers? Absolute game-changers. The audio quality is finely tuned and rich, making the content your watching feel so much more immersive.

    One major improvement I noticed is the screen edges… gone are the days of annoying blur that took you out of the experience with the first gen glasses. It’s clear that they’ve really listened to the community feedback for this iteration.

    That being said, there’s one tiny gripe: the comfort level. The frames are a bit rigid just like the VITURE One’s, in fact they are identical After a couple of hours, they start to feel a bit uncomfortable. It’s not a dealbreaker, but if you’re planning extended use, just something to keep in mind.

    All things considered, if you’re on the fence about upgrading or diving into the world of XR for the first time, I’d strongly recommend taking the plunge with the VITURE Pro XR Glasses. The improvements over the original VITURE One are substantial, and the overall experience is incredibly immersive. The visual clarity and vibrant screen alone are worth the investment, and the Harman Kardon speakers add a whole other layer of depth to whatever you’re watching or playing.

    Sure, the comfort could be a little better, but for the leap in quality and immersive experience, it’s a minor trade-off. Plus, the minor discomfort can be easily managed with some breaks in between your sessions.

    So, if you’re serious about upgrading your XR setup, the VITURE Pro is a no-brainer. Trust me, once you experience those stunning visuals and pristine audio, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them!

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  2. Tony

    Having owned and loved the original Viture One glasses, I immediately ordered the new upgraded Viture Pro glasses due to the many improvements.

    The Viture Pro glasses are amazing. They are brighter, the screen is larger (135″ vs 120″) and the lenses get darker (I no longer need to wear light blockers). Also the IPD seems to be more compatible at the lower range. For example, my wife and mother have 57 IPD and had double vision using the original One glasses. With the Pro glasses they can see perfectly. My IPD is 63 and everything also looks clear and crisp.

    I use the Viture glasses with my Moto Edge+ 2023 (Ready For), Lenovo Legion Go, Samsung Tab 8 Ultra (Dex), and the Viture Android neckband. All of these devices work beautifully. I love wearing the Pro glasses when I travel or in bed to watch movies while my wife sleeps. I’ve ordered the Mobile Dock Pro to allow us to watch movies together!

    I did an enormous amount of research prior to purchasing XR glasses, and these are without a doubt the best on the market. Viture not only offers excellent hardware and software for their products, but they also offer the best tech support I’ve ever experienced. Viture staff are extremely active and helpful via Reddit, and Discord. The awesome support they provide is well worth the price of the glasses!

    I highly recommend the Viture Pro glasses and accessories. Give them a try, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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  3. vrgamerdude

    I run these to my PC with a Displayport adapter and a USBC female coupler. Figuring the adapter setup out was kind of a pain since there’s quite a bit of variability in their specs, but it was worth it in the end.

    The Pro XRs have radically changed the way I use my computer. The tech is finally good enough for these to be genuinely viable as a screen replacement and they have become my daily drivers, replacing two physical screens with a virtual one (until Spacewalker releases for PC and even more functionality is unlocked). I use it in my bed with Bluetooth peripherals and it is very comfy. The Pro XRs absolutely succeed at what they set out to do, which is to provide a large, high quality, vibrant, and bright floating screen in front of you. Features like the electrochromic lens, 120hz, magnetic cable, and manual focus dials, all are great touches that significantly enhance the experience. Games, movies, productivity, all can be accomplished on these; for entertainment purposes they serve particularly well as a generously sized personal theater screen or gaming monitor.

    Your mileage may vary though as they aren’t perfect. You may find them lacking in terms of comfort or usability due to the narrow IPD. Hopefully future models address this. I also had to fiddle around with and bend nose pieces to get a quality picture, and had even considered returning them before I figured this out.

    In closing: Just a generation or two ago I would say that XR glasses in general were not worth keeping. But the industry has clearly matured since and Viture is looking like the pack leader. They have what is now one of the best XR glasses on the market with the Pros, the best software with Spacewalker, and from what I hear, the best customer support. Future versions of this tech from Viture and other companies will be even more impressive but I believe the Pro XRs are an excellent jump-in point to get a taste of spatial computing. I went in expecting to be underwhelmed and return them, but I’m keeping them.

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