Latest Gucci Belts for Men and Women, All you need to Know!

Are you thinking about purchasing a Gucci belt for yourself or as a present for someone? Today, there are numerous possibilities for these belts to pick from, which makes it challenging to decide which one is best for you. Look deeper into the most crucial factors when purchasing a Gucci belts men and women.

Short Story Of Gucci Belts

Gucci belts have a long history traced back to the brand’s creator, Guccio Gucci. Guccio Gucci was born in Florence, Italy, in 1881 and served as a porter at London’s Savoy Hotel. During this time, the stylish bags of the hotel’s wealthy guests inspired him to start his own leather goods business.

Guccio Gucci came to Florence in 1921 and launched his first business, selling high-quality leather luggage and accessories. His company’s success enabled him to broaden his product line, and in 1933, he developed the first Gucci belts. The leather on these belts was perfect, and they had the brand’s famous double G logo, which is still popular today.

How To Spot A Fake Gucci Belt


Most of the time, Gucci belts come in their original factory bag. This bag is dark brown, and the brand information is clear and without stains.

The Gucci emblem displays a double G (one inverted and the other regular) throughout the length of the bag. A delicate brown string is used to tie the bag.

Gucci prints in gold in the center of the original bag. There should be a “Gucci” label inside the bag. “Italy Made”. Be cautious if the bag is blurry or of low quality, if it is not dark brown, or if the thread appears broken.


The interior bag, like the outside bag, is dark brown, made of cloth, and has a string on the top right. The name is Gucci, written in gold on this bag.


If you buy a Gucci belt from an authorized merchant or brand shop, the receipt will have the Gucci name and address. A lot of the time, you can buy Gucci belts from other people. If you do this, you can also ask for the original ticket. Another excellent technique to ensure you get authentic designer accessories like Gucci belts is to shop only from recognized designer pages that already deal with many famous brands.


We’ll look at the belt when we’ve confirmed the above information.

Remember that Gucci spends time and money to ensure a flawless fit. As a result of strict quality controls, it is doubtful that a genuine Gucci belt would break.

Gucci belt seams are correctly matched and parallel. If we see misaligned or faulty seams, we may be looking at a fake Gucci belt.

The belt and buckle surfaces are clean and free of damage or rips. Once again, this well-known manufacturer’s stringent quality control keeps us from receiving subpar items.


The buckles and straps of Gucci belts are soldered to the belt body. Screws can be seen on the rear of the clip on specific vintage Gucci belts but not others. We are looking at a fake Gucci strap if a hook, anchor, or pin fastens the buckle.


The Gucci sticker is standard and may be seen on the inside surface of authentic Gucci belts. The sticker used to be in the central zone of the strap on older belts, but it is now closer to the buckle on contemporary models.

A serial number and the inscription “Made in Italy” appear on the Gucci sticker. The original Gucci belts have a serial number of 21 digits. Many counterfeit (Chinese) Gucci belts have serial numbers that begin with 1212. The majority of authentic Gucci belts begin with series 223 or 114. The lettering on the sticker is sharp and will not come off.


Gucci belts are not inexpensive; if you come across Gucci belts at meager costs, you should think that you are dealing with a knockoff.

Many Gucci belt imposters exist, many of them from Asian nations, and some of them are exceptionally well constructed but always contain features that we can spot.

Latest Gucci Belts Men

Here are numerous Gucci belts men in India styles to consider for your wardrobe.

1. Gucci Rough Belt:

A Gucci strap for guys made of leather and cloth is a stunning design. The belt’s middle section is comprised of fabric with a leather-stitched border.

 Rough strap

2. Gucci’s Plain Belt:

A simple Gucci belts men‘s design is ideal for your official demeanor. The belt is made of thick leather with a smooth texture and a simple silver buckle with the Gucci brand.

Gucci's Plain Belt

3. Gucci Stripe Belt:

The most excellent mix for Gucci belt men is leather with a fabric center. For casual clothing, the belt features dual leather ends and a middle part in fabric with dual hues.

Stripe Belt

4. Gucci Velvet Belt:

When given a velvety texture on leather, the Blue Gucci strap has a smooth appearance. The belt has the corporate emblem etched on it, as well as a stainless-steel clasp with a matching logo design.

Gucci Velvet Belt

5. White Interlocking Belt:

A White Gucci strap with an interlocking design improves the wearer’s perspective. The regular white belt has brand designs that look like cream and a buckle that looks like cream.

White Interlocking strap


Latest Gucci Belts Women


1. Gucci Belt: Gucci Blondie Wide Belt in Deep Red Suede

This year’s Gucci Love Parade uses a geometric form of the House’s old Interlocking G sign. The logo adds a timeless sense to the design, echoing the Hollywood elegance that inspired the fashion show. Gucci’s MX collection promotes freedom of expression and examines identity norms.; Deep red suede; Shiny gold-toned hardware; Round Interlocking G buckle;2″ width; Made in Italy.

 Blondie Wide Belt in Deep Red Suede

2. Best Autumn-Brown Gucci Belt: Double G Buckle Leather Belt

A belt with a double G buckle made of our unfinished brown fading leather. Faded brown leather with antique brass hardware and a double G buckle dimensions: W 4cm x H 3cm; belt width: 8″; Made in ItalyWear it as a hip or waist belt. Sizing will vary depending on where the belt is worn; please refer to the sizing chart to determine your size.

 Double G Buckle Leather Belt

3. Best Gucci Belt from the 1970s: Thin Belt with G Buckle

This thin leather belt is adorned with a G buckle in the shape of a Gucci design from the 1970s–a signature era of the House that continues to influence its story. Brown leather; gleaming gold-toned hardware; G buckle; 1.2″ width; Made in Italy; Can be used as a hip or waist belt. Sizing will vary depending on where the belt is worn; please refer to the sizing chart to determine your size.

Thin Belt with G Buckle

4. Gucci Belt: GG Marmont Thin Belt

The distinctive monogram distinguishes this broad belt with the Double G. This item, a recognizable Gucci emblem, is featured in white leather with tone-on-tone ceramic hardware. White leather, white brass hardware with a ceramic finish, G buckle with a double G, 3″W x 2.4″H buckle, 1.5″ belt width, Made in Italy. Wear it as a hip or waist belt. Wearing the belt in different places will change the size, so please use the size chart to find your perfect fit.

GG Marmont Thin Belt


5. Gucci Belt: GG Marmont Houndstooth Wide Belt

This houndstooth belt draws influence from multiple eras in the Gucci-verse, with traditional Gold-toned hardware and a houndstooth design that originated in Scotland in the 1800s. This ensemble exemplifies how fashion from different generations may complement various contemporary trends. Wear it with wide-leg trousers and this Balmain velvet green jacket to make this belt stand out.

 GG Marmont Houndstooth Wide Belt

What Factors Influence Gucci Belt Sizing?

The first thing you should do before purchasing a Gucci strap is to learn how Gucci belt sizes are determined. Figure out how long the unique Gucci Double G belt is by measuring the distance between the buckle’s farthest end and the belt’s middle hole. This is a centimeter measurement.

Which Gucci Belt size should I get?

When deciding on the Gucci Belt sizes, consider how you will most likely wear the belt. You will utilize one Gucci belt sizes chart if you intend to wear it on your hips (low rise). If you want to wear it mainly around the waist (high grade), use a Gucci sizing chart one size smaller than your low-rise size.

Low Rise Gucci Belt Sizing Chart

To use the Gucci strap with low-rise jeans (around the hips), compare the size you usually wear in low-rise pants to the table below.

I was wearing a size 00 at the time of purchase; therefore, I ordered the size 70 Gucci strap. I’ve had another kid since then, so my pant size has increased by one, but I can still wear the size 70 quickly.

Low Rise Sizing Chart

High Rise Gucci Belt Sizing Chart

To use the Double G Gucci strap with high-rise jeans (around the waist), order one size down from your low-rise proportions. To get the exact size, follow the high-rise Gucci belt sizes chart below.

High Rise Sizing Chart

Gucci Belt Sizes Chart For Women

It’s reasonable that you’re confused because Gucci belt sizes aren’t always exact. There are numbers on these straps, like “Gucci 65” or “Gucci 80.”What do these figures mean? Let’s delve a bit further into Gucci belt sizes.

Contrary to common opinion, the size of a Gucci strap does not match the whole length of the belt. Gucci 80 belt size implies that the distance between the buckle and the middle hole on the belt is 80 centimeters. Being an Italian company, Gucci naturally uses centimeters to measure belt sizes.

Women’s belts are available in 11-12 sizes according to the area, with the lowest being Gucci 60 and the biggest being Gucci 120. That’s how significant Gucci ties are. Please refer to the Gucci belt sizes chart to get the correct size for your body type.

Gucci Belts Sizes Guide

Belts are a wardrobe staple when it comes to usefulness and design, from simple leather belts to models with recognizable Double G hardware. With our men’s and women’s belt size charts, you can discover the perfect fit.

How Do You Measure?

For Double G models, measure from the outside edge of the buckle to the third hole on the belt strap to determine your size. For regular buckle belts, measure from the beginning of the belt strap to the third hole. Please keep in mind that some belts have five standard holes, and others have three standard holes.

Find Your Size With Measuring Tape 

To achieve the most exact results, use a measuring tape. Place the tape around your hips or waist at the height you want to wear the belt. Check your body dimensions against the size chart to determine the best fit for you. If you wish for an on-the-waist fit, we recommend ordering one size down from your standard size. If you’re in the middle, size up.

Find Your Size With Measuring Tape 

Find Your Size Without Tape Measurement

You may always use the waist measurement of your trousers to determine the size of a Gucci belt. To find the right size Gucci strap on your hips, look at the table below and compare your low-rise pants size to that number. If you have any questions, a Gucci Client Advisor will gladly assist you in determining the correct Gucci belt sizes.

belt sizes for women belt sizes for men



When selecting a Gucci strap, consider how you usually wear the strap. Will you want to wear it around your hips or your waist? Based on this response, you can take measures and refer to the relevant Gucci Belt sizes chart above to decide the ideal size belt for you (a size chart for low-rise and high-rise is available). Remember that if you are in between sizes, it is best to go up one size.

As you know, the Gucci belt price is high, but you can find the Gucci belt cheap in other online shops and retailers.


Does Gucci belt sale ever go on?

No! You have never seen a Gucci belt sale on a Black Friday or a Christmas discount, nor have you seen the Gucci belt price reduced in Bicester Village or another designer outlet because it is a best-selling, current-season product.

Are Gucci belts unisex?

You know, men’s used to be cheaper, but now they’re practically the same, so yes, whereas Gucci belts used to be more geared towards ladies, they are honestly the same, and there’s no price difference anymore!

Are Gucci belts serialised?

Yes. Gucci serial numbers on belts are similar to those on purses, with six digits designating the model. This is how it usually appears:

Gucci Belts are they ever on sale?

In reality, absolutely. Gucci outlet stores provide many Gucci belts for both men and women. Check out our list of US retailers if you’re looking for a cheap Gucci belt.



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