VSGO Full Frame Camera Cleaning Kit

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VSGO Full Frame Camera Cleaning Kit Price History

Price History for VSGO VS-S03E Camera Lens Cleaning Kit 12Pcs 24mm Cleaning Swab and 1Pcs 10ml Sensor Cleaner for...


Current Price $27.99 July 12, 2024
Highest Price $27.99 July 5, 2024
Lowest Price $27.99 July 5, 2024
Since July 5, 2024

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$27.99 July 5, 2024

VSGO Full Frame Camera Cleaning Kit Description

In the ever-evolving world of photography, maintaining the pristine condition of your camera’s sensor is paramount. Dust, smudges, and invisible particles can severely affect the quality of your shots. The VSGO VS-S03E New Full Frame Camera Cleaning Kit is designed to address these issues efficiently and safely.

Perfect Fit for Full Frame Sensors

The VSGO sensor cleaning swabs are meticulously crafted to fit 24mm full-frame sensors perfectly. These swabs are designed to sweep away even the tiniest and most invisible particles, ensuring your camera sensor remains spotless. Whether you own a Sony, Nikon, or Canon full-frame camera, these swabs are compatible and effective.

Ergonomic and Gentle Design

Featuring a special softness design, the swabs come with an ergonomic grip that makes them comfortable to use. The super soft and flexible swab head ensures even pressure distribution across the sensor, eliminating the risk of damage. This careful design ensures that your camera’s sensor is cleaned safely and thoroughly.

Efficient Sensor Cleaning Fluid

The included sensor cleaning fluid is a powerful solution for removing stains. Utilizing the power of ultrapure water, it cleans without leaving any streaks or blemishes. This fluid is safe for all electronics, coated lenses, and screens, providing a versatile cleaning solution for your photography gear.

Comprehensive Cleaning Kit

The VSGO cleaning kit includes:

  • 12 x 24mm Full Frame Sensor Cleaning Swabs
  • 10ml Sensor Cleaning Solution (No Alcohol)

This comprehensive package ensures you have everything you need to maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your camera sensor.

Commitment to Quality

Manufactured by Shanghai Jieyong Technology Co., Ltd., and first available on November 10, 2020, the VSGO Full Frame Camera Cleaning Kit exemplifies quality and reliability. The product is lightweight, with package dimensions of 9.57 x 4.21 x 1.34 inches and a total weight of 3.52 ounces, making it easy to store and transport.

Exceptional Customer Service

VSGO is committed to providing top-notch products and customer service. If you encounter any quality issues with the product, the company encourages you to reach out for immediate assistance, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.


The VSGO VS-S03E New Full Frame Camera Cleaning Kit is an essential accessory for any serious photographer. With its perfect fit, gentle and effective design, and comprehensive cleaning capabilities, this kit ensures your camera sensor remains in optimal condition. Trust VSGO to provide the quality and reliability you need to keep capturing stunning images.

VSGO Full Frame Camera Cleaning Kit Specification

Specification: VSGO Full Frame Camera Cleaning Kit

Package Dimensions

9.57 x 4.21 x 1.34 inches

Item Weight

3.52 ounces

Date First Available

November 10, 2020


Ltd., Shanghai Jieyong Technology Co.

Country of Origin


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VSGO Full Frame Camera Cleaning Kit Reviews (13)

13 reviews for VSGO Full Frame Camera Cleaning Kit

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  1. Massimo Marotta

    I cleaned my Nikon d850 sensor easily with it at home in just five minutes …

    It’s a blessing and very cheap as compared to service centre charges

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  2. Bryan W. Steffy

    My cameras see a lot of action, from red carpets to concerts, to remote area landscapes to studio work my cameras are used regularly and in not-so-great environments. I change lenses a lot too. Needless to say I have had to clean the sensores a lot. From (L-R) in the photos are this VSGO full sensor kit ($23.99), the Eclipse optical solution and swabs ($100) I bought maybe 15 years ago, for that price it better last 15 years and the delkin swabs ($20) I bought a while back. Now the eclipse swabs you can see are a material wrapped around a plastic stick held on with a rubber band. The swab seams barbaric in comparison with the others. The delkin is basically the same thing minus the rubber band and having dual ends. The VSGO is by far the more refined product. I use a lit loupe to be able to see my sensors to make sure they’re clean and undamaged and after using the eclipse with their swabs or the delkin swabs I would see streaks on the sensors and would have to swipe it multiple times to rid not only dust but the streaks. It’s been that way from the time I bought it, I figured that was just a thing with it and people I talked to who also used it confirmed this. So I let it go. But I recently thought maybe tech had changed and there might be superior products out there. This VSGO is a superior product and superior cleaning ability a superior price and all around better product than the others I have used. I like that the swabs are in a vacuum sealed individual pouch. The delkin is just in a remedial bag and the eclipse came loose held together with a rubber band. When I cleaned my sensors just now, I used hand blowers to remove the big stuff then ran the cleaner and the swab across the sensors in one direction 3 times then blew off with a hand blower again and looked through the loop. No dust. No streaks. No little hairs or fuzz. Just a wonderful clean sensor. Very nice. Will be buying this again and he buying a second kit to go in my travel cases.

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  3. Jeff Hechter

    I used to use blower, sensor brush and SensorKlear to clean the sensor. These methods can be effective on dry dust but may not be adequate on stubborn spots and wet method is the way to go.

    The VSGO swab and cleaning fluid is fairly easy, safe and effective to use. However, the cleaning fluid bottle could be better designed as it can be hard to see/control the drops. Swab being too wet will cause streaks on the sensor.

    My camera sensor had a tough spot (more of a short streak) and a regular two passes (with some pressure as the sensor is not stabilized/suspended) didn’t remove it. Instead of using a new swab, I reuse the current one, two passes and the spot (could be oil from shutter as it’s near the top edge?) was still there. I ended up using a bit extra cleaning fluid and focused cleaning just in that area, let the swab dry a bit then followed with the recommended left to right, then right to left sweeping. I probably used the same swab 5-6 times and it finally left me a spotless sensor.

    If you are cleaning one sensor and the first two passes doesn’t give you good result, it appears to be safe and effective to use the same swab again. I would use a blower to get rid of possible contamination on the tip before sweeping the sensor again. Otherwise, I would be left with half box of swabs after just one sensor cleaning.

    If you see visible streaks on the sensor due to too much cleaning fluid on the swab, let the swab dry for half minute then try two passes again. If you see less streaks, repeat the previous step (may be more than once) and you should end up with a sensor with no streaks at all. No need to use a new dry swab as the dry one may not completely remove the streaks.

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  4. Anand

    I would highly recommend this kit.

    I tried a cheaper kit but the solution left streaks, this one worked perfectly.

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  5. Ganesh Y

    I inititially wouldn’t trust any Amazon sensor cleaner for my Z7ii, since any damage to that sensor will show up in pictures, but I am pleasantly surprised.
    1 star for ease of use because THIS IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN PICK UP AND USE. There is a technique to avoid damaging the sensor.
    Apply pressure thru the plastic, by bending the stick about 30 degrees. Slow, continuous motions are best for this.

    I worked in a photoshop where I did these procedures every other week, and as such, I am familiar with the process and know what and what not to do.
    If you are NOT comfortable with touching your sensor, DO NOT BUY THIS. Go see a professional.
    if you ARE comfortable with touching your sensor, the economies that you will be doing will be more than worth it. The kit is half the price of what we would charge for a single cleaning.

    One thing that is to be improved by the company is the dropped. Whoever thought that it was a good idea to not have a standard dropper never used this.
    I will be buying more in the future once my stock runs out. This is 6 stars for value!

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  6. Amazon Shopper

    Easy to use and plenty of cleaning sticks.

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  7. Samantha Cazola

    Cleaning the sensor was quick and easy. I cleaned my A7RV and A7CR sensors cameras and the results were great. It takes less than a minute to clean the sensor.

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  8. masood ahmed

    these work great, they’re easy to use and leave no residue. I originally purchased the cheaper cleaning kit I found on amazon for around $12. do those work? yes they do BUT I found that they leave residue. initially the sensor looks clean and the solution dries showing no residue INITIALLY but when I would inspect the sensor later there was these ugly streaks that really annoyed me. they were there with and without use of the cleaning solution so I believe it was the swabs that left the residue. I used almost all the swabs in that kit to try and absorb whatever was on my sensor but it kept showing back up. I ended up purchasing this more expensive kit out of frustration with the cheaper kit. on my first attempt with this kit and the included solution my sensor is back to normal. I waited to inspect the sensor to see if the residue would show back up and nothing, just a clean sensor. I am very happy with this kit. save yourself the trouble I went through, don’t buy cheap. buy the expensive cleaning kit for your camera its at a premium for a reason. IT WORKS! $4,000 camera deserves a good cleaning kit.

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  9. Dylan

    The media could not be loaded.

     Value for money
    Works perfectly fine 👍🏻

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  10. S. Gmirek

    Instructions and use were great. Easy to use and cleaned my sensor of a smudge.

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  11. Russell Robinson

    Somehow my camera’s sensor got a bunch of spots on it. Watched a few YouTube videos on sensor cleaning. Bought this kit–followed the instructions–and sensor is like brand new again. No more spots.

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  12. Bryan W. Steffy

    I used the VSGO ,full frame sensor cleaning kit ,for cleaning the sensor of my canon EOS 1 DX.I was a bit reluctant to do this job on my own ,but after using this kit I found this process to be very easy and safe. VSGO is a high quality product available at a very competitive price .
    I highly recommend VSGO to anyone who is looking for a digital sensor cleaning kit.

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  13. J. Kenny

    Used this product to clean the full frame sensor of a DSLR. Worked great the first time. Also used it to clean the outside of the focusing screen.

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