Western Digital 8TB WD Blue HDD

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Price history for WD 8TB Hard Drive Internal HDD 5640 RPM 128MB Cache 3.5"
Latest updates:
  • $149.99 - July 20, 2024
  • $119.99 - July 17, 2024
  • $149.99 - July 5, 2024
Since: July 5, 2024
  • Highest Price: $149.99 - July 5, 2024
  • Lowest Price: $119.99 - July 17, 2024
Last Amazon price update was: July 19, 2024 17:44
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Western Digital 8TB WD Blue HDD Price History

Price History for Western Digital 8TB WD Blue PC Internal Hard Drive HDD - 5640 RPM, SATA 6 Gb/s, 256 MB Cache,...


Current Price $114.99 July 19, 2024
Highest Price $114.99 July 19, 2024
Lowest Price $114.07 July 15, 2024
Since July 15, 2024

Last price changes

$114.99 July 19, 2024
$114.07 July 15, 2024

Western Digital 8TB WD Blue HDD Description

For those in need of reliable everyday computing storage, Western Digital offers the 8TB WD Blue PC Internal Hard Drive HDD. This high-capacity hard drive is designed to meet the needs of home users, professionals, and gamers alike, ensuring efficient performance and ample space for all your data storage needs.

Uncompromising Storage Capacity

With up to 8TB of storage capacity, the Western Digital WD Blue HDD boasts an impressive amount of space. Whether you need to store large volumes of multimedia files, games, or important documents, this hard drive provides a dependable solution. Note that the actual user capacity may be less depending on the operating environment, as 1TB equals 1 trillion bytes.

Performance and Reliability

The WD Blue HDD operates at a rotational speed of 5640 RPM and utilizes a SATA 6 Gb/s interface, ensuring quick access to your data and efficient file transfers. It also comes equipped with a 256 MB cache, enhancing its performance for everyday computing tasks.

Western Digital is known for its quality and reliability, and the WD Blue HDD is no exception. It is designed to provide long-lasting performance and comes with a 2-year limited warranty. For regional specific warranty details, users are encouraged to visit the official Western Digital website.

Additional Features

One of the standout features of the WD Blue HDD is the inclusion of free Acronis True Image WD Edition cloning software. This software makes it easy to clone your existing hard drive, ensuring a seamless transition to your new storage solution.

The weight of the hard drive is approximately 1.65 pounds, and its dimensions are 11.81 x 11.81 x 11.81 inches, making it a standard 3.5″ form factor that fits most desktop computers.


The Western Digital 8TB WD Blue PC Internal Hard Drive HDD is a robust and reliable choice for anyone in need of substantial storage capacity. With its impressive features and the backing of Western Digital’s reputable quality, this hard drive is an excellent investment for your data storage needs.

For more information and to check the latest availability, visit the official Western Digital website.

Western Digital 8TB WD Blue HDD Specification

Specification: Western Digital 8TB WD Blue HDD

Hard Drive

‎8 TB Mechanical Hard Disk


‎Western Digital


‎WD Blue HDD

Item model number


Item Weight

‎1.65 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎11.81 x 11.81 x 11.81 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎11.81 x 11.81 x 11.81 inches



Hard Drive Interface

‎Serial ATA-600

Hard Drive Rotational Speed

‎5640 RPM

Power Source

‎Battery Powered


Inc, ‎Western Digital Technologies



Date First Available

‎November 22, 2023

Western Digital 8TB WD Blue HDD Videos

Western Digital 8TB WD Blue HDD Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Western Digital 8TB WD Blue HDD

4.6 out of 5
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  1. elvisolive

    Produto de alta qualidade

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  2. elvisolive

    Always had good luck with WD drives, and so far this one is no different. Drive is CMR and not SMR recording technology, which is the main reason for buying this model.
    Is it whisper quiet? No, but it isn’t what I’d call “noisy” either.
    Happy with this drive.

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  3. m6502

    After upgrading my desktop PC with the Western Digital 1TB WD Blue internal hard drive, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in both performance and reliability. Installation was straightforward, and the drive was up and running within minutes, which is a big plus for someone who isn’t very tech-savvy.

    Performance: The 7200 RPM speed and the 64 MB cache make this hard drive quite responsive. I primarily use my PC for office applications and browsing the web, and I must say, the drive handles these tasks effortlessly without any lag.

    Durability: The no-touch ramp load technology that Western Digital boasts about really seems to make a difference. I’ve had to relocate my PC a couple of times since the installation, and it’s comforting to know that the drive is designed to withstand such moves without risking damage to the drive’s recording head or media.

    Compatibility: I was initially concerned about compatibility issues, but the hard drive worked seamlessly with my Windows 10 system. It’s reassuring to know that this drive has been tested across a multitude of systems and platforms.

    Energy Efficiency: Another feature that stands out is the advanced power management. It’s good to see that my PC isn’t using excessive power, which should help with electricity costs in the long run.

    Conclusion: If you’re looking for a reliable hard drive that offers good performance and energy efficiency, the Western Digital 1TB WD Blue is an excellent choice. It’s suited for anyone who needs a dependable storage solution without the complications of a difficult setup or compatibility issues. Highly recommended!

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  4. francis a benning jr

    I searched for a 2.5″ SATA drive and amazon slipped this on in the results. Stupid me bought it and had to return it. Amazon is becoming like ebay where if you search for something you will never find it because it will be buried in 2000 unrelated responses. Like ebay I may stop using amazon too.


    I have used this brand and model many times. Great drives. Quiet and more dependable than the newer SSD drives everyone tries to sell you. SSD’s are great for speed but the dependability is about on par with 1980’s disk drives.

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  5. BR Evans

    I have purchased five of these in the past ten years. All have been pretty good.

    Used the first two in a RAID 1 array in a desktop PC. Ran them for eight years and replaced them before they failed as a precaution. Kept the old drives as emergency replacements.

    Ran the next two for three years and one of them just failed. Replaced it and am hoping the new drive lasts into late 2025 when I plan to upgrade my PC.

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  6. uncle-buck

    no lo compren me sorprende que lo envíen asi , igual le di una oportunidad pero me arrepiento de eso lo uso como disco de respaldo a veces es estable pero ahí ocasiones que hace un ruido y la computadora no lo detecta y tengo que reiniciar la computadora para que lo haga pero son varia veces eso lo espero de un disco viejo no de uno nuevo que acabo de comprar evítense las molestias por que veo no creo que sea nuevo seguro son reconstruidos y no tengo problemas con eso pero háganlo bien y sean honestos por que nuevo no es

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  7. m6502

    I gave this drive to someone as a gift, and they’ve been using it for backups for 10 months without issue.
    My review is based on another unit of this drive which I bought for myself some months later. I’ve been using it as my primary desktop OS/programs drive since 5/29/2014, so it’s about 5 months now. There have been no problems thus far. It’s really quite a bargain for desktop use if 1TB is all you need.
    The actual capacity of this drive is 931.5GB. That’s an old marketing trick which can be blamed for the pointless redefinition of all our real, long established data measurements with those silly “i” characters. I won’t dwell on it any further, but 931GB is the true capacity when measured in base 2, as all data is correctly measured.

    This 1TB Blue drive uses a single 1TB platter spinning at 7200rpm. There are 2 heads (each side is 500GB).
    A single platter design is usually better for reliability than having multiple smaller platters, because there are fewer points of failure, the assembly is lighter, the motor doesn’t have to work as hard, and less heat is generated.
    Single platter drives will also tend to be quieter, but due to my configuration I can’t judge the noise level.

    There has been much discussion and testing among users in online forums, including WD’s forum, which repeatedly show that the 1TB Blue and 1TB Black perform the same. It appears the only benefit of the 1TB Black is a longer warranty. Some Blacks are faster than this drive, but the 1TB model is not.
    Compared to a Green, the Blue is faster owing to it’s faster rotation speed. The Green drives also have an “intellipark” feature which causes them to keep parking the heads after a few seconds of inactivity. This can cause laggy response and extra wear. I dislike that design – I believe power management functions should be left under the control of the operating system, which can account for user preferences and what is happening in the rest of the system. Hardcoding this behavior into the drive is ridiculous, in my opinion. The Blue behaves the way I prefer – it does not use “intellipark”, it stays ready to roll until directed otherwise through power management commands from the OS.

    I wish they were making the Blue series in larger sizes – it seems this 1TB is the end of the line. I don’t care for the Greens and the Blacks are more expensive.

    Partition/Sector Alignment
    Please be aware that like most modern drives, this drive uses 4KB sectors (also known as “advanced format”). If you are using Windows 2003, Windows XP or older, as I am, don’t let Windows handle the partitioning of this drive. This is even an issue on unpatched versions of Vista and Windows 7. These older versions of Windows will believe that the physical sectors are 512 bytes, when in reality they are 4KB. As a result, the partition(s) will not be aligned with the physical sectors. It will still work, but performance will be reduced.
    Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP and older do not have any update to fix this, but it’s not a problem as long as you do the partitioning with a suitable 3rd party utility. I think Western Digital offers a tool for this, but I’ve never tried it. Once the partitions are set, it’s fine to let Windows format them.
    For my Windows XP install, I used a recent version of GParted to partition the drive. GParted can be downloaded and burned to a bootable CD, or installed to a USB flash drive. Just use the option to align your partition(s) on 1MB boundaries. This is the easy way to ensure they are aligned correctly for the best performance. Then boot your WinXP install disc and let it format the partition that you already created. It sounds harder than it is, it’s a minor hassle but it’s simple.
    If you ever change the partitions, once again use GParted or a similar utility that handles alignment for modern hard disks. Don’t use the built-in XP partitioning. But again, once the partitions are created, it’s fine to let Windows format them.

    The built-in partitioning is fixed in Windows 8.
    According to Microsoft, it is fixed in Windows 7 after installing Service Pack 1 – you would need to have that service pack before partitioning the drive, not after.
    Again according to Microsoft, it is also fixed in Windows Vista *after* installing update MS KB 2553708 – I assume this is automatically installed for people who use automatic updates, but I don’t know that for a fact. This won’t do you any good if you’re doing a fresh install and your install disc predates the required update.

    The partition alignment detail I’ve described above is an issue you will encounter with any recent hard drive, it’s not unique to this model. If you ignore it, performance will be affected but it will still work. You may see Seagate drives implying that they are immune from this, but in reality, they are not. All modern “advanced format” drives, of any brand, will perform better if sectors are properly aligned. But it’s not a big deal – just use a modern partitioning utility and then you’re set.

    I just tested this drive using “Roadkil’s Disk Speed” on Windows XP 32-bit. I’ll cut out all the variables and just give the linear transfer results with large block sizes. My drive has a few partitions and there are lots of files on it, so this might affect results.
    First partition (first 20GB): 170-178MB/sec linear read
    3rd partition (physical location range is from 28-628GB): 153-177MB/sec linear read
    Last 300GB is unpartitioned so I can’t test that range.
    I don’t think the random access test is useful, because my partitioning greatly influences the result.
    There’s a test mode for the whole physical disk, but it’s results are too inconsistent.

    This drive is a great bargain if you just need a simple, inexpensive, well performing 7200rpm hard disk. I was tempted to try a Seagate SSHD, but I couldn’t justify the cost compared to this. If I was shopping today, I’d look carefully at the HGST and Toshiba offerings as well, but from the WD side this is my pick for a general purpose 1TB desktop drive.

    Update: It is now 11/2015. This drive is in my desktop PC, used daily, and still works fine.
    Some months ago I ran a benchmark on this drive using the linux utility “gnome-disks”. The random access performance measured out to a 15.7ms average. This is mediocre, but expected from a quiet drive. Screenshot is attached. It also shows the transfer rate across the disk (read test only, I didn’t test writes).

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  8. André Raymond

    Chegou bem antes do previsto e muito bem embalado. Produto já testado e funcionando perfeitamente.

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  9. luis angel

    Western Digital 4TB WD Blue, I use for storage, I already have same in 2TB size, after over 4 years, no issues, fast, great storage medium.

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