Yayabb 2024 WiFi Extender Signal Booster, 13880 sq.ft Coverage

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Yayabb 2024 WiFi Extender Signal Booster, 13880 sq.ft Coverage
Yayabb 2024 WiFi Extender Signal Booster, 13880 sq.ft Coverage

Original price was: $79.99.Current price is: $49.99.

Yayabb 2024 WiFi Extender Signal Booster, 13880 sq.ft Coverage Price History

Price History for 2024 New WiFi Extender,WiFi Extenders Signal Booster for Home,Cover up to 13880 sq.ft & 108...


Current Price $26.99 July 15, 2024
Highest Price $26.99 July 7, 2024
Lowest Price $26.99 July 7, 2024
Since July 7, 2024

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$26.99 July 7, 2024

Yayabb 2024 WiFi Extender Signal Booster, 13880 sq.ft Coverage Description

  • 【WiFi Extenders Signal Booster for Home】The 2024 New WiFi Extender Signal Booster with Dual Band Technology. Up to 300 Mbps in the 2.4GHz band and 867-1200 Mbps in the 5.8Ghz band to minimize data loss. A network booster improves coverage and gives you a stable signal. Creates a stable network environment for transferring large digital files, videos and online games. (Note: All Wi-Fi extenders are designed to increase or improve Wi-Fi coverage, not directly increase speed).
  • 【Internet Extender WIFI Booster and Signal Booster 360° Full Coverage】The 2024 New Upgraded WIFI Extender better extends your existing wireless signal to hard-to-reach areas, covering up to 13,880 square feet and eliminating WiFi blind spots. It penetrates obstacles such as floors and concrete walls to extend your wireless network to every corner of your home, including the backyard, garage, balcony and more.
  • 【Wifi Extender/AP mode and Ethernet port】Wifi Repeater Mode is used to extend the Wi-Fi coverage of your existing wireless network.The WiFi Extender has 2 Ethernet ports for connecting any wired Ethernet device, such as smart TVs, printers and other wired devices. Connect to powerful WiFi via the Ethernet ports for enhanced performance: uninterrupted fast Internet for your home devices.
  • 【WIFI Extender Signal Booster Location and Secure Network Access Protocols】The 2024 New WIFI Extender uses a bionic encryption module processor to provide the latest WEP / WPA / WPA2 security protocols for additional security and privacy features. Find the best location for the WIFI booster based on the signal indicator lights. Three indicator lights indicate a strong signal and two indicator lights indicate an average signal. (Move it closer to the router or reset the wifi extender when it is too far from the main router).
  • 【Universal compatibility and easy setup】The signal booster is compliant with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11ac standard protocols and is compatible with most wireless networking devices, routers and Wi-Fi devices can easily connect to most brands of routers and access points. It can be set up by pressing the WPS button. It can also be set up on almost any device via browser website ( on Windows / Android / iOS mobile platforms.

Yayabb 2024 WiFi Extender Signal Booster, 13880 sq.ft Coverage Specification

Specification: Yayabb 2024 WiFi Extender Signal Booster, 13880 sq.ft Coverage

Product Dimensions

0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches

Item Weight

‎5.6 ounces

Date First Available

May 6, 2024



Yayabb 2024 WiFi Extender Signal Booster, 13880 sq.ft Coverage Videos

Yayabb 2024 WiFi Extender Signal Booster, 13880 sq.ft Coverage Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Yayabb 2024 WiFi Extender Signal Booster, 13880 sq.ft Coverage

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  1. Yong C.

    Super easy to set up and I put it in my shop which is 60’ from the house, probably 80’-90’ from the router and I have full WiFi in the shop now. I just hooked it up so don’t know long term but if it keeps working like this than it is well worth the money.

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  2. Bryan L.

    Over the last couple of years, it seems the major studios have taken the hint from Criterion and decided to release the kind of “special edition” discs they made famous. As a proud owner of the Criterion release of Silence of the Lambs, I almost passed on this one. But I had a feeling about it, since it sports a new Hi-Definition, anamorphic transfer and Dolby 5.1 sound, as well as a new documentary and its own collection of deleted scenes. I was not disappointed by the purchase. While it is missing the wonderful Criterion commentary track, the documentary is surprisingly good; the deleted scenes – one in particular with Hopkins doing a surreal monologue about what makes a serial-killer tick – are quite illuminating. The picture looks great. The sound has greater definition, too – I can actually hear nuances in the orchestration of Howard Shore’s moody background score that are simply lost in the Criterion release. As for the film itself – by now, everyone knows that it’s a Campbell-esque “hero’s journey” dressed up as a gothic horror/suspense yarn. Unusually, the hero is a woman – FBI agent trainee Clarice Starling (played by the deservedly Oscar-winning Jodie Foster). Her humanity is played against the rather baroque extremes of self-loathing serial killer Jame Gumb (Ted Levine), who kills women and skins them to make himself a “girl suit” and escape his identity. It is a meditation on institutional sexism as much as anything else, as Clarice must fight the continued “little woman” stereotyping and perverted leering of her almost exclusively male coworkers. The subtext rather uncomfortably reminds us that the serial killer’s behavior is really just an extreme version of what often passes as normal “boys will be boys” behavior in the “real” world. In this respect, Silence of the Lambs is, paradoxically, a very feminist film about men who destroy women because they – again, paradoxically – hate their own male-ness and see it as a fraud. Except for Dr. Hannibal Lecter (the brilliant, also Oscar-winning Anthony Hopkins). He does not hate women any more or less than men. He hates rudeness, and is an equal-opportunity killer. The grim joke is that he is the most civilized and humane male character in the film: he treats Clarice with courtesy and respect. Hannibal is like the Shadow Self inside all of us – that vampiric character who stands at the end of the long, dark hallway of our nightmares, the one with the quiet, insinuating, evil voice. In Thomas Harris’ novel of Hannibal, he becomes Clarice’s shadow in an almost literal sense, and she learns to embrace him. But we can’t have that in the movies, so Silence of the Lambs restricts its focus to the mythic/heroic aspect of the story, which ends up working very well, if it also ends up lacking a certain edginess or depth present in the novels. I would recommend buying this disc along with Hannibal, then watching the two films one right after the other, to get the full effect. Thomas Harris, in his novels, did not want us to get so hung up on Clarice as a hero that we missed the bigger picture about the seduction, corruption, and eventual purification of the human soul. Both films of his Clarice Starling books aim a lot lower, but they do manage to hit their somewhat reduced targets.

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  3. Brian

    Silence of the Lambs is a timeless classic that still captivates and chills. I’ve seen many thrillers, but few match this film’s brilliance. Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins are awesome.
    Tge movie balances suspense and horror perfectly. The story is engaging, and the atmosphere is haunting. Even after multiple viewings, the film remains surprising and unsettling.

    Overall, The Silence of the Lambs is a must see thriller that stands the test of time, making it a must-watch classic. Highly recommended! Then go rent tge others in the series, including red dragon.

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  4. Roussel Thierry

    Quick delivery. Good quality print and sound is good .

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  5. Akshar

    Image et son de qualité, dans l’éternelle infériorité audio des V.F…

    Image de qualité alors qu’il y a pas mal de scènes en milieu obscur..
    Bien supérieur a un passage TV…

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  6. Xuan

    Absolutely fantastic WiFi extender! This little device has transformed my home network. Setup was a breeze, taking just a few minutes to get up and running. Now, I enjoy strong, stable WiFi signals in every corner of my house, even in areas where it used to be weak or non-existent. Streaming movies, gaming, and video calls are now a pleasure, with no more buffering or dropouts. The compact design is also a plus, as it doesn’t take up much space and blends seamlessly into my home decor. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this WiFi extender. Five stars all the way!

    Moreover, the signal strength remains consistently strong, even with multiple devices connected simultaneously. It’s truly remarkable how much of a difference this extender has made in improving the overall reliability and speed of my internet connection. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their WiFi experience at home.

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  7. Irving


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  8. sakura lin

    Since the range of my wifi isn’t very great I got this product for my office. Super easy to install, connected to my network in seconds and perfect size for my socket. Definitely recommend for individual who has bad wifi reach in their room!

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  9. Brian

    The extender acts like a hot spot. It receives the WiFi and creates its own WiFi signal, so you can use either. I was able to set it up less than 5 minutes. I was having trouble getting my new wireless printer to print wirelessly. It would connect to my phone and my laptop but never print. I ended up bringing my priter downstairs and set it up next to my router and it finally worked. So I ended up getting this extender to see if I could use my printer in my office, instead of having it in my living room. Once we got it set up, I tested out my printer and it prints.It performs as expected . I can now use my printer in a room I couldn’t use it in previously. It doesn’t affect anything else in our house. All other devices are still connected to the main router and only the printer is connected to the extender. Happy with this item.

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  10. Jason A Owens

    Non it hophkins foster cosa dire mito

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  11. Wing J. Flanagan

    muy buena relación calidad precio, idiomas básico Ingles y Español Audio y Subtitulos

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  12. sakura lin

    I really liked this product it worked perfectly before my wifi did not reach by the street infant of my house but with the help of this now I can use my wifi smoothly in the front and in the backyard without any problems

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  13. Xuan

    I’ve been really impressed with this Wi-Fi extender so far. It was relatively easy to set up after using the WPS option and it created both a 2.4 and 5 GHz Network. I have the main router on the middle level of my house and put this upstairs and immediately it created a extremely strong Network for me to connect to. It’s important to remember that because this is a Wi-Fi extender, the speed is nowhere near as fast as the router, but something like this would be perfect for extending the internet into a garage or even a backyard.

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