BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Pet Carpet Cleaner

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BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Pet Carpet Cleaner
BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Pet Carpet Cleaner


BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Pet Carpet Cleaner Price History


Current Price $60.83 May 16, 2024
Highest Price $60.83 January 25, 2024
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BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Pet Carpet Cleaner Description

Machine Technology

The BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Carpet Cleaner is designed to make your cleaning easier and faster! Its powerful suction and innovative 360-degree rotating brushes work together to remove dirt and stains from carpet and other floor surfaces – tackling those hard-to-reach spots with ease. In addition to these powerful cleaning features, the HydroSteam’s advanced heat technology uses high-temperature, pressurized steam to loosen and release deep stuck-on-stains and odors, leaving your carpets looking and smelling refreshed. With on-board tools, you can also use the BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Carpet Cleaner to deliver concentrated cleaning on stairs, upholstery, and more.

User Experience

For the user, operating the BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Carpet Cleaner is bliss. Its ergonomic design is lightweight, allowing you to move it from place to place with ease. The adjustable handle easily folds down, saving you space during storage and allowing for easy transportation between rooms. The top-fill design also makes refilling the cleaner with water and cleaner solution a breeze. And you won’t have to worry about stumbling over cords or winding them around furniture; the BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Carpet Cleaner’s cordless design provides total freedom of movement. Simply charge the device and you’re ready to go!


The BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Carpet Cleaner is engineered and designed to give fast and long lasting performance. With its two-tank system, you can fill the clean water/formula tank with your favorite cleaning solution while keeping the other tank for wastewater. You won’t have to cut your cleaning short, as the machine’s larger capacity tank and longer run time allow you to clean more before having to pause and refill or empty the machine. When you are done, simply empty the wastewater tank and let the machine finish its self-cleaning mode; the Dirty-To-Clean indicator will show you when the tanks are full.


This cleaner is leagues ahead of its competitors in function, technology and design. The BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Carpet Cleaner is built with heat-activated drying technology, which works to release steam together with the dirt, allowing for a deep and thorough clean without harming the carpets or leaving behind excess moisture. And with its longer run time and faster drying time, you can enjoy all the benefits of steam cleaning with much less hassle and waiting. Here are five of the top features to consider when choosing this cleaner:

  • Advanced Heat Technology
  • Cordless Design
  • Top-Fill Design
  • Dirty-To-Clean Indicator
  • Heat-Activated Drying

BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Pet Carpet Cleaner Specification

Product Dimensions

22.75 x 19 x 14.5 inches

Item Weight

32.1 pounds



Country of Origin


Item model number


Care instructions

Follow after use instructions from user guide.

Assembly required


Number of pieces


Batteries required


Included Components

Revolution HydroSteam Pet

BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Pet Carpet Cleaner Videos

BISSELL Revolution HydroSteam Pet Carpet Cleaner Reviews (8)

8 reviews

4.6 out of 5
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  1. T. Pan

    The new design makes it so easy to clean. The dog hair and dirt that used to get stuck at the bottle of the machine and in the rollers, come out so easy. It now had the ability to detach easily and clean. The steam and water combo cleaned my carpet. I pre-treated some stains in my new carpet, let it sit for about 30 minutes and then started the MACHINE!!! I am in love with this cleaner…You will love it.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    The previous owner of my house had dogs that had ALL the accidents on the carpet. The stains were bad! I wanted to try to get them up before spending the money to replace it so I gave this cleaner a shot. I am SO GLAD I did!!!!!!! The first picture was the first pass with the steam super clean setting on…… THE FIRST PASS!!!! I thought I was seeing things! This thing is amazing. I was worried because the carpet was matted down. This thing fluffed it right up and got all the yuck out. The only down side I can find with this machine is that it’s a little on the heavy side BUT…. I would be worried it wouldn’t last if it wasn’t so sturdy. It was super easy to put together. Directions were clear. THANK YOU BISSELL!!!! This machine was worth every penny!

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  3. Megan Murray

    Needed a shampooer for my house carpets and car seats and carpets! Tried multiple different ones none had suction this one seemed so majic for me!! Definitely worth its money I don’t have to pay for a detailer to clean my seats and carpets!!

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  4. Yvette

    Purchased this after reading a review online. I figured it would be cheaper than hiring a carpet service for two smaller rooms. Pros – cleaned some really bad dark spots and the rooms look 100% better. Used almost two tanks of solution per 10 x 12 room, so it would be take a fair amount of effort to try to clean a whole house. Also, in my opinionthe machine would need to be cleaned several times. Cons – no doubt my error, as there is a learning curve, but I didn’t make enough passes to remove the solution from my carpets. Basically they took two days to dry completely. This is not the machines fault, I just needed to follow instructions better. I used another brand of eco-friendly cleaning solution, as Bissell has a fragrance, and I didn’t want to have any lingering smell.

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  5. Cindricm

    Edit 1: my first impression was mildly inflated because my review was primarily made as a comparison of the Hydrosteam Revolution vs the previous generation. Taken as its own machine—viewing its pros and cons independent of the purple revolution—I think a 4.5/5 is more appropriate. I’m still very favorable to this product, but bigger tanks or a a medium solution usage mode are what it needed to get that extra 0.25 points. To get to 5 stars they would have needed to find solutions to some other quirks listed at the end of my original review that potentially impact user experience.

    Original Review:

    My first impression is 4.75/5 stars.

    I’m coming into this review as someone who extensively used the prior generation of this product. These are initial thoughts after doing a test cleaning on a medium sized area of unsoiled, freshly vacuumed carpet. I’m not leaking urine or any other type of pet mess residue on my rug! lol As such, my first impression review cannot vouch for cleaning performance on severe soil or spills, but I hope you’ll see why I’m 100% sure this product would outperform its predecessor by a large margin. Also, sorry that my photos are a little out of order—they’re not displaying how I intended to upload them. Any parts with purple or lime green are the OLD model.

    Packaging: the packaging was pretty basic. A manufacturer cardboard box with the various parts and components securely held in place with Styrofoam cutouts. I don’t really care about aesthetic packaging for products like this. What matters is everything got here safely. The box is fairly heavy.

    Assembly: Putting this product together is so much easier than assembly for the prior purple generation. You just insert the metal handle rod down in the proper orientation until there is a firm click. Then you’re basically done! It feels so solid and secure. Already a great start because the purple version has a plastic handle that is secured with a single screw. I accidentally overtightened the screw and stripped some of the plastic threads off, so as a result my purple Bissell always had a rickety handle rod.

    Product Appearance: Right away you’ll notice that this product has a MUCH more premium build quality and lux appearance. They did not just add a steam nozzle onto the previous generation and call it a day. Every single part of the machine has been remanufactured to be more stable and robust. The color palette is more in line with what LG and Samsung use for their appliances. It’s also obvious that the machine incorporates more metal into the structure and uses much thicker plastic. This adds to product weight (which I argue is a good thing–I’ll cover that in Suction) and gives it a feeling of much higher durability and overall build quality. The higher quality extends to even minor details like the little hook that holds up the power cord so you don’t run it over. The new hook is more petite and secure.

    New Tank System: The new machine maintains a dual tank system with a solution tank on top and dirty water tank underneath. I believe the tank capacities are the same as on the purple generation, but the new shape makes the tanks look significantly smaller. Build quality on both tanks is also MASSIVELY improved. The plastic feels much thicker and stronger. Both tanks also have major quality of life redesigns. The clean tank now uses a latch handle that is much more secure. As you can see in my image comparisons, the old clean tank handle was just a dent in the plastic that got glued onto the tank. After repeated lifting, it started to leak and I had to seal the entire seam with glue. The new clean tank will never have this issue. For the dirty tank all I have to say is HALLELUJAH! There are now just two components that lock together to create a pass-through channel for the water collection. And the top pops right off, but is secured shut via the handle latch when clicked into the machine. Very similar handle design philosophy to the dirty tanks on the Big Green rentals. The new system is SO MUCH easier to clean. I attached the purple dirty tank for reference. The tube pathway was its own separate component that had to be screwed into place. It’s a pain the tush to remove and has so many crevices for fibers to snag on. All the crevices also make it significantly more of a chore to clean.

    Cleaning Modes: the old version had Express (Light Solution Use), Deep Clean (Medium Solution Use), and Max Clean (High Solution Use). These functions were controlled via a switch on the body of the machine. The power button was also on the main body of the unit. The purple version also had the clean shot where you could step on a pedal and aim solution at a stain via a little squirter gun. Tbh, I never used the clean shot function except to test it out once. If I spilled a drink or tracked in mud, I’d pretreat with designated carpet stain remover. And for pet messes, you should always preclean with an enzyme cleaner anyway. The new version now just has Pure Steam, Steam + Max Clean, and Express. The little squirt gun is gone and will not be missed. I LOVE the steam function. You can use it as the new pretreatment to loosen dirt. I’m sure it also helps with allergies by potentially killing dust mites. The steam comes out of its own designated pathway on the cleaner head at the very front. So in Pure Steam mode you will only be firing steam directly into the carpet via the steam path at the very front. You’ll be able to see the wisps of steam because the suction function is not activated. In Max Clean Mode you will not actually see steam because the dirty water suction will pull the steam under the cleaner head out of view. The new mode selection controls and power button are on the handle by the trigger which is a much-welcomed change. I don’t like loud noises, so there is a comfort in being able to flick it off the instant I want to. The new trigger also has a less janky feel. A much more secure click that doesn’t wobble.

    Ease of Operation: Not as much to say here. It’s about as easy to use as the old one (which was overall an easy experience). The new version is heavier, but I think some of this weight is mitigated by better build quality. What I mean is the purple one might be lighter, but because of the wobbly handle rod I found myself having to do lots of micro adjustments to maneuver it. The new machine is heavier, but you truly just push it forward and back without any components wiggling and requiring a corrective motion.

    Suction: I think the new unit has greatly improved suction. I don’t think the motor is any more powerful, but my theory is the added weight and new cleaner head design create a much better seal for moisture pickup. This is evident by the new 8 hour dry time for Max Clean Mode when following their guidance vs 24 hour dry time for Max Clean Mode on the purple version. And I actually think the new version sprays even more solution on Max mode than the purple version! Granted, I still recommend running a fan, opening a window if it’s not humid out, or even running a dehumidifier for a few hours to help speed up drying.

    Cleaner Head: This is another area that has been completely re-engineered. There is now only a single plastic cover to remove. It’s much easier to pop on and off and feels much more secure. The bottom cover plate on my purple unit does not want to stay clicked into place. It takes a great deal of force for me to get both snaps to fully click. One of the snaps still has a tendency to unsnap itself even after a full click. The updated design means you have one less component to clean between light uses. The new cleaner head also has a MUCH more robust plastic housing which not only keeps the brush bars locked into full contact with the carpet, but I believe this (in combination with the additional product weight) helps achieve a much better seal for dirty water suction.

    Accessories: the new version has full compatibility with past Revolution hoses and tools. It has the same hose slot at the cleaner head. I have not tested hose tools on the new unit, but I firmly believe it would perform either equally or better than the purple version. I do not believe that the new version can project steam through hose tools, but that’s probably best for user safety and having fewer potential points of failure (since they don’t have to build a steam pathway for new hose tools). The Amazon version of the unit came with the 8 ft hose, a 6 inch firm bristle brush, and the rubber upholstery tool. The Bissell website version looks like it also includes a rimmed plastic sheet for you to store/dry the unit on as well as the stair cleaning hose tool. The plastic sheet would have been nice to have in the amazon version, but I am not sad about missing out on the stair tool. I’ve tried it before and it’s a janky mess. You’re way better off going at stairs with the 6 inch brush tool for the flat surfaces of carpeted stairs and a 3 inch brush for the edges. My package also came with an 8 ounce sample of the natural lemon pet cleaning solution and an 8 ounce sample of the non-febreze version of the Urine Eliminator solution. The lemon one was okay and all fragrance quickly dissipated. I’m just not a fan of the Urine Eliminator formula though. It smells pretty nice as liquid solution, but something about the “oxy” leaves a funky after-scent that lingers. My overall favorite carpet solution is the Bissell 4X Pro Formula (the non-Febreze version), but obviously without the oxy action it’s probably not as suited for a mess like old cat urine residue.

    With all that said…I hope I’ve been able to show the many improvements to design, user experience, appearance, performance, added features, etc.

    Now a few potential negatives:

    Wind Tunnel Noise: So because the seal is so greatly improved on the new cleaner head design, my unit makes this high pitched howling sound when sucking up the dirty solution. It’s similar to powerful winds in a hallway or like under an overpass. In terms of volume, it’s greatly overpowered by the sound of the motor, but the higher pitch still cuts through and is kind of annoying. Granted, for loud appliances you should probably always use either earplugs or noise cancelling headphones unless you’re tackling a super small/quick project.

    Starts on Max Clean Mode: When you turn on the machine it will start on Max Clean Mode which is LOUD. If you’re sensitive to loud noises that can be mildly annoying–Plus, it would make more sense for the machine to turn on in Steam Pretreatment Mode (which is almost silent) so you can quietly use that function and then click into a Cleaning Mode when you’re ready.

    Heating Element Odor: This is nitpicky, but I just think the heating element that produces the steam is kind of smelly in use. Granted, the new machine almost instantly produces steam, so the heating element probably has to rapidly ascend in temp vs gently building up its heat. I doubt the odor is harmful, and it doesn’t alter the after-scent of cleaning solution on the carpet. Just a temporary sensory thing some people might not enjoy.

    Max Clean Mode Solution Usage: As mentioned earlier, I think the Max Clean Mode on the newer unit pours more solution than the purple unit does on Max Clean Mode. I don’t have any scientific or measured proof of this, but in my test cleaning I definitely felt like I was able to cover less square footage per tank on the new version.

    Loss of Deep Clean/Medium Mode: I feel like losing this mode is the biggest negative for the machine, especially compared to the purple version. I think this machine would have GREATLY benefited from keeping a medium mode because on Max Clean Mode you will truly have to do a substantial number of refills to clean an entire carpeted room. I’m sure the Steam Pretreatment followed by Express Mode will still work great for general cleaning/maintenance, but it would have been great to keep that Medium option.

    Longterm Hard Water Concerns: This isn’t a true negative just yet. More of a question for the future. I live in a region with pretty hard water. Thankfully, the steam channels are pretty wide. This means I won’t be having to unclog any little nozzles like I have to do for my shower head. A water softener is not a viable option for my current living situation and using distilled water would be wildly impractical, so it is what it is. The wide steam channels on the Bissell give me hope that descaling maintenance will only be a once-a-blue-moon type of ordeal, but I can’t help but think that the unit will eventually require descaling maintenance.

    Belt Access: The purple unit had a less robust construction for its cleaner head, but this meant you had much more direct access to the belts and rollers for removal/replacement. That will be a negative for some people, but I much prefer the new cleaner head design because it improves the performance of scrubbing and suction so much. Plus, I think the sturdier new design will keep the belts on their tracks better. The belts on the purple unit have leeway to wiggle a little from side to side which I’m sure speeds up fraying. The belts on the new model are secured to their track and don’t wiggle as much.

    False Sense of Security: I know you have common sense and life experience, but I guarantee at least a handful of people will think the steam means they can just run this machine right over a fresh puddle or dried crust of animal pee. For animal bodily fluids YOU MUST PRECLEAN WITH ENZYMES BEFORE STEAMING OR SHAMPOOING. Especially if it’s older urine. Like if you find a sticky and stinky patch of cat or dog urine, do not go right into it with steam and shampoo. Saturate it with something like Nature’s Miracle or Rocco and Roxie, let sit overnight, blot up excess fluid, and repeat again if it’s especially old or if it’s a repeat pee spot. And when I say saturate, I mean a legit pour. After you’ve done an enzyme cleaning, then feel free to go in with your new steam shampooer. If you didn’t know that before, then please take my advice and rest assured there’ll be a version of you in the multiverse having to either throw out their favorite rug or rip out their carpet because they thought my advice was too over the top.

    Final Thoughts: Despite a few sacrifices or new quirks vs the purple version, I think the new Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner with Steam is worthy of being considered an incredible generational improvement. I do believe they could have re-released the exact same purple machine with just the addition of the steam element and pathway and still gotten away with a price premium over the current purple model without too much fuss–but that is not what they did. Every single element of this machine has been re-engineered with stronger and more attractive parts. There are so many quality-of-life improvements such as the revised tanks, the handle controls, ease of assembly, and improved suction performance. And that’s all before factoring in the addition of steam. It’s also a massive plus that it maintains compatibility with the Bissell Revolution hoses and accessories. I listed some minor quirks, negatives, and concerns for the future, but those are all massively outweighed by the improvements to this machine. If you primarily clean area rugs or small carpeted rooms, you will adore this machine. For higher square footage applications, this is probably not for you because of the loss of that Deep Clean/Medium mode.

    In my opinion, this machine fully justifies its higher $400 price tag. I think this machine is appropriately priced and the purple machine is vastly overpriced for what it is. The two machines are in such vastly different leagues of build quality and performance that I would not even consider purchasing a new purple unit unless it was priced at $250 or less. Honestly, probably no more than $200 for a new purple unit. At the $300 range it is truly a shameful markup of aged technology and fragile plastic.

    After writing all that, I reaffirm my 4.75 star rating. I’ll update if anything catastrophic happens. This unit also has me hoping that a similar generational upgrade is coming to the Big Green Machine. If they can incorporate the improvements introduced in the Steam Revolution into the Big Green with even bigger tanks while keeping the price under $600…it would be game over–that would be the ultimate consumer carpet machine for homes of all sizes. But for my little apartment the Steam Revolution will likely serve me well for years to come.

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  6. Cindricm

    So far it works great as much as I can tell. However it did not come with directions.

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  7. Wire Supplier

    I have been wanting a machine like this since the pandemic times! Seriously!, I will do another review to give it a another high mark rating. But…… there is some improvement that needs to happen also. Like bigger clean water tank and dirty water catch tank. And .. better accessories attachments ( a little more extended hose attachment for steep stairs) Thanks yaw

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  8. Fredrich Auguste

    It’s heavy and fairly cumbersome to clean (I wasn’t able to get the front fully clean, even with the little tool they provide). I’ve only used it on one rug, and I plan to give it a few more chances. As far as first impressions go, I’m not impressed. My little green works just as well or better and was a FRACTION of the price. Obviously, the little green isn’t for big jobs, but neither is this… unless you want your arm to fall off. I’m not super fit but I’m not weak either and this thing is so heavy. I don’t currently see a way to remove the handle in order to return it. I might have to call customer service. Will update review with subsequent uses. Right now, 3 stars feels generous.

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