Bose SoundLink On Ear Headphones

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Bose SoundLink On Ear Headphones Description

Exceptional Audio Quality

Experience a new level of listening pleasure with these Bose SoundLink on-ear headphones. With crystal-clear audio, high-definition acoustics, and crisp treble and bass tones, these headphones are designed to give you a powerful auditory experience that will immerse you in your favorite tunes and sounds. With a combination of noise-canceling features and advanced antenna technology, these headphones will provide you with a clear, disruptive-free audio experience that will help you focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

Wireless Connectivity

These headphones are outfitted with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which makes them compatible with a range of devices. Whether you’re listening to your own music library, streaming audio from a mobile device, or tuning into a podcast while travelling, these headphones make sure you stay connected. With a range of up to 30 feet, you can move freely and enjoy hours of uninterrupted listening.

Ergonomic Comfort

These Bose SoundLink on-ear headphones feature a foldable design that allows for easy and stress-free storage and transportation. The lightweight design ensures that you don’t feel weighed down and composed of lightweight yet durable parts, these headphones can withstand everyday wear and tear. Crafted to provide a perfect fit, these headphones include an adjustable headband and plush ear cushions that form to the contours of your head for superior noise isolation and comfort.

Controls and Connectors

These headphones come with in-line controls and connectors that are designed to make controlling playback and adjusting volume a breeze. For added convenience, these headphones come with a 3.5 millimeter cable that allows you to keep listening when your device’s battery runs low.

– Powerful audio experience with crystal clarity
– Bluetooth 4.0 technology with up to 30 feet range
– Lightweight and foldable design for easy portability
– Adjustable headband and plush ear cushions for maximum comfort
– In-line controls and connectors for easy control
– 3.5mm audio cable for direct connection

Bose SoundLink On Ear Headphones Specification

Product Dimensions

2.4 x 5.5 x 7.1 inches

Item Weight

152.6 Grams


Bose Corporation

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 15, 2014


1.0 Count

Number Of Items


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  1. Gia

    Spedizione ed imballaggio perfetti come al solito. Le ho acquistate durante il black friday a 100 euro in meno del prezzo normale di acquisto, per questo motivo le 5 stelle sono inevitabili. La cuffia ha un ottimo deisgn, sobrio ed elegante (le ho scelte nere). Non essendo un esperto in tema di cuffie non sapevo di preciso cosa aspettarmi e sono rimasto sorpreso dall’ergonomia una volta indossate. Aderiscono perfettamente alle orecchie senza infastidire e senza pesare nulla, i cuscinetti sono morbidi e di tipo memory. Una volta accese, il pairing con qualsiasi dispositivo bluethoot è immediato ed una voce avverte della connessione riuscita e della percentuale della batteria rimanente sulle cuffie. Le ho acquistate due settimane fa e ancora non le ho mai caricate, cioè, sto ancora utilizzando la carica residua con cui mi sono state inviate e le avrò utilizzate almeno per una decina di ore. Lo switch tra le periferiche è immediato con il tastino posto sulla cuffia destra, come i comandi per alzare e abbassare il volume o per cambiare canzone. La qualità del suono è eccellente, utilizzando l’equalizzatore delle fonte (le cuffie ne avranno uno interno che non è settabile) le frequenze sono naturali e non invasive. Alti medi e bassi sono naturali e questo per un appassionato di musica come me è risultato il punto di forza delle cuffie. Unico neo, se vogliamo trovarne proprio uno, il volume non è altissimo anche al massimo. Pur non distorcendo mai e mantenendo una nitidezza del suono invidiabile anche al massimo volume, sarebbero state perfette se fosse stato possibile “spaccarsi le orecchie”, cosa che a me personalmente non piace, ma dato il prezzo delle cuffie sarebbe potuto essere un punto in più per soddisfare tutte le tipologie di clientela. In sostanza però, le cuffie sono qualitativamente PERFETTE.

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  2. Stratman351

    These are the third set of Bluetooth headphones I’ve owned, and easily the best. In evaluating Bluetooth headphones I find one has to look at battery life, Bluetooth range, and ease of pairing along with the criteria for traditional wired phones (i.e., sound quality, comfort and fit, construction quality). So, I’m going to focus a bit on these aspects.

    My first pair were from Sony – DRBT50’s – and were okay. They’re well-built and comfortable, and of the over-the-ear design I prefer for headphones. They paired easily and the battery life was decent but not great. They charged via a separate AC adapter, which some people would find more convenient, whereas I prefer phones that charge via a USB cable and computer. It’s easy to find an AC adapter to use with a USB cable, but not so easy to remember to carry around a proprietary charger. The sound of this set was middling, but they were among the first available, so I found the sound acceptable since there weren’t many options without spending a fortune. Range was only average, they began to cut out about 15 feet from the sound source.

    My second set were Parrot Ziks. Frankly, I hated them though they were the darling of the audiophile class when I bought them. The design is totally quirky IMO. They’re bulky, and they earpieces didn’t extend far enough for me to get a comfortable fit. They don’t come with a case, though they certainly should for the price. Pairing was a nightmare with every device I tried though I eventually got them working with everything (phone, iPad, computer). Tech support was nonexistent, though it may have improved; I don’t know. One feature I liked was the replaceable battery, permitting one to buy and carry a spare. Another was the “tap to control” feature for volume adjustment. Sound was stellar, but to me that was the only strength to these otherwise overpriced phones. Range was good, not great; about 20 feet maximum with no obstructions.

    That brings me to the Bose. I’d prefer an over-the-ear design, but at least these are very good for an on–the-ear design. They fit well and are extremely comfortable, they just don’t block out as much ambient sound as I wish they did. I also wish they were noise canceling. Battery charging is easy using the supplied USB cable (and since I had a ton of similar cables laying around and always keep one in my briefcase to charge other stuff it means I’ll never be without a means to charge them). Battery life is fantastic, I regularly get the claimed 15 hours. I also like having the controls on the rear of the right earpiece. They work flawlessly for adjusting volume, skipping songs, etc. Early wired phones had no way of controlling any of these; while later wired ones do, usually via a cable in-line design, they tend to be iffy in my experience, working with some devices (often only ones from Apple) but not others. That kept me wedded to my iPod when I’d have preferred to simply use my phone (currently an iPhone 6, but I’ve had every other generation of the iPhone as well as a Galaxy S4 and Note 2). These phones finally let me cut the cord to my iPod. I now exclusively use my iPhone, and can easily adjust volume or skip songs just using the earpiece controls. Finally, these have excellent range, about 25 feet with no walls, and 15 or so with.

    Now to the sound. It’s very good, comparable to the Ziks. If you’re a Bose QC user you’ll like these. If you prefer Beats, these will be lighter on the bass than you’re used to. As a final note, you can listen to these via a supplied cable if the battery runs down, but the sound gets comparatively tinny, so it’s only useful in a pinch. If these phones were over-the-ear and had noise canceling they’d be perfect, but even without those features they’re still a great pair of Bluetooth phones.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Sind schön Verpackt und mit deutscher Anleitung (ich erwähne das weil ich schon die Erfahrung gemacht habe, das es teure Produkte ohne DE Anleitung gibt)

    Die Sprachausgabe gibt es ebenfalls in deutsch. Meine warbStandardmäßig auf englisch. Ließ sich schnell und einfach ändern.

    Der Akku hält gefühlt sehr lange und ist schnell aufgeladen.

    Ich habe einen kleinen Kopf, die Kopfhörer passen gerade noch so und sitzen bequem.
    Wie alle OnEars drücken Sie nach einigen Stunden etwas bei mir.

    Ich habe lange Haare und es kam schon vor das ich mir das ein oder andere Haar darin eingeklemmt und rausgerupft habe. Seitdem passe ich mehr auf und setze sie vorsichtig ab.

    Das Kabel für nicht Bluetooth fähige Geräte könnte etwas stabiler sein, im Vergleich zu meinen alten Beats ist es empfindlicher. Aber da es eh selten verwendet wird. ..

    Der Klang ist in meinen Ohren supi. Ich höre gerne Heavy Metall und da ist es mir sehr wichtig das die E-Gittaren sich nicht wie Blech Büchsen anhören. Auch Opera-Metal hört sich gut an. Die Höhen Töne kommen klar rüber.
    Headbangen sollte man aber lieber nicht damit sonst fliegen sie vom Kopf.

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  4. Mirco

    Non pensavo di rimanere così soddisfatto.
    Batteria: eccellente. Le ricarico una volta a settimana con quasi 3 ore di ascolto al giorno (spesso incluso il sabato).
    Comodità: i pad sono comodissimi anche con gli occhiali e per lunghe sessioni. La presa è sufficientemente stretta da non farle scivolare con movimenti veloci (o nelle imbarcate metropolitane) ma senza far sentire la pressione sulle orecchie.
    Qualità costruttiva: sono molto robuste e resistenti. Dopo più di un anno risultano ancora come nuove.
    Qualità audio: mi ha sorpreso. Un suono che alle orecchie sembra molto bilanciato (anche se magari l’EQ non lo è per niente). Bassi potenti ma bilanciati, non distolgono mai l’attenzione e i dettagli dal resto delle frequenze. Gli alti sono caldi e mai stridenti. I medi anch’essi ben bilanciati e “punchy” (gli amanti di Stevie Ray Vaughan sentiranno la fatica che faceva il povero speaker Fender ai volumi utilizzati – da dio).

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  5. A. Holzer

    Ich war lange auf der Suche nach der perfekten akustischen Selbstverteidigung in öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln. Natürlich sollte der Klang gut sein, aber Mobilität und Tragekomfort liegen auf meiner persönlichen Prioritätenliste noch davor. Ich hatte bisher in-ear und around-ear Hörer ausprobiert, die alle an diesen beiden Kriterien gescheitert sind. Meistens waren sie nach einer Weile einfach so unbequem, dass ich sie lieber wieder abgesetzt habe, dazu kam, das mir bei in-ear durch die vielen Packvorgänge früher oder später die Gummistöpsel abhanden gekommen sind.

    Mit diesem Kopfhörer habe ich für mich den besten Dreiklang gefunden: Den spüre ich (Brillenträger) nach einer Stunde immer noch nicht, er lässt sich auf ein genial kleines Packmass zusammenfalten und in der mitgelieferten Tasche unterbringen, und der Sound ist richtig gut.

    Eine aktive Geräuschunterdrückung vermisse ich nicht und will ich auch gar nicht haben. Die Abdichtung ist gut genug, um nervige Labertaschen und Dauertelefonierer in der S-Bahn auszublenden, aber man bekommt immer noch genug von der Umgebung mit um zB Zugansagen zu hören.

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  6. 外越裕之


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  7. Matt Mccormick

    I’ve listened to a lot of bluetooth headphones and these have a number of features that make them stand out:

    Good video sync (at least on Apple devices): A LOT of bluetooth headphones are unable to keep audio in sync with video when you’re watching something on your phone or tablet. You should always test a pair of wireless headphones with video to make sure they can stay in sync. These do so with all the video I’ve watched on iphone and iPad – haven’t tried them on other devices, so YMMV.

    Maintain connection outdoors: Bluetooth usually sounds great indoors where there are a lot of surfaces for the signal to bounce off of. Go outside however, and some wireless headphones just become unusable. So far these have been quite good at maintaining a skip-free connection outdoors.

    Multipoint connection: They can be connected to 2 bluetooth sources at the same time, for example a phone and a tablet. If you’re listening to music on your phone and want to watch a video on your tablet, just pause the music and press play on the video. Without the bluetooth feature you’d have to disconnect from one device then go into the settings on the other device to connect to that one before you could start listening.

    Fast bluetooth connection: If I see a call coming in on my phone and I’d prefer to take it with my headphones, I can flick them on and they will connect within about a second and I can start talking.

    Easy to find and use controls: The power switch is on the surface of the right earcup and toggles up (to turn on) and down with a solid click. The volume/pause/play/skip track controls are on the back of the right earcup and it’s easy to distinguish the pause/play button from the volume buttons because it’s recessed a few millimeters. Since you’re most often going to be feeling for the controls and using without looking at them it’s important that you can distinguish them by touch.

    Voice prompts: A pleasant voice tells you when you’ve connected or disconnected and it tells you the name of the device you’re connected to. Most other bluetooth headphones just give you a series of beeps.

    Replaceable earpads: It really sucks to have to throw a pair of headphones away just because the earpads have worn out. You can buy replacements and just pop them on when needed.

    OK, for the sound – I admit I am an audio snob. I’ve tried a lot of headphones and Bose is just not up to the caliber of companies like Sennheiser, AKG, Beyerdynamic etc. They tend to ‘roll off’ the highs quite a bit and accentuate the midrange (vocals etc.). It’s a very ‘smooth’ sound but it lacks the sparkle and detail of a brighter headphone. The best bluetooth headphones I’ve heard so far are the 

    MEE audio Matrix2 Bluetooth Wireless + Wired High Fidelity Headphones with Headset and aptX, AAC, and NFC Support

     which are really something special – they sound better than a lot of wired headphones I’ve heard, and they’re a lot less than the Bose. However the audio lags when playing video, they don’t have multipoint connection capability and the controls are not great.

    All that said, I think most non-audiophiles will be pleased with the sound of these. It sounds very full and has a decent amount of detail, and if you only ever use something like Apple earbuds you’ll probably be blown away. Combined with the excellent feature set and compact size these are a great set of bluetooth headphones to carry in a purse or bag or just wear around your neck while you’re doing errands etc.

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