Breville BOV950BSS the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro

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Breville BOV950BSS the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro
Breville BOV950BSS the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro

Breville BOV950BSS the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro Price History


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Breville BOV950BSS the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro Description

Breville BOV950BSS the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro: Crispy on the Outside, Succulent on the Inside

This revolutionary Breville BOV950BSS the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro makes it possible to get the same crispy, crunchy texture of traditionally fried foods without the unhealthy aspects. Who doesn’t love the taste of fried food, but not the mess or unhealthy aspects? Now you can get the best of both worlds. A convenient, countertop oven that provides an even, healthier, and delicious air-baked result, with the tasty crunch of traditional frying.

Powerful AirFlow Technology Delivers Perfect Crispiness Every Time

This air-fried pro makes use of powerful convection technology that circulates air around the food with up to 1500 Watts of smart power. Every single aspect of this oven has been designed with gourmet cooking in mind so that you can get the best results from your air frying session every time.

Create Delicious Meals in One Convenient Countertop Oven

The Breville BOV950BSS the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro is the perfect kitchen companion for those seeking to cook healthy meals quickly and easily. Not only is this air-fried countertop oven great for air-frying, it can also be used for baking, grilling, and roasting. It features 11 easy-to-understand settings so that you can cook the perfect dish without having to scroll through pages of complicated instructions. You can even set a timer and let the Joule handle the cooking while you tend to other tasks.

Smart Screen Displays Live Temperature Readings for Maximum Control

The Breville has a 4.7-inch LCD touchscreen where users can view the live temperature readings. This allows users to keep track of the cooking progress and make adjustments as needed for maximum control. Plus, the smart screen also includes pre-set recipes and hassle-free cooking instructions.

Key Features:

• Powerful Convection Technology
• 11 Easy-To-Understand Settings
• Digital LCD Touchscreen for Easy Monitoring
• Pre-Set Recipes and Instructions
• 1500 Watts of Smart Power
• Large Capacity Cooking
• Includes Air Frying Rack
• Simple Cleaning and Operation
• 10-Inch Rotisserie Spit
• Reaches Extremely High Temperatures

Breville BOV950BSS the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro Specification




Brushed Stainless Steel

Product Dimensions

21.5"D x 17.3"W x 12.8"H


6 Quarts

Special Feature

Auto Cook Menu, Adjustable Rack


1800 watts


Stainless Steel

Control Type

App Control

Included Components

13’’ non stick pizza pan, Wire racks (x 2) Reversible for 8 different rack positions, 9” x 13” broiling rack, 9’’ x 13’’ enamel roasting pan, Air fry, dehydrate basket

Item Weight

22.8 Pounds

Model Name

the Joule® Oven Air Fryer Pro

Finish Type




Item model number


Date First Available

March 14, 2023

Breville BOV950BSS the Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro Reviews (5)

5 reviews

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    The “Breville Joule Oven” is one of those products whose photos & description on the Amazon page look great but sadly turn out to be so complicated, or so much trouble, that it finally ends up on a storage rack in the pantry where it just sits. Not this oven! It is so easy to use, has so many features and functions, and has so many possibilities (esp as a result of its online app) that I seriously think that you will use this just about every day!

    This is not your grandmother’s oven. As many know, Breville is a top quality, name brand manufacturer. What is added is the “Joule” autopilot which is the high tech component. Once you add the app to your cell phone you are immediately connected to a world of recipes – not just photos & ingredients, but step-by-step guidance on how to prepare and bake/roast/ broil a multitude of dishes. The app not only helps you cook your recipe – it tells you when your oven is ready, it counts down the timer, it tells you when the food is ready via your cell phone. Welcome to the new world of cooking & baking.

    Here’s how simple it is. Last night, I wanted to roast a Cornish hen. I turned the dial to Roast. I dialed in the temperature. I dialed in the desired cooking time. I pushed the Start button. And then I watched TV until the oven alerted me, via the Breville Joule app, that my food was ready. It was just that easy!

    This is a versatile oven. Your options are listed on the easy-to-read menu on the front of the oven and include roasting, baking, toasting, pizza (yes, I went out and bought a bunch of frozen pizzas for an upcoming party), broiling, etc. It’s not a small oven but it will certainly prove its worth, I think, in its versatility – I went out and bought a kitchen cart to put it on b/c I am sure I will be using this a lot.

    – versatility
    – cell phone app with a wide variety of recipes – and has step-by-step directions
    – online monitoring of temperature and a countdown clock
    – accessories: pizza pan, wire racks, broiling rack, roasting pan, dehydrate basket
    – option of buying other accessories
    – voice activation (e.g. “Alexa, set the oven to bake.”
    – 13 simple food presets

    – lacks the Ninja-type “Smart thermometer” to alert you when your desired food temp is reached i.e. my Cornish Hen needed to reach 180 degrees – I had to insert an external thermometer in order to find out whether the bird had reached that temp. With all the “smart” features of this oven, I hope future ovens will include this feature.

    Overall, this online connected countertop oven is an excellent investment for anyone who loves to cook or bake – or who wants a glimpse into the future of kitchen hardware. Its Presets, mobile app features, relatively compact size, and Amazon/Google assisted voice connection, make this a must-have appliance for any modern kitchen.

    Perhaps the best thing I can say about this oven is what my sister messaged me after I sent her a photo of my roasted Cornish hen last night – she said it looked like one of those roasted chickens you buy at a warehouse club (see photo) – and it tasted just as good!

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  2. BENG

    I have used Breville appliances throughout my adult life, and they have always provided excellent value for money and high quality. I recently purchased this oven, and I am so happy with it. It gives a great baking/cooking experience every time. It’s easy to clean and use, and the results are always great. The controls are precise. I love cooking with it, it’s a joy to use. It isn’t the cheapest option but its worth every cent.

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  3. Matthew Huling

    This air fryer is super high quality. I’ve looked at different air fryer’s and done research and read up on this topic. Experts say that you don’t want to get a air fryer that is made with a lot of plastic components. Plastic is not made to withstand super high temperatures. Well the reason why I like the Breville Air Fryer is because:
    1. It’s a high quality countertop appliance and it looks really nice.
    2. It’s made from stainless steel.
    3. In my honest opinion it works really well.
    4. You will not be disappointed.
    It’s expensive, but I believe you get what you pay for.
    5. It has Wi-Fi and you can download the app and you can monitor the air fryer on your smartphone.
    So far I’m happy with it, I don’t have any complaints.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    I bought my first Breville appliance years ago and was so satisfied with the quality that slowly the brand crowded out everything else when it was time for kitchen replacements. That includes everything from juicers, to coffee bean grinders to stand alone toaster, to tea maker to their Barista Touch Espresso machine. I owned one of their toaster ovens for a number of years but when the fan gave out I opted for another aggressive competitor I won’t name. That oven turned out to be a space saver due to its design, but just too limiting as to its internal size. I recently gave it to a friend and opted to go back to this Breville flagship oven. I was anxious to see what innovations they had incorporated and how smart it had become in its evolution.

    First and most noticeable is its larger size. It’s really a behemoth at 21 inches wide, though just 16 inches of that is usable oven width. Its internal usable height is around 8 inches; enough for most projects, but still a bit tight if you’d planned to cook a medium sized turkey or a large chicken. For my needs the size is sufficient since I cook for just one or two. The controls look very similar to my last oven with a few extra options listed. There are design features that may seem small but I find very convenient, like the oven rack sliding outward when you open the oven door. It makes for easier access and fewer hand burning incidents. The construction feels solid and robust as you would expect from Breville and at this price point. The circulating fan is on the side of the oven as opposed to the back and seems sufficiently large to circulate the air inside for faster cooking and frying. The depth inside is sufficient for me and I like how the rear of the oven has a circular convex to allow for the diameter of a frozen pizza.

    Setting the oven up was seamless and very automated after downloading the associated app. I found it very interesting that Breville seems to have licensed the content for multiple online cooking resources that you have access to via the app. That’s helpful in getting ideas and planning new meals. As for it’s connectedness, I love that when you preheat the oven, you’ll get an alert on your phone when it’s reached your target temperature. I wasn’t sure what use being connected to the internet carried, but realized this was one seemingly small but extremely helpful uses. The temperature seems consistent and strong and tasks as simple as cooking a baked sweet potato produced perfect results with a crispy skin and tender juicy inside. I also like to cook some dishes on my oven top and then finish them in the oven. Like searing my steak and finishing inside the oven, as well as cooking dense frittatas and then finishing in a heated oven rather than flipping them from the pan onto a dish and back into the pan to finish. That always resulted in too many messes and burns. My frittata today came out perfectly finished in the oven.

    Therein, though, lies my one surprise and perhaps small disappointment. To me, what makes an appliance “smart” is the amount of information it is equipped to measure and make useful. In today’s kitchen that translates into a probe or thermometer. Many dishes, especially meats are considered “done” depending on the internal temperature of what you’re cooking.. This oven can set and even adjust the overall temperature of the oven itself, but knows nothing of the temp inside what you’re cooking. That’s why I was deeply disappointed there is no provision for a temperature probe with this oven. My full sized oven has that feature and it’s connected so will alert me when whatever I’m cooking has reached its optimal temp. So while this oven has various smart and convenient features and I’m loving it so far, the omission of a probe is disappointing. If i want my steak medium at 135-140 degrees, I need to anticipate, guess then open the door to insert a meat thermometer, risking getting burned and letting out the even heat inside the oven. That’s a pretty important missing feature that several competitors even at a lower price point have incorporated and forces you to be more present and attentive. That, to me is what makes an appliance really “smart”.

    If I can note one other design element I wish Breville would address, it’s the ease and ability to clean the inside of the oven. With the oven racks removed, I’d like to be able to easily swab the sides for cleaning. In my last oven and this one as well, the sides contain metal additions jutting out on the sides to help hold the racks. They greatly impede cleaning efforts and with their rear pointing triangular edges can injure your hand if not careful. If they must be in there, perhaps give them the ability to be unclipped for cleaning.

    Overall, I’m very impressed and happy with the oven and will enjoy using it for several years as the last one I owned. I already subscribe to several of the online recipe resources but like that they are conveniently aggregated in one spot on the app for reference, and that’s a big plus. I’s a bit pricier than some of its competition but you can have confidence in Breville for solid performance and high quality.

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  5. Chase WILLIAMS

    Love 😚 everything

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