Comfee Portable Washing Machine 0.9 cu.ft Compact

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Comfee Portable Washing Machine 0.9 cu.ft Compact
Comfee Portable Washing Machine 0.9 cu.ft Compact

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Current Price $256.19 June 17, 2024
Highest Price $256.19 January 2, 2024
Lowest Price $203.86 December 24, 2023
Since December 24, 2023

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Comfee Portable Washing Machine 0.9 cu.ft Compact Description

Introduction to Comfee Portable Washing Machine

Are you short of both time and space for doing your laundry? A Comfee Portable Washing Machine can save the day! This compact yet powerful machine was designed and built to fit perfectly within any limited living space, cutting down your wash time considerably. Measuring only eight inches in width, L17.7 inches in depth, and H21.2 in height, this 0.9 cubic foot washer is able to move around with ease while accommodating your small, daily laundry needs just right.

State-of-the-Art Features

The Comfee Portable Washing Machine offers a range of innovative and cutting-edge features, designed to take the stress out of laundry day. Its automatic shut-off feature helps you effectively manage your time, and the adjustable water level selector makes it easier to choose the perfect water-level for your fabric and the specific washing needs. This machine can even collapses to help you save space when storing away, and comes with a built-in lint filter, preventing your fabric from being damaged.

Highly Convenient Operation

Using this portable washing machine is easy and highly convenient. With its top-load design, you can easily load your fabrics according to sizes and get your washing started. The separate washer and spinner design allows for an easy and smooth rotation of the drum without worrying about fabric tangles, while its additional functions and adjustable settings allow you to personalize the washing cycle according to your needs.

Peace of Mind

The Comfee Portable Washing Machine is designed with only your utmost convenience in mind. It is carefully constructed from high-quality materials, such as its double layer seal and heavy duty construction, giving you peace of mind for a long-term utility. The machine is also equipped with an adjustable water supply pressure, ensuring fast and efficient washing each time.

Key Features

• 0.9 cubic foot capacity ideal for small laundry loads
• Top-load design with separate washer and spinner for easy rotation of drum
• Built-in lint filter prevents your fabric from damage
• Adjustable water level selector for the perfect water-level
• Automatic shut-off feature for convenient time management
• Collapsible for easy storage
• Adjustable water supply pressure for fast and efficient washing
• Double layer seal and heavy-duty construction for long-term use

Comfee Portable Washing Machine 0.9 cu.ft Compact Specification

Brand Name


Model Info


Item Weight

‎44.1 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎14.8 x 11.9 x 8.9 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎Energy Efficiency


‎0.9 Cubic Feet

Annual Energy Consumption

‎23 Kilowatt Hours

Max Spin Speed

‎840 RPM


‎62 dB

Installation Type

‎Free Standing

Part Number


Special Features



‎Magnetic Gray

Control Console

‎Push Button

Standard Cycles


Access Location

‎Top Load


‎120 Volts

Connector Type

‎Water Line and Drain

Material Type

‎Stainless Steel, Plastic

Included Components

‎Water inlet hose, Converter

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


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Comfee Portable Washing Machine 0.9 cu.ft Compact Reviews (7)

7 reviews

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Buckeye Baby

    I am coming from a larger washing machine and dryer. It was really too large for my space and the washing machine was in need of repair anyway. This washing machine fits the space much better and matches my needs well as I live alone.
    Let me say over all the machine is absolutely great for my needs but there are a couple of things that I immediately do not like though going with my first impressions. The first is that the skirt around the base is plastic. Aesthetically I think it would be better if it were metal like the rest of the washer, but it looks fine, and this is not at all a big deal nor a deal breaker. The second issue that I have is that I initially thought the washer control panel was a touch interface but instead it is soft touch buttons with a soft plastic cover over all of the buttons and the digital display. The RovSun Dryer that I paired with this machine is touch interface and I believe that it is going to be less prone to damage or issues from wearing out. That said I am ordering a cover for both.
    The Machine cleans clothes very well. I work outside frequently and it gets my clothes clean. I make use of both the hygiene setting and the turbo setting in my laundry cycles. The machine is very strong in agitating the clothes and the spin cycle works very well. I do use a second spin cycle to make drying even easier for my RovSun Dryer. I also make sure to do an alone spin and drain cycle after I have done all of my laundry to make sure that there is no water remaining in the very bottom of the tub. The detergent dispenser has two separate compartments one for liquid and the other for powder. I use liquid detergent and a powdered laundry booster. The liquid goes in the blue square and the powder goes in the one beside it with the large holes. You can use these for whatever you plan to run in the wash cycle except probably liquid bleach. I doubt that would be safe for most garments. I saw another review discuss they were annoyed that there was not a fabric softener compartment that would only run during the rinse cycle. Just use a Downy Ball. I typically just use a rinse and not a conditioner, but the Downy Ball works great for either. It will not release anything until the rinse cycle as you can see from my photo of it floating around in the middle of the wash cycle on turbo with the extra strong agitation. If you want to use liquid bleach just do it the old fashioned way. Fill the tub before you put clothes in add the bleach then add the clothes. Alternatively, you could use powdered bleach. It dissolves in cold water and is likely a perfect additive for the dispenser with the large holes. It’s generally very concentrated so a little goes a long ways. This little machine can wash two light king sized comforters with no problem. There’s no center agitator so more can fit in less space. The lint trap inside does a great job at trapping the lint in your wash. Make sure to empty it after every load. It’s incredibly simple to do. I also use two floating lint traps as well that help out. There is a pump filter that you will need to clean at least once a month. It is accessed in the back of the machine. I would advise a wheeled washing machine stand to make this chore that much easier. I also bought the extended coverage for this machine that way if something goes wrong it’s not a great hassle to mitigate it. I’ve only had the machine for about a week and I will update immediately if anything changes.

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  2. Eric Harris

    Our full sized washer suddenly stopped working and the cost of getting a new one was not in our budget and then I saw this thing and I thought maybe it would help to buy us some time to get a full sized unit and low and behold this turns out to be the best washer I’ve ever owned and I’ve had quite a few of them over the years. This unit is small and compact. We hook it up to the hot and cold water line and use it as a stationary washer and it does an amazing job. It has a very user friendly control panel where you can program that type of load you’re washing and even has an extra rinse button which my wife loves. There is a countdown timer built into the control panel so you know just when your load is about to wash, rinse or spin and there’s an audible sound when the machine has completed it’s wash cycle. I could not believe that you can get so much use and efficiency out of a compact unit for a fraction of what a full sized washer would cost. I don’t even want a full sized washer anymore. When this thing goes I’m going to order another one and I want it to work for us just like this one does. It’s the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. It does an excellent job of washing our clothes, bedding, blankets, etc., and the best part is that it spin dries so well that our clothes are ready to take off the line and fold up and put away in the same day. We’re very happy with it.

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  3. AlRos

    I like this washing machine because it works well, and so far has not had any leaks like the previous one from another make. The size is also better, because I was able to washing a quilt, with no problems. The only thing that I don’t care for is the dark color of grey that it comes in. I would have prefered it in a white. Overall it appears to work well. I only used it twice so far, so I will probably give another review sometime in the future.

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  4. Eric Harris

    An incredible solution for small apartments. All my laundry is done at home now.

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  5. Mory Rodríguez

    see above

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  6. Paul

    Me gustó porque lava muy bien como una lavadora grande 🤩

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  7. Buckeye Baby

    First, delivery was awesome – within 3 days of ordering. Delivery was directly from Amazon and 2 gentleman brought this washer up two flights of stairs and placed it inside the doorway of my apartment home – this was a Sunday delivery as well -so much appreciated that service! Unpacking was super easy- I chose to cut the side of the box open as opposed to pulling the machine up and out of the box ( too heavy for that ). From delivery at my door, including set up to actually washing the first load of clothes was less than 30 minutes! Again, super easy! There were NO dents, NO damage, NO errors and NO issues. The machine was in perfect brand new condition and very well packaged! I did laundry this day from 12 noon to 10 p.m. that evening, many, many loads truly testing it out!

    Now, to the questions —

    1. Does it hook up to kitchen sink? YES it does. ( see photos )
    2. Does it have all the attachments you need including a sink adapter? YES it does. There is a small silver
    connector you attach to the faucet first, then a simple push and pop secure connector placed over the silver connector ( see photos )
    3. Does it have both hot and cold water hoses included? YES it does. ( see photos )
    4. Is it easy to read and work the control panel? YES it is. ( see photos )
    5. Could you use it at your bathroom sink as well? YES you can.
    6. Does it leak? NO it does not leak – simply ensure your hoses are securely connected.
    7. Is it loud? NO it is not loud at all and will NOT disturb your neighbors.
    8. Does is spin well? YES it spins exceptionally well, so well you could simply hang your clothes on hangers to dry overnight if you do not have a dryer!
    9. How long does it take to do a full load of laundry? Start to finish is 44 minutes for a full large load and approx. 14 to 25 minutes for the quick smaller loads.
    10. How much does the washer weigh? The washer weighs 75 pounds.
    11. Are there handles to move it? YES there are grip handles on both sides of the washer. My unit did not have wheels but, it is not difficult to move on linoleum, wood or otherwise- carpet might be a little more challenging but, with an extra hand no problem! ( see photos )
    12. How big is the washer? This is a large kitchen counter height washer – for a good depiction of height and width ( see photos )
    13. What is the inside drum like? The inside drum is stainless steal with no center agitator ( see photos ).
    14. What is the washer’s lid like? The lid is soft close and is “see through” but, it does have a darker cast to it even after you remove the protective covering from shipping – you cannot truly “see” your clothes washing if using hot water as it will steam the lid – with the cold water option you are able to see them slightly better.
    15. Can I open the lid and add more clothes anytime I want? YES you can.
    16. If I don’t have hot and cold water hook ups can I still use both? YES you can, simply connect both hoses as you normally would to the back of the washer and switch them out as needed during the cycle. The machine will stop and beep an error if the correct temperature hose is not hooked up ( example would be washing hot and rinsing cold ) – when paused – simply switch out the hose and press start and the cycle will finish. ( see photos ).
    17. Is there a warranty from the manufacturer? YES there is.
    18. Is there an instruction manual included? YES there is.
    19. How does the washer drain and is there a drain hose included? YES there is a drain hose included. This is a long white plastic hose connected to the bottom left when facing the washer – this hose runs up and over and into the sink, it is more than long enough for a kitchen counter and/or a bathroom counter ( see photos ).
    20. What electrical outlet do I need? A standard home three-pronged outlet is perfect. ( See photos )
    21. Is the power cord included? YES it is.
    22. How much can I wash in this washer? This is a generous size washer drum for sure! I would NOT overload but it is more than adequate for a single or small family. ( see photos )
    23. Can I wash sheets and blankets? YES you can. A full size or twin blanket, a Sherpa style blanket or thin larger blanket would be fine but, not a king, queen or full comforter, however sheets and pillow cases of all sizes are fine!
    24. Can I wash full size towels in this washer? YES you can. I have fit all sizes of towels in this washer!
    25. Can I wash rugs in this washer? YES you can but, it would depend on the size of the rugs. I was able to wash bathroom rugs ( large size ) runners from my hallway as well as toilet lid covering and small step out rugs from bathtub area. All my rugs have rubber backing and are nice quality thick ones from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
    26. Can I use liquid detergent? YES you can.
    27. Can I use powdered detergent? YES you can.
    28. Can I use fabric softener? YES you can.
    29. Is there a separate compartment for the detergent? YES there is however, I have used the compartment and also added detergent directly to the wash with no problems.
    30. Will I love this washer? YES YOU WILL! I am exceptionally happy with this washer and after reading and reviewing quite literally every price point and every portable washer from Amazon to Home Depot to Lowes – I am confident I made the right choice and I’m certain you will be too! Hope this review helped and if so give it a thumbs up!

    UPDATE 06-16-21 — STILL LOVE IT!! STILL WORKING PERFECT!!! Best washer!!
    UPDATE 01-02-22 — STILL LOVIN’ IT! STILL GOING STRONG!! Terrific Purchase!!
    UPDATE 04-17-22 — STILL GOING STRONG! No Issues, Just finished up four loads!! BLESSING ON EASTER!
    UPDATE 03-26-23 – STILL GOING STRONG! No Issues, move to a new location and still works perfect!
    UPDATE 05-23-23 – STILL GOING STRONG! No Issued, even after moving! 🙂

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