Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Price comparison

Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Price History


Current Price $299.99 April 22, 2024
Highest Price $419.99 November 18, 2023
Lowest Price $224.99 November 24, 2023
Since November 3, 2023

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$299.99 April 19, 2024
$329.99 April 10, 2024
$379.99 April 7, 2024
$362.55 April 4, 2024
$419.99 April 1, 2024

Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Description

Unrivaled Cordless Performance

For those seeking the convenience of cordless vacuuming with the efficiency of an upright, the Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect choice. This premium-quality vacuum cleaner boasts an impressive digital motor for deep, thorough cleaning that blasts through dirt and debris with ease. It is designed to effectively extracts debris and dirt from carpets, hard floors, and upholstery with ease. It also features a wide range of tools and attachments, allowing users to tackle any job, large or small. The vacuum’s extended run time makes it one of the best cordless vacuums on the market, while its powerful suction ensures that no mess is left behind.

Convenient Design

The Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner features a unique bagless design that eliminates the need for disposal bags or the need to rinse the canister, saving time and effort with each use. It has a lightweight, general purpose body that can be maneuvered easily both up and down stairs, and its slim profile and ergonomic handle allow for comfortable, efficient cleaning from any angle. The vacuum also features a self-standing design that makes it easy to store away after use, and its wall-mounted docking station allows for easy, one-touch storage.

Exclusive Tech

This advanced cleaning machine includes Dyson’s exclusive V6 power system. This technology brings together powerful suction, an efficient high-velocity airflow, and a patented cyclonic separation process to capture and extract dust and debris from carpets, hard floors, and upholstery with supreme success. The trigger-operated design and fade-free power lets you take quick passes at any mess, while the advanced HEPA filtration system ensures all the air coming out of the machine is up to 99.97% free from allergens and other particles.


• Digital Motor for deep, thorough cleaning
•Compact, lightweight body
• Extended run time
• Wall-mounted docking station
• Vanishing Head attachment
• Unique bagless design
• V6 power system
• HEPA filtration system
• Advanced cyclonic separation
• Trigger-operated design
• Self-standing upright design
• Quick-release trigger
• Ergonomic handle
• Wide range of tools & attachments

Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Specification



Special Feature

Cordless, Washable Filter, Bagless, HEPA

Surface Recommendation

All floors

Power Source

Battery Powered

Included Components

Extra charger, Combination tool, Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Digital Motorbar XL cleaner head, Fluffy Optic cleaner head, Hair screw tool, Wall dock and charger, Extra battery, Built in dusting and crevice tool

Is Cordless


Item Weight

8.6 Pounds


2 hours and 20 minutes

Form Factor




Model Name


Product Dimensions

10.87"L x 9.84"W x 47.76"H



Number of Items


Controller Type

Push Button

Country of Origin


Item model number



2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Warranty Description

2 years.

Batteries required


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Dyson Gen5outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews (3)

3 reviews

4.7 out of 5
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  1. Angeleyes

    I have owned quite a few Dyson products to include my latest vacuums an upright Dyson animal ball and a Dyson cordless V8 absolute Animal. This is superior in most ways to both those and inferior in just one for my application.

    Amazing suction. It has 3 levels Eco (low), med (auto sensing adjusts depending on dirt level) and boost (max).

    I have over 1500 square foot of tile in my house and about 750 square feet of heavy pile (not shag) new mohawk brand carpet. And two extra large area rugs one that is shag rug like and one that is tight knit.

    On tile this beast of a vacuum is very noticeable and very superior to my prior cordless and upright Dyson. Features I love is the light on the felt bare floor roller. It casts a green glow that illuminates the dust and dirt like an episode of CSI, it really works well in showing you areas you would swear that were clean. And there was a ton of them I missed even though I previously cleaned the floors with my Dyson V8 prior to re-vacuuming it with the GEN5. The roller is smooth rolling and the vacuum feels natural even though this is a heavy vacuum due to its larger battery and heavy duty motor.

    The carpet/brush roller is extra wide like my upright corded model.

    Only negative for me is that the vacuum has too much suction on even low(ECO) mode for my shag type rug and the roller stops due to the fact it sucks so hard it is trying to pull the rug into the vacuum and the roller is overcome with the amount (length of carpet) this didn’t happen with my V8 or my upright Dyson ball.

    The rooms with plush pile carpet fair better but are only halfway manageable on eco (low) mode only. And even then it feels like you’re trying to push a cart with flat tires. It does do a great job on low cleaning the carpeted rooms so I can imagine this would be amazing on normal pile carpets. My other tight knit rug was no problem and were cleaned very well.

    The dust bin is extra large and does my whole house no problem. It is easy to open and I love the orientation of the dust bin compared to the previous models.

    It shows the amount of battery life left in minutes and it shows how much dirt it is picking up in particle size. I didn’t see much in the manual about what the particle sizes means compared to type of dirt/particle size and I am sure if I was interested I can Google the subject but I don’t plan on using the feature other than the larger the bar graph means it is still dirty, larger number equals larger dirt particles and if the bars get smaller or disappear then the area is clean. You can tell by the feel of the floor, sound of the vacuum if it is in auto sensing or using the felt hard floor roller due to the green light illuminating dirt.

    Battery life is great I completed the whole house with just the factory charge. Description from Amazon vendor states 140 minutes runtime Dyson the manufacturer website states two hours** could not easily find what the ** meant but that always means an exception they have buried somewhere on the website. I’m 99% sure they are stating that as both batteries combined on Eco mode. After a full charge and I turned it on vacuum stated 45 min runtime left. They swap out very easily with a push button and no tools are needed.

    It went from 5% to full charge in about 2 hours. It was at 50% in an hour. But that shouldn’t be a problem as it comes with two batteries and two charging cords. My Dyson v8 would trickle slow charge for ever. So much so that once the battery died I pretty much just finished the job the next day. I was always racing to finish the house by cleaning it quickly with my old vacuum. There is one base plate that you can attach to your wall and charge it (Laundry room in my case) and in a separate area I have the spare battery charging with extra charger as a backup. Most likely I will just store the battery since I believe one is all I will need. I will keep extra one if original fails or battery life degrades too much. And I believe all Dyson cordless vacuums the weak point is the lithium battery as it degrades over time and ends up needing replacement.

    This vacuum is amazing even though it is very expensive I believe it is worth it if you are already ready to pull the trigger on any Dyson cordless as they start at $400 even for older models and if you are looking here you are looking for a step up. If you were looking at a lower tier models in the Dyson lineup keep in mind this comes with two batteries and two chargers. Every Dyson cordless I have had (4 of them) the batteries died after a couple years and I was only able to get the knock off brands that are inferior from various vendors on Amazon there may be some good ones as it’s not the vendors on Amazon fault but whoever is the manufacturer providing the batteries and I never found an acceptable one. . It seems like they (Dyson) don’t want you to buy replacement batteries and would prefer you to buy a new vacuum (my opinion), since they always show out of stock for my previous model vacuums. Even this vacuum brand new model shows out of stock at $130 for battery and $40 for charger currently according to there website.

    I would purchase this vacuum 100% for tile/hardwood floor for suction, the fancy green light to show dirt, and the spare battery.

    The icing on the cake would be if they included a full line up the majority of the attachments they sell with this model as it is the top of the line model. Even my V8 absolute animal came with a bag and more attachments at less than half the price.

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  2. UnderdogMom

    First, I have to say it was very difficult writing this review, but at the same time it really made me think about this vacuum that is extremely expensive. It really comes at a good time because I just reviewed another expensive vacuum a few months ago.

    To start, the suction power of the Dyson is probably the best of any vacuum I have ever seen. The workmanship, materials and accessory connections are smooth and effortless. It’s truly a well made great vacuum that is good for many jobs.

    Here are my complaints… this vacuum is very expensive and comes with several attachments but the wall attachment doesn’t hold all of the attachments – in my case it only held one of the three, they didn’t
    Design it to hold all the attachments so I have to throw those in the corner when I’m not using them – very sloppy engineering. As well, they included an extra battery and battery adapter cord but no place to put that either – toss that in the corner plugged in as well – nothing is organized or stored all in one unit – it just makes no sense for the amount of money they are asking. The new Dyson is also not light, but does have a bigger collection canister. This really gets me – we didn’t design in a place to put all the attachments or the extra battery but we did include a display that shows the particulate counts picked up by the vacuum – really…. I could care less, I’m using this in my home and not a manufacturing clean room.

    In my opinion the price point is just not worth the features with all the design flaws. The other vacuum I reviewed was about $150 less and had many many more features than this one. I just don’t think the Dyson is worth the money. I have another Dyson I paid a few hundred bucks for – this one’s not that much better other than bigger, heavier and the suction is amazing.

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  3. Angeleyes

    We are Dyson loyalists in this house. This is our fifth Dyson vacuum, and it’s by far the best one yet. We have two shaggy dogs and two cats, so vacuuming is a daily chore for us to keep the pet hair and outside dirt tracked in to a minimum. We have vinyl plank flooring and some area rugs. This vacuum is THE ONE that we have needed. It is nearly perfect for our needs. It comes with several tools, but the one we are using most is the hard floor attachment.

    Here’s what we love about it:

    – The hard floor attachment has a green laser light that illuminates what’s on the floor – and it’s been literally enlightening to see how much dirt/pet hair we have been missing. You cannot see dirt on our floors at all just looking at them, but boy can you see it when that green light hits it! Fascinating but also kind of frightening to know how much we were missing before. We thought we were doing a good job keeping up with the floors, but this light proved us wrong. Plus, the hard floor tool is soft and designed to not scratch floors. Perfect for vinyl or hardwoods.
    – The vacuum has incredible suction power. It has three speed/suction settings, and we are mostly just leaving it set on Auto, which lets the vacuum adjust speed/suction based on how much it’s picking up off the floor. It’s pretty neat to hear it ramp up when you hit a dirty spot and ramp down when it’s done cleaning that area.
    – It tracks how much junk you’re picking up, with a nifty digital display on top. We can clearly see that it’s picking up a lot, but kind of neat to see actual metrics for how dirty/clean your floor is.
    – It has an on/off button, instead of a trigger like our other Dyson stick vacuum. Much easier to manage.
    -The canister is BIG. We can do the entire house without having to dump it, and again, we are dealing with pet hair from four pets. Awesome.
    – It comes with a cool tool for doing stairs and upholstered items, which is designed to remove pet hair, and is perfect for us.
    – It also comes with a regular beater-bar style attachment for rugs. Works great.
    – It has a built-in crevice tool with a little brush attachment that slides up and down. This is attached to the canister but can be removed. So it works like a small handheld dustbuster too.
    – Comes with two battery packs and two chargers. Which is nice because we can always have a charged up battery. We can thoroughly clean the entire downstairs of our house on one charge.
    – The attachments for our other Dyson stick vac fit.

    This is definitely a five-star product, no question.

    A couple of things I don’t love about it, but they are not deal-breakers for me.

    – It’s heavy. The first time I used it, my arms were literally sore the next day. Now that I’m used to it, it’s not an issue though.
    – It doesn’t reach very far under furniture. Our other Dyson stick vacuum can lay down flat on the floor, and with the canister part laid sideways it can go way underneath beds etc. This one can only go a couple of feet under. Due to the size of the canister, it can’t get down nearly level with the floor, and it doesn’t swivel sideways like our other one does, so you can’t get it any lower. Not a huge deal, since we do have that other Dyson, but if you want this for your only vacuum (and I do think it would be a great choice for that), you might want to buy a swiffer or something that can reach way underneath beds and low furniture.

    This really is an incredible vacuum. I feel like it’s worth the price because it just blows away every other vacuum we’ve had, performance wise, and we’ve had some really great Dysons through the years. Worth the investment. Absolutely love it. If you have pets and/or hard floors, this is the one to get.

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