Joy Pebble Ice Maker Countertop Picninc Ice Maker

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Joy Pebble Ice Maker Countertop Picninc Ice Maker
Joy Pebble Ice Maker Countertop Picninc Ice Maker

Joy Pebble Ice Maker Countertop Picninc Ice Maker Price History


Current Price $139.99 May 31, 2024
Highest Price $139.99 December 8, 2023
Lowest Price $139.99 December 8, 2023
Since December 8, 2023

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$139.99 December 8, 2023

Joy Pebble Ice Maker Countertop Picninc Ice Maker Description

Speedy Ice Making

Are you looking for a convenient and fast way to make a lot of ice? The Joy Pebble Ice Maker Countertop Picnic Ice Maker works quickly to produce a variety of ice cube sizes, perfect for all your entertaining and drinking needs! The powerful and reliable compressor works quickly to make batches of ice in just 8-10 minutes, so you don’t have to wait around for your beverages to cool down. It also features a transparent window so you can easily see when you need to add more water.

Convenience and Portability

This ice maker is ideal for both home and portable use. It doesn’t require a water line hook-up or any plumbing, and has a large 2.0-liter water reservoir capacity. Its compact size and lightweight design make it extremely portable, perfect for picnics, tailgating, backyard BBQs, camping, and other outdoor gatherings. Plus, with its sleek, modern look, this ice maker fits perfectly into any kitchen.

Safe and Reliable

The Joy Pebble Ice Maker Countertop Picnic Ice Maker is designed to be both energy-efficient and safe to use. It features a whisper-quiet cooling system, and its easy-to-clean removable parts are safe and non-toxic. With its strong, reliable compressor and well-built stainless-steel frame, you can be sure you’re investing in something that will last.

Features and Benefits

The Joy Pebble Ice Maker Countertop Picnic Ice Maker is a powerful and convenient ice-making machine. Here are some of its features and benefits:

• Fast ice making capability – 8 to 10 minutes per batch
• Easy-to-fill, large 2.0-liter water reservoir
• Transparent window to see when more water is needed
• Easy-to-clean removable parts
• Lightweight and portable
• Compact design
• Strong, reliable compressor
• Energy efficient
• Easy-to-use
• Whipser-quiet operation
• Non-toxic and safe for use

Product Specs

• Color: White
• Size: 17.12″ x 14.88″ x 14.13″
• Weight: 24 lbs.
• Water Capacity: 2.0L
• Ice Making Capacity: 26 lbs/24 hours
• Ice Cube Shape: Up to 2 sizes
• Power Consumption: 170 Watts

Joy Pebble Ice Maker Countertop Picninc Ice Maker Specification

Product Dimensions

11.2 x 8.6 x 12.6 inches, 21.38 Pounds

Date First Available

April 20, 2023


Joy Pebble

Country of Origin


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Joy Pebble Ice Maker Countertop Picninc Ice Maker Reviews (8)

8 reviews

4.3 out of 5
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  1. LadyTee

    I am a pellet/nugget ice lover. I could sit and crunch through it all day long. I have been wanting to get myself a nugget ice machine for the past few years and this one popped up at a good price. I ordered myself one and as soon as it came, I followed the directions and let it sit upright before I plugged it in and started to wait for my ice. The machine is somewhat noisy, almost like a vacuum running in the background. I figured it would die down as the machine started to compress and make the ice — but it did not. There is a little motor inside as well that churns the water and pumps it through the system so it’s like a continuous pump running as well. If you have a Keurig coffee maker — you are probably already familiar with the noise but it just doesn’t stop. I also had to wait 2 hours for it to dispense a whopping 9 ice nuggets. They were small and on the watery side. The consistency is that of a fine compacted soft snow that has been formed into a small pellet. This does not make ice like Sonic or ChickFilA. It makes a similar sort of ice but it’s not the same at all.

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  2. D. R. Brown

    My mother’s ice maker broke a few months back, so we replaced it with a countertop nugget ice maker & I’ve jealous ever since. I have low iron, so I eat a lot of ice & nugget ice is my favorite! So, finally got around to getting one of my own & in comparison to others I’ve seen — this one is pretty great.

    First thing I notice was it’s compact size. Countertop ice makers are usually large, no matter what kind of ice they make. This Joy Pebble Ice Maker was something that I could easily take out of the box, pick up, & place on the counter. And that task was made easier because it has a handle — so this ice maker is meant to be portable as well. This ice maker also works fast. It starts making ice within 7 minutes & it claims to be able to put out 100 pieces of ice in 14 minutes.

    The Joy Pebble Ice Maker has all the standard features of many other ice makers, such as a transparent cover, fullness indicator, & it’s self-cleaning. I’m giddy to have this in my home & am likely going to consume an unthinkable amount of ice.

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  3. Jason J

    So even though we have a built in ice maker with our fridge, It does not produce enough ice fast enough. I also prefer nugget shaped ice better. This ice maker is absolutely easy to setup and use. Makes ice pretty fast, a lot faster than my fridge ice maker. Easy to clean and compact size doesn’t take a lot of counter space. I actually would like if the capacity would be bigger. Overall the price is kind high but It does what its supposed to and efficiently.

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  4. Rk Star

    We go through a lot of ice at our house and have a lot of bbq’s and get togethers so we need to have something other than a regular ice maker to make ice quick. I don’t have room in our freezer to keep bags of ice so we decided to give this a try. We love it. It literally makes ice within 10 minutes and keeps generating more ice as we use it. The ice nuggets are a great shape, are crunchable and perfect for drinks. It has a water sensor and lets you know when to refill the water. We use filtered water and it works great. This thing will keep making ice all day and we never run out. Really love the quality of this ice machine and the level of ice it generates. Perfect for what we need. Would recommend to anyone.

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  5. Melinda Upchurch

    This product works great! The nugget ice is perfect. However, it is louder than I would like and my husband kept unplugging it at night because our bedroom is beside the kitchen. It also has a small capacity. I could only fil
    My cup one time and then it needed to make more ice. I don’t have time to wait on it

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  6. Chris Beckemeyer

    This ice maker was packaged very well. It had styrofoam encasing it and hard plastic corners to ensure the bottom would not get dented. It appears to be a good quality ice maker. I purchased another that was not a good quality, but made ice. I like Sonic ice, this appears to be those type of nuggets, cannot wait to try it!
    Heavy duty, love the handle to carry from storage to the counter. Waiting at least 2 hours as directed to make ice.

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  7. Amanda Lambert

    This ice maker is AWESOME! it makes the chewable nugget style ice that everyone loves and has such a small footprint that it fits perfectly inside our A-frame pop up camper!

    Everyone will be asking for OUR ice when we go on our annual family reunion camp out at the lake this year!!! haha

    It’s important to not that this ice maker doesn’t keep the ice frozen! It makes ice and dumps it into the bin, which is just an insulated cooler. As it slowly melts, the water drips back into the reservoir and is used to continuously make NEW ice.

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  8. Just Another Customer

    The capacity of this unit, as noted by other reviewers, is small. So if you’d like a lot of ice… scoop it out! And more will be produced continuously. I love the footprint being so tiny, it fits easily on my countertop unlike some other kinds which are far too bulky, and it produces ice very quickly. The noise was not any more than I expected, but if you are sensitive to humming or fan noises find somewhere to tuck this away where it won’t bother you because it is consistent (as expected). The instructions say to wait 2 hours, but as with any refrigeration machine that’s the absolute bare minimum. If you can have it in place for 24 that’s even better – to give the coolant a chance to settle and let the machine operate at max efficiency. Overall I’m very pleased with this unit!

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