LaCie d2 Professional 14 TB External Hard Drive STHA14000800

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LaCie d2 Professional 14 TB External Hard Drive STHA14000800
LaCie d2 Professional 14 TB External Hard Drive STHA14000800

LaCie d2 Professional 14 TB External Hard Drive STHA14000800 Price History

Price History for LaCie d2 Professional STHA14000800 - Hard drive - 14 TB - external (desktop) - USB 3.1 Gen 2...


Current Price $454.99 June 22, 2024
Highest Price $454.99 June 19, 2024
Lowest Price $369.00 April 1, 2024
Since December 25, 2023

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$454.99 June 19, 2024
$439.99 June 16, 2024
$369.00 May 16, 2024
$439.99 May 13, 2024
$369.00 May 1, 2024

LaCie d2 Professional 14 TB External Hard Drive STHA14000800 Description

Blazing-fast Thunderbolt 3 Connectivity for Professional Data Storage

The LaCie d2 Professional 14TB External Hard Drive Desktop HDD enables users to reach the highest level of data transfer performance with its powerful and reliable Thunderbolt 3 connection. This dual Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.0 interface hard drive is perfect for backing up large amounts of data quickly. With this hard drive, users can transfer large media projects, store photos, videos, and other documents with ease.

Ultimate Storage Capacity and Robust Build Quality

The dual-interface LaCie d2 Professional 14TB External Hard Drive Desktop HDD provides users with amazing storage capacity, boasting 14TB of reliable and secure storage. With its solid and robust aluminum build quality that is heat-dissipating and mechanically sound, this unit is shock resistant and can withstand vibrations even during transportation. Furthermore, its Seagate Secure drives feature symmetric encryption designed to keep data safe.

Three Year Rescue Data Recovery Services

The LaCie d2 Professional 14TB External Hard Drive Desktop HDD offers powerful data recovery plans that come included with the product. Data Recovery Services provides peace of mind that in the event of a data loss disaster, users can get their data recovered. The three-year Rescue Data Recovery plans ensures that regardless of the issue or cause, users will be able to access their data again.

Powerful Features Designed for Professionals

The LaCie d2 Professional 14TB External Hard Drive Desktop HDD features a simple, yet powerful set of tools for advanced usage. It comes with backup software, tools to manage energy and performance settings, and two integrated Thunderbolt 3 cables that can daisy chain up to five additional devices together. It also includes the LaCie Toolkit which enables users to manage, customize, and monitor their data.

Product Features:

• 14TB of capacity for professional storage needs
• Robust aluminum build and mechanical design
• Dual Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.0 connectivity
• Seagate Secure drives for secure data storage
• Includes 3 year Rescue Data Recovery Services
• Includes backup software, energy, performance setting tools
• Comes with two Thunderbolt 3 cables
• Includes the LaCie Toolkit for management, customization, and monitoring

LaCie d2 Professional 14 TB External Hard Drive STHA14000800 Specification

Specification: LaCie d2 Professional 14 TB External Hard Drive STHA14000800

Hard Drive

‎14 TB Mechanical Hard Disk

Number of USB 2.0 Ports





‎D2 Professional

Item model number


Hardware Platform

‎PC, Mac

Item Weight

‎2.36 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎2.36 x 5.12 x 7.42 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎2.36 x 5.12 x 7.42 inches



Hard Drive Interface

‎USB 2.0

Hard Drive Rotational Speed

‎0.01 RPM



Country of Origin


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

‎April 9, 2020

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LaCie d2 Professional 14 TB External Hard Drive STHA14000800 Reviews (9)

9 reviews for LaCie d2 Professional 14 TB External Hard Drive STHA14000800

3.9 out of 5
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  1. Lincoln

    8/23/2022 Update: I have been using the drive the past five days with no problem. LaCie support suggested returning it to Amazon (when I thought it was dead). Now that it is working, I am keeping it to see what happens. I do not know how fast LaCie warranty exchange is (if I have a problem) but for now, the drive seems to be working fine.

    8/18/2022 Update: While I wait to hear back from LaCie/Seagate tech support, I did some more experiments. I took the laptop to a Windows 11 machine. It would not mount, but did show up as a device to EJECT. The LaCie Firmware Update could also see the drive when hooked to this Win 11 machine, and reported no firmware update needed. I was able to format using NTFS and mount the drive under Windows, and it seemed to work.

    I then hooked it back to the Mac, and it mounted and appeared fine. I reformatted it for Mac. It was no longer stuck blinking blue and clicking every 2 seconds. I could mount and remount, reboot and it was working like it did the first two days. I let it copy files all night using “FreeFileSync” (free, cross platform file sync utility). Everything was fine this morning.

    I feel the drive is flaky, so this review will be updated when I hear back from LaCie and see what they can tell me. Until then, I have the drive formatted for APFS (encrypted) so if it dies and I have to return it, I won’t be giving away all my data. I strongly suggest using disk encryption (Mac) or Bitlocket (Win Pro) on any external drives like this. I have read many stories about drives full of data that die, then you have to send them back and not know who might have access to all the files (if they can get the drive working).


    — original review—

    I am joining the other one star reviewers who got a bad drive. I picked up the drive on Saturday, and moved 8.7 TB of data to it over the weekend. Monday evening I went to power things up and it won’t mount. While it originally worked connected to my computer and to a Synology NAS (which is what did the 8.7TB copying for me), it didn’t last,

    It was actually making the new MacBook Air M2 hang when connected via a Thunderbolt 3 hub, or direct to the port on the MacBook. I used a USB-A to C cable and tried it on a late 2012 model MacBook Pro. Same problem. Even LaCie firmware updater cannot see it.

    The drive makes a mechanical thunk sound about every two seconds while the stupidly bright blue light blinks fast.

    Returning for a refund. I only chose this because I had good experience with a previous LaCie travel drive, and because it has a 5 year warranty. After reading reviews here, a warranty doesn’t help much if they are slow to respond and resolve the issue.

    Hopefully you will get a good init.

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  2. MIKE

    First I want to give Amazon 0 stars rating for this product purchase experience.
    The first drive arrived in a soft white envelope without any padding to protect it during shipping as if it was a clothing item purchase and not a delicate hard drive.
    Upon opening the envelope, the manufacture box that contains the drive had the security seal open (probably this drive was returned back to Amazon and then shipped to me).
    After contacting Amazon customer service they agreed to send me a replacement drive and I was assured that a replacement drive will be sent in a proper box packaging. To my surprise the second drive came in exact same white soft envelope as the first drive. The manufacture box inside the envelope was bent in one corner (possibly during shipping). At least this time the box was sealed.
    Complete lack of care on Amazon part to the product protection during shipping.

    The hard drive itself seems to be very solid in terms of build quality and is very quiet when it is not in use. (obviously there are some sounds coming through when the drive is in use as it is a spinning drive). I bought it to back up my photos so I like the capacity and the 5 year warranty on the product.
    The included Toolkit software doesn’t seem to work properly for ‘hands-off’ backup but I didn’t buy the drive for this software, there are a lot of other free/paid 3rd party tools for this purpose.
    Overall good drive, hopefully it will last many years.

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  3. Allen C. Huffman

    I’ve used LaCie products since the 90’s. TheD2 has a heavy aluminum enclosure and is fast and quiet. Registration is easy too.

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  4. Michael G.

    This LaCie external drive was easy to install, has close to unlimited memory, is robust, so what’s the problem?

    I won’t stay online on my MacBook Pro. Then it becomes invisible to the MacBook. And I have to reboot the MacBook Pro to see it again.

    Very annoying, time wasting and I would prefer to have a permanent solution. Anyone got a solution?

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  5. Mark Larson

    Easy to set up and use for Time Machine backups from a Mac. Second d2 I’ve bought, the first is nearly five years old and still running just fine.

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  6. Lincoln

    I purchased 5 of these hard drives – three 8TB size and two 10TB size. These hard drives are considerably faster than my other external hard drives that run usb 3.0. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend these LaCie drives.

    Upon testing each drive works perfectly as expected. My upload and download speeds are within 5 MB/s of each other which is awesome. I ran my tests using usb-c to usb-c on my MacBook Pro M1. See my screen capture showing the upload/download speeds.

    All five of my hard drives were sold with as “Style: d2 Professional USB-C 3.1” . Every one I received includes a usb-c to usb-c cable and usb-c to usb 3.1 cable. The rear of the hard drive has a usb-c input.

    Some reviews mentioned the loud sound from the hard drives. I noticed that all 5 are quieter than my WD and Seagate drives. This is likely because the LaCie enclosure is a very heavy metal versus the vented plastic in my older hard drives. The thicker metal blocks some sound. I can say that my two 10TB LaCie drives are slightly quieter than my 8TB LaCie drives – but both sizes I consider quiet for platter hard drives. SSD drives will be silent because they have no moving parts – so comparing these platter drives to SSD drives is unfair.

    I bought these on Amazon Prime Day 2022 for a considerable discount. If I can get the discount again, I would purchase these. At full price, I would purchase these if I needed the fast transfer speeds. But if the transfer speed wasn’t important I would just buy the cheapest price-per-TB hard drive at the time from WD, Seagate or LaCie. LaCie drives do have a premium price tag and have a higher quality enclosure but use a Seagate hard drive inside.

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  7. Black Swan

    Drive for time machine backups
    Drive unmounts when device sleeps. Cannot leave connected to laptop. Keep getting messages for drive not ejected properly
    Otherwise works well

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  8. Kat Sarracco

    ——- ——- ——- Feb 20, 2022 Update ——- ——- ——-
    The 2 drives that I installed on Sep 13, 2020 will not power on.
    I swapped the power supplies with the power supply from the 3rd drive – but the drives will not power on.

    Both drives spun up and can be read after removing from the chassis and plugging them into a docking station.
    I ‘m fairly certain that the power switch/module failed, because swapping the power supply didn’t work.
    The switch is wired to a small board that is in the top of the chassis. The wiring leads to the bottom of the chassis, where the power supply plugs in.

    I was lucky with this one – both drives are part of a windows storage set and the data is still readable.

    The drives are non-shingled, 7200 RPM Barracuda Pro drives – which is what I wanted.
    I’m disappointed that the power switch/module failed on 2 drives and I’m waiting for the 3rd drive to fail.
    Will see what Seagate (LaCie’s parent company) does – the drives are 17 months into a 60 month warranty.

    I used about 1.5 TB of the 4 TB capacity. Will order a 2 TB SSD and use these as backup drives.

    ——- ——- ——- Sep 13, 2020 — Original Review ——- ——- ——-

    My important files are backed up to multiple SSD drives. I decided that it might be easier to consolidate the backups to a larger mechanical drive, so I looked for an external mechanical drive that was durable and had decent performance.

    I read the reviews for LaCie and Glyph – it was obvious that Mac Users were having problems, but there were also some problems for Windows users. The problems seemed worse for the 8 & 10 TB drives.

    I ordered two 4 TB LaCie d2 Professional drives. The drives are very quiet and don’t run hot.

    1. After registering one drive, the LaCie website kept looping back to a popup window about Seagate.
    It was impossible to add the 2nd drive until the next day. Maybe a new user account can only register one device when the account is created?

    2. I decided that using Windows utilities was easier vs. trying to use either product download. The User Guides are weak and website articles are old.

    — Lacie_Desktop_Manager_for_Windows installed correctly, but it couldn’t identify any drives, including the LaCie drives.
    — LaCieToolkit installed correctly – but didn’t do much other than identify both drives. You can mirror a system’s boot drive to a LaCie drive, but can’t mirror a LaCie drive to another LaCie drive. Same thing applies for Backup & Restore.

    2. Both LaCie drives worked out of the box for Windows 10 Pro as standalone drives, but not as Disk Management mirrored volumes.
    — The drives were already partitioned into an EFI volume and a larger unallocated volume.
    — After reformatting from FAT32 to NTFS, the EFI volumes remained. Used diskpart from the CMD window to delete the EFI volumes.
    — Both drives are identical capacities, but I could not add mirrors from Disk Management. The drives would not convert from Basic disk to Dynamic Disk.

    2. I ended up using Windows Storage Spaces with 2 way mirrors. The 2 drives are seen as a single, 4 TB drives.

    ——- ——- ——- Sep 15, 2020 ——- ——- ——-
    After a couple of days, I noticed other problems – I had upgraded Windows 10 Pro with the May 2020 update. It required a BIOS update, which I applied on Sep 23.
    There were other driver updates (network & graphics) but none for firmware, storage or USB.

    A. Sep 15 problem: The laptop reboots after sleeping for about 2 hours.
    Sep 23 update: The laptop reboots stopped after a BIOS upgrade.
    —- The reboots were not related to the LaCie drives which were connected to a docking station.
    —- The reboots were related to external SSD drives that were connected to the USB 3.0 and USB-C ports.

    B. Sep 15 problem: There’s a Windows event about a USB device that’s draining power from the system.
    —- It could be the drives or the USB docking station, but it’s a strange message because the devices have
    their own power supplies. But it’s possible that’s how the Windows interpreted the problem.
    Sep 23 update: The May 2020 update removed all the power plans.
    —- Added a new Windows power plan to handle sleep & hibernate better.
    —- I allowed the laptop to hibernate after about 15 minutes of sleep time.
    —- Then went into properties for the Network adapters and set them so they would not sleep.
    This helps when I want the laptop to come out of hibernate.

    C. Sep 15 problem: Windows Event messages about the drives having the same disk identifiers.
    There’s a reference KB 2983588 about MPIO, which is not something that I would enable on a laptop.
    — Windows Storage Space displays the same serial number for the drives in the storage pool.
    It may be a virtual S/N because it’s not the physical drive’s serial number.
    Sep 23 update: The Disk Identifier message goes back about 4 or 5 years for Windows.
    —- It’s related to USB 3.0 and a newer protocol.
    The older USB standards used a Bulk-Only Transport (BOT) protocol to transfer data between devices.
    —- When USB 3.0 was introduced, the BOT protocol was retained but a newer USB Attached SCSI protocol
    (UASP) was defined in the spec which uses the SCSI command set and allows for faster,
    multi-threaded parallel transfers with command queuing.]
    —- The Windows Storage Space serial number is related to the UASP issue..

    ——- ——- ——- Sep 16, 2020 — Added a 3rd drive for Acronis Backup ——- ——- ——-
    I did not install any of the LaCie/Seagate utilities.
    Used DiskPart to delete the EFI partition, then reformatted the entire drive to NTFS.
    Attached to USB-C. No problems like what was observed originally.

    —— September 23, 2020 Update ——–
    All 3 LaCie drives are working well, without any problems.

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  9. Papa Bear

    I have a couple of LaCie drives before but this has to be the worst in workmanship – if there’s any at all.

    It works fine but paying a premium for a Neil Pulton design only to get this quality is disappointing.

    Photos as proof. Go figure if you want to pay for sucky workmanship.

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