Marshall Mode Headphones

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Marshall Mode Headphones Description

Rich and Incredible Audio Quality

The Marshall Mode in-Ear Headphones deliver a dynamic sound with incredible clarity—from deep bass to highs that will move you. This versatility makes them the perfect headphone for all music genres including rock, pop, hip-hop, jazz, and more. Thanks to a specially tuned 9.2mm dynamic driver, you’ll experience every nuance of sound in full Hi-Fi audio that will be enjoyed all day long. Plus, the headphones are engineered with passive noise isolation so you can immerse yourself in your music.

Designed For Comfort

The Marshall Mode in-Ear Headphones are made with superior levels of ergonomics and comfort in mind. The form-fitting design adjusts to the shape of your ear for a secure fit that won’t skip or loosen during a problem. The headphones are lightweight, too, so they won’t weigh you down after hours of continuous use. Plus, they come with a tangle-resistant cord, so you can quickly enjoy your music without having to replace tangled cords.

Built-In Remote and Mic

The Marshall Mode in-Ear Headphones include a built-in remote and mic. This enables you to control your music and take calls on compatible iOS and Android devices. With built-in volume and multifunctional buttons, you can easily switch between music and phone calls. The multi-tip design ensures a secure fit with any earphone jack, too.

Stylish Design

The Marshall Mode in-Ear Headphones give you a signature look with classic Marshall branding in black and white. The timeless design looks great and will turn heads when you’re out and about, making a bold statement to show off your style. Plus, the Marshall nozzle and adjacents provide superior insulation from external noise while also adding to the headphones’ unique personality.

• Delivers rich and dynamic sound with incredible clarity
• Specially tuned 9.2mm driver delivers Hi-Fi audio
• Ergonomic and comfortable form-fitting design
• Reversible headphones for both wired and wireless use
• Built-in remote and mic for easy control
• Elegant black & white design with classic Marshall branding
• Tangle-resistant cord for hassle-free listening

Marshall Mode Headphones Specification

Item Weight

0.6 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

November 5, 2014


Zound Industries


English, English, English, English, English

Country of Origin



1.0 Count

Number Of Items


Cable Length

2 Feet

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Marshall Mode Headphones Reviews (9)

9 reviews

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Stuart

    The sound is great when you hold them in position, but for my ears I can’t get a good seal to enhance the bass enough.

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  2. Iuri de Oliveira Barreto

    Bom fone, ótimo acabamento, mas o som não é nada surpreendente.

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  3. Kent Hasel

    Sound is pretty. It can be hard them in your ears. The worst thing that can be said is they need a better way to mark the R & L. Try white not black to mark them.

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  4. Fred

    He loves it.

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  5. Shaik A.K

    Item well received,nice packing. Sound quality is good.

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  6. Jenny

    Love the shape of ear buds. My 2nd purchase. Just note that the rubber on wires are not very durable and started disintegrating after 2 years of intensive use during covid 🙂

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  7. Ajit Bhat

    Very good

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  8. The Kevster

    I spent 70-something moneys on a new pair of IEM’s recently. It was this pair actually. That’s why I’m reviewing it right now. Logic.

    I got myself into a lot of trouble when I ordered these. “YOU ALREADY HAVE NICE EARPHONES. WHY DO YOU NEED MORE?” said the angry significant other. I didn’t really have a good reason, so I told her how pretty she is. Didn’t work this time. So I promised that if these marshall’s didn’t blow me away, I would return them and pretend like this never happened.

    Soooooooooooooooo….I’m a little disappointed that I like these as much as I do. Because it means I’m going to remain in the doghouse. I heard about these from thewirecutter. If you haven’t heard of this site, I recommend checking it out. They basically just review tons of consumer electronics and try to recommend the best bang for your buck. This is the second time that I’ve purchased a product based on a thewirecutter recommendation. I guess I’m trying to say that I wouldn’t have ever given these a look if not for that website.

    If you’re the type of person that gets pleasure out of abusing headphones, you won’t like these. I understand the idea that more expensive IEM’s should be more durable, therefore I can light them on fire and then extinguish that fire with battery acid and still be able to use them everyday. I get it, 60-70 something moneys is a lot to spend on earphones. But the money here pays for performance, not durability. I’m sorry. These are fragile. Will they die after one bad snag on the corner of your desk? No. But I don’t think they should be used at the gym or carelessly tossed in your bag and sat on or lit on fire.

    I treat my earphones like a small puppy that fits in my pocket…… which is why I’ve only had one pair break since I was in high school.

    The remote is pretty minimalistic. It’s one button. Which is good because I think 2 buttons would be overstimulating for me and I’d get scared. It can be used to answer and hang up calls, play/pause your music, or skip to the next or previous track. There is no volume control. If that’s a deal breaker for you then….I’m sorry you had to read this far into my review. I wish I could give you back the time you just wasted. The mic is neat. It’s located a little higher than the remote so it’s closer to your mouth. I’ve gotten zero complaints about my voice quality when talking into the mic.

    Accessories. Pretty much none. You get the earphones and 4 tip sizes to choose from ranging from small to extra large. I use the large tips and I get a nice tight seal in both ears. But the lack of a carrying case bothers me. I have multiple carrying cases from other pairs of IEMs, so I’m personally doing ok. But if this is going to be your first pair of upgraded earphones, I’m scared for you. It’s like Marshall is encouraging you to carelessly toss these into the bottom of your bag or pocket. Then they’ll break. And you’ll be upset. And I don’t want anybody to be upset. Because it’ll make me upset and everything is about me. ANYway, if you don’t have a case, I’m not going to recommend that you get one. That would be a little excessive. I just encourage that you take care of them.

    Audio is completely subjective. So I don’t really know how to approach this section. The isolation from outside noise is more than adequate as long as you have a good seal with the included tips. Once I got that seal, they fit really snug in my ears and stayed put. These have a higher impedance than cheaper IEMs which translates to: they won’t play as loud at the same volume/input power. That said, I use them with my Nexus 6p which has underwhelming audio-out power. But because of the decent isolation, I’m still able to drive these to satisfying levels with volume to spare. Heck, I used them on my business flights and had no issues.

    I really like how these are voiced. I tend to be sensitive to high frequencies. If earphones have too much in the high end, my ears get tired and I get grumpy. These have a nice smooth high end, with no lack of detail. I can listen for hours and feel good afterwards. The midrange is really strong on these. I listen to mostly rock, and electric guitars come through really strong and have a grittiness to them that sounds awesome to me. Voices are clean and clear, but they take a backseat to guitars and the rest of the music that makes music sound powerful and engaging. I think the bass is exceptional, and there’s a boost at the lower sub bass is delightful on electronic and rap but doesn’t get in the way for rock and more acoustic music.
    The last nine sentences should really be taken with a grain of salt. I don’t know what you like or how your ears hear. But overall, I think these are pretty well-rounded and will be unoffensive for most people to listen to. Surely, they’re an upgrade from stock earphones.

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  9. Key Chung

    Looking for earbuds can be kind of a nightmare. So many players in the game, so much variety in terms of sound, design, features, and price. I don’t want to spend a lot of money since they’re used mostly outdoors and vulnerable to random circumstance but I want to get the best sound possible and I want them to not break after a few months. In this case, trust Wirecutter ‘s recommendation. Other than the fact I have to loop the cable over my ears to get a decent seal (and appreciate the quality bass as intended) I love pretty much everything about the Modes! They’re still getting broken-in but the build quality seems solid. The design is simple and classy but unmistakably Marshall. The low-profile jack should look familiar to guitarists and the tangle-resistant cable and clip is a nice touch.

    So, what of the sound? Considering who makes them, it’s not surprising the Modes handle guitar-based music with ease (they do along with vocals, and it’s awesome to hear.) The balance is a slight U shape, with a primary emphasis on the bass, and the treble peak only adding air and detail. Sub-bass extension is impressive and doesn’t get swallowed up by the mid-bass boost. Mids are barely recessed and, overall, the sound profile is coherent and refreshingly natural. It’s pretty much my ideal frequency response. The treble lacks excessive grain (but it does have a bit at the top), and the very top-end rolls off nicely making these IEMs very non-fatiguing. This is an important thing to anyone (myself included) with a frustrating treble-sensitivity. Audiophiles might miss the clarity the ultra top-end provides but I’d rather keep my ears from hurting.

    Timing and response is tight throughout the frequency range resulting in a very fluid and musical presentation. No muddy bass or confused mids. Almost any genre of music will benefit from that kind of insight. That said, they struggle ever-so-slightly when trying to resolve very complex music passages. Not a bad problem to have all things considered. Soundstage is pleasantly natural but not exceptional. If you’re used to strictly budget earbuds you’ll be impressed. And isolation is about average for IEMs as the 4 sets of tips (from S-XL) are not very thick (good thing they don’t leak sound out though). The Modes really shine in quieter listening situations as they aren’t the loudest headphones ever and noisy public spaces like trains, planes and buses tend to call for overly bloated bass which is not what we have here.

    After trying (and discarding) so many cheap IEMs, I feel like I’ve finally found the pair best suited for my ridiculous checklist of needs. Added bonus: Although the Modes sound great plugged into your iPhone, they scale nicely with a higher quality DAC/source. 24-bit FLACs are a treat through these earphones. That feels like a bargain at this price.

    ETA (11/18/16)
    I’m just updating my review now that my thoughts on the Modes are clearer and I can better articulate what I like (and don’t). They’re holding up just fine but I don’t abuse them. Still sound great and my appreciation for them has only increased.

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