MUSICOZY Sleep Eye Mask

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Current Price $15.99 May 20, 2024
Highest Price $19.99 November 28, 2023
Lowest Price $15.99 January 1, 2024
Since November 28, 2023

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$15.99 January 1, 2024
$19.99 November 28, 2023

MUSICOZY Sleep Eye Mask Description

Expect Maximum Results with MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones

Are you looking for headphones that will not just block out the noise but provide an overall sensory experience to help you relax and go to sleep? MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband offers comfortable and high-end listening pleasure to ensure undisturbed sleep all through the night. Whether you’re a light sleeper or an audiophile, MUSICOZY has the perfect headphones for you.

Enjoy Undisturbed Sleep with Comfortable Headphones

As the premier sleep headphone brand, MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband is designed with special comfort features to ensure quality sleep. These headphones feature a wireless and advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology that allows you to connect to all your favorite streaming music services including Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more. As a result, they deliver secure and soundless entertainment so you can rest well without interruptions. The headband is made of polyester, spandex and memory foam for maximum comfort and is adjustable for different head sizes.

Listen to Music with Hi-Fi Stereo and Noise Reduction

MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband features Hi-Fi stereo sound and active noise reduction. This enables the headphones to double as a high-fidelity audio device to make your music more enjoyable. The sound quality is crisp and unaffected by low-frequency background noise, providing you with an amazing listening experience. Moreover, the integrated non-audio pass-through technology allows you to listen with one side and use the other side to hear environmental sounds, so you don’t miss anything important.

One-Touch Control for Maximum Convenience

The integrated one-touch control feature makes these headphones very easy to use. With an integrated microphone, you can answer calls, play/pause music and access Siri, Google Now or other voice command features. The multi-function button allows you to take voice commands from your phone or computer, and control the volume with just one touch. The included USB charging cable makes it easy to charge for your endless entertainment needs.

Sleep All Night With MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband

MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband is the perfect investment if you’re looking for luxurious uninterrupted sleep. The built-in battery ensures you don’t need to constantly charge the device and can enjoy listening to music all-night. As stylish as they are practical, MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones are made with premium materials that provide an elegant look that goes well with any look.

Keep Your Headphones Secure With the Perfect Fit

The adjustable headband on MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband offers the perfect fit for up to 95% of all head sizes. Not only does it fit snugly, but it is also comfortable enough that you don’t need to worry about taking it off until you’re ready. The adjustable length ensures that your headphones last longer and are easy to maintain.

Relax and Sleep Tight with MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband

If you’re looking for headphones that provide maximum comfort while allowing you to sleep soundly, MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband is your best bet. Not only do these headphones provide superior comfort but they also deliver great sound quality and Hi-Fi stereo. The adjustable headband, one-touch control feature, and noise-reduction technology coupled with the Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures that you get the best sleep of your life.

Affordable Price for Quality Sleep

At a price that’s kind to your budget, MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband is an affordable way to get the quality sleep you deserve. You can find them at competitive prices with different sellers, so make sure to shop around and compare for the best price. Get your sleep headphones now and make sure you enjoy a relaxed slumber with MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband.

Features of MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband

  • Wireless and advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Made with polyester, spandex, and memory foam for maximum comfort
  • Hi-Fi stereo sound and active noise reduction
  • Integrated mic and one-touch control features
  • Integrated non-audio pass-through technology
  • Adjustable headband for up to 95% of all head sizes
  • Integrated battery ensures endless entertainment
  • Elegant look with premium materials
  • Competitive prices across different sellers

FAQs About MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband

  • Q: How comfortable is MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband?
    A: The headband is made with soft memory foam and special comfort features to ensure maximum comfort while sleeping. The adjustable design of the headband allows you to adjust it to your head size for the perfect fit.
  • Q: What type of technology does it use?
    A: MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband uses advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology to ensure wireless streaming and one-touch control features for convenient use.
  • Q: Does the headband include noise reducing technology?
    A: Yes. MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband features Hi-Fi stereo sound and active noise reduction for clear and quality audio.
  • Q: Is it easy to adjust the headband?
    A: Yes. The adjustable headband is designed to fit up to 95% of all head sizes for a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Q: What should I do if I want to get the best price?
    A: You can find MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Headband at different sellers so make sure to compare and find the best deal.

MUSICOZY Sleep Eye Mask Specification

Product Dimensions

9.45 x 4.33 x 0.94 inches

Item Weight

3.6 Ounces

Item model number



3 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June 26, 2019





Charging Time

2 Hours


1.00 Count

Number Of Items


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MUSICOZY Sleep Eye Mask Reviews (10)

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4.6 out of 5
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  1. MEM

    Llevo poco más de un año con este antifaz y me encanta! son suaves, tapa muy bien la luz, cubre los oídos, el volumen se regula bien, muy fácil de usar, se carga rápido. Sin embargo, yo compre este antifaz con la idea de usarlos para dormir, me gusta dormir con música y en posición lateral, en la descripción del artículo menciona que se puede dormir de lado cómodamente, desafortunadamente para mi esto no fue cierto. Es muy incómodo dormir de lado con este antifaz ya que los auriculares/bocinas internas aunque son muy delgadas, a mi me causaban incomodidad e incluso dolor en la oreja si me llegaba a quedar dormida con el antifaz puesto en posición lateral. Sólo por eso no le doy las 5 estrellas, pero son perfectos para el uso en avión o si duermes boca arriba.

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  2. J. Eubanks

    I love the product. I did not love the instructions. I am not fond of the announcer. There is a rather complicated system of three buttons to press in various configurations to operate the mask. But I am getting used to the controls.
    I bought this to help me sleep. I have tinnitus, and falling asleep while trying to ignore the buzz in my brain is difficult at best, & sometimes impossible. My Doctor recommended this product. The important accessory is finding the right recording that will fit your needs. For me, that has been Rain & Thunder sounds. Actually, water sounds in general. Babbling Brooks, surf sounds, or downpours of rain sounds all send me to sleep.
    White noise itself sounded just like what is already in my head. Music doesn’t help, I tend to listen too intently to sleep. And I’m light sensitive, so I need a total blackout, which this mask also provides.
    I already had a subscription to Pandora, so I use it via Bluetooth for the sounds I want. The mask has a few recordings built in, but I haven’t found one of those that is as good for me as the Thunder & Rain on Pandora.
    If you are seeking a solution to your tinnitus problems, this isn’t a cure. But it can help you ignore it for a few hours and sleep in spite of the noise already in your head. I am able to sleep for about three hours at a time with this speaker + eye mask.

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  3. Jillian

    Why didn’t I buy this a long time ago?! I’m trying to incorporate more meditation in my life but the best time to do it is at night before falling asleep. I’ve tried hundreds of dollars worth of earbuds and headphones over the years, and all of them were just too painful to wear while laying in bed. Plus, I couldn’t roll onto my side when my back started to hurt (some of them meditations be looong).
    This product is essentially an eye mask with two little speakers built in the side. You can adjust the head strap and you can even slide the speakers forward or backward to make sure they are right on top of your ear. I was worried that my husband was going to hear the meditation, but as I was pairing this product to phone, my music started to play and I couldn’t hear it at all in my hands! Then when I put it on with the music still playing, the music was blasting! Incredible how you can’t hear it when it’s not on! Finally, I have found a product where I can lay completely on my side and I had no pain on my ears at all! The only regret I have is not buying this much sooner.

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  4. Angela

    At first I wanted to try this product to see if I could meditate with it, using the Bluetooth mode, but then I have found that the Nature mode is great when I am trying to go to sleep and then I fall asleep with it on and wearing earplugs too. I usually have a solid sleep when I have them on. It’s amazing because sometimes I think oh how can I sleep with this sound but then it truly does work with me plus wearing earplugs at the same time. Even when I wake up with them on, I have found that it’s been easier to fall back asleep. It helps that I haven’t looked at my phone because your eyes are covered and the noise helps to distract my mind just enough to help me avoid looking at my phone too much. I love this eye mask!

    One tip is that after the Bluetooth is connected, sometimes I have to keep pressing the button for the Nature Mode function to start, and then I know it’s working when I hear the voice say Nature Modey, then I press the change sound button for a bit longer than usual and then it will start working.

    I hope this eye mask helps more people too.

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  5. Hayley

    Very comfy, high quality material. Adjustable which helps! Been sleeping a lot better since I got them.

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  6. Jared

    This product does everything it states. It cuts out light, diminishes noise, allows for your choice of audio or preselected nature sounds, is surprisingly comfortable, and most importantly allows for better sleep. Being someone who sleeps on their stomach I was hesitant about buying the product with speakers, as they would be uncomfortable. This was NOT the case and found sleeping on your stomach/side was possible. The two minor negatives I would say is;
    1. The function of using the buttons to perform certain actions can be very confusing. Example being 2 clicks for action A, 1 full click for action B, 1/2 click for action C and so on. Making this a little user friendly would be a great upgrade.
    2. This may be personal preference but every time I turn it on it automatically connects to my cell phone (which turns on my Spotify). If you were previously working out or jamming out in your car, you might be in for a shock late at night when the music comes blaring through the speakers.
    Like I said, my negatives are very minor and personal preference. The product is solid, does what it says, and at a great price point.

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  7. Josh

    The Bluetooth function works great however the pre-programmed sounds included could be improved. I don’t find any of them to be superiorly relaxing and there is no white noise programmed sound so you have to use your Bluetooth to have white noise which is unfortunate because then I have to turn airplane mode on so I don’t get notifications on my phone while I’m trying to sleep through my headset.

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  8. Samuel E. Dunham III

    This is the third bluetooth sleep mask I’ve had over the last few years and it is the best one yet. The padding around the eyes creates an offset that keeps your eyelashes from getting squished during the night. Which was a problem with the last couple. The bluetooth connection is good (and bonus points for the voice that tells you when it’s connected being a native English speaker (or at least a good fake 🙂 ). The mask is comfortable and very soft. No light gets in through the edges. There is ample velcro on the strap for adjustments. The only two knocks I would give it is that the battery life could be better and the speakers could be a tad bit softer or better cushioned for side sleepers. I would prefer the USB connection be on the main control box, but that’s a trivial criticism. Huge, HUGE bonus points for being USB C. Too many manufacturers seem unwilling to make the jump from Micro USB.

    I have no doubt that when it’s time to replace this mask I’ll probably do so with whatever the current incarnation of this model is.

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  9. Aneta Pazeska

    Great to fall asleep to

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  10. Lynsey H.

    Overall, I love this sleep mask. It blocks out light well and is perfect for listening to my sleep meditation or binaural beats without disturbing my husband. I also have the headband design this brand also carries and I prefer these for the way they fit. The mask is more padded around the speakers so this design is much more comfortable for me to sleep in. I gave the headband to my husband and he does still enjoy that.

    A few notes…
    1-The speakers provide decent volume but need to be fairly well positioned to be heard. The mask tends to slide up a little bit on me as I move at night and once the speakers slide above my ears slightly I can no longer hear it. It’s not a huge deal to me as I am usually asleep at this point and will simply adjust if I wake up
    2- The battery life is good and can usually make it a couple nights for me. It also charges pretty quickly so I can throw it on the charger 20 minutes before bed if I realized I had forgotten to charge it and that will pretty well make it through the night. However, when the battery does get low there is this obnoxious voice that cuts in every 30 seconds or so saying “Battery Low”. That voice will wake me up if the speakers are still on my ears and has provided quite the jump scare just as I was dozing. Considering these are made for sleeping, I would be ok with the sound just fading out or a soft beep. Safe to say after having that experience a couple of times, I will make sure these are charged before bed. I do wish there was a way that the headset would tell you your battery percentage, but my phone does typically show it on the bluetooth connection.

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