Philips Premium Airfryer XXL

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Philips Premium Airfryer XXL Description

What Makes This Airfryer Unique?

Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology is a game-changing kitchen appliance that sets itself apart from competitors with its innovative Fat Removal Technology. This advanced technology separates and removes fat from your food so that you can enjoy tasty favorites like pork, beef, fish, and vegetables with fewer calories. With an XL size capacity of 3lb/7qt, you can fry a full meal for the entire family with one batch. The air fryer also has a special TurboStar technology which circulates hot air around the fryer for even heat distribution and ultimate crispy and crunchy results. The adjustable temperature control and timer provide you with flexible cooking options. Plus, this Philips Fryer is extra safe with its cool-touch housing and handle and the non-slip feet for stability.

Features & Specifications

The XL Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology is equipped with features that make cooking easier, healthier, and more convenient. Cook with a patented fat-removal technology which reduces the fat content in your meals up to 90 percent. The air fryer requires no preheating and takes a fraction of the time of traditional frying methods. It has a large 3lb/7qt capacity to feed your family in one go with very little to no oil at all. The adjustable temperature dial gives you precise temperature control ranging from 180°F – 390°F, and the timer is adjustable up to 60 minutes for all types of food. The TurboStar technology ensures quicker and more even cooking. Plus, there is an auto-off feature to let you know your meal is done and ready to eat.

Easy to Clean & Store

The Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology is designed for convenience and easy cleaning. A non-stick coating on the cooking basket makes cleaning quick and painless. The air fryer has a dishwasher safe removable parts for extra convenience, and the detachable cord storage makes storage easier. There is also an integrated cord storage space which allows you to store the fryer with the cord for extra convenience. The cool-touch housing and handle provide extra safety.

High-Quality Materials & Durable Design

The Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology is made with of high-quality materials for durability. Its double layer coating on the nonstick cooking basket provides an extra durable layer that is non-toxic. The fryer also comes with excellent temperature control settings and its adjustable temperature range ensures the best possible taste and texture of your fried food. The heat-resistant body and handle ensure safety and the detachable cord storage helps to make storage easier. for extra convenience, the air fryer is also designed with a dishwasher safe removable parts for easy cleaning.

Product Highlights

  • Patented Fat Removal Technology
  • XL 3lb/7qt Capacity
  • TurboStar Technology
  • Adjustable Temperature Dial
  • Integrated Cord Storage
  • Non-Stick Cooking Basket
  • Cool-Touch Housing & Handle
  • Auto-Off Timer & Temperature Control
  • Extra Durable Non-Stick Coating
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts

Philips Premium Airfryer XXL Specification

Special Feature


Product Dimensions

15.55"D x 15.55"W x 15.67"H




7 Quarts



Output Wattage

1725 Watts

Item Weight

‎19 pounds


Philips Kitchen Appliances





Control Method


Model Name

Digital Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL

Has Nonstick Coating


Controller Type


Is Dishwasher Safe



Philips Kitchen

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

July 30, 2018

Philips Premium Airfryer XXL Reviews (12)

12 reviews

4.4 out of 5
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    A very well made unit with good versatility. Easy to use with great results.

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  2. Iris Townsend

    I was reading a lot of this product review even one said that it was smoking they show the video I know for a fact thing could come defective sometimes because all products are man maid I just think that when you do have situations like that just either contact Amazon and have it exchange or returned period..I could say that so far is working great, cook great , quality is great the food come out just right, the price for this size and type of big air fryer is reasonable to me I was looking for something this big event though I do have enough from ninja with two trays and is great too I just wanted another kinda round like this one live it though..great item I do recommend just remember it just come damaged returned or exchange it it’s a freaking good air fryer. and also the packaging was amazing.

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  3. Amir

    Fantastic product, easy to use and clean, should be in every kitchen. Highly recommended

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  4. Osamah Saleem

    Philips is a renowned international brand and make good airfryers

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  5. Girl of the Far North

    After much consideration and online research, we bought this Philips Air Fryer. My husband wanted a large capacity, I wanted something that would let him eat the fried foods he loves and me not suffer from grease-induced heartburn woes. This air fryer is all we could have wished for, and more. It is a bit difficult to get grease off the burner element at the top of the air fryer after a bacon-frying session, but otherwise easy to use and keep clean. My first try at using it was to make blackberry hand pies, a treat I remembered from my youth. I found a recipe online, made it up, and the results were terrific. So easy to do, the results outside-crispy, inside-moist, and absolutely delicious. We find ourselves using this air fryer several times a week, and not a single thing we’ve made has been less than delicious. Fried chicken came out amazing, battered halibut filets were better even than deep-fat fried, chicken-fried steaks were stupendous. And not a hint of heartburn, either!
    The size is workable for keeping on a counter top, we just push it against the back wall when not in use, pull it forward 5″ or so when we’re cooking with it. The top is flat, the black surface is easily kept clean and looks great with my other black kitchen appliances. The basket is very large, and you can get quite a bit of food in it at once. It says you can cook a 5.5 lb whole chicken in it, though we haven’t tested that out yet. It has a pause feature that lets you open the unit, shake the contents around or turn pieces, then resume cooking as before without having to re-set everything. The basket assembly easily comes apart for cleaning, and it all goes in the dishwasher just fine. The fryer is amazingly quiet when running, and the controls on the front panel are easy to learn to use. My one and only complaint is that the cooking temperature is adjustable only in 25 degree increments. Most recipes call for much finer-tuning of temperature, and we’ve had to learn to make adjustments for that each time we work with a new recipe. Having the ability to adjust temperature from 350 to 360, for instance, would eliminate having to keep detailed notes and trial-and-error runs to get cooking times just right for greatly differing temperatures than the recipe calls for.

    We chose the Philips brand because all of the serious online reviews (from America’s Test Kitchen, for instance) rated the Philips at the top of their lists, as reliable, durable, and easy to use. It was more pricey than other brands, true, but we figured that we would be using it for a long time to come and would be glad we paid the extra for the quality that Philips delivers. This air fryer has added a welcome and delicious new dimension to our culinary world.

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  6. Ronald Ting

    amazing appliance that cuts down cooking time. We went with the XL so we could fit a whole chicken. Fries and wings come out crispy and cooking time is fast! No longer need to wait for preheating and because it’s a smaller volume then an oven, cook times can be reduced. Easy to maintain, cleaning is not as hard as I thought. All the pieces can be removed and can be cleaned in the sink or dishwasher.

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  7. Mailen Obon

    Pedí dos freidoras y llegó solo una. El pedido se realizó el 02 de Marzo, la primer freidora llegó el 07 de Marzo y la segundo no llegó NUNCA. Detalle importante: Tampoco han realizado la devolución del dinero.

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  8. doksands

    Really works!

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  9. Katie

    I love this air fryer. I love the capacity of it and I love that it’s Teflon free but I hate the design of it. I am now ordering my second one which I’m glad is a lot less than two years ago because the design of it makes it so it’s very very hard to clean where the coil is so you end up with buildup of grease and Dirt and you can’t get behind that and clean and I believe eventually it will catch on fire so be careful once the build up has been there for a couple years it’s time to order a new one. Which maybe that was the point of the company is to keep customers coming back for more? I don’t know worked for us.
    But it’s the best air fryer on the market without Teflon!!

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  10. Ozkar de Grump

    If you know you want an air-frier, this would be hard to beat (Wirecutter recommended). I spritz my frozen French fries with a little oil before cooking, and they come out perfectly, Crisp on the outside, creamy on the inside. I’ve also had excellent experiences cooking certain brands of frozen egg rolls, also grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. But I’m still not sure that it’s worth the money and the counter space. I guess it depends on how important French fries are in your life.

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  11. SC

    I bought this Philips XXL HD9650/96 air fryer with the intention of replacing a cheaper air fryer that i have been using daily for a few years. The quality of this unit is very good. It seems like this appliance was built to last. Unfortunately, I did return this product because it was not what i expected. Let me explain.

    – Good build quality
    – Nice looking
    – Option for a lot of different accessories
    – Touchscreen is easy to set and use
    – Handy cord storage pocket

    – This unit is expensive
    – Optional accessories are expensive
    – Air fryer is louder than usual (subjective)
    – Unit is heavy (for an air fryer)
    – Removable wire tray that comes with the basket is hard to clean
    – Basket and fat collection drawer do not lock together
    – This unit took a longer time to cook my food that my current unit at less than half the cost (both units holding about the same volume)

    As you can see this air fryer wasn’t all that bad and may, in fact, be ideal for a particular use, but compared to what I have been using at less than half the cost, it wasn’t for me. I use my air fryer daily. I cook a lot of meat products in my air fryer and a wire basket is just not practical. Very hard to clean. There is an optional non stick tray available, but this is an extra cost on top of the already expensive unit itself. My current air fryer’s basket and fat collection drawer lock together, which I find to be very useful. I am able to remove the basket and tray together allowing me to transport the cooked food to a plate without dripping. Also, once I have removed the cook food from the basket, I can tip it over and drain the liquid fat without having to use an oven mitt to pickup the separate fat collection drawer because it doesn’t lock to the basket with the handle. Also, the plastic starfish plate that goes into the drip tray is very hard to clean.

    I feel that this air fryer, as accessorized, could be ideal for cooking vegetables and and dry foods such as french fries, etc, but I don’t think this unit as shipped is for anyone cooking a lot of meat.

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  12. Susana Viesca

    Me encanta lo fácil que es cocinar con mi freidora de aire!!! Es un poco estorbosa, pero para mí es perfecta por que puedo cocinar para más personas

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