Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor

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Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor

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Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor Description

The Ultimate Kitchen Gadget

Cuisinart’s 14-Cup Food Processor comes equipped with all-in-one technology to meet all your kitchen tasks – making this the ultimate kitchen gadget. This high-performance food processor packs a powerful 450-watt motor, blade assembly, reversible slicing and shredding disc, adjustable slicing disc, grinding disc, and dough blade. The stainless steel bowl easily holds up to 14-cups of ingredients with up to 8-cups of water. The ergonomic handle is easy to control and makes it easy to pour ingredients in with confidence.

A Time-Saving, Multi-Purpose Kitchen Machine

The Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor offers more than enough power and features for anyone who loves cooking and wants to save time while doing it. This machine comes with enough precision blades to tackle any kitchen activity with ease – like chopping, slicing, shredding, mixing, grinding, liquidizing and more. It also includes a dough blade for making crusts, pie shells, and pizza dough. The powerful motor tackles everything from soft fruits to hard nuts – all with the press of a button.

Simple Design, Maximum Performance

This professional-grade food processor comes equipped with a simple yet intuitive design and boasts simple-to-use controls that allow users to precisely control the speed of the blades. All-in-one operation ensures that all process steps are finished in one bowl, saving time and promoting a streamlined workflow. The integrated locking system and cord storage help to keep everything safe and organized while the dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze.

Up Your Cooking Game

Discover the power of the Cuisinart 14-Cup Food Processor in your kitchen and enjoy recipes like never before. Save time on tedious kitchen tasks and enjoy meal-prepping with maximum performance and minimum effort. Create a variety of dishes in record time with this all-in-one kitchen champion.

– 450-Watt motor for maximum performance
– 14-cup bowl with 8-cup water capacity
– Stainless steel reversible shredding and slicing disc
– Precision blades that easily chop, mix, blend, slice, shred, knead, and puree
– Dough blade for making crusts, pie shells, and pizza dough
– Built-in locking system for safety and easy storage
– Intuitive controls and easy to use
– Dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleanup

Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor Specification



Special Feature


Product Dimensions

11"D x 7.9"W x 14.8"H


‎Stainless Steel


720 watts

Bowl Capacity

14 Cups


Stainless Steel

Item Weight

18 Pounds

Number of Speeds


Product Care Instructions

Dishwasher Safe

Included Components

Unit^small and large pushers^stainless-steel slicing disc^shredding disc^chopping blade^spatual^instruction/recipe book


120 Volts

Model Name

DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup

Is Dishwasher Safe


Blade Material

Stainless Steel

Power Source

Corded Electric





Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

January 21, 2016

Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor Reviews (10)

10 reviews

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Noel Bladimir

    Muy Buena Procesadora Muy Útil En La Cocina

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  2. Sandy

    While I have several tools (Nina blender, a mini-prep, and a KitchenAid mixer, there are some things that a Cuisinart does the best. Since it arrived, I’ve used it to make cookie dough, pesto, slice potatoes, and slice apples for cooking/baking. It is very easy to use/operate and clean. It takes a task like slicing apples, from hours long to minutes.

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  3. Philippe Legault

    Prompt delivery.
    After my third inexpensive food processor I decided to upgrade to this Cuisinart food processor. I couldn’t be happier! Very powerful motor. Even cuts. Makes meal prep a breeze.
    And very quiet. I highly recommend it.

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  4. Yeny Ross

    Me gusto mucho el procesador, la base es bastante pesada para mover facilmente, supongo que es para estabilidad del aparato, funciona bien, aunque hay que usarla no tan llena, porque luego quedan algunos trozos grande, yo los aparto y los proceso despues aparte para evitar sobreprocesar todo lo demás. Los rayadores aun no los he usado porque tengo otro procesador para eso, aunque me hubiera gustado que tuviera una pieza para almacenar los discos y toda esa parte de los rayadores cuando no se usan, sin embargo son piezas que se venden por separado y a un precio no tan economico. En si el aparato tiene buena pinta, fácil de usar y lavar, y hasta el momento no he tenido problemas, he picado carne, zanahorias, betabel (que son duros), entre otras cosas y todo ha funcionado bien.

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  5. Anonymous Reviewer 338

    This is my first Cuisinart, and I never understood why these were so expensive versus what I owned previously (an inexpensive food processor by Black and Decker). Superficially they look quite similar, and the old inexpensive one I had was OK and it lasted for a very long time.

    This Cuisinart is substantial – other food processors cheat and use suction cup feet to grip the counter but this thing just sits on the counter and stays put. It feels great to use in that sense. The controls are simple and streamlined, and work very well. There is apparently a technique to properly using this device I am learning it. The blades are heavy/substantial as well, and they are sharp…they work very well. I sliced through a raw sweet potato like nothing and the slices were thin, consistent, and neat and there wasn’t residual potato jammed in up top like I would have expected from cheaper machines. I use it mostly with the chopper blade to make bean dips and hummus so far, but I’m also looking forward to chopping veggies with it (this may have a learning curve). I haven’t used the grater wheel yet but look forward to grating beets, carrots, and cheese with it. They have detailed instructions on how to cut different things in the manual.

    With regard to washing, it’s very easy – while there are minimal nooks/crannies associated with reinforcing structures inside the container and lid, they’re still easy enough and apparently everything is dishwasher safe which I haven’t tested.

    Aside from handling sharp blades, there are good safeguards on the device, and even the food pushers include vents or holes so they could do double duty for slowly drizzling in things like oil or water. Just well engineered and a pleasure to use.

    So in summary, this is built well, is a long-standing brand which means they offer replacement parts and other parts (thinner/thicker slicer blades, grater blades, and a french fry blade). I’m very pleased with this purchase so far.

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  6. Kiara

    I’ve literally put anything edible I can find in this thing. Making things I’ve never made before , I’m basically Martha Stewart. Buy it, put anything it in – feel like you’re a master chef. Easy to wash (hand wash it) no sneaky crevasses. storage: you’ll need some room for this bad boy. the base is heavy, it’s not nearly as loud as what I’d expect (way quieter than my blinder) Comes with a few attachments. I have absolutely no complaints. if you’re looking for longevity buy it – with the price, I was hesitant but I’m sure this thing will last for years. It’s durable and sleek. Seamlessly shred/purees/blends anything you put it – I went to Youtube University to see what all I could make in it and the list is endless.

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  7. CHK

    Too small for what I need it to do. I will order a larger one that can accommodate more ingredients.

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  8. gz


    After using this item for a few months, I’ve found it quite good. However, there are two major issues which I hope Cuisinart can fix in the next model.

    First, the safety locking mechanism is pretty complicated making it difficult to clean. The lid and bowl both have a small hollow column which houses the shaft that comprises the safety locking mechanism. These elements are very annoying to clean if anything gets inside. I’ve found this to be more and more of a downside every time I wash it.

    Second, and this was a surprising and more serious issue, but I was recently finely grinding about 2 cups of lean meat for beef meatballs, and occasionally the blade would jump out of the shaft, stop moving, and get stuck. Most likely some meat got lodged under the blade and caused it to lift up. This caused the blade to cut a deep scratch in the bowl. Unlike some other models there is no spindle or other mechanism to hold the blade in place. It’s only held in place by the tight fit between the shaft and the blade. If this keeps happening I think eventually it will damage the bowl/blade beyond repair. I’m not even sure if any plastic got in the food. Although this happened with meat, I’d imagine it might happen with any similar thicker food. With the locking mechanism for the safety lid being so complex, maybe some better locking mechanism could be created for the blade.


    I’ve always wondered if I really needed a food processor since I already have a stand mixer and blender, but with the reviews of the Cuisinart Custom being so good, I decided to give it a try.

    [Build Quality]

    The base is very heavy and feels very sturdy. The plastic used in the blade assembly is also very dense and hefty (this unit came with the improved blade that won’t crack). The motor is very high quality as it’s insanely quiet in operation compared to any kitchen appliance I’ve used. I have seen reviews showing cracked units, so I’ll update if I encounter that. Most of the unit is made of plastic, except for the thin brushed metal wrapped around the base.
    Measurements: The large chute measures 4.5 in x 3 in. The small chute has a 2 in diameter. The bowl interior has a 7 in diameter, and is 5 in high. The entire bowl is 10 in at the widest (including handle and locking mechanism), and 9.5 in high including the chute. The base is 10.5in x 8 in x 5.5 in (L x W x H), and the post is 2.8 in high. The lower blade is about 1 mm from the bottom of the bowl, and there’s about 2-3 mm of clearance from the blade tips to the edge of the bowl.


    The unit comes with the base, blade, container, large pusher, small pusher, medium slicing attachment, medium shredding attachment, and spatula. It’s disappointing it doesn’t come with an adjustable slicing blade or dicing kit like the 13-cup Cuisinart Elemental, but that one is not reviewed as well. I don’t think such options are even available for this model. I hope Cuisinart can release a bundle with this machine and accessories similar to the Elemental in the future.

    Buttons: This has an on button that stays depressed when pressed, and an off/pulse button that pulses the motor and turns off the motor if on was pressed – simple and elegant. The tactile feel of the buttons is quite nice, and their large size and travel is very helpful compared to tiny touch buttons or a touch screen, especially if your hands are a bit greasy/wet from working with food.


    Chopping: Although it doesn’t dice, it does chop food quite uniformly, as long as you don’t overload the container with large chunks. The motor has a braking function after you let go of the button that immediately stops the blade so you’ll never over-process. It’s a lot better than my blender, which doesn’t stop immediately. It’s also harder to take food out of the blender and clean since it has a non-removable base. I’ve used the Cuisinart to make salsa and it excels at it. The large capacity is also great.

    Slicing: Slicing creates nice and even pieces and food rarely gets left on top of the disc. It’s insanely fast at slicing vs a mandoline, but maybe not as accurate. One annoying thing is that the chute requires the pusher to be inserted to work, which prevents you from slicing longer foods without cutting them.

    Shredding: Shredding is as good as slicing. It gives great results and is especially useful for hard but slippery foods like beets or potatoes (for making borscht and hash browns). Compared to a box grater, it’s a lot faster and you won’t mix any of your blood with the food. I also can’t shred at all with my blender or stand mixer. I’m not sure I’d shred soft stuff like cheese though, as the cleanup vs a box grater doesn’t seem worth it.

    Dough: Since I have a stand mixer already, I don’t really use this to mix or knead dough, since it creates a mess. I’ve used it to cut butter into flour, which it excels at compared to a stand mixer. The instruction manual warns you not to mix dough that you would have trouble kneading by hand.

    Meat: A special note about meat. The Cuisinart doesn’t grind meat per se, but rather purees it. However, this means it’s great for making stuff like tartare, beef meatballs for hotpot, baby food, etc. With a blender, if you try pureeing meat, you’ll get strands of collagen wrapped around the blade shaft, and it’s almost impossible to get rid of, but with the Cuisinart it’s a cinch to clean up.

    Nuts: This doesn’t work as well for nut butter compared to my blender. The blender is so powerful that it just outclasses the food processor on speed and creaminess of the result. I’m also worried that the blade will dull after using it a lot with nuts, while the blender’s blades are dull to begin with.

    Washing: I only handwash the machine. While the inside of the container and lid are very simple and have no nooks and crannies, food can definitely get stuck in the other parts. The attachment disks are crimped on the bottom edges with a deep groove that could collect food. The worst design is that the pushers have holes on the pushing side. It’s really hard to cram any scrubber into the pushers to clean these areas. The locking mechanism is also not sealed and so if you aren’t careful you could splash food into it.

    Assembly: Assembly is quite straightforward. I haven’t had any issues with the locking mechanism. It does have an additional feature where you cannot remove the container if the lid is locked onto the container, as the lid pushes a small rod down into the base which triggers a button that allows the motor to function. I could imagine that someone twisting the container off could possibly break this plastic rod.


    Overall I’m quite pleased with this device and I think it deserves the top marks it’s gotten from other reviewers. Pros include quality and consistent results, very quiet operation, and good user interface design. Cons include lack of included accessories, locking mechanism of the chute, and some parts being quite difficult to clean. It definitely beats out a blender or stand mixer for quite a few applications. 4/5.

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  9. Steve B.

    It’s simple to use and great machine
    Had one years ago and bowl deteriorated and I never thought at time to get a bowl

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  10. VC

    I took a very long time searching for a food processor. After my research, I decided on purchasing the Cuisinart. I did not write a review as soon as I got it because I wanted to see how it would perform after a few years. I have not been disappointed, it is an excellent food processor. I used the slicing disk once and was not really impressed with that aspect of the processor, but the processor itself works like a charm. It is well worth the investment.

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