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REDTIGER Dash Cam F7N PLUS Price History

Price History for REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear, 4K/2.5K Full HD Dash Camera for Cars, Free 32GB SD Card, Built-in...


Current Price $129.99 June 21, 2024
Highest Price $149.99 April 7, 2024
Lowest Price $129.99 January 22, 2024
Since January 22, 2024

Last price changes

$129.99 May 19, 2024
$149.99 April 25, 2024
$129.99 April 13, 2024
$149.99 April 7, 2024
$129.99 January 22, 2024

REDTIGER Dash Cam F7N PLUS Description

Award-Winning Camera Security System

The REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear 4K/2.5K Full HD Dash Camera is the perfect security system for your car. It captures crisp and clear 4K/2.5K Full HD footage with its advanced dual cameras, keeping an eye on both the road and your vehicle’s interior. Super Night Vision technology provides excellent low-light performance, allowing you to record in even the darkest of conditions. The Camera also features a wide-angle lens, allowing for a greater view of the road ahead.

Rich Features Keep You Connected

The REDTIGER Dash Camera is packed with additional features to keep you connected and informed while on the go. G-sensor detects sudden accelerations, brakes, and collisions and can then automatically lock the footage as evidence. Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to view and share footage on your mobile devices, via the free REDTIGER Dash Cam app. Loop Recording records continuously and overwrites the oldest footage to save space and only keep the most important recordings.

Compact and Durable Design

The REDTIGER Dash Cam is built to last, with a durable and compact design that is both lightweight and won’t take up much space in your car. It comes with a reliable suction mount, allowing you to quickly mount and unmount it as needed with ease. The design is also sleek and discreet, making sure it won’t be an eyesore while you drive.

Features and Specifications

The REDTIGER Dash Camera provides the following features and specifications:

  • 4K/2.5K Full HD Dual-Camera
  • G-Sensor
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Super Night Vision
  • Loop Recording
  • Compact Design
  • Durable Suction Mount
  • 3.7-inch LCD Display
  • Micro SD Card Support
  • 12 Volts of Power

Exceptional Security and Performance

Enhance your safety and security while on the road with the REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear 4K/2.5K Full HD Dash Camera. Capture crystal clear images and footage in any condition with the advanced dual cameras and Super Night Vision. Its reliable suction mount and durable design make sure it stays in place, while its discrete design ensures it won’t be a distraction while driving. Enjoy unprecedented levels of security with the REDTIGER Dash Camera.

REDTIGER Dash Cam F7N PLUS Specification

Specification: REDTIGER Dash Cam F7N PLUS

Product Dimensions

3.74 x 1.46 x 0.79 inches

Item Weight

1.43 pounds

Item model number


Connectivity technologies



Matching GPS Stamps to Geotags

Special features

4K Front and rear dual cam, Time-lapse, WDR, Loop Recording, G-sensor, Parking Monitor, Built‒In GPS, Wi-Fi,12-Month Reliable Warranty([email protected])

Other display features




Whats in the box

1 * User Manual, 1 * F7N 4K Dash Cam, 1*1080P In-car Rear Camera, 1 * Suction cup built-in GPS, 1 * 32GB TF Card, 1 * 21.3ft Rear Camera Cable, 1 * 11.5ft Power Supply Cable with Car Charger, 2 * Electrostatic Sticker



Country of Origin


Date First Available

July 8, 2021

REDTIGER Dash Cam F7N PLUS Reviews (8)

8 reviews for REDTIGER Dash Cam F7N PLUS

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Ivan C.

    Installée directement aux fusibles de la voiture les deux caméras sont fonctionnelles. Je n’ai pas encore testé le mode parking 🅿️ Je regrette juste de ne pas pouvoir bloquer l’écran sur une vue en particulier. Pour le reste, au départ il faut faire qq réglages mais après elles font bien le taff.
    Un spécial bravo au service client qui est très réactif et répond volontiers aux différentes questions. Merci beaucoup.
    Elles sont top vous pouvez les prendre sans hésitation pour le rapport qualité prix !

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  2. Rudy

    Per quanto mi riguarda sono complessivamente soddisfatto, a tal punto di averne acquistate 4.
    E’ molto facile da installare. I cavi si riescono a occultare semplicemente anche con l’ausilio dell’attrezzo in dotazione, molto più facile del previsto. Anche il passaggio al portellone l’ho trovato semplice utilizzando il “tiracavi” da elettricista.
    Per quanto riguarda le immagini riprese sono di ottima qualità e le targhe sono ben leggibili. Il software funziona bene e anche l’app per Iphone non presenta bug e funziona bene con la possibilità di aggiungere piu cam.
    Il prezzo, 150 euro circa non è affatto poco, potevano aggiungere anche il cavo per la sorveglianza durante la sosta con auto spegnimento in caso di tensione della batteria bassa. Io non l’ho acquistato in quanto leggendo ho visto che staccano l’alimentazione a 11,6 v e, sempre leggendo in rete ho scoperto che una tensione inferiore ai 12.3 v danneggia la batteria, per cui non l’ho preso.
    Questa è la mia recensione dopo due settimane di utilizzo, nel caso dovesse cambiare la mia opinione provvederò ad aggiornare la recensione.

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  3. Jeffrey Shoe

    This is a great camera . I read a ton of reviews on Amazon and other places and selected this one due to price , options, and good reviews . My main reason for liking this camera is the small footprint on the dash. I did not want a large camera . I felt like I did not require a screen where I could monitor everything in the car . If I had a problem I would pull the video on my computer . I did end up buying the 256 card because I do record in the highest resolution . I installed this device on a BMW Z4 2005. I did the installation myself and everything works perfectly . I can say it took me approx 4-5 hours to get everything wired . I did get the hardwire kit and wired to the fuse box because I wanted less wires seen and I wanted to use g force option . There are really great utub videos that describe the options and installation well . I did end up having to buy fuse taps in my case for the hardwire installation . I got the fuse taps for 8.99 on Amazon that arrived in one day. I did call the customer service line to get the hardwire kit and they sent it to me for free . The directions in the box did say to call them to get the kit for free . I think they know not everyone uses this option so they do not include it in the box when u buy it. The customer service people are fantastic. They talk to you so nice and continue to thank u for your business . Wow , what great service ! I had no problems downloading the app to my phone . It worked great. U can control many or most functions on the camera right from the app. I also downloaded the video software to my apple computer . I did not have any issues with using the video software that others have mentioned . I was actually surprised how good the night vision is in the camera . I am using the voice recorder as well . You can hear everything going on in the car . If u worry about being pulled over and having issues , this camera catches everything . I would recommend this camera to anyone . In fact , I plan on buying a second one to install in my BMW 335I M. I did attached video . U may notice the rear camera in my pictures is not permanently affixed just yet . I was testing the camera while driving to get the perfect angles . I used black masking tap to hold it in place temporarily. Now I have the proper angles I will remove the tape on back of the camera to install permanently. I hope this help anyone planning to buy the camera .

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  4. Elly

    Je recherchais une dashcam de bonne qualité dans un budget raisonnable. Après lecture de plusieurs avis je me suis lancé dans celle ci et je ne regrette pas. Très bonne qualité d’image à l’avant comme à l’arrière même si sur la camera de devant la video est plus contrasté donc plus ‘belle’. La vision nocturne est un peu moins nette mais reste quand même parfaitement exploitable

    Les points positives
    – Facile à installé
    – discrète surtout celle de derrière
    – connexion wifi pour visualisé en temps réel sur le téléphone
    – cable pour la fonction parking envoyé gratuitement par le vendeur sur demande
    – Super SAV qui répond et résous les problèmes très rapidement

    Les points négatifs

    – Il faut activé sur la camera le wifi à chaque démarrage de celle ci ce qui peut être contraignant sauf si on en a pas l’utilité. (Pour ceux qui on le cable parking, il aurai été bien de pouvoir laissé le wifi activé en permanence pour avoir accès à la caméra quand la voiture n’est pas trop loin)
    -Lorsque le wifi est activé les boutons de la camera ne sont plus disponible il faut désactivé le wifi pour les utilisé
    – Les cables devrait être branché sur la ventouse ca donnerai un aspect plus esthétique et ca éviterai que les fils pendent lorsque l’on enlève la camera du socle et ca éviterai l’usure des prises si on l’enlève régulièrement
    – Le logiciel rédiger player n’est pas très au point. Lorsqu’on lit les videos dessus les videos saccadent alors qu’elles sont nickels sur VLC

    En résumé très bonne dashcam que je recommande à 100%.
    Service client AU TOP en cas de soucis !

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  5. dbmac

    Purchased this for my wife’s RAV4. I like having both the front and rear cameras and love how compact they are; they are fairly unobtrusive in both locations. The front camera is mostly behind the rear-view mirror (the camera is small enough to easily fit entirely behind the mirror, but the car’s OEM black box against the windshield is already occupying the ideal real estate). The rear camera is tucked up at the top of the rear window (just at the top of the rear wiper sweep area) and is barely noticeable. I liked that I could rotate the rear camera in its holder to the view angle I wanted. The cable length on the rear camera was more than sufficient to reach front-to-back in this car (and easily tucked away behind the headliner and other trim pieces), but I’m not sure if it would be enough for a full-size SUV like an Excursion. It does have an inline connector near the rear camera which was convenient when installing the rear camera and running the wire and may allow for an extension to be used.

    The video quality looks great. I set my front resolution down to 1080p since I feel that will be sufficient for our day-to-day needs. In my opinion, the quality of the footage will be impacted more by how clean the glass is and the weather conditions outside than the quality of the cameras.

    I like that I can set whether and how long the screen is visible when the dashcam is on. Most of the time, I prefer to have the displays screen off. It takes some clicking to get through all of the menus, but I found the UI intuitive and easy enough to use.

    The included lighter adaptor worked fine, but I got the hardwire kit ( to run permanently and to enable Parking Mode (see note below).

    I also got the 3M Mount ( so I could mount the camera a bit higher behind the rear-view mirror. I’ll use the suction mount and lighter adaptor when using the dashcam on trips in a rental car.

    You’ll want to get a larger (e.g. 256 GB) High Endurance U3 SD card ( as the included SD card is only U1.

    NOTE on the hardwire kit and Parking Mode: I connected the wires as instructed (yellow->BATT, red->ACC, black->GRD) but did not see the behavior I was expecting from the dashcam: the dashcam immediately turned on even though the ACC power was off, and I could not turn on Parking Mode. This led me to believe that the documentation was wrong, so I reversed the red and yellow wires which resulted in the dashcam not turning on until ACC power was on and allowing me to set Parking Mode (or so I thought), so I felt that I had figured it out. However, I then realized that the dashcam would not stay on – it never recorded any footage while the car was on (or off). Gratefully, I found a Q&A response from “Elizabeth B” back on 10/7/2021 which explained how to properly set up Parking Mode (which doesn’t appear to be documented anywhere with either product):

    1. Connect wires as described above (Yellow = constant 12v, Red = switched 12v, Black = ground).
    2. Turn on acc power (but do not start engine).
    3. Press menu button and select “Parking”.
    4. While blue message box is shown on the F7N display, turn off acc power (this has to be timed well). You should see a new blue message box and the F7N unit will power off.
    5. Turn acc power back on (but do not start engine).
    6. Press menu button and select “Parking”.
    7. You will now see the menu options for Parking Mode and be able to configure it how you like.
    credit: Elizabeth B.
    (Attention REDTIGER: You should include these steps in your documentation and compensate Elizabeth.)

    After reverting my wire connections back to match the documentation and following the steps above, my hardwired dashcam is now functioning perfectly – including Parking Mode.

    Even though my installation and set-up experience with the hardwire kit wasn’t ideal, I do have to say that the REDTIGER customer service was outstanding! They were responsive, proactive, and empowered to do the right things for their customers. Thank you Nora!

    As for the apps, the Android app seems to work sufficiently well. It does take a LONG time to download the video files over the dashcam’s wi-fi. I prefer to remove the SD card and copy the files directly to my PC.

    I’m not very impressed with the PC app (Windows 10) yet. I tried it only once, but it seemed to have a hard time after viewing the first video, and even that wasn’t great. It’s intended to show both front & rear video simultaneously, which I think is great, but I haven’t been able to get it work very well. I’ll try again and see if I can get it run better. I was surprised to discover that the rear camera records audio, so it doesn’t sound great when both front and rear audio are played at the same time. I muted the rear audio and used just the front audio.

    The video files run just fine on third-part video players.

    Bottom line: I love the dashcam and rear camera; easy to use; good video; absolutely fabulous customer service.

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  6. Jeffrey Shoe

    This Dash Cam model F7NP has a high quality picture day or night. It came with a front camera, a rear camera, a power plug for your dashboard accessory power (a.k.a. cigarette lighter) and a handy tool for hiding wiring in your vehicle, and a mini SD card. I originally installed it using the power cable provided. The tool supplied made routing the wiring for the rear camera very easy. After enjoying the camera for a few weeks of great videos that can be downloaded from the chip or by WiFi access, I decided to wire the power to the fuse box and free up the accessory port for other things. I was going to order the accessory for that when I noticed that REDTIGER was willing to provide it, if I asked. I called them and got excellent friendly service that provided me with an Email address to send my request. I received and installed the power kit and everything works perfectly. The only difficulty during installation was practically standing on my head to test fuse box locations (car issue not camera issue :)). I highly recommend this product.

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  7. Rudy

    I usually do not leave review for products but this one is a must for me as I am very happy with the purchase
    I installed the camera using a video and catalogue to the fuse box and ran the cables very easily.
    I then turned it on and read the catalog to learn the camera , it is very easy to learn and to operate. The camera lens is very wide and cover almost both side of the road and also the night vision is great like visualising in natural daylight even in semi or dark roads it is possible to read front car plate and visualise the road for safety. I realised when I get very close to the front car , the camera read the car plate number with a sufficient distance and cover the front car nicely and entirely . I ran two cables , the other one is for charger and when attaching this it is possible to get WIFI connected and see the current or previous footage on the app, when disconnecting this cable and adding the other cable which is connected to fuse box this function will not work instead it makes the camera in another mode which possible to take snap shot and log the current video, in this case the footage still get into the app and nothing is lost.
    I have not used other features yet and I will update if I find more about this camera. I still have not attached the back camera but installation will not be difficult so possibly come back and update it in here my findings. Update,, I added the rear camera , the cable is long enough for a seven seater car. I could attach the camera to rear window topside most towards left side of the window . It is almost 5 to 10 cm short for this car but has nothing to do with wide angle lens that cover almost all width of the road and the crystal clear of the lens is almost 98% of the quality of front camera .Update 11/06/2023
    Once one of you asked me does this camera record speed on the video , I should say YES and sorry for not being helpful on that occasion but this camera shows speed on the video and also on the setting the speed could be turned ON or OFF

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  8. Stephen Ogburn

    J’ai acheté ce modèle dans le but (comme beaucoup d’entre nous) d’anticiper les délits sur la route voir le vandalisme… La caméra en elle-même propose une carte SD embarqué avec possibilité d’un mode parking et c’est là que ça a poser problème pour ma part.

    Les défauts que je donnerai a cette caméra est principalement à celle arrière qui présente un problème dans sa conception, personnellement le bras/support collant de la caméra arrière est beaucoup trop court, rendant totalement inutile les rotations. J’ai dû cogner 3x la caméra contre le verre tellement l’espace est insuffisant et je la renvoie principalement pour ce défaut de conception car c’est pas pratique du tout.

    Je noterais un autre point négatif qui est sa fonction WIFI qui demande systématiquement d’être reconnecté à son smartphone… Rendant l’application contre intuitif et lourde d’utilisation.

    Et pour finir, le mode parking sur cette caméra ne m’a finalement pas été utile à cause de l’angle difficilement positionnable sur la vitre arrière, ce qui m’oblige à filmer le bas de caisse plutôt qu’une ligne droite.. ce qui fait qu’elle laisse trop d’angle mort sur la partie arrière.

    En dehors de tout les points négatifs cités, le positif est que cette caméra offre un grand angle raisonnable sur sa largeur, suffisant pour témoigner de tout délit à son assurance auto et dans les temps, elle reste également assez réactive. Un témoin lumineux rouge reste activé sur la caméra avant, ce témoin est important car il permet de faire comprendre aux autres usagers que vous disposez d’un dispositif de sécurité, ce qui limite les risques.

    Si je pourrais donner un avis, je dirais de l’acheter uniquement si vous avez une vitre arrière pas trop concave et de préférence plate ou très légèrement concave ça vous évitera les désagréments que j’ai rencontrer.

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