Sony MDR Z7M2 Hi Res Headphones

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Sony MDR Z7M2 Hi Res Headphones Price History


Current Price $529.99 June 18, 2024
Highest Price $539.99 December 25, 2023
Lowest Price $529.99 January 2, 2024
Since December 25, 2023

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$529.99 January 2, 2024
$536.99 December 26, 2023
$539.99 December 25, 2023

Sony MDR Z7M2 Hi Res Headphones Description

Premium Quality Design

These Sony MDR-Z7M2 Hi-Res Stereo Overhead Headphones have a sleek modern design that looks good with any outfit. Ultra-premium materials are used to produce a luxurious and comfortable feel. Soft velvet ear pads and headband provide a gentle fit and excellent noise isolation. Plus, memory foam padding ensures that your ears enjoy hours of comfort without any discomfort. You won’t need to worry about your headphones falling off your head either; the innovative headband slider design keeps lightweight yet durable metal bands firmly in place.

High-Res Audio Performance

Designed for audiophiles, the Sony MDR-Z7M2 Hi-Res Stereo Overhead Headphones offer an exceptional audio experience. Their large 70mm HD drivers pump out crystal clear sound with a frequency response up to 100kHz for an incredibly detailed music experience. The Neodymium magnets make extremely precise sound and minimize unwanted background noise. The headphones come with a detachable headphone cable, so you can change out for a premium balanced cord for even better sound quality.

Easy Listening

Designed to be comfortable for extended use, the Sony MDR-Z7M2 Hi-Res Stereo Overhead Headphones come with an adjustable headband. With just an easy twist of a knob, you can obtain your personal fit for hours of comfortable listening. The lightweight design and soft velvet ear pads make extended listening a pleasure. Plus, the headphones come with specially designed earpads to ensure the perfect seal for the best possible sound performance.


– Large 70mm HD drivers for crystal clear sound
– Frequency response up to 100kHz
– Neodymium magnets for precise sound
– Lightweight yet durable metal bands
– Soft Velvet ear pads and headband
– Memory foam padding for comfort
– Adjustable headband slider for perfect fit
– Detachable headphone cable for better sound quality
– Specially designed earpads for optimal seal

Sony MDR Z7M2 Hi Res Headphones Specification

Product Dimensions

0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches

Item Weight

0.34 Kilograms

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

October 11, 2018



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Sony MDR Z7M2 Hi Res Headphones Reviews (11)

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  1. EdRonax

    From a personal point of view these are perfect headphones. 1, I’m not an audiophile 2, I’m getting on in years and have used things that make loud bangs for all of my professional life so bearing in mind 1&2 my hearing may be a bit duff, however what I get from these is really great clarity to the point I’m hearing instruments and sounds I’ve not heard before and rediscovering my music collection all over again, so for me they are perfect.

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  2. Michael Augustine

    Upgraded from the Sony MDR-Z7 and it was well worth it. I’m not going to pretend I know music like an audiophile but these have nice sound separation, depth and comfort. Expensive but worth the investment.

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  3. Craig

    My Beyerdynamic T5P mk2 headphones developed a fault, and seeing how the new Sony MDR-Z7.M2 had just come out I figured I would give them a try.

    Compared to lower end headphones like the Sennheiser Momentum 2 or Sony WH-1000-XM2 these are vastly better, Bose Quietcomfort are not in the same game at all. They don’t have as much bass as the XM2, but those headphones have a lot of low-end boom for my taste – good for rock/pop/dance but not great for classical or acoustic. The Sennheiser have the opposite character but overall can manage a wider range of music but without the NC being as good. But of course these headphones cost less than half as much. So what do you get for the extra cash?

    Beautiful soundstage broad, rich tones from orchestral – handling cello particularly well, which is always a good test. Nice and clear in upper tones without being tinny and overly bright. The bass stays true to the music without the unnatural boost from lower end headphones like Beats and Sony XM. So if there is bass there, it will play it well, fairly tight but smooth.

    Compared to the more expensive Beyerdynamic they do quite well, arguably they are as good but with a different character. Certainly the T5P2 seem to give a greater separation of instruments and clarity of voice, where the Z7M2 is smoother and a bit more natural sounding, allowing appreciation of the music rather than the headphone itself.

    Obviously one needs a decent DAC to make user of these, but surprisingly they are much easier to drive with their 70mm units than the 50mm T5P2. For comparison using my LGV30 phone the T5s need a volume level of 70/75 to match the Sony at 50/75. Certainly I often wished for more volume from the Beyer even turned up full, but the Sonys can go too loud for comfort with the phone.

    Using a Dragonfly Black DAC the Sony is very easy to drive and the sound is good, though no better than the LGV30 DAC, curiously even the new FiiO Q5 doesn’t seem to bring much extra to the party.

    MQA recordings from Tidal certainly shine, but where the Beyer sounds perhaps a little too enthusiastic and dynamic at times, which is exciting but can get tiring after a while, the Sony seems to stay true to the recording rendering a wide range of music with great fidelity.

    The build quality seems very good, and the comfort is excellent, even with glasses.

    Overall I would say that the Z7M2 is not at all disappointing for the price, though you will need a decent DAC and Hi-Res recordings to get the best from them. I have not been able to test them with the balanced cable from one of the Sony Walkman players. If you are attracted by the high-end DAC in the LG phones then I can confirm that you will be happy with the match.

    1. No carry case. (come on Sony this is a premium product!) And not even one I can find for sale.
    2. These are semi-closed only. If you turn the volume up loud you will annoy people around you, not to the same extent as open-back headphones or those infernal Apple devices, but still… at reasonable volumes though they are quiet enough. I can use them at the office without bothering people around me.
    3. The supplied cable is very long (3 or 4m), so if you plan on using them in a portable setup, you may need to get a shorter one, or get used to coiling a lot of cable.

    Overall I am quite impressed with these.

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  4. Heo

    This product provide a fatigue free listening for me. The bass response is on point with tight control,not overwhelming in anyway but give you enough mid bass kick. The treble is clear and not distored with high gain. Mid is what you would expect for a $900 headphone. Was considering it bigger brother (Mdr-Z1r),but I couldn’t justify the cost. Pair it with my wm1a and it’s golden. The comfort is insane with these headphone as I literally do not notice it,and I wear glasses too. Overall,5 star product!!!

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  5. todayamerican

    Very very comfortable, but the Focal Elegia is pure magic in comparison when used with proper DAC and amp.

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  6. ASK95

    These are the most comfortable headphones i have ever worn, the pads are so soft and fit really well. The pads go down to your jaw and fits perfectly which helps a lot with isolation, however they are not noise cancelling headphones. The build quality of the headphones is excellent, everything feels sturdy and solid yet they are very light. The cables are also very nice and we’ll made. I bought these as an upgrade from my MDR-1A and those sound great. However these take it to another level entirely. I hear things I simply did not hear with the MDR-1A. There is so much detail and power from these headphones. These headphones are jot made to be used with a smartphone so don’t expect them to sound great when you use Spotify. I use them with my walkman nw-zx300 with the balanced plug and they are amazing. The soundstage is very good, they don’t have too much bass straight away however if you increase the bass on the output device it is very good. I have nothing bad to say about the headphones however it would have been nice if they had a case or something. Definitely worth buying though. In my opinion they do need some time to burn in, roughly 24 hours.

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  7. H R.

    I note that the other reviews are “vine” reviews, I have bought this for my self and this is an absolute honest review- the first on Amazon uk at this time anyhow.
    I won’t write and essay only short and brief description.

    The good;

    1) build quality- really great mostly metal feels solid- like beyerdynamic build
    2) cables (China made) excellent- no need for aftermarket cable same as z7
    3) comfort- like Z7 really really comfortable
    4) sound- this is where this excel- I have a LOT of headphones; this is as detailed and spacious as HD700, or beyerdynamic DT1990, only difference is you WILL NOT GET ear fratigue listening to them for hours, they are like audioquest nighthawks but not as dark (less bass emphasis) but like smooth – good comparison is if HD700 was Cadbury’s dairymilk, These are as smooth as Galaxy (cotton vs silk)
    What an improvement on the Z7. Not as good at Z1R, but z1rs’ aren’t three times as better than z7 Mark 2, but the difference is noticeable.
    Bass is more controlled, smooth details as good as T5p gen 2 but less bright. If you like long listening sessions and get ear ache from high end sennheiser or beyerdynamic due to brightness, you ll love these.

    The bad

    Expensive- these should be £400-£500 mark £800 RRP is not justifiable. They are not as good as sennheiser hd800.

    No carry case- why? Why? Closed back headphones low impedance- why not provide a nice (leather) carry case? Seriously get your act together SONY- all beyerdynamics at this price comes with carry case- and nice ones too!!
    Audioquest nighthawk provide the best accessories cables and Cary case – even extra ear pads!

    Packaging- for this cost point- Sony could have made more effort with presentation and packaging- learn from audioquest- they have it spot on, and don’t cost as much! Sad they have stopped making headphone- they made the best headphone under £500 mark- period.
    Other than that not much else to criticise these

    The ugly

    MADE IS THAILAND- the Z7 are made in JAPAN. So how do you justify the cost and lack of carry case? Cables are made in China.

    Ear pad- not easily changeable- why? Ear pads should be interchangeable and provide some for the money asked to be paid for these- disappointing!!!!

    Conclusion: excellent build quality, sound spot on; weaknesses of Z7 mark one corrected. Trickled technology from their flagship Z1R. These deserve an audition! These make music listening pleasurable and doesn’t lose the details or the pace on some of the brighter rivals. This will give the HD650 a good chase- IMHO these are better than the HD650 detailed as the HD660s / HD700s ; but smooth as silk.

    Thank you for reading, hope it helps someone!

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  8. Rod

    The best closed headphones for the price on the market. Extremely high build quality. Great fit for my head (I’m 6.1) THE SOUND: amazing. The bass is very powerful full with no distortion. It gives three-dimensionality to the music, it just makes you feel it really feel it. The mids are present warm voices will be as real as they can. The highs beautiful never harsh. Just love them.
    I’m a hi-if enthusiast owning lots of sound systems but this are my most enjoyable closed back headphones ever.

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  9. Tom

    Great sound with phone, PC and turntable.
    Quality build and materials used.
    Super comfortable.
    Did lots of research and very happy with purchase.

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  10. Miles

    I have Kenwood KA-9100 amplifier(about 40 years old. :)) and PC with STX sound card. connected to the amplifier and JBL E100(2 x 10″ bass plus bass reflex, whole in speaker is on front side).

    I have a way to test bass on headphones.
    There is a soundtrack from TV series Sledge Hammer(1985 or so) when Dori Doreau
    visits Sledge in jail.
    I can hear bass very well, excellent, on the speakers, very nice melody…. But the bass from beginning of the soundtrack is unrecognized when I listen it on headphones on STX card.
    If I listen it on headphones on amplifier it is much better, but it depends on headphones. So, the Sony gives the best sound under $500 for me, but still it is not as on the speakers. Maybe I need high-end headphone amplifier?

    So, this Sony is better for me than Focal Elegia.

    BTW: When I listen ACDC – Shoot to Thrill on this headphones I smiled…so nice sound.
    (I listen almost all music genres, I am not connected to any genre so much….)

    Sound quality: 4.5
    Ergonomic: 4.5
    Cable….long enough…:)

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  11. LWJR

    I wanted better sound quality. So I upgraded. Thanks

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