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SUPER DEAL Mini Washing Machine Description

Stylish Design and Efficient Cleaning

This SUPER DEAL Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine is a compact and efficient way to make sure you always look your best. This washing machine features an easy to use digital timer and a spin cycle that can take the hassle out of laundry day. With its low noise level and durable construction, this mini twin tub washing machine is a perfect choice for any home. The machine features a stylish white finish that will fit in well wherever you need it, and the included rinse and spin cycle makes it easy to get the best clean possible for all your clothes.

Compact Size & Easy to Use

Measuring only 16.5″ x 14.5″ x 28″, this SUPER DEAL Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine couldn’t be better for saving space in your home. Even better, it’s incredibly easy to use as well. The intuitive digital LED timer display and included instruction manual will make it a breeze to get set up and running in no time. To top it all off, this laundry machine comes with a built-in drain pump, which means you don’t need to worry about manually emptying the wash cycle.

High-Quality & Easy Installation

This mini washing machine is constructed from the highest-quality materials, so you can expect it to provide you will years of reliable cleaning. When it comes to installation, it couldn’t be simpler. The included accessory kit contains all the necessary parts and hardware you need to get your new appliance up and running in no time.


• Compact twin tub design for easy operation and storage
• Separate timer control settings for washer and spinner operations
• Digital LED timer display
• Easy operation with drain pump included
• High-quality construction for long-term use
• Stylish white finish
• Includes accessory kit with all necessary parts and hardware

SUPER DEAL Mini Washing Machine Specification

Brand Name


Model Info


Item Weight

‎26.4 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎13.5 x 23 x 26 inches

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



‎Energy Efficiency


‎13 Pounds

Max Spin Speed

‎1300 RPM

Installation Type

‎built in

Part Number


Special Features

‎Portable, Lightweight



Control Console


Standard Cycles


Access Location

‎Top Load

Material Type


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


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SUPER DEAL Mini Washing Machine Reviews (7)

7 reviews

3.1 out of 5
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  1. Aisling D.

    My husband and I bought this washing machine after discovering that our new home (in an apartment building) didn’t have a convenient laundry room, after all.

    That left my husband and me with two choices: Trek to the laundromat weekly, giving up time we’d rather use for fun activities, or find a way to wash our most frequently used clothes at home.

    After reading LOTS of reviews, we decided to try this washing machine, and I’m SO glad we did!

    The first thing to know is: You’ll learn a LOT by reading others’ reviews of this washer. I recommend filtering the reviews by looking for reviews featuring the word “lint.” They tend to include the most information.

    Then, here are my best tips and insights to get the most from this wonderful washer…

    For us, it makes the most sense to use this washing machine in our bathroom. We’ve put ours on an old coffee table, so the washer is at a comfortable height and near the tub/shower combo, and we don’t have to move it in & out of the tub, or anything like that.

    However, the spin/dry cycle can be noisy sometimes, so we’ve put anti-vibration pads under the legs of the washer AND under the legs of the coffee table. (Recommended: MyLifeUNIT Shock Absorbing Washer Pads, Anti-Vibration Washer Mat Protector for Washing Machine Dryer Treadmill )

    Also, I was not impressed with the hose intended to fill the washer through one of the water inlets. So, I inserted that hose into the larger hose (used to drain the water into a sink or – in our case – into the tub), and hot glued a ring around the outside of the hose where the two join. That added length makes draining the water super-easy.

    (In nearly two months of steady use, I’ve only had to reinforce that connection once, and only in a tiny spot.)

    In addition, we put a nylon sock – intended to hold a bar of soap in the shower – over the end of the drainage hose combo, so our tub’s drain doesn’t get clogged with lint. Initially, there was a LOT of lint coming off our socks and knit clothing.

    For most loads, I fill the washing machine tub about half full. That seems to work best to get everyday dirt out of fabrics.

    Then, I add water to the washer with our hand-held shower head, noting that the water shouldn’t be super hot in this washing machine. (Note: There is a drain near the top of it, so the water won’t accidentally overflow.)

    I turn the washing machine on, and – as the clothes are moving back and forth – add laundry detergent. Use less than you expect to need. A little goes a very long way.

    (Biggest surprise: Seeing how much dirt came out of our clothes during the first couple of washings. Apparently, the washing machine in our old apartment was NOT doing a very good job. I LOVE how clean our clothes are, now.)

    Like another reviewer suggested, I sometimes wash the clothes for the longest time (15 minutes), let the clothes sit (in the same water) for about 20 minutes, and then run it – in the same water – through another wash cycle. If the clothes are extra-dirty, that extra wash cycle really helps.

    Then, I remove the clothes, wringing them out, lightly, and place them in the spin dryer. (And, of course, drain the water from the washing tub.)

    Tip: Fill the spin dryer halfway, at the most, and try to balance the weight of the items evenly. Jam the white plastic grid down firmly, and then turn the spin cycle on for just a few seconds.

    – If the spin cycle makes terrible clunking noises, stop the spin cycle immediately. Readjust the clothes (or remove a couple of heavy items) and try again.

    – If it makes just a few rocking noises, wait and see if it balances itself. If not, readjust the clothes and try again.

    Once you’re sure the load is well-balanced, dial the spin cycle to 1, 2, or 3. More than that doesn’t seem to make much difference. Generally, I’m happy with 1 for this part of the process. (Note: Each dial can be reset to a longer time, but if you change your mind and want to dial it down to a shorter time… that doesn’t seem to work. So, start with a cycle that’s shorter than you think you may need.)

    Then the clothes go back into the washer for a rinse cycle, followed by another spin-dry cycle before we hang the clothes on a drying rack. (For this spin cycle, I often dial it up to 3 minutes, to get the clothes as dry as possible.)

    We’ve been using this washer three or four times a week, for about two months. I’ll admit that this is time-consuming, and a little annoying to shuffle the clothes back and forth between the washing side of the machine and the spin dryer.

    But compared with having to buy more clothes or spend hours more at a laundromat… I’m delighted to use this washer.

    It’s holding up well. Everything is still working like new. Our clothes seem to be cleaner than ever.

    The only disappointment has been trying to wash heavy clothes like denim jeans, etc. Though the washing machine seems to get them clean, the spin dryer balks at a super-heavy load like that. And I don’t have the patience to keep readjusting the load to keep the machine from rocking.

    Other reviewers say they’re washing jeans in this machine, but for me, it makes the most sense to save the heaviest clothes for a single trip to the laundromat every few weeks.

    If you’re looking for a small, affordable washing machine for your apartment or RV, this is the machine to get. I give it a full five stars for providing excellent value and convenience. And, as I said earlier, our clothes have never been cleaner.

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  2. CaroleO

    Update! (My original review is below)
    After using this washer for several months now, I wanted to update my review. I use this little thing almost daily, and it is still working like a champ! It was absolutely worth every penny. The only issues I’ve had have been 100% operator errors. If you pay attention to the size of load that you try to wash, and if you don’t try to make this machine do more than it was designed to do, it should work great and last a good long while.

    The one “major problem” I had turned out to be total user error. I squashed way too much into the spin side, and a sock fell out of the spinner into the cabinet under it. That is where water drains to before it goes into the drain hose. The sock blocked the opening to the drain hose, but I thought the whole machine had just stopped draining. Nope. Once I realized what had happened, I was able to nudge the spinner over just enough to reach down inside the cabinet and get the sock. Then it worked perfectly again.

    I am currently washing probably my millionth load in this washing machine, and it works exactly as it did when I first got it. Without a full size washing machine, this little gem has been a total life saver.

    Big take-aways: Keep in mind that this is a COMPACT washer. It was not designed to wash full-size load. Not even close. It is only able to handle VERY small loads, and you may have to experiment with that to know exactly how much it can wash at one time. Your idea of “small” and the machine’s idea of “small” might be very different. It will wash small loads very well if you don’t over-fill it.

    It can handle AT MOST about two pairs of adult jeans OR two big bath towels OR a few T shirts OR a couple of hoodies. After filling the wash side, watch it as it agitates. If the clothes don’t move around freely in the water, you have over-loaded it. Take some of the clothes out and try again. Also, the spin side won’t necessarily handle everything that the wash side will. When I wash two pairs of jeans, I always have to spin them separately, one at a time.


    (Tips at the bottom of this review)

    First, be easy on this machine. It is not a typical residential washer. Just because you can stuff the wash tub and spin tub to capacity doesn’t mean that won’t break the machine. This takes some patience and some getting used to. If you overload it, it’s going to break. If the clothes don’t move and agitate freely in the wash tub, it’s overloaded. If the spin tub knocks, it’s off balance. Any washer does this when a load is off balance.

    CHECK YOUR MACHINE before you use it just to be sure the wash tub and spin tub are clean inside. I believe my machine was either a return from another buyer, or else it had dampness inside the wash tub for some other reason. There was a LOT of mildew inside the wash tub around the top when I unboxed it. If I wasn’t so big on inspecting things, I would not have seen it until probably much later, and I would have assumed it was from dampness after my own use.

    I cleaned off the mildew using a disinfectant cleaner and a sponge, and it came off completely. I was OK with that, even though I remain a bit annoyed at having to clean up a mess before I could use what I had assumed that I bought new. I don’t know for a fact that my machine was a return. All I know is that there was mildew inside. It could theoretically have come from being stored in a humid environment, I suppose.


    This is a LIGHT-duty washing machine, and it works perfectly fine for what it is. Although it says that it dries, what they really mean is that it spins. This is NOT a washer dryer combination machine, but I knew that when I bought it. It spins shockingly well. Clothes come out very much like they do with a full size machine. I’m super happy about that. Wringing out wet clothes sucks, and I don’t have to do that. Because I am a fusser, I did lift the lid while it was spinning. I was happy to learn that the spin cycle shuts off if you lift the lid. If it’s unbalanced, you can lift the lid and adjust the clothes.

    This machine does spin, but not in the wash tub. When you drain the wash tub you will need gravity. The spin tub is separate — the washing side of the machine where most of the water is does not spin.

    If you put the machine inside a bathtub, you’ll want to elevate it with something. That will keep water from running under the machine and risking electric shock or ruining the machine. I set mine on a platform beside the bathtub and dropped the drain hose over into the tub. It works fine that way.

    If you have ordinary loads, this machine will handle them. If you wash a lot of jeans and sweatshirts, plan to spend a lot of time babysitting your laundry. You’ll have to do them in multiple VERY small loads (one or two pieces per load) or else you’ll burn up the motor and your clothes will not come clean because the machine won’t be able to agitate them. Even if the amount of clothes will fit, the machine won’t clean them if you add several heavy pieces. I’m looking at you, Levis and hoodies.

    My first load was several small pieces. It washed totally fine. I washed several pairs of socks, several pairs of underwear, three basic T shirts, one short nightgown, and a couple of small hand towels together. The machine handled this load with ease.

    On my second load, I washed two pairs of size 12 (American) women’s Levis, and that is all. The machine did not like this load one little bit. It struggled HARD to agitate them. I added more water than I should have just to free up the clothes a bit and take some of the burden off of the motor, and I watched the machine like a hawk the whole time. I will wash jeans one-at-a-time from here on out. The spin cycle was fine spinning out one pair of jeans at a time.

    This machine will not handle adult blankets and other similar heavy things. The wash cycle won’t agitate them, and you’ll burn up the motor trying. It should work fine for a basic set of full size sheets. I’ll be finding out later today. 🙂

    Spinning the clothes is interesting. If you wash what this machine considers a full load, which is much smaller than a full load in a big machine, you can wash them all together. But when you spin them, you’ll need to spin a few pieces at a time. I broke up my first load into three groups. The spin tub is about half the size of the wash tub.


    The instruction booklet will give you the most basic of basic information, but it will not really tell you how to use the machine. You will want to watch some review videos (videos are priceless, trust me) and read reviews if you really want to know how to make it work in the real world. I would have made a video, but my bathroom is too small. I watched several videos before I used it the first time, so I had a basic understanding of the machine. This is definitely a participation-required kind of laundry experience. But that works for me because I’ve always been fussy about washing clothes anyway.

    This machine is a twin tub. It has one tub for washing, and a separate tub for spinning. The instructions do not really explain exactly how to do this. I developed my own method.

    First, I fill the wash tub using the fill hose (it worked for me), and add detergent. I only used about 1/4 of the amount of detergent that I’d use in a big machine. I fill the tub to the “H” level marked inside the tub and add my clothes. Close the lid, turn the “Select Switch” dial (the one that says Soft, Standard, and Drain). Soft is for a gentle wash. Then turn the “Wash Timer” dial for anywhere from a 1 to 15 minute wash. The instructions tell you to turn on the machine before you begin. There is no power switch. Trust me, I looked. Turning the Wash Timer dial starts the machine. Only turn the dial clockwise, and don’t try to force the timer back or ahead once it has started.

    The machine will NOT automatically drain when the cycle ends. The cycle will stop, then you’ll need to manually turn the “Select Switch” to the Drain settling. Water will come pouring out of the drain hose. I have my machine sitting on a platform beside the bathtub so gravity helps the water drain out.

    After those steps are done, move some of the clothes over into the spin tub. Put the little plastic cover over the clothes and press down on it a little. The cover is the loose plastic piece with perforations through it. Then close the machine lid. Switch the “Spin Timer” dial to however many minutes you like. I tend to go for the five minute spin.

    After you’ve spun out all of the clothes in that load, move everything back over to the wash tub and repeat the steps for washing, except this time you’re rinsing. This is where you can add fabric softener, if you like. Then repeat the steps for spinning like before.


    I have seen many, many reviews showing that the fill hose won’t fit any faucet. I must have lucked out. I unscrewed the aerator at the end of my bathroom sink faucet and removed it, and the end of the fill hose fit over it perfectly fine. No leaks whatsoever. My sink faucet is a high arc style and it’s narrow. Your mileage will probably vary. I use one of the water inlets on the machine, because I don’t really know what will happen if I use both. The instructions give you zero to go on with that. I just drop the end of the fill hose into the tub and turn on the sink faucet.

    If the hose won’t fit any of your faucets, you’ll need a bucket to fill the machine, or, as I’ve seen some users do, you could use a shower sprayer or a kitchen sink sprayer.

    The instructions say not to use the machine in any damp area, such as a bathroom or kitchen. Really? I would like someone to explain to me how to use a portable washing machine anywhere besides a bathroom or kitchen. I suppose if you have a washing machine hookup, you could use it there. But if you had that, you could probably buy a full size machine from a used appliance store for about the price of this portable one.

    All in all, I am happy. The mildew inside my machine was gross, but it didn’t ruin my whole day. I’m washing clothes like mad, and I don’t have to load up laundry baskets and take them to my mom’s house or to a laundromat. It’s fussy and it’s not a heavy duty machine. But that’s OK. My clothes are clean, and that’s the whole point.


    The drain setting on the Select Switch is only for the wash tub. Any water in the spin tub will always drain automatically. There is no way to prevent the spin tub from draining, even when the wash side of the machine is washing.

    When you’re at the end of one wash load and spinning out your final rinse water, you can go ahead and start the next load in the wash tub. Just turn the wash dial to your setting so the wash tub will stop draining. The spin tub will still spin and drain while you’re washing the next load.

    I do not use the fill inlet on the wash side of the tub. I drop the hose into the tub to fill it.

    If you can use the fill hose (if it fits your faucet), you can do something kind of cool that big washers do. Connect the loose end of the hose to the water inlet for the spin tub. Start your spin cycle. Then turn on the water for a few seconds at a time. That pours water into the spin tub to flush fresh water through the clothes as they spin. If you leave the water on for too long, it can spray out the top, so be careful about that. I tend to pulse it on and off for a few seconds at a time during the first minute or two of the spin.

    If you are concerned about conserving water, you can use this machine like the old twin tubs were designed to be used. REUSE YOUR WASH WATER! 🙂 You’ll need to have a laundry basket handy to do this, but it works great for loads that aren’t super dirty. Here’s how you do it. Wash your first load. When it’s done, do not turn the dial to “Drain.” Leave it where it is. Pick up some of the clothes from the wash tub and squeeze out some of the water into the wash tub. Just enough to keep from dragging tons of water across the machine. Put those clothes into the spin tub and spin them out. When those are done, put them into a laundry basket to get them out of your way. Put your next load into the same wash water as before and turn on the wash timer dial.

    If you don’t use fabric softener (I use softener for clothes. I do not use softener for towels, because it makes them less absorbent) and if you can use your fill hose, you can do this another way. Wash your load, move it to the spin tub, then connect the hose to the water inlet on the spin tub. Add water as it spins. That way, you can rinse out the wash water as the clothes spin. Once that spin cycle is done, those clothes are washed AND rinsed, so they’re completely done. No need to move them back to the wash tub for a full-tub rinse cycle.

    If you’re lucky and can use the fill hose like I can, you’ll want to be careful. It is not sturdy in ANY way. I can already tell that there will be a time before too long when the hose begins to crack at the ends. I’m already looking around for some replacement hose and connectors that I will be able to use when that happens.


    Not using a fill hose makes this machine a lot less convenient. If the hose will not work for you at all, but you do have a bathroom or kitchen faucet or shower head that’s threaded (meaning you can screw on or unscrew to remove the faucet aerator or shower head), you can easily make a hose that will fit.

    Unscrew either the faucet aerator (the little tip at the end of the faucet) or remove the shower head. Take the aerator or shower head with you to your local hardware store or big box home improvement store. Talk to someone in plumbing. Most shower heads are universal, but you might want to take it with you just in case. Tell them what you’re trying to do. Tell them that you need a connector to fit that size and style of connection so you can connect a standard garden hose to it. If you already know some plumbing, you can do this yourself. If not, they will be able to help you. If you don’t know plumbing and grab any connector that you see, you might not get the right size.

    At home, you’ll twist the connector that they gave you onto the faucet or the shower. Then you’ll twist on the end of your garden hose to that connector. A cheap garden hose is probably best. They are smaller in diameter, and will fit the water inlet valves better. Cut off the other end of the hose to shorten the hose and to remove the metal or plastic connector at that end. If the hose is narrow enough, it might fit the water inlet valves on the machine. If not, it will still be a lot more convenient than using a bucket to fill the machine.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    I am a senior with mobility issues. So thought it would be great for my small apartment. I was very wrong. My biggest problem was getting it to drain. Either has no pump or pump was not working which ment I had to drain in a bucket close to floor. Which of course ended in my back acting up. No instructions on draining this machine. Overall very disappointed. And cost $70. To have shipped back.

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  4. Francis

    Petite laveuse essoreuse très efficace. Idéal pour petit appartement et facile à ranger. Les vêtements sortent propres et très bien essorés. Il suffit de bien assécher les paroies après usage et le tour est joué.

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  5. Tammy T. Ricci

    The price is way too high. The draining hose should be a lot longer, so that it would be able to drain into my kitchen sink.

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  6. Kate c.

    Not worth the money. Issues with it from the beginning.
    Seller not helpful at all when I contacted them. They did not offer any troubleshooting tips. I have had issues with it draining from the beginning. My fault I should have returned it the first week.

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