Windex Electronics Pre-Moistened Screen Wipes, 25ct

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Price history for Windex Electronics Wipes, Pre-Moistened Screen Wipes,25 Count *NEW*
Latest updates:
  • $9.49 - July 10, 2024
  • $8.96 - July 4, 2024
Since: July 4, 2024
  • Highest Price: $9.49 - July 10, 2024
  • Lowest Price: $8.96 - July 4, 2024
Last Amazon price update was: July 19, 2024 00:19
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Windex Electronics Pre-Moistened Screen Wipes, 25ct
Windex Electronics Pre-Moistened Screen Wipes, 25ct

Windex Electronics Pre-Moistened Screen Wipes, 25ct Price History

Price History for Windex 642517EA Electronics Cleaner, 25 Wipes


Current Price $4.77 July 19, 2024
Highest Price $4.77 July 15, 2024
Lowest Price $4.05 July 17, 2024
Since July 15, 2024

Last price changes

$4.77 July 19, 2024
$4.05 July 17, 2024
$4.77 July 15, 2024

Windex Electronics Pre-Moistened Screen Wipes, 25ct Description

Maintaining the cleanliness of your electronic devices is crucial in today’s digital age. Introducing the Windex Electronics Pre-Moistened Screen Wipes, the ultimate solution to keeping your screens spotless and shiny. With a single 25-count pouch, you can ensure your devices are always looking their best.

Gentle and Effective Cleaning

These screen wipes are specially formulated to remove dust, fingerprints, and smudges without causing any damage. The gentle formula is safe to use on all your valuable electronics, leaving behind only the famous Windex streak-free shine. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, e-reader, laptop, camera, or television, these wipes can handle it all.

Anti-Static Cloth for Added Protection

The wipes are made with an anti-static cloth, making them perfect for cleaning electronics. This feature not only cleans but also helps protect your devices from static electricity, which can be harmful to electronic components.

Convenient and Portable

Packaged in a flat, easy-to-store pouch, these wipes are convenient to keep anywhere – be it your desk drawer, car, or travel bag. The design ensures that the wipes retain their moisture until you are ready to use them. Simply pull out a wipe, clean your desired surface, and discard it once it gets dirty or dries out.

Award-Winning Quality

Windex Electronics Wipes are not just any cleaning product; they are the 2021 Recipient of the Better Homes & Gardens Cleaning Award. This accolade underscores the high quality and effectiveness that Windex is renowned for.

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 0.63 x 4.11 x 8.99 inches
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Item model number: 642517
  • Date First Available: December 22, 2014
  • Manufacturer: SC Johnson
  • Country of Origin: USA

Ensure your electronic devices are always clean and clear with Windex Electronics Pre-Moistened Screen Wipes. Trust in the brand that delivers streak-free shine and award-winning quality.

Windex Electronics Pre-Moistened Screen Wipes, 25ct Specification

Specification: Windex Electronics Pre-Moistened Screen Wipes, 25ct

Product Dimensions

0.63 x 4.11 x 8.99 inches, 5.6 ounces

Item model number


Date First Available

December 22, 2014


SC Johnson

Country of Origin


Windex Electronics Pre-Moistened Screen Wipes, 25ct Videos

Windex Electronics Pre-Moistened Screen Wipes, 25ct Reviews (13)

13 reviews for Windex Electronics Pre-Moistened Screen Wipes, 25ct

4.5 out of 5
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  1. rand

    I have to follow the wipes with a microfiber cloth, otherwise they leave a streaky, spotty residue that takes a while to dry. They did well at cleaning, but do not believe the advertised “streak free shine”. I will go back to using 70% isopropyl after the pack runs out.

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  2. Honest feedback from an honest guy

    Fresh, clean results. No smudging or smearing. Convenient.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Great product. Does leave some residue however a quick wipe with paper towel or serviette cleans the screen up nicely. Can’t find a better product for the job.

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  4. Richard Rowe

    Cleans well. Easy to use product

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  5. J LaRock

    I recently purchased these wipes, because I started a work from home job where I was supplied equipment that had already been used. Therefore, my monitors had nasty sticky stuff and dirt build up and sooo much more! I got these wipes to get them back to new without damaging the monitor screens.

    I will say I am very pleased with how they did! They got the dirt and sticky residue in one sweep, and didn’t cause any damage to my equipment at all!!!

    The cons would be:
    – They do have a little too much solution on the wipes, so I did have to ring them out some before I used them.
    – They did leave some streaks behind, so I had to go back over the monitors with one of the wipes and then follow it with a dry cloth.

    Overall, I am very pleased with these, and will definitely purchase again in the future!

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  6. riley

    Buen producto

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  7. Honest feedback from an honest guy

    When it comes to cleaning my electronics, there’s one product that I always trust to do the job right: Windex Electronics Wipes. These wipes are an absolute game-changer for anyone who wants their electronics to look their best. They come in a resealable pack and each wipe is perfectly moist enough to do its job without leaving any residue or streaks. I keep them on hand at all times, especially since my computer has a huge tempered glass side that’s always front and center in my living room. It is also always eye level with me when I’m sitting infront of my computer so I’ll notice dust and fingerprints immediately.

    The tempered glass side of my computer is a major focal point in my room, and I’m always looking for ways to make it look its best. That’s where Windex Electronics Wipes come in – they do an amazing job of turning the tempered glass invisible. I can’t tell you how many times family members have tried to point out something inside the case and ended up jamming their fingers into the glass because they couldn’t tell it was there. It really does give the illusion that the side of the computer is off.

    I also use these wipes to clean my LCD monitors, which can get dusty from time to time. They work like a charm and leave my monitors looking crystal clear. In fact, I even use them to clean my tablets and cell phone screens, as well as a decorative crystal prism that I have. They work amazingly well for all of these applications.

    In addition to the incredible job that the Windex Electronics Wipes do in cleaning and making glass invisible, it’s worth noting that I also use a microfiber cloth to polish the surface after using the wipes. This helps to remove any lingering fingerprints or dust particles that may have been missed during the initial cleaning, as well pick up any left over Windex chemicals on the glass.

    I find that the combination of the Windex wipes and the microfiber cloth really does wonders for making my electronics look brand new again. And with the tempered glass side of my computer being such a focal point in my living room, it’s important to me that it looks as clean and polished as possible.

    Overall, I highly recommend the Windex Electronics Wipes for anyone looking for a quick and easy solution to clean and polish their electronics. The wipes are perfectly moistened, come sealed in a resealable pack, and are incredibly effective at removing dust, dirt, and fingerprints. Plus, when paired with a microfiber cloth, they leave my electronics looking like they just came out of the box.

    One thing to note, however, is that you should never use these wipes on OLED or newer televisions. These types of screens can be damaged by chemicals, so it’s best to stick to a microfiber polishing cloth and maybe a small amount of deionized water on the microfiber if you need to clean something off a screen.

    I highly recommend giving Windex Electronics Wipes a try. They’re easy to use, safe, effective, and always leave my screens looking new and my tempered glass sided RGB Dream Machine invisible.

    A couple of supplemental products mentioned:

    Extra large microfiber cloths:

    Deionized water:

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  8. Mary C.

    Over priced and waste of money. Just like other people said it clearly states “Pack Of 2” in description but they only send one. However MORE IMPORTANTLY, they suck. It leaves permanent streaks all over your TV/Monitor. I genuinely thought this would solve the problem of cleaning a TV screen and having it look new Again. But clearly not. I do not recommend, there’s got to be better options out there.

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  9. Gandalf

    Some reviewers don’t like that these do leave streaks, or maybe just on my very dirty screen, but I find they clean very well, and the streaks disappear when wiped with a microfiber cloth. I would buy these again.

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  10. Kurtis

    Great product

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  11. Gracie Hamilton

    I was relaxing to clean my large screen televisions because I’d really didn’t know what I was doing and was trying to avoid doing any harm. Found these things tried them out. They seem to work great very very happy with them. I’ve used them on my televisions as well as my phones so.

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  12. Reviewer2331

    These sheets are great and I use them on all types of screens. TV, Computers, cell phones, and glasses. The best part is they never streak. They are moist but not too much. I think you will like them.

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  13. William Venesky

    TLDR at the bottom
    Using cleaners on computer monitors is a gamble, or requires lots of research to see what is safe. And when my 2 monitors are over $300 each, I want to be certain I’m using a safe cleaner.

    I have attempted to use plain old 70% alcohol pads but it left quite some noticeable streaks. So I ordered these wipes instead. Now I have to use around 2-3 per monitor to actually get it mostly streak free, but the few streaks left over are not very visible. That’s the main reason I gave it 4 stars. Does the monitor look brand new afterwards? Not for me, it looks like it was slightly cleaned. But again, not too noticeable and the “dirt” is washed away.

    The packaging is surprisingly firm and solid, and the re-sealable flap is very sturdy and sticky. The wipes are tightly packed, and difficult to rip apart. Some people complained about the moistness level of the wipes, but mine seem to be normal or actually slightly on the drier side. Overall, it’s nothing that compromises its use or else I would have returned it and written a review with much less stars.

    It does cost around $5-6, and it around 20 cents a wipe, but these wipes are not going to be used all the time like your regular household cleaners. My monitor needs regular cleaning MAYBE once a month, if even that. So in the end, a pack can last you easily over half a year before needing to be reordered. Because of this, I think the value of it is great!
    TLDR: Not fully streak free for me, needed to use 2-3 wipes per monitor to achieve satisfactory results. Fantastic and high quality packaging. Value is phenomenal for the irregular/limited use of this product. Would highly recommend to everyone.

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