Nike Air Max 270 Shoes For Men and Women, Complete Review

It was difficult for everyone to believe you could kill two birds with one stone and acquire perfectly comfortable shoes for everyday wear and running simultaneously. So there you have it; Nike Air Max 270 shoes fulfill both of these needs and while they may make you nervous the first time you see them, their performance quickly dispels your fears.

Short Story About Nike Air Max 270 Shoes

Nike Air Max 1 debuted in 1987 with juicy bubbles out of foam. After growing on people, the Nike Air Max 95 sprung with many bubbles. After that, the Air Max 180 revealed the gaseous membrane, the outsole in a 180-degree arc, and the Air Max 93 around the heel. Air Max 270 combines the two but is now a modern silhouette.

Air Max sneakers should honor the footwear family’s past. The designer named the trainers Air Max 273 after the AM 93 and AM 180. Runners wore stretchy inner sleeves, 180 socks-like upper, and 93 expanding heels. The air unit’s 270-degree vision earned it the name Air Max 270. A burst of energy gave the trainers a new look.

The sought-after kicks prioritized all-day wear over sports and performance. Streetwear culture was changed by each release, converting even non-sneakerheads. There are explanations.

Nike Air Max 270 Shoes Review

Our sweat junkie has built a life around health and exercise. These shoes are designed to be stylish while training and as a lifestyle trainer outside the gym.

The 270s were created with your convenience in mind. These trainers are great in terms of comfort. You will be able to wear them all day without discomfort. The heel is the tallest Air heel yet, which reduces impact when running. According to the reviews, they run true to size.

The ease of use. This is the 270’s top pro. Because this is Nike‘s first lifestyle shoe, they needed to create a shoe that could be worn all day, before, during, and after your workout.

According to some reviews, the material used by Nike scuffs readily. However, this is easily remedied by a fast wash in the washing machine. They are not my preferred squatting shoe, in my opinion, because the heel is too high for me. It is up to you how high you want your heels lifted when doing squats while maintaining ankle mobility in mind.

The Nike Air Max 270 is a stylish, sporty, and lightweight lifestyle sneaker. It’s a real head-turner with a massive 32mm heel height. Finally, this sturdy shoe is both fashionable and reasonably priced.


  • Lightweight
  • Immediately relaxed
  • The size is correct.
  • Durable
  • It is possible to wear it without socks.
  • Flexible
  • Extremely breathable
  • Modern and sleek appearances
  • There are an insane number of colorways.


  • Heel height may need to be adjusted.
  • It’s not ideal for standing all day.
  • The Air Max 270 is a huge step away from athletics.

What Material Is Air Max 270 Shoes Made Of?


The outsole of this trainer is made of solid rubber in the forefoot and translucent reinforced rubber surrounding the air unit in the heel. Because this Air Max features Nike’s largest air unit in the sneaker’s history, the firm wanted to ensure that this technology was secured, so it was wrapped in reinforced rubber. One look at the bottom of the shoe reveals not just where this rubber is at the back of the shoe but also where the two different midsole foam materials are employed, as shown by the matte and glossy rubber.

The new Air Max logo is stamped into the middle of the outsole, giving it a sleek appearance. The strengthened rubber on the heel and the rubber on the forefoot trace the outline of the shoe and provide traction and stability all around it. The forefoot has a ribbed design in the center for grip and flexibility. Also, read about memory foam trainers.

am 270 Outsole


The Air Max 270‘s midsole is what sets this sneaker apart. Nike revolutionized the shoe world with the original Air Max, which had an air unit that supported the heel; with the 270, they broke the mold again. The 270 has Nike’s largest air unit, at 35mm thick. Although it appears to span the breadth of the heel, it wraps around it and cups it in cushiony comfort. The sneaker’s midsole also has dual-density foam, which provides more soft cushioning and contributes to the shoe’s overall comfort. One thing is sure: the Air Max 270 will provide a comfortable ride.

am 270 Midsole


The outside of the Air Max 270 features a soft mesh knit upper with bigger openings in the fabric. Underneath this is a neoprene booty with a tighter knit that provides a snug, lockdown fit. The shoe’s padded tongue is part of the upper, making it a one-piece construction. This eliminates the risk of the tongue falling into the shoe during wear. The oval laces weave in an asymmetrical pattern through nylon bands linked to the mesh, providing a secure fit.

A heel pull button can also be found at the back of the sneaker, making it easier to put on and take off. A fused flexible overlay is located around the tip of the toe and at the foot’s arch for enhanced durability. The leading performer of this shoe, the big air unit, is perfectly molded into the upper with smooth glossy rubber at the back of the sneaker.

air max 270 Upper


The Air Max 270‘s innovation makes these sneakers extremely light. They feel light on your feet since the upper comprises lightweight mesh and neoprene materials, and the heel is air-filled. Furthermore, the dual-foam midsole provides lightweight cushioning and comfort.


Despite its snug fit and neoprene booty, this trainer is surprisingly breathable. A mesh overlay sits over the neoprene, allowing your foot to breathe. Most footwear is constructed of these breathable materials, earning high marks in the breathability sector.


The Air Max 270 is designed to be a comfy shoe. Thanks to the flexible neoprene and mesh upper, dual mesh midsole, and super-responsive Air Max outsole, your feet will feel cushioned and supported. The asymmetrical lacing technique also helps the shoe fit snugly to your feet, eliminating the risk of slipping and causing blisters. Another excellent feature of these trainers is that they don’t require much break-in time, so they’re not only comfy but also don’t take long to feel that way. Remember that they run a little tight, so these trainers may not be comfortable if you have wide feet.


Nike has always been at the forefront of fashionable trainers, and these are no exception. As previously stated, the Air Max 270 was created as a lifestyle sneaker rather than a performance shoe. That is, they were designed to be fashionable. The sleek silhouette and exaggerated tongue give it a classic vibe, but the vibrant hues and shiny air unit make these trainers contemporary and eye-catching. They can be worn in and out of the gym, making anyone seem fashionable.


Many Air Max 270 consumers have commented on the durability of these shoes, stating that they hold up well after extensive use. The enormous air unit may put some people off about how durable this sneaker is, but because the outsole adds an excellent amount of protection, it should hold up fine, barring any sharp items on the edges of the shoe. The outsole is reinforced rubber, and the top incorporates fused overlay elements to increase the shoe’s durability.


Whether wearing the Air Max 270 for a casual stroll or a fast pick-up game with friends, these trainers keep your feet safe from subterranean debris. The reinforced rubber outsole, dual-foam midsole, and substantial air unit at the heel will keep you from feeling much underfoot. However, the upper comprises mesh and neoprene, so they will not keep your feet dry if you get trapped in damp situations.


This sneaker’s 35mm air unit positively responds to each step. Because the air unit cradles the heel rather than filling the entire heel area, your heel is free to bounce and adequately respond to each heel strike. This shoe also has a dual-density foam midsole, which enhances cushioning and reactivity. These characteristics and the rubber outsole will undoubtedly bring spring to your step.


This shoe’s engineering provides a lot of support for your feet. Although it isn’t a stability sneaker, it does offer considerable support because of its snug-fitting neoprene booty in the upper and supportive heel cup in the back. However, because the Air Max 270 is not intended to be a performance shoe, it is not recommended to do rigorous training.


The Nike Air Max 270 is designed to be a casual lifestyle sneaker, not to take you hiking across every imagined terrain. The outsole is made of reinforced rubber and features a flexible waffle and ribbed shape, but there aren’t many lugs to keep you safe on the path. This shoe is intended for smooth surfaces like sidewalks, asphalt, or treadmills.

air max 270 men


The price tag may surprise you because this shoe isn’t designed to deliver much performance. The Air Max 270 is priced similarly to many running shoes despite providing little performance. These are exceptionally comfy, have a record air-cushioned design, and are visually appealing. That is, if you are willing to pay for a stylish lifestyle sneaker, the pricing for these is quite reasonable.


The outsole of this trainer is divided into three sections. A line of rubber waffle-like minimalistic lugs runs from the toe of the foot to the middle, while the middle of the forefoot comprises a flexible ribbed rubber flush with the bottom of the shoe. The heel is made of reinforced rubber with a waffle-like pattern that is similar yet smoother. These three pieces combined do not provide much traction, but they will suffice for typical everyday use.


These trainers’ dual-foam midsole, flexible mesh, and neoprene upper provide adequate flexibility. The sneaker’s sole has low lugs and a flexible ridged design in the center of the forefoot, giving it a more fluid feel. The upper, midsole, and outsole create a lightweight, flexible sneaker.


Although not designed to be a stability shoe, the Air Max 270 provides excellent stability for everyday wear. Despite the vast air unit in the heel, the sneaker’s heel cup is firm, allowing your foot to stay stable within the lightweight shoe. With each step, you’ll also feel comfortable and durable because the neoprene booty and lacing system keep the shoe snug to your foot.


The Air Max 270 is generally a reasonably neutral shoe because it isn’t designed to deliver much performance. It does, however, feature a higher drop than your average lifestyle shoe due to the 35mm air unit at the heel.

Key Features Of Air Max 270 Shoes

– Largest air unit in Nike history – very bouncy and responsive ride
– Asymmetrical lacing method and a tight fit

– Neoprene booty aids in shoe molding to practically any foot.

– Dual-density foam in the midsole adds cushioning, comfort, and reaction.

– Lightweight upper and exceptional comfort

– Beautiful design pays homage to its forefather, the Nike Air Max 180

How Did The Air Max 270 Turn Out??

Like the Air Max 270, the Air Max 90 is true to size. The size charts are shown below, but there are many more. Click on this link to be taken directly to Nike’s size chart. If your size is not yet available, scroll to the right.

Air Max 270 Men Size Chart

Air Max 270 Men Sizing Chart

Air Max 270 Women Size Chart

Air Max 270 Women Sizing Chart


If you are a fitness enthusiast who enjoys transitioning from the gym to athleisure for your everyday look, this adaptable and attractive pair of sneakers is a must-have. This lifestyle trainer is perfect for all-day comfort and has various colorways to suit any outfit.


What is the Nike Air Max 270?

The Nike Air Max 270 is intended for casual wear rather than running. However, you can wear it for basketball games and short-distance running. Also see: 10 Best Hoka One One Walking Shoes

Is the Air Max 270 only for men?

No, it is not just for guys; ladies can also wear it. As a woman, you can choose those specifically designed for ladies.

Do the Air Max 270 shoes make you taller?

The footwear will make you 32mm (1.26 inches) taller.

Is the sneaker water-resistant?

The shoe is not waterproof but breathable enough to keep your feet dry throughout the day. If you want to keep your shoe from getting wet, apply a waterproof spray on it.

What is the price of AM 270?

The AM 270 is usually priced at around €150 at Nike and other shops. However, some versions are now available for purchase in the auction. As you can see, the prices are significantly lower there.

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