Breville Smart Scoop BCI600XL

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Lowest Price $482.99 December 30, 2023
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Breville Smart Scoop BCI600XL Description

Create Delicious Ice Creams

The Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker is the perfect tool to help you create delicious, homemade ice cream with ease. Whether you’re a professional ice cream connoisseur or just a beginner, this ice cream maker can help you need to create amazing treats from the comfort of your home. This sophisticated machine features an adjustable settings to let you select the perfect consistency, from soft-serve and frozen yogurt to ice cream. The powerful brushless motor quietly and steadily whips your ingredients into the perfect treat. With its stainless steel design, the sleek Breville BCI600XL stands out in any kitchen.

Over 10 Varieties of Ice Cream

The Breville BCI600XL is highly versatile, allowing you to make over ten varieties of ice cream with two ice cream bowls included with your purchase. Make soft-serve or frozen yogurt and experiment with new flavors like gelato, cookie dough, and even sorbet. You can even create a play-box of multiple flavors to give you more options for fun desserts.

Automatic Shutoff Feature

The Breville BCI600XL also makes it easy to make ice cream without fuss or mess. The machine comes with a bright LCD display to help you check temperatures and settings, and includes an automatic shutoff feature to turn the machine off if it gets too hot or the cycle is done. The removable bowl and lid can be quickly cleaned in the dishwasher for hassle-free maintenance.

Compact Design and Easy Storage

The Breville BCI600XL is also designed to be compact enough to fit into any space. It has built-in cord storage to hide wires and cords, and the machine itself is fairly lightweight and easy to store. Its minimalist style also allows it to fit into any modern kitchen, and its brushed stainless steel gives it an elegant, stylish look.

• Brushed stainless steel design
• Adjustable settings and LCD display
• Powerful brushless motor
• Two ice cream bowls included
• Automatic shutoff feature
• Removable bowl and lid easy to clean
• Compact and easy to store
• Built-in cords storage

Breville Smart Scoop BCI600XL Specification






1.5 Quarts


Stainless Steel

Included Components

Cleaning Brush, Removable Bowl, Removable Paddle, Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker, Instruction Booklet

Model Name


Item Dimensions LxWxH

15.75 x 11 x 11 inches

Item Weight

30 Pounds

Operation Mode


Product Care Instructions

Refer to instruction booklet

Product Dimensions

15.75 x 11 x 11 inches





Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

January 19, 2013

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  1. BigJoe

    This product definitely meets my expectations. Simple way to make delicious homemade ice cream, gelato and sorbet. There are many recipes out there and this machine makes changing those recipes into delicious product is so simple anyone can do it. The price tag hurts a little but in the end it’s well worth it. Quality product.

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  2. Rafael

    Llegó en tiempo y forma, fácil de usar, esperemos que dure mucho :3

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  3. Dutch Andre in the US

    After using many years an ice cream maker that you need to get froozen first in the freezer, I decided to buy this one: should make it possible to:
    – Make a few batches after each other
    – No need to wait till the bowl is frozen in the freezer
    – Better quality of the ice cream

    And it all came true!

    The ‘pre cool’ option makes sure that the machine is nice and cold when you put the ingredients in. One warning !!
    Make sure that your ingredients have cooled down before, when you use this option. Else it might stick to the edges of the bowl, and when you’ve to add other ingredients later, those will not be mixed with the layer that is set on the edge of the bowl. In my case I had to add fruit later to the custard mixture, when scraping the bowl in the end, the custard had set as a layer on the edge of the bowl, as I was inpatience, and didn’t let the custard cool down enough. So in the end there were some frozen custard pieces in the ice cream.

    Some people complain about the difficulty of cleaning the machine, taking the ice out, or that ice cream might go over the top. I had the problem with all of this, but got used to it:
    1: Prevent that ice cream goes over the top by making sure that your ingredients total volume/weight don’t exceed 0.9 liter or 1 quart in volume, what is more or less 1 kg or 2 lb in weight. Those are the measurements I will use when using the machine. Works great when you keep this in mind. Yes the capacity is a little bit larger, but those measurements really help to prevent that ice cream goes over the edge
    2: Taking the ice out: I always first take out the spatula that spins in the bowl. Use the manual spatula to clean it, and afterwards hand it over to one of your kids to do the further cleaning of this spinner. The spatula that comes with it, just fits in between the bowl corners and the ‘pole’ in the middle. This one is annoying compared to the freezing bowl I had before, as there is no pole in the middle. I understand that this bowl is needed to move the spinner, but it doesn’t make it easy to get the ice cream out. The handle of the bowl is dangling around when you try to get the ice cream out, making it more difficult. Lucky that I’ve large hands, so I’m able to put my ring finger in the hole in the bottom, and my thumb can just reach the handle. Holding it firm I’m able to get the ice cream out in a reasonable way.
    3: Cleaning: don’t give the bowl where you make the ice cream in to your kids to ‘clean it’, it is attractive to use your tong to lick out the left over ice cream, but for sure your tong will stick to it, and get stuck to it!! (Experience). Just use some half warm water to clean it, and make sure it is completely try before you make another batch . When you want to make immediately another batch, make sure the bowl is try, else it get froozen to the machine, and there is no way you get it out, until you defroze it!! (yes, you need to read the instruction, but getting there with experience is sometimes also fun). When ice cream has gone over the edge of the bowl, you might get a mess on the edge and inner bowl, which is not easy to clean.
    4: When you put your ingredients in the bowl, also make sure that you don’t put it on the edge, but nicely in the middle, that prevents that the edge get dirty, and difficult to clean.

    So far the ‘be aware’ items. Then the rest is simple: use the instructions, and you can create the best ice cream yourself!
    Pre-cool, put in the ingredients, and wait for 30-60 minutes, but it in the freezer for at least 30 minutes for a nice firm structure, and you can surprice many friends and family members with great ice cream!

    My favorite so far: Tutti Frutti !

    Take 200 grams of fruit:
    – 75 grams golden raisins
    – 75 grams of dried apricots – cut in small pieces
    – 50 grams of canned maraschino cherries – quartered – can also use candied cherries
    – Put them in a bowl with a nice splash of dark rum and use of half an orange: the dried fruit should absorb the juices, but just not all (so make sure there is enough juice, but not to much: you can always add a little bit of more rum).

    Now the custard:
    – Take 300 ml of milk, and bring that to a simmer, add a splash of vanilla (beans or liquid): don’t boil
    – Take 5 egg yolks and mix them with 75 grams of sugar, takes about 5 minutes, till you have a nice firm substance.
    – Add the milk slowly to the eggs while sturring.
    – Add 300 ml of whipping cream.
    – Take a metal pot, and bring everything slowly to 85 celcius temperature, not warmer !! When it get’s warmer you are making an omelette.
    – When it has reached 85 degrees, let it cool down.
    – When it has cooled down, pre-cool the machine, and put in the custard mixture, set the machine to the hardest possible settings: the alcohol will prevent in the end that you are making a ‘brick’ of ice.
    – When the machine tells you ‘add ingredients’ start to slowly add the fruit mixture: fruits and left over liquid

    Let it turn in the machine till it is ready !

    Put it in the freezer for about 1 hour before you enjoy it!

    You can keep it for a few days, the alcolhol of the rum will prevent that it gets very hard.

    So far my favorite !!

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  4. Serge

    High quality product, durable, easy to use. Took one star off because if one tries to run the second load, it not work well. The butter that got whipped inside the impeller tube prevents it from rotating. Both impeller and the jar should be removed and cleaned off. Then jar can be filled up again and machine will run properly. Other than that, very happy with this purchase.

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  5. Julio César

    Funciona perfecto y hace lo que promete

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  6. Luis Gerardo Vazquez Herrera


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  7. richard tyszka

    It works makes batch after batch of amazing ice cream slushy or Gelato don’t be fooled by the cheap ones that barely make one batch well…this is the way

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  8. Julie Sands

    1/31/2020 Some tasks are harder than others. Ice Cream was like that for me, or shall I say frozen desserts. My commentary will take some time to read, though it in itself is no novel. If you proceed in reading about my thoughts on the Breville make sure you have some time in your schedule to digest (pun intended, since this is about dessert,) the material.

    I am svelte, meaning thin 26-inch waist type, and so obviously I eschewe most grocery store and restaurant/eaterie desserts depending upon the fat and caloric content. My spouse gained weight a few years after marrying me so I was that much more diligent with reading low fat cookbooks and medical texts to prepare low fat, low calorie meals for he and I. To further develop my figure and remain healthful after I graduated university I weight trained and subscribed to Men’s Health (even though I am a woman,) Muscle and Fitness and other publications. Daily I lifted handweights isometrically to Joyce and Marthe Vedral’s College Dorm Workout routine to obtain my muscle memory and feminine hard body since I like and maintain a Playboy style Perfect figure and look on myself.

    I was quite tired of eating sorbets and sherbert. For decades I wanted an ice cream maker so I could use my own low fat recipes as well as others to create healthful frozen desserts of much greater variety. I did not feel comfortable using an ice cream maker in an apartment or rented home. As such, my wait for an ice cream maker was a long one by decades. Finally, my spouse and I purchased a small home less than a decade ago. Some months later I picked out an ice cream maker and was attracted to the Breville as it was the most superior of those I saw. It took somewhat less than a decade to put aside enough funds to finally purchase a Breville BC1600XL. True my kitchen is quite small and the Breville will not even fit on my countertop when not in use. But I do not mind. I just use my isometric skills and weight lifting form to lift my just under 30 pound Breville and place him into position for his task when needed on my counter.

    Well I have only owned my Breville a few days at the time of this writing but I am pretty pleased with it. Quite contrary to some views, (most notably the saying that certain food is almost better than sex,) in my opinion frozen desserts such as ice cream no matter how tasty are in no way equivalent; nor are they almost better, than conjugal activities.

    What have I discovered about the Breville BC1600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker? Strangely one of the first things I noticed was the nifty finger hole in its three prong plug, a real where has this been?-type of invention. A little bit like wheels on luggage. Why weren’t they always there ‘sorta’ feeling. Then I admired its gleaming exterior and saw the vinyl piece covering the digital readout with a picture of the same readout. Instead of discarding it I thought what a lovely vinyl for the side of my small fridge. It even has a little pointer on it I placed towards my refrigerator freezer that suggests dessert. A cute decorative, it sits on my fridge above my small magnetic hooks where I hang some kitchen implements along with a foil cutter for my wine.

    My Breville had been upright and ready to use right away; though it was a bit cold from being outdoors on my tiny portico. Just right for frozen yogurt! Immediately out came the non-fat Greek yogurt from the fridge, organic lemon juice, organic apple sauce, vanilla the wheat germ and less than a third of a can of the notorious beverage, in that nice looking but plain aluminum can, Mountain Dew. Oh, I almost forgot a few tablespoons of vodka also went in the Breville pail so my frozen yogurt stays oh so perfect texture in the freezer. The plug went in, I pressed a button and woila, 37 minutes later I had my first frozen yogurt in one of my tea saucers made from my Breville.

    When my spouse got home that evening our Breville was already safely tucked away under a Turkish towel. Did he want to see it? Nah, instead he went straight to the freezer and got himself a tea saucer of my yogurt. He pronounced it a wonderful tasting yogurt and never guessed it had “the Dew” (my nickname for my favorite soda; Pepsi’s Mountain Dew,) in it until I told him. He could not believe it but he was not angry of course.

    The next morning while my spouse was showering for work I got Breville out, did my power lift thing, and had him on my kitchen counter making lemon Italian Ice. When he, (my spouse,) popped into our kitchen for a little brekkey (British slang for breakfast,) he saw Breville gleaming at him. He commented on how nice he looks and watched him churning my lemon mixture for a little bit. I had the setting to sorbet, but that was more like a pudding to me so I got it to its hardest, the Ice Cream setting. That seemed a better setting for Italian Water Ice.

    This morning I made NON-FAT strawberry gelato for breakfast. It was sublime, perfect gelato texture, nice taste. I look forward to setting aside a bit in my grocery budget to get some organic pistachios so I can have pistachio gelato.

    A big critique I have is that the Breville can only be ‘on the ready’ for a measley three hours. I suggest future editions have a time delay start and an indefinite Keep Cool setting. My schedule is so busy I like to set it and get around to it when I can. I also think the volume setting max could be much louder and the music sample selection larger. The opening on the lid for the mix-ins I feel should be more reinforced, with metal. It should also heat and mix ingredients, like melt chocolate to a béchamel setting, etc., then automatically pre-cool and make it.-Julie Sands

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  9. ivan humberto huerta torres

    Llego en el tiempo programado y en excelentes condiciones muy bien empaquetado

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  10. Dzecko

    Buen producto, pero, si, es mas caro que deberia ser. Es sólido y de buena construcción.

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