Brio CLBL420V2 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

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Price history for CLBL420V2 Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser for 3 & 5 Gallon Bottles - 3 Tem
Latest updates:
  • $258.99 - May 16, 2024
  • $260.99 - May 4, 2024
  • $262.99 - April 7, 2024
  • $264.99 - April 4, 2024
  • $216.99 - March 23, 2024
  • $262.99 - March 8, 2024
  • $260.99 - February 21, 2024
  • $262.99 - February 6, 2024
Since: November 25, 2023
  • Highest Price: $286.99 - February 3, 2024
  • Lowest Price: $210.99 - November 25, 2023
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Brio CLBL420V2 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Price History


Current Price $183.53 May 19, 2024
Highest Price $219.00 December 2, 2023
Lowest Price $149.19 November 29, 2023
Since November 26, 2023

Last price changes

$183.53 April 16, 2024
$185.19 April 13, 2024
$183.53 April 3, 2024
$149.98 March 20, 2024
$183.53 February 4, 2024

Brio CLBL420V2 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Description

Comprehensive Quality Materials and Construction

This Brio CLBL420V2 Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser is designed from the highest quality materials with solid construction and for safety and convenience. The unit features a stainless steel cold tank and an ultraviolet lamp installed in the cold water compartment to ensure safe and clean drinking water. The Brio CLBL420V2 comes with an energy efficient compressor and advanced cooling technology providing cold water quickly for maximum user satisfaction. The compressor also runs quietly with minimal sound to meet any concern about noise. There is LED indicator lights to let you know when the cooler is being cooled.

Leak-Proof Design for Easy Cleaning

The Brio CLBL420V2 Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser has been designed for easy use and efficient cleaning. The unit’s design prevents leakage, spills, and messes by tight-fitting parts and gate valves. This will help make sure that your water dispenser stays nice and clean. The bottle holder flares outward to accommodate a wide range of 3 & 5 gallon bottles. The drip tray and grid are removable for easy cleaning and access.

3 Temperature Settings

This water cooler dispenser offers 3 temperature settings with cold, cool, and hot options, giving you the perfect amount of temperature for each user. The cold water temperature is maintained at 50.8°F to 61°F, while the hot temperature can reach up to 185°F. An electric safety switch will shut off the electricity when the hot water is opened, preventing potential scalding accidents caused by hot water.

Sleek and Contemporary Design

The Brio CLBL420V2 Water Cooler Dispenser features a sleek and simple design that won’t take up too much space in any room. This curved black and silver design will fit nicely into any modern living or working space. The fact that this unit is bottom loading means that it is perfect for areas with limited table or counter space.


– Comprehensive Quality Materials and Construction
– Leak-Proof Design for Easy Cleaning
– 3 Temperature Settings
– Sleek and Contemporary Design
– Stainless Steel Cold Tank
– Ultraviolet Lamp Installed in the Cold Water Compartment
– Energy Efficient Compressor
– Advanced Cooling Technology
– LED Indicator Lights
– Safety Switch Prevents Hot Water Scalding
– Flared Bottle Holder for 3 & 5 Gallon Bottles
– Removable Drip Tray & Grid

Brio CLBL420V2 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Specification


Black, ‎Stainless Steel


‎Stainless Steel


‎5 Gallons



Product Dimensions

‎15.2"D x 14.2"W x 44"H



Installation Type


Access Location


Power Source

‎Corded Electric



Part Number


Item Weight

‎17.6 pounds

Country of Origin


Item model number


Item Package Quantity


Special Features

‎Bottom Load, Tri Temperature, Stainless Steel Modern Design

Included Components

‎Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser, Manual, Care Guide

Batteries Required


Brio CLBL420V2 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Videos

Brio CLBL420V2 Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Reviews (13)

13 reviews

4.6 out of 5
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  1. CM

    Très satisfait, merci

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  2. Paul

    I had to return a vitapur water cooler after 8 months as it stopped working. This Brio water cooler is so quiet and the water is crisp and cool. I am very happy with my purchase.

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  3. Mathieu

    Bonne machine, refroidi bien.
    Très bruyante, je ne recommande pas!
    Petit bémol sur la livraison, le livreur l’a laissé tomber du camion sans faire attention, le dessous de la boîte était evantré et la porte de la machine légèrement bosselée à deux endroits!
    Contente de la machine mais très déçue de la livraison!

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  4. Edd

    Very good item. Less noise, no long wait to fill up a cup. Lot of pros if you have to list them. Only cons to me is they don’t have lot of color for this specific type. I needed a Whyte Bio bottom loading one and there was none, so I ended up with this black one.

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  5. Sabrina

    This thing can get really loud. It also has a very bright red light that flashed when the water tank is low. That being said, we love it and use it all the time. My family just started using the cirkul water bottles so water has been our main beverage… having this to fill as needed has been awesome. I think the price is fair if you plan to use it regularly. The water can be room temp or cold… it has a hot water feature but we haven’t tried that just yet because we have a toddler and feel safer with that feature off. Over all we would recommend!

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  6. Angela Rodriguez

    Does anyone know how to get the hot water spout from stop dripping?

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  7. Kristin


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  8. Anny Lebreux

    Very happy, matches in kitchen, great 3 Temps for kitchen use and good price

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  9. Grandma Susie

    This my third water dispenser and the best one by far. I love the look and how easy to use. I love the 3 temperature setting. It is great looking too!

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  10. Aranzel Tulio

    ✔️This is fairly cheap for a machine that can distribute hot, room temperature and cold water without being an actual faucet. You can get some 9.5ph alkaline water in a 5 gallon jug for about $7.50 where I’m at. It makes it taste like Fiji water, which would cost you about that much for 2L if you bought the name brand.
    ✔️Aesthetically, it’s made out of plastic with faux stainless steel trim. Not the best, but it isn’t bad. I have mine tucked right next to the stainless fridge I have in my garage and it compliments well for what it is. I would probably pay another hundred if they did make it with a stainless frame,
    ✔️It’s not loud or noisy. It does have a mini condenser unit inside with a water pump, so after you use it, it does make a noise which isn’t bad even if you can’t tolerate loud noises.

    All in all, this was a good deal for me and my family because we all drink tons of water. It’s a pretty small unit and can be tucked in little nooks and serve a great purpose anywhere it sits. I keep it in the garage so I can do my workouts and water is right there. I don’t have to buy plastic bottles anymore. It saves me space it my fridge and I get great tasting water.

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  11. Michael Lionel

    Bought this for my aging parents who previously had a standing water cooler where the bottles had to be inserted up top and were starting to have a harder time lifting up the 5 gallon water bottles. I love the design of this cooler – it’s beautiful, modernized and sleek. Installing 3 and 5 gallon water bottles is no hassle, you open the door to the lower compartment and insert the bottle (you have to remove any preinstalled caps from the bottle – no problem) and then insert the pump. Takes a few moments to cool (or heat) but once it’s done it’s basically ready to go. It’s a real game changer especially for my parents who just have to insert the bottle in the lower compartment.

    My only gripes with the apparatus are three things:

    First, the sound of the pump is quite noticeable; even after you are done dispensing water, the pumping sound continues for a short while after. It really is not the worst thing in the world and I imagine that my folks are probably used to it by now, but it was the first thing I noticed considering our previous water cooler was pretty silent. But for the convenience of loading the bottle at the bottom instead of the top it is a worthwhile compromise.

    Secondly, the nozzles dispensing the water suck. Actually, there are no nozzles, they are more like small “nubs”. It’s weird to describe but you can look at the pictures and see. The spouts are not all that noticeable, so if you are dispensing water, you have to kind of double and triple check that the opening of your cup or bottle is directly under the dispenser, which is annoying. I worry that I might miss and the water will fall into the tray. On top of that, the space for dispensing water is cramped, meaning that the distance between the nub spout and the grated drain basin is short. Like, why is that? I have a pretty standard sized water bottle and it does not fit in that space, so I end up having to tilt the bottle, which makes guessing where the spout is slightly harder. You would think they would have made a space that accommodates most water bottles. I do think they tried to accommodate but the space really is smaller than it appears in the photo. Again, it really isn’t that much of a deal breaker, just an advantage the previous cooler had.

    Finally, the labels on the panel with the indicator lights are confusing. The led lights are underneath three symbols; the left symbol with a snowflake, the middle symbol which is for hot steamy water, and the right symbol which indicates that it’s time to get a new bottle when the water runs out. The led light lights up to indicate that the water is cooling or heating, so if you want the coldest cup of water possible for example, you dispense the water when the led is off. Led off means that the cold water is ready to drink. Usually, we think of lights as an indicator of things being ready, but that’s fine. Maybe Brio wanted to save on the life of the bulb snd chose to turn off the light once the optimal cold (or hot) temperature is reached. The bigger problem though is that the Cold, Snowflake led light is on the left, and the button to dispense cold water is on the right. HUH?? Why not just put the Cold led indicator light to the right or put the cold water button on the left so that it would match the image on the front panel? I don’t quite understand that. Seems like a very sensible thing to do. In any case, the buttons themselves indicate whether they are dispensing cold water (right button) or hot water (left button) or room temperature (middle) water, but I can easily see making the mistake by using the icons that are plastered on the front. I really do think they need to change this.

    Otherwise, this is still a game changer product. I’m really happy with how its build and the overall feel of the product and I know my folks are more than grateful. For that alone, it’s a top-notch purchase and would recommend anyone to pull the trigger if they are thinking about a bottom-loading cooler.

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    I have had the water cooler for one year. It’s really an excellent machine and the price is very fair and reasonable. Prior to this cooler I had an Oasis which was also a good machine but I was moving into my new home and and I wanted to get a brand news water cooler. The only necessary change I had to make was to purchase a bottom loading machine that will let me keep the 5 gallon bottle as I am a little older and lifting a 5 gallon bottle was too much for me now. Both Oasis and Brio both have top and bottom loading machines but my final decision is to go with the Brio which is a lot lower in cost but does everything that an Oasis will do for a lot better price. I have never had a problem with my Brio and when I had a question or two they provide excellent and quick response on the phone and the two times there was a e-mail sent to me to see if I was able to use the information that came in the e-mail. The customer service department is reasonably fast to answer my phone call. The reason I am writing this is that there is such poor customer service BUT not with this company. It’s also very nice to look at my cooler as I think it is designed very nicely. If I needed another cooler I would purchase the exact same machine. David in Pittsburgh

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  13. Grandma Susie

    It was delivered in about a week and was easy to set up. My only dislike is the button dispenser displays. There is one on top – these are the buttonsyou use to dispense the water temp of your choice. However, right below it is another row of water temp display lights that absolutely do not coincide with the top. For children this is utterly confusing! Other than that the cooler is quiet and works well. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks so I’ll update if necessary. The hot water is the right temperature, however the cold isn’t as good as you’d except. The room temperature is pretty much the same temperature as the cold. All in all it works.

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