Hontry 10×25 Binoculars

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Current Price $24.95 June 11, 2024
Highest Price $24.95 December 25, 2023
Lowest Price $19.95 December 18, 2023
Since December 18, 2023

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$24.95 December 25, 2023
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Hontry 10×25 Binoculars Description

Bright And Clear Image Quality

Looking to take your bird watching experience to the next level? The Hontry 10×25 Compact Binoculars offer a sharper and clear image quality. It boasts a 10X magnification lens made with optics glass and high-definition technology to give you stunning visual clarity from a distance. The high-quality COMA and chromatic aberration correction technology guarantee you clear image edge-to-edge on a wide range of objects without distortion or blurring. With the large eyepiece design, you can appreciate a field of view of up to 1000 yards, making it easy to spot even the most distant birds. And the wide angle of the viewing lens and high-definition resolution capturing ensure that nothing will escape your view.

Durability And Comfortability

The Hontry Binoculars are designed to last. The body is made of tough metal alloy with cross texture, making it durable and lightweight. It also comes with a non-slip design that will keep the binoculars securely in your hands. The eyepieces are made with a soft rubber material to bring you added comfort, while the adjustable eye cups can be twisted up and down for comfortable viewing with or without glasses. With the 1/4 tripod adapter, you can mount the binoculars anywhere and extend your viewing stability.

Easy To Use

The Hontry Binoculars are designed with a streamlined and simplified theme. Everything is adjustable with just a turn of the knob. The diopter adjustment ring near the right eyepiece allows you to make precise focus, and the center focus knob operate the left and right side of the binoculars for a synchronization of the image you observe. It also comes with a mini tripod, a carrying pouch, a cleaning cloth, and a user manual. Using the binoculars is hassle-free and won’t take long to get used to.

Key Features

• 10X Magnification Lens: Stunning visual clarity from a distance with absolute clarity.
• COMA And Chromatic Aberration Correction: Clear edge-to-edge image without distortion or blurring.
• Wide Angle Viewing: Catch even the most distant objects in your field of view from up to 1000 yards.
• High-Definition Resolution: Nothing will escape your vision.
• Durable Metal Alloy Body: Tough and lightweight, with a non-slip design.
• Comfortable Eyepieces: Soft rubber and adjustable eye cups.
• Easy To Use: Streamlined and simplified design with just a turn of the knob.
• Tripod Adaptability: Mount the binoculars anywhere for added stability.

Hontry 10×25 Binoculars Specification

Product Dimensions

4.33 x 1.97 x 3.94 inches

Item Weight

‎9.6 ounces

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

March 29, 2019



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13 reviews

4.5 out of 5
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  1. Thorsten D.

    Das Fernglas ist sehr gut verarbeitet und liefert scharfe Bilder.
    Allerdings lässt sich bauartbedingt das Fernglas nicht an unterschiedliche Augenabstände anpassen.
    Meine Augen stehen relativ eng beieinander, deshalb kann ich es geradeso noch benutzen.
    Es ist eigentlich nur für Kinder und Erwachsene mit schmalen Köpfen zu gebrauchen.
    Der zweite, gravierendere Fehler in meinen Augen ist es, dass es keine vorderen Okularabdeckungen gibt, um die Linsen vor Staub und Regen zu schützen. Da besteht seitens des Herstellers Nachholbedarf.
    Ich konnte es nicht exakt prüfen, meine aber, dass das reale Gesichtsfeld kleiner ist, als die angegebenen 114 m.
    Positiv ist, dass man es wegen seiner geringen Größe und des geringen Gewichts problemlos mitführen kann..

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  2. Cliff from Clifton

    The other binocs I’ve bought in this cheap Chinese genre have misaligned optics so that one eye field of view is higher than the other which causes nasty eye strain. But the Hontry is perfectly aligned! Not sure if that’s pure coincidence and that most of them are just as misaligned as the other brands, but I’m keeping the Hontry and returning the other brands that I just bought. It’c clear that the Hontry I received is far better than the others.

    Also, the Hontry is honest in that it truly is a 10x binoc. The others claim they’re 20x, but the field of view is identical to the 10x Hontry, so those binoculars are advertising misinformation about their specs!

    Go with Hontry.

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  3. romane

    taille adaptée à l’enfant, poids léger, sac de transport, vue grossissante impec
    très satisfaite de mon achat

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  4. ForeverYOUNG

    I purchased these because they were lightweight. They turned out to be really easy to use and I was able to see everything I focused on. Comes with a great travel/storage case too. They are black plastic housing, the storage bag is black non-leather. Having said all of this, I never hesitate to update my reviews should new info seem useful. All of my reviews reflect my honest, personal experience with the reviewed item – your experience may be different. I am not influenced by any outside source. I receive/accept NO free products or discounts that are not available to all shoppers- ever. I also refuse to ‘change’ my review for a refund of a product I have given a poor review – and that is offered from time to time. For some reason our shopper ranks are no longer visible – so, to give you a little more info about me, I am a top 50 reviewer (#30 the highest rank achieved). It’s a shame they phased this rating system out because it did help you see who has been around the longest and who is a trustworthy reviewer.  I’ve been doing reviews for over 25 years with Amazon – over 6,200 reviews posted, those reviews have been viewed well over 50,000 times, including well over 26,000 likes. BOTTOM LINE:  I pay for all my stuff, just like you do.

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  5. Carl

    Out of the box there were marks on the lens I tried to clean it off but they just would not budge eventually I used a piece of very soft clean leather after some gentle cleaning 80% of the mark came off. Poorest purpose it’s adequate and gives a fairly good image since cleaning the lens but this looks like some sort of glue that was used in the construction and not cleaned off so this is probably more to do with bad quality control. Optical quality is reasonable and for archery target spotting it’s adequate.

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  6. John R.

    Small can carry in the pocket, leave in the glove box, very good optic.

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  7. indust./commercial electrician

    These binoculars are compact with long range viewing. We bought 2 pairs to take to Yellowstone national park with our kids (10) and (7) and both were able to use easily and see animals. I was impressed with the distance that we were able to see animals with pretty good clarity.

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  8. C. Williams

    Yes, the the strap is small, yes the binoculars are relatively small; HOWEVER, I was able to put the strap on in about two minutes. No problem. The size of the binoculars are a size that is very good for traveling. I didn’t even need the instructions to focus them. They are like most binoculars- focus the left eye first with the center adjustment, then focus the right eye with the right eye-piece adjustment.

    I found the clarity and focus perfectly fine. I really like the sturdy feel of the casing. The magnification is certainly not Hubble telescope caliber, but not too shabby for the price.

    I have previously owned four different pair of binoculars. Two were much more powerful, but they were overkill for my needs. This is the only pair in
    that I have been able use with or without wearing my glasses. Considering bang for the buck, I choose this pair. I’m totally pleased with my purchase.

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  9. Ginny D.

    Used my new binoculars yesterday while walking around the lake. Got to see a young species of heron (?) much more clearly that I could have without my new binoculars! It was very well concealed on the downed tree trunk, but I was able to see the bluish tinge on its beak and its beautiful orange eyes! I have used larger more powerful binoculars that my Dad paid much more $$$ for. But, for a small (wore the case on my belt) inexpensive pair, I am satisfied!
    Note: I wish vendors would make understanding the strength of magnification a lot easier for us uninformed types!!

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  10. Manda R.

    I bought these for a concert where I was seated in the balcony. They worked great! I was able to see the whites of Logic’s eyes and make out tiny details in the set. Another pro: I was able to take pictures and videos of much better quality by lining up my phone with the left lens and aiming! It was really cool and I’ve got some great shots because of these!

    I have very bad vertigo that’s set off by the smallest things, so I was worried looking through these lenses would wreck me. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any issues! No eye strain either by the time the concert was over either!

    Con: (1) If you’re planning on using these frequently or for long term use, I’d recommend buying an alternative neck strap. The one that comes with it is about a cm thick and really digs into your neck with the weight of the binoculars. It was fine for the use I needed, which was only a few hours, but if I were doing a whole day activity with these around my neck it would really bother me. (2) The right lens focuses by rotating the eye piece and the left lens focuses by rotating the middle rolly thing. I had trouble for a good half hour just getting myself used to holding these. The left focus roller is in a spot right where your fingers rest ergonomically, so I kept moving it just by holding them to my eyes and knocking it out of focus. With the right eye piece rotating, I had the same issue as the binoculars were against my eye socket. Still, I got used to it and they worked great.

    I would definitely recommend these binoculars for concert use!

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  11. Shauna Rose-Green

    My mother and I bought a pair of binoculars and had to return it, but we ended up exchanging it for this pair. We are so happy we decided to get this one, it is so much better than the first pair! It is very easy to use and we can see everything clearly. Would be a great gift for any nature lover!

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  12. D. Jenne

    They magnify well and give a clear image. These aren’t a thousand dollars, so it isn’t perfect, but only at the edges is there any distortion, and it’s minor. Eye relief is generous, so you don’t have to be exact with where you hold them. The compactness does mean they’re a little difficult to hold steady, but I think it’s worth it.

    I needed cheap binoculars, and I was hoping to find some that aren’t sourced from China. No such luck, even American companies employ Chinese manufacturing. But the glass isn’t Chinese, and that’s the important part. I couldn’t track it down further than that it’s either Japanese or German. Good enough for me.

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  13. Muro Mango

    Gefällt mir, klares Sichtfeld. Klein und Handlich. Bin nur von den Paket Zusteller allgemein nicht zufrieden. Die tun die Pakete vor die Haustüre, oder quetschen das Paket zur Hälfte in den engen Briefkasten Schlitz. Bei einem drecks Mehrfamilienhaus mit drecks Nachbarn kann das Paket schnell geklaut werden.

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