Nespresso Espresso Machine ENV135GYAE Parent

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Nespresso Espresso Machine ENV135GYAE Parent
Nespresso Espresso Machine ENV135GYAE Parent

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Current Price $282.00 June 11, 2024
Highest Price $282.00 December 27, 2023
Lowest Price $282.00 December 27, 2023
Since December 27, 2023

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$282.00 December 27, 2023

Nespresso Espresso Machine ENV135GYAE Parent Description

Rich-tasting Espresso & Coffee

No kitchen is complete without the Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle by De’Longhi. This all-in-one, state-of-the-art machine makes brewing an easy experience! Whether you’re in the mood for a stronger espresso or a light and flavorful cup of coffee, this machine has you covered. It’s designed to make rich-tasting espresso or coffee in just minutes, letting you start your day off right. A single-button control panel makes setup easy, and an Aeroccino plus milk frother adds a delicious touch of cream or foam. Plus, with the included Aeroccino, you can easily craft delicious cappuccinos and lattes at home. Enjoy a delicious cup of espresso or coffee with Nespresso’s flagship Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine!

Versatile Brewing for Any Mood

This machine fully lives up to its name. It features a versatile design that can make coffee and espresso with just one button. Plus, with two different brew size settings, you can get a stronger coffee or a lighter one depending on your mood. And if you want to make a cappuccino or a latte, just use the Aeroccino plus milk frother! As a complete package, this bundle makes it easier and faster than ever to make delicious coffee or espresso.

High-tech Design & Finish

The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine isn’t just designed to make great-tasting coffee and espresso – it’s also a beautiful piece of engineering! Sleek, modern lines and a sleek black finish make it the focal point of any kitchen. It comes with an advanced extraction system and Centrifusion technology that produces a rich and flavorful cup of coffee. And with a wide range of features, you can customize every setting to get the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Product Features

The Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle by De’Longhi is designed to make brewing an easy experience. Some of its key features include:

• Versatile design – Make coffee and espresso in just minutes with just one button.
• Aeroccino plus milk frother – Craft delicious cappuccinos and lattes.
• Sleek modern design – A sleek black finish makes it the focus of any kitchen.
• Advanced extraction system – Produces a rich and flavorful cup of coffee.
• Centrifusion technology – An innovative, automatic brewing system that determines the coffee size and intensity.
• Complete package – Includes a bundle of accessories for faster and easier brewing.

Nespresso Espresso Machine ENV135GYAE Parent Specification




8 Ounces



Product Dimensions

12.3"D x 9"W x 12.2"H

Special Feature

Milk Frother

Coffee Maker Type

Espresso Machine


Machine + Aeroccino + Capsule Set

Specific Uses For Product

Espresso, Iced Coffee

Included Components

Milk Frother

Operation Mode

Fully Automatic

Human Interface Input




Country of Origin


Item model number


Date First Available

September 22, 2019

Nespresso Espresso Machine ENV135GYAE Parent Reviews (10)

10 reviews

4.4 out of 5
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  1. SRFGal

    Killer product and coffee … just besure not to ever use the refillable products… it literally will destroy your machine.

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  2. Tione

    This machine is phenomenal.
    Morning cannot come soon enough for me to brew up a huge cup of something decadent. I have the original Nespresso variety capsules as well as the Espresso Vertuo by Starbuck – and they both work awesome!!
    Plus I use the silicone refillable caps when I want to use my decaf Sumatra beans from Starbucks that I grind myself in a Crux burr grinder..
    The decaf is my after 3PM drink 🙂

    I ordered another model before – but the light just didn’t turn on – and I’m awaiting a refund.

    I recommend this machine 100000%

    6/8/2023 Edit: I don’t know how I lived without a Nespresso machine for so long as a coffee snob.
    The “crema” is AMAZINNG!!!
    I just had an afternoon cup with frothed milk and caramel drizzle… YUMMY 👌🏾

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  3. Mike in Ohio

    Bonne machine , simple détail , la boîte était en piteuse état à l’intérieur de la boîte de livraison . Étant donné que c’était un cadeau , c’était un peu ordinaire.
    Mais le tout était en bonne état

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  4. Martin Delarosbil

    Purchased a few months ago. A really enjoy how easy it is to make a great coffee. Great choice of coffee pods

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  5. Patricia Fermin

    If you like really hot coffee made in a Keurig where boiling water is forced through a plastic pod or made in a Mr. Coffee pot where boiling water is dripped over pre-ground coffee out of a bag and then left to sit on a hot pad until you get around to pouring a cup, this machine and the cost of the coffee pods is not for you. If you drink your coffee out of a paper cup or insulated mug while driving to work, Nespresso is probably not worth your time. If, on the other hand, you enjoy relaxing and savoring a cup of really good coffee, this is the one you should consider.

    The Nespresso machine is designed to make a precisely brewed cup of coffee not to produce a boiling hot cup of Joe.
    Each Nespresso pod has a bar code that tells the machine exactly how to custom brew that particular coffee. It knows how fast to spin the extractor, the correct temperature, and the amount of water to use. So, if you use a room temperature cup the coffee might end up a little cooler than you are used to drinking. I just put a little water in my cup and microwave it for a minute to preheat, and then I dump the hot water and brew my Nespresso. That way the cup doesn’t cool off my coffee.

    I bought the De’Longhi ENV135BAE Coffee and Espresso Machine Bundle with Aeroccino Milk Frother. The milk frother is a great addition and much less expensive when bought with the machine. It is simple to use and clean, and it quickly produces a nice froth. IMHO well worth the price.

    The machine comes with an assortment of twelve pods of different coffee flavors, intensities, and sizes. So far I have tried half of them and have yet to zero in on one favorite. They are all good in their own way. You won’t find the pods in your grocery store. You will have to order online, but they are available from Amazon and Nespresso and at the same price with free shipping. Pods come in sleeves of ten, and you will probably find it most convenient to order forty or fifty at a time. So, if you object to spending $50 or more at a time for coffee, don’t invest in a Nespresso.

    If you like gourmet coffee with crema, Nespresso will take your enjoyment of coffee brewed at home to a whole new level. The machine is a lot less expensive and easier to use than purchasing your own traditional espresso machine, and in my opinion, the coffee drinks produced are on a par with what I have had in Italy where they take their coffee really serious.

    The machine came quickly, and the setup instructions were easy to follow. One of the Amazon reviewers had posted a picture of a hairline crack in the bottom of their water tank. As a result, I took a close look and found a similar very small crack in my tank. I called the 24-7 Nespresso help line, and since my machine was only two days old, they are shipping me a no cost replacement. It was shipped within two hours of my call. If you buy a machine check it carefully as anything considered normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.

    Operation of the machine is really easy. You press the button and wait fifteen seconds for the machine to preheat and the button to stop flashing. While that is occurring you fill the water container with fresh tap water and put your cup in place (I recommend preheating the cup). You then turn the knob to open the machine and you put in a pod. You then close the machine and turn the handle to lock it closed. Finally, you repress the button, and the machine will do its thing. After brewing is complete, you reopen the machine, and it ejects the spent pod into the side container. The container holds over a dozen spent pods. So, you don’t have to touch the spent pods after each cup of coffee. If you order your coffee from Nespresso they will send you a free package for free UPS shipping of the spent pods for recycling. Since the pods are made out of aluminum, they are not biodegradable, and Nestle is providing a no-cost way to recycle (if you so desire).

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  6. Patricia Fermin

    Amazing product that allows for coffee shop quality drinks. You can say even better with less cost! Great present for coffee lovers!
    I really enjoy the milk frother that comes with it for lattes etc.
    The nespresso products are endless with various flavors and enjoy the rich flavor.

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  7. Mr T

    the coffee machine was is good condition but the Aeroccino de De’Longh was not in the box 🙁 …..

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  8. Rio Limousine

    I always wanted a very good espresso machine. I had several but none of them were what I expected.
    So far, this one is doing the trick.
    The only thing is that their (very good) espresso coffee is too expensive for my budget.
    So, I bought a reusable capsule that works with this machine and I’m using my own french roast coffee beans. Same taste as an espresso? No. But the thickness and the silky foam is the same.
    Now I am on a crusade to find an espresso coffee bean that is more affordable than the ones from VERTUO capsules.
    Also, FYI, I bought separately here on Amazon a package with 3 different flavored coffee capsules (10 of each flavor).
    DO NOT BUY them! Garbage

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  9. Martin

    I loved my Nespresso at the beginning but now, not so sure. There is a water leak underneath the machine. At first, I thought it was a one-off, but now it seems to leak regularly. I cannot seem to be able to return it so I am in a conundrum. What to do with a leaky Nespresso?

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  10. RW

    Ok, we like the machine, 4 stars, (yay). We like the milk foamer and heater.
    This is my mistake, I own it, but because I made it, maybe I can help others not. I used a Nespresso machine at a family member’s home. Loved the coffee but hated their “large” size coffee which is <8oz. (unless you add creamer). I have a Yeti and using 3 pods seemed wasteful…but hey, NBD…..till I bought this one and missed the reference to number of cup sizes, and promptly went to Nespresso and stocked up on 12 and 18 oz Nespresso pods, (and yes I missed their ref. to needing a "special" + Nespresso machine). I'm gettin' old, what can I say? So I got my machine, heck I made double espresso lattes waiting on my big ol' pods. I got them today and promptly crushed the crap out of a 12 oz Nespresso pod, which I did not notice till later… Course the machine read the bar code and would not make the coffee, it is actually smarter than me, but that ain't saying much at this point. When it did not brew and looked , well, crushed then I removed it and I started to learn about my error. So, if you're good with 8oz of coffee per pod, this is your machine! If not, go to Nespresso, and select your machine there, use the "Helper" they offer to ensure you pick the best machine for YOU! Then check the price. Then come back over here and see if Amz has the machine you want, at the best price. Also join the Nespresso site, they have a lot of specials but some things are still better priced here at good ole Amz. Cheers.

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