Blackstone flat top grills, What you need to know before buying!

Griddles are an excellent way to enjoy the advantages of grilled meals without having to sacrifice half your meal between grill grates. Choosing from the different blackstone portable griddle available, on the other hand, might be difficult. With so many alternatives and brand names to choose from, you may decide to abandon griddling entirely. Consider the advantages of a blackstone grill before making a hasty selection.

Blackstone specializes in high-quality blackstone portable griddles that offer the value and variety required to compliment the rich flavors of a grill. If you want to know what it’s like to own a Blackstone grill from the inside, you’ve come to the correct spot.

What Is Blackstone Griddle?

The Blackstone grill‘s inventors were resolved to conduct all of their cooking outside when the weather permitted, which is something that the typical grill does not always allow for. So, they designed a hob that is large enough but simple enough to handle almost any food thrown at it.

Blackstone offers a variety of griddle types, but they all have one thing in common: a flat top constructed of cold-rolled steel, perfect for consistent heat distribution and regulated cooking. This has contributed to the blackstone portable griddle’s online popularity.

What Is The Difference Between A Griddle and A Flat Top Grill?

blackstone flat top grill and griddle are sometimes used interchangeably, but it all boils to size. Griddles are typically smaller and can accommodate tiny items such as skewers or a few pancakes, but flat top grills can manage complete meals and even heat cookware.

The second distinction between a flattop grill and a griddle is the arrangement of their heating components. A blackstone flat top grill features many spherical heating elements that radiate heat across the cooking surface, whereas a griddle has straight units that run lengthwise beneath the surface.

What Size Blackstone Flat Top Grill Do You Require?

The next stage in your blackstone flat top grill purchasing procedure is determining how large a cooking surface you’ll require vs the available area.

Large Gas Grills with Flat Tops

If you plan on doing some actual cooking, go for a large flat-top grill with a cooking surface that is between 34 and 42 inches wide. These barbecues have six burners and can cook for a large group – picture 40 pancakes or burgers at a time. With numerous burners, you may cook in temperature-controlled zones.

Medium Gas Grills with Flat Tops

Most flat top models on the market fall into this category, with a cooking surface ranging from 27 to 33 inches broad. These grills can have one to four burners, although the majority have two. That’s just enough power to cook for a large family while allowing you to take advantage of zone cooking benefits.

Small Gas Grills with Flat Tops

Choose a small flat top if you have a small family or will only be cooking for yourself. These will still produce a lot of heat; they won’t take up as much room as some of the larger ones on the market because they are typically less than 26 inches wide.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Blackstone Grill

There are several Blackstone alternatives for sale, which might be confusing. Before making your griddle pick, be sure you’ve done your homework. When choosing the best Blackstone grill for you and your needs, there are numerous essential elements to consider. Once you have this information, you can appropriately evaluate which model to buy. The last thing you want is to experience buyer’s remorse after acquiring a gas grill that does not fulfill your requirements.

Size of Griddle Cooktop

Blackstones come in a variety of sizes. Tabletop grills are smaller griddles that start at 17′′ and provide 268 square inches of hob space. The measures increase from there, with 22′′ and 28′′ cooktops now available.

The biggest Blackstone griddles are 36 inches long and provide roughly 720 square inches of hob space. The larger the griddle, the more cooking area you have to deal with; therefore, the amount or type of food you intend to prepare will help you decide how large a griddle to acquire.

A vast grill is ideal for cooking large gatherings or preparing various items simultaneously. This may also be overkill since a smaller griddle hob may be more than adequate if you cook for a few people.

To give you a sense of scale, a 36-inch skillet can cook around 28 burgers simultaneously. A 17-inch grill, on the other hand, can hold about 9 burgers at once.

Aside from the amount of food you can prepare, the type of meals you can cook is also essential. A more giant grill will make it easier to prepare more meals at once. On a 36-inch grill, for example, you could cook bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, and French toast all at once. A smaller device would not be able to fit all of these various foods simultaneously.

The size impacts the amount and type of food the griddle can accept; therefore, this should be a significant consideration when choosing your griddle. Another critical concern as the grill’s size grows is the amount of burners it employs.

blackstone grill

Count of Griddle Burners

Another factor to consider while deciding between a more significant and more minor Blackstone griddle is the number of separate burners. The number of burners is an essential consideration while choosing your choice. It is ideal to have several burners since it allows you to configure distinct griddle regions to different temperatures.

Burners of Blackstone

You may wish to cook one type of food on one side of the blackstone portable griddle while keeping the other side of the griddle at a lower temperature for dishes that should not be cooked at higher temperatures. A low-temperature region on the griddle may also be an excellent location to warm finished items.

Small griddles may only have one hob and one temperature setting at a time. As the grill’s size grows, the number of burners increases to 2, 3, and 4 burners, offering the extra versatility you seek. Check out our comparison of the 28′′ and 36′′ Blackstone griddles, which emphasize the differences in burner counts.

Portability Of The Griddle

Do you intend to leave your Blackstone griddle in one location, or would you prefer to be able to move it about your backyard simply? Do you want to take it to a tailgate, camping, or a friend’s house?

  • All Blackstone grills are mobile in some way, although some are far more adapted for transportation than others. Some of the larger ones are rather hefty and require extra preparation for travel. More giant griddles can weigh more than 100 pounds and need around 15 minutes to disassemble and secure before transportation.
  • Others are smaller and lighter or include features that make transporting the blackstone portable griddle easier and faster. If you intend to park your new griddle in the backyard and never leave your house with it, the griddle’s mobility will not be a big deciding issue.
  • If, on the other hand, you want to take it with you frequently, this will be a crucial consideration when selecting a griddle. Tabletop griddles are smaller and easier to carry because they don’t have a built-in cart or stand to disassemble before transporting.
  • If you need more cooking area than a desktop griddle can give, certain Blackstone griddles are designed for camping and break down for portability more readily than other types. However, they still require some preparation before transporting.
  • Because of the range of meals that may be made on them, blackstone grills are an ideal camping cooking option. Furthermore, because it is gas-powered, you do not require access to electricity and do not have to bother with charcoal.
  • Breakfast includes pancakes, eggs, and bacon in the morning, followed by burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, quesadillas, and more for lunch and supper. If you intend on taking it to a tailgate, camping, fishing trip, or park frequently, you’ll be pleased you chose a more transportable griddle.

Griddle Versatility And Features

Do you want to get more from your grill? Some griddles include extra features and add-ons that enhance functionality. Some versions combine a griddle and another cooking method.

  • There are blackstone portable griddle with an integrated air fryer or range top, as well as griddle and grill combos. If you wish to expand the cooking capabilities of your Blackstone, these might be excellent choices.
  • When cooking, this gives you more menu alternatives because you may prepare meals on the griddle and grill at the same time. You may be grilling chicken or steaks while sautéing veggies or mushrooms for a side dish on the griddle.
  • Another alternative is to use half a grill and half a deep fryer. You could like to cook on the griddle while also deep-frying anything. Anyone for burgers and fries?
  • If you don’t like deep-fried foods, Blackstone has a comparable solution that combines a full-size 36″ griddle and an air fryer. On this type, you get the capability of an air fryer without sacrificing griddle cooking area because the air fryer sits beneath the griddle rather than replacing half of it.
  • Because the air fryer griddle combination has proved successful, Blackstone has also created a 28-inch air fryer model and a 17-inch tabletop air fryer model.
  • One final flexibility consideration is whether you want natural gas or propane. All griddles are designed to be propane-fueled; however, specific versions may be changed to natural gas. Just keep in mind that many models are not capable of this, so if this is essential to you, make sure you choose a model that is.
  • If you’re searching for a blackstone portable griddle with no other cooking options, they aren’t for you. If this sort of adaptability appeals to you and is something you would use regularly, I recommend looking into the hybrid griddles for sale.

blackstone portable griddle

Griddle Price

The cost, like with any purchase, is an important consideration. The price difference between various Blackstone griddles may be hundreds of dollars, so knowing your budget is essential for selecting the finest blackstone portable griddle for your requirements at the proper price range.

You may discover that the most costly choice isn’t even essential for how you want to use the griddle, and you can save money by choosing one that is less expensive but does all you need it to.

Gas Griddles with Flat Top Grill Lids

You’ve put a lot of consideration into purchasing your new blackstone flat top grill, so go the additional mile and search for one that includes a cover that aids cooking and protects it from the outdoors.

Easy To Maintain And Clean

Flat tops are effortless to clean and maintain since they lack the grates of a regular grill. It would be best to look for a durable and easy-to-clean grease management system to drain excess oil away from the food while it cooks.

Storage Options & Side Shelves

Suppose your grill is not positioned in an outdoor kitchen with counter space, side shelves, and other storage possibilities. In that case, there are crucial characteristics for your future flat top. Frames and other storage elements help store materials, hold food while you finish cooking, and keep items safely out of the way.

Operation Safety

Look for a blackstone grill with a grease collection to eliminate any potential flare-ups. It’s also a good idea to seek a model with a built-in thermometer to guarantee that its total temperature never exceeds its limit.

Check that the base, legs, or casters are stable so your barbecue does not move or tip over during cooking.

Flat Top Griddle Add-Ons

A flat top is a great cooking tool in and of itself, but there are a few must-have additions that we believe elevate the cooking experience.

We recommend investing in squeeze bottles to conveniently (and safely) oil your flat top, as well as a long-handled spatula to turn meals properly.

Melting domes will also come in helpful if you plan on preparing cheeseburgers or steaming meals. Whatever accessories you purchase, avoid ones made of cast iron since they can harm a stainless-steel hob.

Which Blackstone Griddle Is Right For You?

With so many Blackstone gas grills on Amazon, deciding which is best for you might be difficult. We combed through hundreds of reviews to identify the best blackstone portable griddle for you, whether you want a 2 burner, 4 burner, or tabletop choice. Click the check price button below to discover the most recent Amazon prices and make the best option for your requirements!

Recommended Shops For Blackstone Grills On Sale

Online marketplaces have transformed how we buy by offering a convenient platform for browsing and purchasing a wide selection of items, like Blackstone Griddle. Online marketplaces provide a wide range of models at reasonable costs, as well as the convenience of buying from the comfort of your own home. Here are several major internet markets where Blackstone Griddle may be found:

Amazon: Amazon is one of the world’s leading online merchants, providing various Blackstone Grill models. You may quickly compare costs, read user reviews, and choose the grill that best meets your requirements. Amazon also offers quick shipping alternatives and is well-known for its dependable customer care. is the e-commerce branch of the well-known retail behemoth Walmart. They have a large assortment of blackstone grill walmart for sale online. You can pick from various models and have your barbecue delivered to your house in no time, thanks to Walmart’s massive distribution network.

eBay: It is a prominent online marketplace where people and companies can buy and sell goods. On eBay, you can frequently discover both new and used Blackstone Griddle, allowing you to get a fantastic price. Before making a purchase, thoroughly check the item description and the seller’s rating.

blackstone grill walmart


Blackstone griddles have a strong reputation among competitors. If you’re wondering what to know before purchasing a Blackstone griddle, we hope these ten points assist.

It would be best to try going to a local shop to see all Blackstone offers in person. Blackstone provides numerous models, so compare them to discover the most excellent match for your lifestyle. You never know what a Blackstone griddle may provide!


How do you season the surfaces of Blackstone griddles?

To season a Blackstone Grill surface, preheat it high for about 15 minutes or until it reaches the required temperature. Then, please turn off the grill and set it aside to cool.

Once the oil has cooled, spread a thin coating evenly over the whole surface and wipe away any excess with a paper towel. Allow several minutes for the oiled area to rest before cleaning with another paper towel. Repeat this method 3-4 times to adequately season the surface of your blackstone portable griddle.

How much room do Blackstone grills offer for cooking?

The Blackstone griddles in this article have up to 720 square inches of cooking surface, allowing for several cooking chores or bigger meals.

What kind of fuel can I use with my Blackstone griddle?

Blackstone griddles are often powered by propane gas.

Can Blackstone grills be moved?

Because of its lightweight construction and folding legs, many Blackstone grills are portable and straightforward.

What distinguishes between a barbecue grill and a blackstone flat top grill?

A BBQ grill usually is open-air and heats up with charcoal or briquettes. A blackstone flat top grill is sealed and uses gas as its heat source, making it more energy efficient than a standard BBQ grill.

Is it OK to use my Blackstone griddle outside?

Yes, with appropriate care, you may securely use your Blackstone griddle outside without fear of it being damaged by the environment.

What foods can I prepare on my Blackstone grill?

On your Blackstone grill, you can cook practically any meal, including burgers, steaks, poultry, fish, vegetables, pancakes, and more!


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