Air Jordan 12 Sneakers, What our Experts Say About!

Jordan is one of the world’s most recognizable and well-known footwear companies. Since the original Air Jordan 12 sneaker was released in 1985, the brand has become a cultural phenomenon, with legions of admirers worldwide. Jordans are becoming more popular in Australia than ever before. But what is the appeal of Air Jordan trainers? To discover, let’s look at the history and enthusiasm around the Air Jordan 12 brand.

What Is The Air Jordan?

Michael Jordan (MJ) is maybe the most famous live athlete globally. As a basketball player, he set records in the NBA and won Olympic gold. Off the court, he has a distinctive and profitable career as a movie star, NASCAR team co-owner, and, of course, as the name and face of Nike’s Air Jordan, the most successful shoe brand ever.

Nike agreed with Michael Jordan in 1984 to start his footwear line. Converse was the NBA’s official shoe at the time. Thus, the sneakers stood out on the floor. Nike had recently produced “air soles,” a new technology for running shoes, and Jordan was well-known for his extraordinary ability to achieve enormous height while dunking. As a result, the moniker Air Jordan was formed.

While a few other players had been the face of footwear, Air Jordans were the first to create a cultural craze with an unrivaled fan base. Nike sold +40x their objective in year one thanks to some excellent marketing ploys, such as producing a “banned shoe” ad campaign when the NBA started fining Jordan for the colorful sneakers. Today’s figures are staggering: Nike sold $4.6 billion in 2020 alone.

What Exactly Is An Air Jordan 12 Retro?

Retros are recreations of older models (the original is appropriately referred to as an OG), re-released years later utilizing different shoe-making technologies with slight material alterations. That explains why there are so many Air Jordan 1s from various years, even though the original was introduced in 1985. Most editions have retros, but the Air Jordan 1 has by far the most—there are 99 Jordan 1 retros, according to Nike’s blog.

The presenter compares an original 1985 Air Jordan 1 to the 2017 throwback, explaining why the original is worth thousands of dollars while the vintage is only worth a few hundred.

The lessons apply to retros in general, demonstrating how the newer shoes reduce shortcuts to make the trainers more inexpensive and wearable. He advocates approaching it like a vintage car; modern models are quicker and smoother for everyday driving, but classics are more valuable since they are the originals.

A Brief History Of The Nike Air Jordan 12 Sneakers

Let’s take a step back in time before we get into the specifics of the Jordan 12‘s. Where did the shoes come from, and what’s the story behind their appearance?

Tinker Hatfield, the famed Nike designer, was at the helm of this late-’90s creation. Hatfield is responsible for some of the brand’s most recognizable and adored models, including the visionary Nike Air Max 1s and the timeless Air Jordan 3s.

The Jordan 12 was the first Air Jordan model to be launched under its name rather than the Nike parent brand. While the two companies remained inextricably linked, this was a significant step forward for Jordan and heralded a new age of celebrity athlete endorsements.

The original Jordan were the first Air Jordan sneakers to include Nike’s Zoom Air Cushioning, a full-length Phylon cushion, and a carbon fiber midfoot support shank. The outside was covered in premium-quality, full-grain leather, which boosted the trainers’ appearance above the realm of ordinary sports shoes.

Initially, only five Air Jordan 12 colors were available. These were some examples:

  • FLU GAME (Air Jordan 12 RED AND BLACK)

The trainers were retired for the first time between 2003 and 2004. The Jordan 12 Retro debuted alongside a new hue dubbed Nubuck. This was the first time the Air Jordan brand debuted a release only as an internet exclusive.

Jordan 12 trainers are now available in virtually every design conceivable. Let’s look at some of the most notable aspects of this sneaker.


You don’t put on a pair of Nike Air Jordan 12 to blend in. When you want to turn heads, you put on these trainers. It’s simple to do with their vibrant, eye-catching hues.

Will you choose a modern version of the original Air Jordan Retro Taxi Suede? These sneakers have a classic black-and-white color and metallic gold embellishments for a premium touch.

Or do you like something a bit more out there? The revolutionary Retro Black Pink Blast hue elevates the Air Jordan 12 Retro look to new heights. This black-and-pink pair incorporates suede and camouflage elements and a humorous pizza accent on the laces.

While many of the latest Jordan 12 designs are reworked versions of the initial five colorways, exciting new releases occur regularly. For example, the Air Jordan 12 Low Golf Taxi launched in March 2022.


Aside from appearances, how do the Air Jordan 12s feel? Remember that this shoe was initially designed for a basketball great, so you can expect it to function well under pressure.

These trainers are incredibly comfy and long-lasting enough to be worn all day. This toughness is mainly due to the full-length Zoom Air cushioning unit under each shoe.

When you exert pressure on your feet, the Zoom Air unit’s fibers compress and shrink. They then bounce back up as you let go of your weight. This gives you the sensation of walking on air and keeps your feet from becoming fatigued.

The carbon fiber shank plate will be handy on the court or gym. This supportive component goes along the arch of your foot, keeping the shoe light and refreshing.

Finally, the Phylon midsole is another characteristic that contributes to the comfort of this shoe. This material is light and stretchy, with good cushioning.


jordan 12



Most Air Jordan designs, including the 12s, have a trademark herringbone-style traction on the bottom. When combined with the rounded edges of the outsole, this substance provides excellent, slip-resistant stability wherever you go.

You may anticipate receiving many years of use out of your trainer purchase. The uppers of the Air Jordan 12 are nearly entirely constructed of full-grain leather or suede.

While these materials are durable, some users may feel they lack the breathability of other Nike models, such as those incorporating Flyknit technology.

This is especially true if you’re wearing your Jordan 12 off the court. Newer, lower-cut styles provide more breathability and ankle wriggle space. Try on a pair like the Air Jordan 12 Low Super Bowl hue to observe the difference.

Air Jordan 12 Retro Performance Review



Herringbone is featured in the same way as the previous Air Jordan signature, the Air Jordan XI. The term “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind because they haven’t altered anything, and everything still works.

You only slid once, and it was during the first several hours near the medial ball of the foot… Make sure you plant your feet and push off from the bottom of the shoe; if you’re light on your feet, as you were, then the rounded edges of the outsole will be useless, and you’ll likely slip or lose balance. You never experienced traction issues again after you figured out what you were doing incorrectly.


Full-length Zoom Air from heel to toe. The Zoom unit is one continuous airbag that feels incredible! They’re comfortable enough to wear casually, but you won’t know what they can do until you play in them.

You appreciate a shoe more once you’ve worn it – when it performs appropriately. You already liked the Air Jordan 12 based on their appearance, but the fact that they can handle almost everything made me like them even more.

If you’re searching for a hoop shoe with a low profile and responsive cushioning, the Air Jordan 12 will meet and probably surpass your expectations. After some adjustment time, you will get past their first clunky sensation, but you will fall in love with them all over again.


The originals were made of quality full-grain leather. However, the current Retro variants are made of split-grain leather. It’s not as lovely as it once was, but when comparing the leather here to a split grain utilized. Like the midsole, you’ll need to break them in before you can wear them. It doesn’t take long because there is almost no ventilation, so your body’s heat and moisture speed up the process.


You found this Retro to be true to size. However, the later ones introduced in 2012 feel larger after breaking in. If you prefer not to go down 12 sizes on Jordan Brand’s current Retro run, you may fix the sizing issue by double socking or using an additional insole. If you’re looking at something from before 2012, I’d recommend sticking with your usual size.

The midfoot and heel lockdown were excellent. You never had a problem after they broke in. As is typical with leather-based trainers, the leather will stretch somewhat after breaking in. All you have to do to correct the extra space is tie them tighter – what you call tightening the laces – and you’re ready to go.


There is no ventilation. The tongue has some mesh, but it isn’t anything that allows for air passage. The lack of breathability will help you break in the sneaker, so all is not lost. Disregard this section if you do not consider ventilation an essential shoe feature. There’s no need to complain about lowering a shoe’s score because ALL the shoes examined are assessed in ventilation, making things fair.


AJ 12 Performance Review



Best Types Of Air Jordan 12 Sneakers


1. Air Jordan 12 Retro Red And Black “Reverse Flu Game”

The Air Jordan 12 retro is well-known for being one of the greatest reimaginings of the famous 1996 shoes. It can generally be featured on many of these style lists.

But, of course, this is a variation on the original Air Jordan 12 red and blackFlu Game‘ sneakers, with the colors entirely changed while remaining true to the motif of the Chicago Bulls’ classic jersey. The plush red suede covering most of the top is contrasted by the lizard-patterned black mudguard and the subtle interaction between red, a deeper maroon, and black throughout the shoes.


red and black


2. Air Jordan 12 Red “Gym Red”

Air Jordan 12 trainers often contain at least two colors in their colorway but have a consistent appearance. With their all-red, breathtaking footwear, the 2018 Air Jordan 12 red and blackGym Red” elevated the uniform to a new level.

The metallic lateral strip and eye stays are both red. Where you would assume it lacks color, it compensates with textural contrasts. The mudguard is constructed of traditional lizard-style leather, while the upper is soft suede, complementing the metallic highlights.


gym red


3. Air Jordan 12 blue “Deep Royal”

Speaking of tonal shoes, the 2016 Air Jordan 12 blueDeep Royal” achieved the same thing with a magnificent royal blue, giving the sneakers the appearance of being devoured by the ocean’s depths.

These trainers are a deep blue shade that changes slightly brighter depending on which textile you focus on, thanks to superior suede for the upper and traditional lizard-like leather for the mudguard. The design of these sneakers is shamelessly influenced by the Don C x Air Jordan 2 while being translated into a classic Air Jordan 12 blue.


aj blue


4. PSNY x Air Jordan 12 Black

PSNY is an abbreviation for Public School New York, and they got the opportunity to cooperate with Jordan 12 black Brand in 2015 to create these fantastic all-grey suede trainers. Even the areas of the shoe that would generally have stingray leather have been replaced with luscious suede, and there isn’t a single accent color to be found, not even the peaked Jumpman on the toes.

The sneakers have little branding and are possibly one of the most straightforward Air Jordan 12 Retro sneakers. Nonetheless, their simplicity lends them an elegance that elevates them above the competition.


aj black


What Are The Pros And Cons Of Air Jordan 12


  1. Iconic Legacy: Air Jordan 12 sneakers hold a legendary status in the sneaker and basketball culture, appealing to sports enthusiasts and collectors.
  2. Style and Design: Jordans often feature unique and eye-catching designs, making them popular for fashion-conscious individuals.
  3. Limited Editions: Jordan Brand releases limited edition sneakers, creating a sense of exclusivity and value among collectors.
  4. Historical Significance: Many Air Jordan 12 associate with essential moments in Michael Jordan’s career, adding sentimental value to the brand.


  1. Higher Price Point: Air Jordans, especially limited editions, can be expensive and more complicated, making them less accessible to some consumers.
  2. Comfort Concerns: Some Jordan models prioritize style over comfort, which may not be ideal for extended wear or athletic activities.


Jordan’s success depends on various elements, including the brand’s history and legacy, distinctive design and style, high-quality construction and materials, exclusivity, ownership and branding, and exclusivity. Jordan has become a cultural symbol.

Many individuals say they can’t wear Jordans because they aren’t ballers, but we believe Jordans are popular because they have transcended basketball and become a streetwear emblem of style.

Because Jordans 12 are so sought after by so many people due to their attention availability, many sell for much more than their recommended retail price.

Whether you’re a basketball enthusiast, a sneakerhead, or someone who values classic design and excellent craftsmanship, the Air Jordan 12 brand has something for you if you can track down a pair.


Q: Where can I get these Air Jordan 12 shoes?

A: The Air Jordan 12 series is available via authorized Nike shops, shoe boutiques, and internet marketplaces. Look at your local retailers or online for the precise colors you want.

Q: Does the Air Jordan 12 come in a limited edition?

A: Yes, there are frequently limited-edition Air Jordan 12 releases that include unique hues, collaborations, or distinctive designs. For details on limited releases, keep an eye on official Jordan Brand announcements.

Q: Are there any more colorways of the Air Jordan 12?

A: Besides the hues stated, there may be further special edition and regionally exclusive colorways of the Air Jordan 12. For the most recent possibilities, keep up with Jordan Brand releases.

Q: How can I distinguish between genuine and counterfeit Air Jordan 12 sneakers?

A: Always buy Air Jordan 12 trainers from authorized stores or the Jordan Brand website to assure authenticity. When purchasing from untrustworthy sources, search for the quality and craftsmanship that distinguishes authentic Air Jordan goods.




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