Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: Read This Before Buying!

Few appliances are more prized for drying hair than the Dyson hair dryer. Though the device costs a few hundred dollars, it is much sought after, with the industry’s top stylists, tastemakers, and celebrities all praising it. No matter how many dryers you try, this beauty editor reaches for the Supersonic wash after wash. But is the price genuinely justified? Below is our review of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer.

How Does The Dyson Supersonic Work?

“Hair dryers can be heavy, inefficient, and noisy…they can also cause extreme heat damage to hair,” stated James Dyson, the brand’s British creator and founder, in a news release. “I challenged Dyson engineers to understand the science of hair and develop our version of a hair dryer, which we think solves these problems.” Having stated that Supersonic was the product of their study after four years of development.

  • Temperature options: 4
  • Speed options: 3
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Power: 1,600 watts
  • Height: 9.6 inches
  • Width: 3.1 inches
  • Length: 3.8 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years

Best for:

  • Rapid and efficient drying
  • buffing and smoothing
  • Excessive heat protection

Skip if:

  • You don’t use a hair dryer regularly. It’s an investment.
  • Because diffuser attachments may not evenly style your hair, you have excessively curly hair.

Features And Details of Dyson Hair Dryer Reviews

A More Powerful And Quieter Motor

The effectiveness with which a hair dryer dries your hair is an important criterion. Is the airflow poor and irregular, or does it deliver a continuous, focused blast? In the case of the Supersonic, it is the latter. According to the firm, the digital motor V9 spins six times faster than most other hair dryer motors, releasing 13 liters of air at 110,000 rpm every second. What was the result? A lightning-fast blowout.

When you use other hair dryers, it takes about seven to eight minutes to dry your hair thoroughly. With your hair at its longest, the Dyson hair dryer dries it out in four minutes flat. It takes even less time to let it air dry before applying it.

And, while the motor is powerful, it’s hushed, measuring 79 decibels according to your Decibel X app (to test, you hovered the phone approximately ten inches from the hair dryer). That’s about as loud as the lovely splashing sounds of a washing machine. According to Hearing Science, other models can reach 90 dB. This is roughly the same level of noise as a leaf blower. The lower decibel level is charming for sound-sensitive people, but you are sure everyone could benefit from a quieter hair dryer.

A Heat Control System That Keeps Your Hair Safe

If you’re tired of having fried hair from inferior dryers, the Supersonic will win you. It contains features that measure airflow temperature over 40 times per second to prevent overheating damage. That translates to healthier, stronger hair with a lot more gloss.

You’ve noticed significantly less breakage and flyaways around the crown of your head. You know the type…those annoying baby hairs that develop from ponytails after repeated spritzes of hairspray. You’ve also observed that your hair shaft has remained lustrous despite your lazy approach to frequent trims and deep conditioning treatments.

While discussing temperature control, the Supersonic has four precise heat settings, three-speed settings, and a cold shot to set hair after styling. You can adjust the heat settings in tandem with the speed settings (for example, use the highest heat setting for quick drying and style and the lowest heat setting for diffusing). If your hair is finer, damaged, or color-treated, many options exist for a more customized style session.

Excellent Blade-Free Design

Unlike other blow dryers, which use fan blades to suck in air, the Supersonic uses Dyson’s proprietary Air Multiplier Technology to dry hair. It works by sucking in air from all sides and forcing it through the center of the ring, creating a tremendous blast of air. This design element keeps hair from tangled in the air inlet grille, which used to happen constantly with more typical, vented hair dryers.

dyson hair dryer reviews


4 Things You Should Know Before Buying Dyson Hair Dryer

While the hair dryer is unquestionably inventive and functional, it isn’t flawless, which is essential at this pricing point. Before you spend your money, consider the following:

  • The buttons: Users complained that the hair dryer’s controls were out of reach and difficult to press. They live on the head of the hair dryer, behind the nozzle, and need a few clicks to adjust settings rather than the immediately identifiable buttons on standard hair dryers. The trade-off is that you won’t accidentally switch settings when drying your hair, and its self-locking relaxed mode is also handy instead of squeezing it in place the entire time.
  • The chord: The extra-long cord is excellent if you don’t have an outlet nearby, but it’s substantially heavier and thicker than a standard hair dryer’s. It does not retract and lacks a knot for simple storage.
  • The noise level: It’s a hair dryer, so don’t expect it to be quiet. While Dyson claims that the Supersonic hair dryer is softer than the competition (bearing in mind that “supersonic” means “greater than the speed of sound”), both our Lab tests and user tests revealed that the hair drier is roughly as noisy as competing hair dryers. At its maximum level, you can’t even hear someone buzzing at the front door.
  • The comfort of use: The hair dryer weighs less than one pound, but the sleek design means the handle isn’t as curved or ergonomic as other hair dryers, so it’s a little hefty to grasp, in my opinion.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Pros And Cons

Before you purchase the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, please take a look at the advantages and cons. Here’s what you should know:


  • Lightning-fast Drying: Drying time is reduced thanks to the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer‘s Air MultiplierTM technology, eliminating the need for extended drying sessions. It produces a high-velocity jet of air that dries your hair quickly.
  • Damage management: With sophisticated heat management, this hair dryer protects your hair from high heat damage. It measures the air temperature over 40 times per second, giving you peace of mind that your hair is in good hands.
  • Freakishly Fast Motor: On average, the digital motor V9 is six times faster than conventional hair dryer motors. This means you’ll be able to spend less time waiting for your hair to dry and more time enjoying life.
  • Quietly Powerful: The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer has an acoustically adjusted frequency that is practically inaudible. No more waking up the entire household in the morning to get ready.
  • Switching between the smoothing nozzle, style concentrator, and diffuser is simple because of the magnetic attachments. No more fiddling with brutal clips or buttons.
  • Farewell, Frizz: The negative ions released by this hair drier reduce static and frizz, leaving your hair smooth and lustrous.
  • Customizable Settings: The dryer has four heat and three-speed settings, allowing you to tailor it to your hair type and styling demands. It’s like having your hairstylist at your disposal.


  • Pricey Investment: Let’s confront the elephant in the room: the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is an expensive investment. However, if you’re serious about your hair and want salon-quality results, it can be worth the investment.
  • No Cordless Option: The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer does not have a cordless option, unlike several other hair dryers on the market. This implies you must be close to an electrical outlet while getting ready.
  • Learning Curve: Some users have observed that getting acclimated to the weight and balance of the dryer takes some practice. However, once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll be blow-drying like a pro.

Despite these minor flaws, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer revolutionizes hair care. Its lightning-fast drying time, damage control capabilities, and customizable settings make it a hair enthusiast favorite. So, if you’re ready to raise your hair game, try out the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer!

What Does the Dyson Hair Dryer Include?

The Supersonic comes with the following attachments:

  • gently air attachment: distributes air in a gently cooled stream. Perfect for sensitive scalps and finer hair.
  • Diffuser: A larger diffuser is recommended for curly or wavy hair. By distributing air across a larger surface area, it mimics natural air drying.
  • Wide-toothed comb: Excellent for type 4c hair.
  • Styling concentrator: For a precise blowout, use a styling concentrator. An accurate air jet is used to style and dry tiny portions of hair.
  • Flyaway attachment: Used after hair has dried to smooth out any flyaways and curly hair for a more sleek appearance.

dyson supersonic hair dryer

Who Should Use A Dyson Hair Dryer?

For the $429 Dyson hair dryer to make sense as a buy, at least two of the following bullets must be checked:

  • Budget is not an issue.
  • Your hair is highly damaged, thinning, prone to breakage, overly treated, etc.
  • Your time is scarce and valuable; you do not have time to dry your hair for 20-30 minutes daily.
  • You blow dry your hair every day because you have a people-facing profession or a career that demands you to seem well-groomed.

If you use a hair dryer once a week or a few times a month for special events, the Dyson Supersonic isn’t worth it. If you have a stressful, demanding profession that requires you to look polished at all times and very little free time, this hair dryer will save you time, effort, and mental health.

Remember to verify the return policy of the retailer where you plan to make your purchase so you can return it if you don’t like it.

Dyson Hair Dryer Sale: Where Can I Buy

Shop Dyson.com for the Supersonic Hair Dryer (in Blush Blue, Nickel/Copper, and Ceramic Pop) and receive up to $125 in gifts.

TikTok searches can give you a decent indication of how much buyers adore the Dyson Supersonic. According to a couple of thousand positive web evaluations, it’s a “game changer” and “worth every penny.”

Do you want more Dyson deals? A refurbished Supersonic hair dryer can be purchased for The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dyer is available at Amazon, Walmart, and Dyson.com, among others.

Is The Dyson Supersonic Worth It?

As a grooming tool purist, you can affirm that the Supersonic is a worthwhile investment. You no longer need to rely on style lotions, hair sprays, and a straightening iron to control your frizz and stray strands. This takes care of everything with a three-minute blowout and a quick once-over with the Flyaway attachment.

You also get excellent customer service and quality for the premium pricing. If the filter cage on your hair dryer unexpectedly breaks and refuses to reattach, the firm sends you a replacement filter two weeks later. Total replacements are also possible under Dyson’s two-year warranty.

Is The Dyson Supersonic Worth It?


The Dyson Supersonic isn’t just a hair investment. It’s the investment. Yes, it is expensive, but it is made to last and is unrivaled in almost every way. If it fits in your budget, you can go for it.


What is the maximum temperature of the Dyson hair dryer?

The Dyson hair dryer has four temperature settings. The hottest setting reaches 212°F, while the most relaxed environment reaches 82°F.

Can the Dyson Hair Dryer be used in other countries?

“Your hair dryer has been precisely engineered for fast drying and styling at the voltage of the country where it was purchased,” Dyson states. Because voltage varies by country, please follow the usage instructions in the warranty part of your user manual.”

What is the distinction between a Dyson hair dryer and a Dyson Professional hair dryer?

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer has a 9-foot cable, whereas the professional hair dryer has an 11-foot chord. The professional hair dryer also has a heavier-duty filter and costs approximately $50 extra.

How frequently should I change the filter?

I’ve had this dryer for four years and have never cleaned it. Oops. Dyson suggests cleaning it once a month with a soft, dry cloth on the outer cage and inner filter.


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